Sunday, July 02, 2006

1. Waiters and Waitresses should take an order, NOT try to change someone's mind.

Basically, NO pushy up selling if someone has placed their order. They OBVIOUSLY KNOW what they want already if they aren't asking questions and are giving their order as if they KNOW what they want. The tip-o-meter goes down some when servers do this to me. If I say I want a half of rack of ribs, don’t suggest I get a full rack. This has happened to me before at Lonestar Steakhouse. After I have placed my order, this waitress is like “Come on, why not get a full rack for only few bucks more.” That is just VERY PUSHY and ANNOYING! I ordered a margarita called an “El Guapo” at another restaurant one time and the INCONSIDERATE waitress had to say AFTER I have told her what I wanted “Do you want a TOP SHELF margarita for such-n-such dollars?” I had to tell her, “NO, I’d rather have the El Guapo.” A customer should NEVER, EVER, EVER, have to do that! I placed my order, that’s what I want, plain and simple! Don’t try to CHANGE MY MIND, because 100% of the time, I WON’T, because if I didn’t know what I wanted, I’d be ASKING my server “What kind of margaritas do y’all have?” If there is a *BETTER* deal like getting 5 ounces for $4 and getting 8 ounces for $5, then I can see trying to change the order to offer more ounces for your money, but to change the entire product is WRONG! Yes, it’s a margarita, but completely different one. The El Guapo is an orange type of margarita, the top shelf is just a regular type of margarita. These TASTE DIFFERENT, which is the MOST IMPORTANT REASON WE ALL EAT OUT IS TO HAVE GOOD TASTING FOOD AND DRINKS! I had already had the top shelf margarita and I didn’t care for it personally. I don’t see anything wrong when there’s a better deal for the customer though, because if I get more for my money, then that IS being helpful, but it’s NOT trying to change the type of taste it will have. It only changes the amount I have, which most people would get a $5 margarita for a buck more, because you get more for your money, but it is possible that someone wants to get a small drink, which I don’t think would offend someone to be offered a better deal for their money, but maybe some people might be. Most people would be glad to be offered a bit more drink for their money and would probably give the server more tip for offering such a good deal to help them save money.

2. Don't suggest a dessert UNTIL everybody is finished at the table. ONLY suggest "Do you need anything?"

When a server is pushy to get you out of there, it's IRRITATING. One time my husband and I were asked TWICE BEFORE I was finished eating if we wanted a dessert. Let customers FINISH eating first, then ask the dessert question. Only ask if we need anything else at the moment like a refill or anything at all, but don't SUGGEST a specific kind of food if the customers aren’t finished eating yet unless the server can see I could use a refill(which is NOT food, it’s drink). That time, I felt like I had to RUSH to finish and I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW if I wanted a dessert to share with my husband YET, because I was still eating my entree. HOW is a person supposed to know if they are going to be too full or not to eat a dessert when they aren’t even though with their entrée yet? Don’t ASSUME something like this: “Do you want another margarita”, if the person has ordered their first drink a margarita, because maybe the customer wants something else, so the customer has to say “NO”, which if the server would just say “Would you like anything else”, it would save time and wouldn’t be PUSHING a SPECIFIC TYPE of item on someone. WHY NOT just ask if they want another DRINK instead of being that specific? I’ve gotten margarita for the first drink, then a white russian or a long island iced tea for my second drink LOTS and LOTS of times.

3. Write my order down and REPEAT my order as well as ASK if you aren’t sure COMPLETELY what the customer is ordering!

I’ve had a couple of servers assumed I wanted “2 sides of bbq sauce” for ribs, that meant to them I wanted “2 bbq sauce’s on the SIDE”, but I NEVER said that. Repeating the order would be VERY helpful at this point. The server ASSUMES I want it on the side, but the customer ISN’T saying that at ALL. The waitress at Bennigan’s that I had this type of incident happen with in 2003, she came to the table with the ribs ALREADY DONE and THEN ASKED me “So did you want the bbq sauce on the ribs or on the side?” The ribs are warmed with the bbq sauce somehow on it, which is how they cook it she said, but I was delivered DRY RIBS. I think that was SO STUPID of her to WAIT until my food was DONE to find out if she got the order correct. Anyway, she took the ribs from me, because I did want the bbq sauce cooked on them because it DOES taste better that way and I had to wait about 10 minutes or more to eat my food all because she was TOO STUPID to repeat my order because she was confused and she could have simply ASKED if she had ANY DOUBTS WHAT-SO-EVER! My husband almost finished his food BEFORE I got to eat my food all because she NEVER ASKED about her doubts. REPEATING ORDERS IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO TO HELP PREVENT CONFUSION! It’s NEVER a guarantee, but it sure helps some. It may take more time, but, if the result is wrong, that is MUCH WORSE than wasting 15-25 seconds repeating a few orders.

4. When greeted DON’T SUGGEST something SPECIFIC, ONLY GENREAL THINGS like drinks or appetizers, NOT specific drinks or appetizers!

When greeted, only ask if the customer wants something to drink and if they want an appetizer. Do NOT say "Would you like to start out with a specialty margarita?" or say "Would you like to start out with our Bloomin Onion?Why suggest specific item besides general things? Just let customers order, considering they can READ the menu for THEMSELVES. Let CUSTOMERS decide what they would like to order. If they want ANY suggestions, they will ASK, otherwise, don't waste their TIME telling them about the specials or soup of the day or a specific new item they want to sell, just TAKE THEIR ORDER, it's that simple!

5. If I order a soft drink and ask for a refill or acknowledge that I want a refill, bring another glass.

I absolutely hate it when they take the SAME GLASS and I am without drink for that amount of time. Even if you feel it's saving dishes, it's making the customer be without drink for a period of time for truly NO REASON unless they are out of clean glasses, otherwise, I'd rather them not take my glass.

6. Don't bring me another of the SAME drink WITHOUT KNOWING FOR SURE if I actually want another of the same drink!

Just because I order coke the first time, DOESN’T mean the second time around I want another coke. Don't WASTE TIME getting something you may not have to get to being with. Basically, DON'T play the MIND READER game!

7. Bring STAWS with ALL drinks unless it’s coffee or something like that like hot tea.

MOST of the time, people want straws. Be PREPARED when you serve drinks to have straws. I’ve had quite a NUMBER of times when the server didn’t have any straws or if they did have in their apron, they forgot to give them. It’s IRRITATING to have to ask for things that should be AUTOMATICALLY BROUGHT to the table like utensils and straws. Basically, these things are necessary to eat and drink with.

8. When customers are greeted, notice if they have utensils.

Basically notice if the host or hostess has done their job correctly. Customers shouldn't EVER have to fetch their own utensils themselves. I’ve had to fetch my own utensils quite a NUMBER of times. That’s RIDICULOUS! I’ve also have seen a few instances where I heard people next to us say “Can we get some utensils?” It happened when they were served their food, come on now, by then, the SERVER should be SMART ENOUGH to NOTICE THAT WAY BEFORE THE FOOD ARRIVES! NO ONE SHOULD BE BROUGHT FOOD WITHOUT UTENSILS EVER!

9. When bringing out the food, make sure the correct items are ALL there that can be seen without touching the person's food by COMPARING the plate of food with the menu as well as the written down order.

If I’ve asked for beans as a side, DON’T bring me fries. If I’ve asked for a side of sour cream, don’t bring it out to me without the sour cream unless you’ve brought it before hand. I shouldn’t have to tell you that I am missing things I can see without touching my food even. If I can see it without touching the food, YOU can TOO! I am ONLY talking about if the server takes the order and brings the food, NOT if SOMEONE ELSE takes the food to the customer that didn’t take the order down. The other person may not know if the ticket was printed incorrectly that the side dish is wrong. ONLY the person that actually TOOK THE ORDER KNOWS WHAT I'VE ORDERED!

10. NEVER make COMMENTS about what a person orders.

I've had 3 servers do this to me. Their tip went down(which it wasn’t possible one of the times, because I had already paid), because their comments were mean, nosy, and unnecessary as well as totally INAPPROPRIATE.

One time I ordered 4 sides of ranch with my salad and mozzarella sticks that I ordered as my meal. The waiter said "You know it's a small salad" after I told him I wanted 4 sides of ranch. I ended up telling him I like the ranch with the mozzarella sticks as well as the salad. He should ONLY be taking down my order, that's IT, unless he is confused about what I have said. I SHOUDLN'T have to EXPLAIN WHY OR CHANGE MY ORDER ACCORDING TO HIS OPINION. IT'S NOT WANTED OR NEEDED! WHY WASTE MY TIME AND EVERYONE ELSE'S FOR SOMETHING THAT'S NOT THE SERVER'S PLACE TO CHANGE MY MIND WHEN I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF ORDERING? Personnally, I found it to be a pretty big salad, being that it was only a side salad. I've had side salads that were HALF the size of this one before. He shouldn't be trying to save a little ranch for the restaurant if I waste it or be TOO LAZY to bring me all of those containers, because that’s HIS JOB to SATISFY THE CUSTOMER. He should have cared about his tip and my time as well as my feelings by just taking down my order as I had told him, not making ANY COMMENT of “HOW BIG” the salad was. It's NOT his right to say that. If I want 8 sides of ranch(which I've never ordered that much), but if I did, just get them as I've requested. NO COMMENTS should be given to a customer, unless they want to say “You may be charged more for this”, which I feel is ok to tell me that although I have talked to some people that state they don't care about that and don't like if when they are told they will be charged extra; they just want what they want. I used almost all of the ranch by the way. If I would have only ordered 2 sides, I would have had to wait until he would have came back to my table to eat the rest of my food the way I enjoyed it. I ordered the amount I wanted from the get go so not only I could have my food exactly the way I like it, but that he wouldn't have to make a separate trip to get me more ranch. Just because someone orders a LOT of something doesn't mean that they want it just for themself or that they may not want all of it. JUST TAKE THE PERSON'S ORDER AND ASK ONLY IF CONFUSED AS WELL AS REPEAT THE ORDER! NO COMMENTING ABOUT THE AMOUNT PEOPLE ORDER OR THE SIZE OF THE DISH UNLESS THE CUSTOMER INQUIRES ABOUT IT!

Another time, I ordered 4 sides of ranch with 2 side salads at Red Lobster. The waiter only brought me one little bigger container. My second salad I wanted 2 more ranches, because he only brought me a little container worth, which I KNEW probably wouldn’t be enough, but I asked for 4, so he should have followed INSTRUCTIONS to being with. I tried to see if it was enough considering he brought out a smaller amount, but I was RIGHT, it WASN’T enough as I had ORIGINALLY ASKED FOR, which made me WAIT LONGER to eat, all because he ASSUMED HOW MUCH I wanted instead of FOLLOWING EXACT INSTRUCTIONS! After I paid and was ready to leave, this FAT waiter had the NERVE to say when he was bussing a table by us "Want some more ranch” and he was laughing. If we wouldn't have left the tip, I would have left less tip just for that asshole remark, but we had already signed the credit card slip, so it was TOO LATE. The NERVE of that guy to tell me that, when I'm not even 100lbs at 5’0” tall and he looked 300lbs making fun of me. If he would have gotten things correct from the start by following EXACT INSTRUCTIONS, he wouldn’t have had to make 2 trips. That was such an UNNECESSARY REMARK. That was just plain CRUEL!

Another time at Denny's I ordered "The Sampler" which has cheese sticks, chicken tenders, and onion rings as my meal, even though it’s an appetizer, I ordered it as my entree. I said I wanted 1 side of ranch, 1 side of mayo, 1 side of honey mustard(which it comes with), 1 side of marinara(which it comes with), and 1 side of bbq sauce. The NOSY waitress had the audacity to ask "So WHAT do you need all that for?" I was nice and told her I dip the chicken tenders with honey mustard and sometimes mayo, I dip mozzarella sticks with ranch and sometimes marinara, and onion rings with the ranch as well as the chicken. I also dip the chicken in bbq sauce. In other words, I dip one time in this sauce, another in that sauce. I could have been rude to her as she DESERVED by telling her “You don’t have to know, just go and get it”, but I am NOT a mean person as well as I didn’t want any retaliation to happen like spit in my food, so I went along with her stupidity and her WASTING MY TIME. My point is, it was NONE of her BUSINESS WHY I ordered all of that! She should have just taken down my order. WHY does she have to know? I SHOULDN’T have to explain myself or tell her in a mean way(which I was nice) to just get what I've ordered. WHY piss me off like that? It's like WHY would I order all of that if I didn't have a real reason to? Needless to say her tip was about 15%, instead of 20% for her WASTING my time and being so damn NOSY. It's NOT her place to know WHY, just get what I've asked for and if she watched me eat, she'd see WHY if she was THAT interested. She probably wasn't truly interested, it was because she didn’t want to go get all of that, because it was actually MORE WORK for her, but that is what the over 20% would have been for, but she RUINED that with her NOSY ASS QUESTION. She doesn’t need to know why. That’s not her job to know why. If she’s that lazy that she doesn’t want to go get all that, then she will get less tip. Her job is to SATISFY THE CUSTOMER, NOT HERSELF!

My main point is, making comments is NOT a good way to make good tips!

11. NEVER bring the check without *ASKING* or the customer saying they are ready for the check UNLESS the server states “I’ll leave this here for your convenience, but if you want anything else, just let me know.”

Quite a number of times this has happened where the server thought we were finished just because we ordered a dessert. I get 3 mixed drinks a LOT of times, so it takes time to drink alcohol. Meaning, I shouldn’t have to tell the server “I may order another drink”, because they should NEVER, EVER ASSUME I am finished. Just because its LOOKS that way because we ordered a dessert, doesn’t mean we don’t want ANYTHING else. It makes people feel RUSHED to leave and decide not to get something else they could have, which is making the tip lower due to the assumption as well as the more money the check would have been with the item that was wanted, which is a bigger tip, because the percentage of the tip would have been higher from the higher check. ALWAYS, BEFORE GIVING THE CHECK, MAKE SURE THE CUSTOMERS ARE FINISHED AND WANT THEIR CHECK!

12. Give ALL change back, even it it’s just a penny UNLESS the customer states it’s the server’s to keep and NEVER ask if they want change!

My husband and I one time at a restaurant paid with (2) $20 gift certificates on a check that was $34.69. The waiter only gave us back a $5 bill. He left from the table fast, so I had to literally get up and get him. I was going to leave the change more than likely, but the fact is, he *ASSUMED* he was going to get a TIP AT ALL which is RUDE and he tried to STEAL FROM ME! When I went to get him, he did something else before even getting my $0.31 that I was owed by LAW! He only said “Sorry about that” when he gave me my change, NOT RIGHT AWAY AS HE SHOULD HAVE! We left him ZERO tip, because there was NO REASON FOR THAT. It WASN’T a MISTAKE, it was a PREDICTION as well as he wasn’t sorry that he made me wait for him to do something else when there was a MISTAKE made(which I think it was a PREDICITION), which should have taken TOP PRIORITY OVER ANYTHING ELSE! He thought he’d get a tip, so for him trying to predict that, he got NOTHING. My point is, GIVE ALL CHANGE BACK, EVERY LAST CENT, unless otherwise told not to! DON’T TRY TO PREDICT THAT THE CHANGE IS YOURS ALREADY WHEN THE CUSTOMER HASN’T SAID TO KEEP IT OR HASN'T LEFT THE RESTAURANT.

13. 2 for 1 happy hour drinks SHOULDN’T EVER be given at the SAME TIME!

I’ve had this happen at Chili’s a couple of times. I got a margarita, my waiter said it’s 2 for 1 and UNCARINGLY brings out both. NOW, BY THE TIME I GET TO THE 2ND ONE, IT’S WATERED DOWN! STUPID servers that don’t care about the customer, because they aren’t thinking if they were the customer, they wouldn’t want their drink to be watered down more than likely. Also, the customer may DECLINE the second one. Just because it’s FREE, DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN it’s WANTED. I’ve even declined a 2nd free margarita before myself. I had a white russian at Chili’s that was 2 for 1 one time and the waiter brought out both. These servers were LAZY, because if they weren’t they’d bring out 1 drink at a time like they do with drink refills. It’s not like the customer is going to drink BOTH mixed drinks at ONCE. Think about people’s feelings and the fact that drinks get WATERED DOWN! Have some CONSIDERATION for people, you know! I shouldn’t have to tell the server DON’T bring out both, it should be COMMON SENSE that I am drinking ONE at a time and that drinks get WATERED DOWN from ice. Even if I get something like a martini that doesn’t have ice, I still want ONE drink at a time, because I may decide I don’t want the second one as well as I feel pressured into drinking faster, which makes me feel RUSHED. Who wants to feel RUSHED when they are dining out? I don’t know anyway that does. When I order a coke refill, I don’t get 2 refills at once, so WHY bring me 2 for 1 mixed drinks all at one time just because it’s “FREE”? Also, the server could always *ASK* the customer if they’d like BOTH at the same time. Maybe some people wouldn’t mind, but I sure do! It’s simple; just ask “Do you want both at the same time or one at a time?” See how CONSIDERATE that sounds?


To start pouring water into a water glass is irritating if it is unwanted. I have had one time I remember that my water glass wasn’t even half-empty, but they start to pour BEFORE you have a chance to decline it. They wasted their time and irritated me by interrupting my dining experience for something I NEVER said I wanted in the first place and didn’t even finish my water. Have the DECENCY to ASK first. If I have tea, I sweeten it just right, then some server pours BEFORE I have a *CHANCE* to DECLINE. I feel NO CUSTOMER should EVER have to put their hand over their glass. Customers should be ASKED FIRST BEFORE POURING!

15. Bring all the dipping sauces with the meal or before the meal.

I can’t tell you HOW MANY TIMES I don’t get what is stated on the menu that “COMES” with a meal. It states it comes with honey mustard and you bring it to me without it, even though I didn’t request to not have it, is just plain ridiculous. It is IMPORTANT to have the things that are supposed to ACCOMPANY your meal to make it COMPLETE, whether it would be sour cream or marinara sauce, it is important to have these items that are listed on the menu. Customers read their menus, so they EXPECT what the MENU states to be TRUE. So if menu states a side of ranch comes with cheese fries, the server should make sure BEFORE they take the food to the customer, that the ranch is with the fries or bring it before the meal arrives whether it’s a food runner or another server or the same server, the employees should compare the menu with the plate of food or memorize the menu considering they work there and spend, hours, days, months, weeks there you would think I shouldn’t know the menu more than them, but sometimes I do, which is sad, it really is. Either way, the customer won’t have to wait to eat their food without the dipping sauces if it is brought before hand.

16. Don't explain about surveys on the check or even highlight it.

I can read my check for MYSELF, so DON'T WASTE MY TIME telling me about a survey!


Blogger PrincessJason said...

you have to understand that we are trained to do the things you are talking about. We have to up sell or we lose our jobs. If we dont sell a certain amount of things then we lose good shifts and such. If you ask for a steak, im gonna ask if you want shrimp.
We are also told to offer a dessert 3/4 of the way through the meal so if you dont want it, we can get you your check and get you the eff out of our station.
Honestly, i dont disagree with you about repeating the order back to make sure it is correct, we are trained to do this as well.
We are told to offer a SPECIFIC drink and STARTER. I dont have a choice in offering you a presidente margarita or a triple play. I have to. It is my job. What do you do for a living? Would you not do it because one bitch complained? I think your job is more important than one person being dissatisfied.
I agree with you about bringing a clean glass and if they dont then i think it is very rude as well.
We also have to bring you the same drink because we are told by our managers who watch what we do to bring you a refill if your drink is less than 1/2 full. I HAVE to go get you another coke even if i want you to be parched because you are a bitch, i have no choice.
I do agree with you about the straws as well.
I actually agree with you about everything until you say something about bringing two drinks at once for the 2 for 1. We also have to do that. We dont have a choice. Our bartenders make them both at once and the managers make the bartenders do that.
See you are taking things out on us servers that arent even something we can control. We have to do a lot of these things so we can keep our jobs and the good stations. I get a bitch like you into my station about once a month, i DO try and rush you out of my station. So when i ask if you want a dessert half way through your meal, youre right, i am trying to put you out of my station. You arent going to take care of me and you are making me feel like im an asshole for doing my job. Get over yourself. The world does not revolve around you. I am a person too. I have to pay rent, cell phone bills, utilities and all that so please dont take money away from me or any other servers for us doing our jobs the way we are taught to do them. We do have to do this. It is a requirment. Im sorry you cant see that and i wish you could.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"We are also told to offer a dessert 3/4 of the way through the meal so if you dont want it, we can get you your check and get you the eff out of our station."

Well then, HOW COME 90% of my outings have CONSIDERATE servers that actually WAIT UNTIL WE ARE FINISHED WITH OUR MEAL? HOW COME it was only literally about 2-3 times this has happened and we go out to eat EVERY friday and saturday? Maybe it's because it's NOT required? Maybe it's because servers know how they feel when they are a customer trying to be RUSHED out?

"Honestly, i dont disagree with you about repeating the order back to make sure it is correct, we are trained to do this as well."

MOST servers, I would literally say about 95%, DON’T repeat my order, that is WHY I have SO MANY MISTAKES with my meal more than likely. Does that mean that got fired for not doing that? HELL NO, I still see and have had the SAME SERVERS serve me and other people. So they may be trained to, but obviously it's NOT REQUIRED, because my food would come out correct 90% of the time more than likely when the same person would take me my food that takes the order.

"We also have to bring you the same drink because we are told by our managers who watch what we do to bring you a refill if your drink is less than 1/2 full."

How come I only get about honestly 30% of my outings having servers order for me? If it was required, they'd ALL do it. Just Friday I went to Outback. The waitress NEVER brought a refill without asking and we asked for 2 sets of refills. Does that mean it's required considering I mostly get refills with asking or being asked? HELL NO, it's not required for you to do or you'll get fired if you don't.

"We have to up sell or we lose our jobs."

How come I don't have up selling that often, like maybe 40% of my dining experiences? I also rarely have servers trying to change my order. Like the example with the El Guapo maragarita is RARE. I find I get greeted with "Can I start y'all up with a margarita" more often than the server trying to change my order. I don't, though, always get up sells, just SOMETIMES. Does that mean these people get fired? NO, it DOESN'T.

"We also have to do that. I actually agree with you about everything until you say something about bringing two drinks at once for the 2 for 1. We also have to do that. We dont have a choice. Our bartenders make them both at once and the managers make the bartenders do that.”

How come at Semolina(a pasta chain restaurant) I was OFFERED to get ONE margarita at a time from our waiter for the 2 for 1 and this was a couple of months ago? Also, if I requested to have one at a time, would you HONOR my request or have the bartender make both, so I'd end up with a watery drink only to send it back or end up more than likely, suffering through a watered down drink? What if I asked for one at a time, would you not tell the bartender not to make it, so it SITS at the bar getting watery? Would you lie to me by saying “Sure I’ll tell the bartender not to make both?” Also, what if I told you I didn’t want the other margarita, would you not tell the bartender anything? What if I specifically asked you NOT to have the second one made? Would you honor my wishes or would you lie to me? If you would lie, that would be very mean and inconsiderate. Don’t customers have a RIGHT to ask 1 at a time? I’ve only got 2 for 1 drinks at few times, because I don’t normally drink well brands and MOST of the time 2 for 1’s are well brand drinks, but the time I got 2 for 1 white russian, I had premium liquors in it. Basically, I am seeing if you actual CARE about your customers.

I want to know if you agree with this requirement? Do you feel awkward handing someone 2 margaritas AT ONCE to someone? I know I’d feel awkward handing them both at once, because I would think about the CUSTOMER as if *I* were them.

"We also HAVE to tell you about that STUPID FUCKING SURVEY."

It's ONLY happened a couple of times at Chili's and we go VERY, VERY OFTEN, sometimes even just for drinks and a dessert. So obviously, it's NOT REQUIRED, otherwise, I'd never see the SAME servers there or have the SAME servers. At Denny's they have a survey and I didn't have servers telling me about it either and we went 3 times in the past few months. MOST servers don't even highlight or circle it.

"So when i ask if you want a dessert half way through your meal, you’re right, i am trying to put you out of my station."

HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW THAT I’m not going to tip well? WHY are you ASSUMING I won't tip you well if you do a great job? If you do a great job, I WILL! That waitress that asked twice if we wanted a dessert made SEVERAL mistakes. She forgot my dr. pepper, because she didn't attempt to remember it by WRITING it down. She did apologize, but didn't mean it, because I went to the restroom all the way on the other end of the restaurant which took a couple of minutes and I STILL didn't have my dr. pepper and saw her give a check to someone instead of giving me my dr. pepper that SHE forgot. I feel mistakes should take PRIORITY over ANYTHING ELSE! I ended up waiting literally 13 minutes to get a fucking dr. pepper that was forgotten. When she finally brought the dr. pepper she didn't even have a straw and had to go get one, now that's not even TRYING to get things delivered correctly, which I feel is VERY PATHETIC and VERY UNCARING. I had asked if the waitress could bring me the condiments I asked for BEFORE my meal when I placed my order, because I have SO MANY problems with getting condiments delivered with my meal, because a lot of times, they'll be another server bringing my food to me. I even wrote down my OWN ORDER as well as she wrote it down. I gave her my written down order and she had her written down order. She brings out "Half side" of bbq sauce, when I had asked for 2 sides of bbq sauce. I also had to ask her to bring both filled. Now I don't feel I should have to tell someone that considering I gave my order and she had 2 ways of VERIFYING it was correct. If I am asking for 2 of them, OBVIOUSLY I want a LOT of bbq sauce, DUH, otherwise I would have asked for ONLY 1. The server that brought out my food(another server) tried to ask me what my favorite margaritas, when all I wanted to do was EAT, but I answered the question. I didn’t make conversation with the waiter first, HE did. Anyway, the waitress got 10%. I feel that’s UNSATISTFACTORY service for all those mistakes as well as making me wait 13 minutes for a freakin soft drink. If that would have been me, I would have gone to put the food orders and IMMEDIATELY got the dr. pepper. She also went to another table after we placed our food order, meaning she delayed our food order as well as my soft drink. It was OUR turn, NOT theirs. She should have just went to put the order into the computer and got our drinks. Then, she could have came back to check on the other customers. If she would have wrote the order down, she would have had MORE of a chance to get it right, but OBVIOUSLY she doesn’t REREAD the orders she writes down, because she didn’t get my condiments correct, so even if she would have written it down, she probably still would have forgotten the dr. pepper, because she didn’t TRY to get it right. THAT is what pissed me off the most about her, was that she didn’t ATTEMPT TO *TRY* to get things correct. Writing down orders, being prepared with straws and getting at least the 2 sides of bbq sauce even if they wouldn’t have been filled are ways that she could have showed me she was TRYING. The other part of why I gave 10% was the irritating thing about her asking twice when I wasn’t finished eating and my husband was eating some of my fries, so it was OBVIOUS we weren’t ready for a dessert, nor did I know if I wanted one.

I have a question: Do you feel in you heart that it’s right that they make you ask customers if they want a dessert before someone is finished their entree? I am just wondering if you agree with it as far as YOUR opinion goes, NOT that just that you’re required to, but that do you like it when you are in the middle of eating to be asked that yourself. Do you think it’s a nice thing to do? I honestly DIDN’T KNOW if I wanted a dessert at the time considering I wasn't finished. Honestly, how am I supposed to know if I’m going to get too full or that I want to finish my entrée not to get to full if I’m still in the middle of eating.

“I think your job is more important than one person being dissatisfied.”

WHAT if that person is YOU or a friend or a relative?

“See you are taking things out on us servers that arent even something we can control.”

Obviously, I pointed out that MOST servers DON’T FOLLOW THE RULES YOU SAY THAT ARE REQUIRED, but are STILL WORKING THERE. So servers DO HAVE SOME control. You can say to your boss if he or she asks, "Well the customer specifically said not to bring them the second margarita because it would get watered down" or "The customer said not to refill their glass" or whatever. You get my point? If the customer tells you in the middle of you speaking about an upsell such as “Would you like to start out with a Presidente’ margarita” that they want coke, WHY BOTHER keep talking about that? The boss isn’t going to hear EVERY WORD you say or don’t say. Secondly, 95% of the time, when I order, I don’t get any upsells. Like I’ve ordered the burger at Chili’s without cheese a few times, but only 1 time out the 3 times did the server ask if I wanted cheese. My point is, SERVERS DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. They are more than likely are trained to write orders down, but some don’t. Some are more than likely trained to repeat orders, but MOST don’t. Get what I’m saying? It’s IN YOUR CONTROL! All you have to is “ASK” when a person is ordering 2 for 1 mixed drinks ask “Would you like both at once?” I am willing to be you a million bucks that 99% of the people would tell you ONE AT A TIME. The reason your boss wants you to do that this way is so customers can get served as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to make a separate trip. The owners and managers want people to come back, which if they wait long for things than necessary, they won’t, so that is why they make that requirement more than likely. I think it just doesn’t make sense to bring 2 mixed drinks to one person. I really doubt you’d get penalized for ASKING if they want both at once. Would you even be wiling to TRY being caring by ASKING first or are you going to take the LAZY way out and bring both at once and not even try to ask?

“I get a bitch like you into my station about once a month, i DO try and rush you out of my station.”

There’s NO REASON to be mean. You’re the bitch, because offering a dessert before a person has a chance to figure out if they want a dessert is just VERY UNCARING and RUDE!

“You arent going to take care of me.”

HOW the hell do you know that? For one thing, we had GREAT service at Outback and I tipped 25% this past Friday. A LOT of times I have given 20% and over, but it has to be EARNED. There has to be no mistakes to get something that huge. If you ruin my meal, I’ll ruin your tip. What goes around, comes around. You wouldn’t try to get my order correct by comparing the menu and the written down order with the plate of food BEFORE taking it to me as far as what you can SEE is wrong, then obviously if I have a wrong side, you aren’t TRYING EVEN to do your BEST or CARE if I’m waiting to eat my meal with my side dish such as fries or condiments that are missing, so if you DON’T CARE about my needs, WHY should I care about your tip needs? It goes *BOTH WAYS* you know. If you are attentive, get things I’ve asked for in a timely manner, don’t overcharge me, etc., you will get a nice big tip, but if you mess up, you won’t. If you are nice and mess up, you’ll receive more than if you are an asshole about it and not even apologize. Saying your sorry does help ONLY though if it shows through the ACTIONS. That little saying “Actions speak louder than words” is true. Like if someone says they are sorry, but makes you wait 10 minutes to be able to eat your meal with a condiment, well obviously they aren’t too sorry. I go by BOTH actions and apologies.

I’ll give you an example of a waiter that messed up, but cared. We went to a chain restaurant. The waiter took our drink order and I ordered an appetizer along with the drinks. Well, we ended up waiting a half an hour for the appetizer, but it wasn’t a bad tip I gave. The reason: He PROFUSELY apologized that he FORGOT to put the appetizer into the computer. He also offered us something for free. I tipped him 16%. Normally, if that would have happened without a CARING server by not apologizing as well as not offered me anything, he would have gotten less than 10% for being so UNCARING. My point is, just like your attitude “You arent going to take care of me”, well same thing for us customers. If you aren’t going to do a good job or if you do mess up that you act like you CARE, I’ll care MUCH MORE back in your tip. He didn’t deserve 20%, because he did mess up. Waiting that long for an appetizer was irritating and if I would have given him 20%, he wouldn’t LEARN A LESSON from the experience, so I tipped according to what I felt he desserved, because he didn’t have to mess up, he DECIDED NOT to go RIGHT AFTER to the computer, so he was at fault, but since he was so nice, he got 16%.

“The world does not revolve around you.”

Well it DOESN’T revolve around you either. You get over yourself.

“I have to pay rent, cell phone bills, utilities and all that so please dont take money away from me or any other servers for us doing our jobs the way we are taught to do them.”

I have bills too, NOT just you. You aren’t the ONLY PERSON that has bills. Also, just because you were taught that way, doesn’t mean that ALL servers do what’s required as I said before, many servers DON’T repeat my order. My orders are usually COMPLICATED. I feel they SHOULD repeat it, but just because it’s a requirement, doesn’t mean they do it.

“I actually agree with you about everything.”

I would like to know your opinion about the comments that were made to me by the 3 servers? Do you think that their tip should be 20% for telling me things like that? Do you think it was unnecessary to say ANY of those things. I am just wondering, because I am nice and they treated me like I wasn’t nice. Start respecting customers and I’ll respect the servers back.

“I am a person too.”

I’m a person too, so you don’t have to call me a bitch, because I treat people they EXACT way they treat me. I also feel that you have to penalize a server for their mistakes or they’ll NEVER LEARN, because they know for sure they’ll get paid anyway for messing up. Then I'll be the one that's suffering with bad service, NOT THEM. I'd rather EVERY experience to be PERFECT and tip 25% than to not tip at all or tip 10% or tip 15% even, but life doesn't work that way, which sucks. I am telling you this because I DO take care of my server by giving a nice, BIG tip when they DESERVE IT! TIPS HAVE GOT TO BE EARNED!

6:23 PM  
Blogger PrincessJason said...

I want to tell you that all the examples i am giving are form Chilis which is where i work. I cant say anything about any of the other places you go, but as far as Chilis is concerned, i have worked there for 2 years and I am a trainer on staff. I know how my shit should be done and that if it isnt done properly i wont get THE GOOD SHIFTS AND BE ABLE TO BARTEND. You have got to understand, the people who dont do these things arent looked upon by the managers as good employees.

As far as me asking for desserts or upselling or surveys, I wish i didnt have to do any of it. I dont wanna give you two drinks at the same time, but our happy hour has changed so i dont have to worry about it any more. I dont want to highlight the surveys, but if my managers see that i havent, then i get chewed out. I dont know if i have ever served you but if i had and you were rude then i would be. I have been serving tables for 8 years and it really doesnt matter to me what you think of me as a server. If i make a mistake (which i do) sure i apoogize, but im not going to ask my manager to take something off your bill because i forgot to bring you out ranch dressing for your fries.

The only time i ask my manager to take something off the bill is if i made a Huge mistake. If i gave you the wrong bill, i would simply go get you the right one, and if you wanted to try and get something for free for hanging out for 1 MINUTE while i reprinted your check my manager would call you a psycho. A free coke???? Fuck that. You make mistakes by thinking we will learn from a bad tip. If you give us a bad tip we just think youre a skank. The next time you come in we will tell whomever the server is that you are a bitch and not to spend too much time trying to take care of you. Like wise, if you took care of me and i saw you in someone elses station, i would make a point of going to that server to say, hey take good care of her, she tips well. If you give me a bad tip because i mess up one time, i will never give YOU good service. You could come in on a friday night and i could give the rest of my tables awesome service and you wouldnt get anything special from me.

The way we are trained when it comes to being double or triple sat is not your idea of how it should be done. i hav to go to each table and take care of each guest. I have to prebus tables when they are dirty on my way to do what i need to do for you as well. We get yelled at for not pre-bussing, and in a previous post you complained about the tables at my restaurant bing too small tohold an extra glass so why wouldnt i take some plates from people? You also said me prebussing a table doesnt get you out fast enough so i dnt turn and burn YOUR table. Youre right, youre not leaving faster, but a new guest could be sat at that table since i cleaned it, so while youre sitting there figuring out your check, i can get them started with drinks and a starter. More money in my pocket.

I think you just need to give up and stop trying to change the servers. Some are good as you have said, some are bad as you have given examples of, youre never going to change that so i think you should either start being nicer or go play into oncoming traffic. If you dont have the common COURTESY (not decency like you have been using in ever post that makes you sound like an ignoranus) to help me with my rent and taxes by tipping appropriately then i hope you get a horrible disfiguring disease and everyone stops to point at you and laugh, including your servers. I also hope a few of them are people who have waited on you before so they know Karma exists and it finally caught up with you.

PRINCESS (not prince) Jason

3:19 AM  
Blogger PrincessJason said...

In addition, the reason we HAVE t take both drinks isnt so you get served faster. Again all about YOU. Its because then they know that we arent coming back for a third or fourth drink for some other table. Any server could say, oh they placed another order and drop off 2 extra drinks anywhere they wanted.

As far as some people not upselling or asking what you want for a refill, i dont fucking care. Im not one of the servers that does things like that. I do things the way the company wants and thats all that matters to me. If my managers are happy with me and i make good enough money (which i do even with twats like you out there) then i dont care, as i have stated before, if you get mad at me when youre kind of people only come in once a month.

3:28 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

princessjason(sorry for calling you "prince")

"In addition, the reason we HAVE t take both drinks isnt so you get served faster. Again all about YOU."

I NEVER said that for one thing, READ: "The reason your boss wants you to do that this way is so customers can get served as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to make a separate trip."

Meaning ALL CUSTOMERS, NOT just myself.

"If i make a mistake (which i do) sure i apoogize, but im not going to ask my manager to take something off your bill because i forgot to bring you out ranch dressing for your fries."

I completely agree 100%! I don't expect something for free for a MINOR mistake.

"Youre right, youre not leaving faster, but a new guest could be sat at that table since i cleaned it, so while youre sitting there figuring out your check, i can get them started with drinks and a starter."

I was talking about actually waiting for the check, NOT for it to be rung up. If you are in the middle of bussing a table, but glance over seeing the credit card or money ready to be taken, you SHOULD stop to get it, because it's for both of our sakes, because I can leave sooner and you'll get a better tip from me as well as seat the NEXT customer THAT MUCH FASTER.

"More money in my pocket."


"If i gave you the wrong bill, i would simply go get you the right one, and if you wanted to try and get something for free for hanging out for 1 MINUTE while i reprinted your check my manager would call you a psycho. A free coke???? Fuck that."

I would NEVER expect that over a wrong bill, but I WOULD expect that for ANY overcharge, because that leads to WAITING to fix the bill, which is TIME CONSUMING. I, one time, waited 10 minutes just to get a 30 cents overcharge fixed. The manager gave me half off the entree, but I feel that was deserved, because I had to wait to get it fixed. The server should compare the menu with the computer price, because sometimes it just doesn't match and has happened to me quite a few times. It's sad when I know the price better than the server that has been there longer than I have.

"If you give me a bad tip because i mess up one time, i will never give YOU good service."

Well that's YOUR LOSS, LITERALLY! I've given ZERO tip to HORRIBLE service at Chili's last year and I had the SAME waitress about 2 months later, which she did remember me, because I DID report the situation to the internet complaint site. Anyway, I gave her 22% tip, because she gave me very good service. It wasn't perfect, but MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, better than the last time. My point is, I've given bad tips at times and good tips at times to the SAME PERSON, depending on if they do their job well or not. So you give me bad service, the next time if I have you and you give me good service, I'm NOT going to treat you with the same bad tip, so WHY should you treat me the same? You do a good job, you'll get a good tip, it's that simple! Mess my meal up and you'll get a lowered tip. I'll say this again: If you ruin my meal, I'll ruin your tip. So if you give me good service the first time, the next time mess up, you will receive a bad tip, DESERABLE SO.

"The next time you come in we will tell whomever the server is that you are a bitch and not to spend too much time trying to take care of you."

THEY are the losers in that one if they take your advice, which is STUPID when servers can try their BEST and make more money, which ISN'T THAT THE GOAL: "MORE MONEY?" LOTS of times, I've given good tips to great tips even the first time around for instance, then the next time I got them, they were bad, so they got a bad tip the NEXT TIME. Also, it's been the OPPOSITE where I've had bad service the first time around, then the next time had good service, so they got a MUCH BETTER tip the next time around.

"If you dont have the common COURTESY (not decency like you have been using in ever post that makes you sound like an ignoranus) to help me with my rent and taxes by tipping appropriately then i hope you get a horrible disfiguring disease and everyone stops to point at you and laugh, including your servers."

As you said: "Again all about YOU." LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

"I also hope a few of them are people who have waited on you before so they know Karma exists and it finally caught up with you."

I get back at the servers who give me bad service, that's KARMA! You DESERVE a bad tip if you give bad service. You DESERVE a good tip for good service. Don't you get that?

7:02 AM  
Blogger liberalbanana said...

You're right about repeating the order. I don't even know why I wrote that in my blog post. I'm not saying that it's not "bad service" but I AM saying that it just doesn't bother me when they do it. If I cared that much about perfect service, I'd never dine at places where teenagers are just trying to make some summer cash and really don't care *that* much about their jobs...

I hope someone reading your posts learns something and then does their job better. Patrons everywhere will thank you. :)

7:15 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I hope someone reading your posts learns something and then does their job better."

The problem is most want to pick a fight about things, because most don't care about other human beings. I encounter a lot of servers that don't even apologize for mistakes. Even if they mess up, they should be nice enough to say they are sorry, but MOST don't. They only care about their tip. I just had one waitress recently that had ENOUGH TIME and took the EFFORT to write "THANK YOU" on my check, but forgot my coke TWICE, because she was TOO LAZY to WRITE "COKE". My point is, this a world a LAZINESS and UNCARINGNESS. They only care about the money, but they get mad if you don't give them 20% or more tip, which I don't get that.

"I'm not saying that it's not "bad service" but I AM saying that it just doesn't bother me when they do it."

If it's something minor like salt on the rim of a glass of margarita, I don't mind, but if it's my complete order, yeah that does bug me, especially if they didn't write it down, which they should at least TRY to attempt to remember it by writing it down. That's good that you don't get bothered by it, but I do, unless it's something really minor.

10:28 AM  
Blogger chris said...

In defence of Princessjason. I work at chilis. Everything he said is true. Know why you don't get a straw with your refill? Because we have been told refills don't get straws, the customer gets the same one because of the cost of straws. Yes we are required to upsell. We have been told if a manager hears us NOT suggest a SPACIFIC drink and appatizer we will be asked to leave for the entire shift. We are required to leave the check after 2 bites because so many other people have complained that they DONT get their checks before they are done eating. Yes we have to bring you a new coke if yours is less then half full. We are not suppossed to ask if you want another we are suppossed to just bring one.
It is unfortunate if your food comes out with your ranch missing. Of your side is different than what you ordered. 9 out of 10 times we put it in right the cooks just don't care. They are getting paid the same weather your food is right or not. And yes we probably wont notice unless you say something. We have a minimum of 4 other tables we are trying to please at the same time and it is really hard to remember exzactly what you ordered when we are in a hurry. Which we always are. Now when you tell us something is not right we have no problem fixing it for you.
As for the triple seated waitperson. Yes I am sure your table was sat first. Most of the time we do not know that. We were in the kitchen or bringing up dish or getting ice while that happened. (Goodness knows the hostess would not do that to us in front of us) In that situation we are trained to treat it like one big table. Which means going around and getiing all the drink orders first. Depositing all the drinks then taking all the orders.
So before you judge to harshly why not take a look around? See how many tables your server is trying to deal with at once? Try to be a little understanding with what we are dealing with on a day to day basis.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Cynical One said...

I think if you are so demanding of waitstaff then you might want to upgrade the restaurants you frequent. You're paying for consistent food at reasonable prices, not fantastic service. If you want fantastic, kiss-your-ass service, then try spending a little more money.

Denny's, Lonestar, Chili' offense to the waitstaff at these establishments but most of them are just kids making money to go to school and don't give a crap if you want 4 sides of salad dressing (which seems extreme to me - I'm sure if they charged you for it you'd complain about that, too). I'm sure they see your type coming a mile away, know that you are going to give them a lousy tip no matter what they do, so why bother with the extra fact maybe they get enjoyment out of tormenting you.

Life's too friggin' short to worry about 2 minutes without a drink - are you going to dehydrate in that time? How about conserving water? If everyone got a new glass every time they got a refill, think of all the extra water and electricity needed to wash those glasses.

You've got some serious issues, I think you should either stop eating out or take some anti-anxiety drugs to help or else you're going to die of a heart attack.

10:25 AM  
Blogger fred said...

wow...i just popped in here and the author of this post has obviously done a lot of reading, but not a lot of waiting tables or bartending.

There are more than just a few fundamental rules, and they don't all have to do with territoriality and the order in which guests sit down. At a cheap, fast-paced restaurant like Chili's or Bennigans, the service will not be as good as at a fine dining establishment. The servers are inexperienced and are there to do one thing: maximize the profits of the restaurant. To do that, they are taught to 1)consolidate their steps (i.e. take multiple drink orders at once, go to the computer with all of them, pick them all up at the bar.) Waiters don't choose their stations, they don't choose their tables, how many come in at once, or the order in which they come in. They don't choose if their diner is high-maintenance (like ordering 2 sides of barbecue sauce instead of "2 extra sides" of bbq and being pissed when her ribs arrive dry) or low-maintenance (like me...I'll have the ribs, please.)

I started cutting my teeth in the service industry at a corporate place like this. It was pretty nice, a fish restaurant, but I learned early if I had three tables sat at once, and I went to table x and took a drink order, then to the computer to send the drinks, then to table y to take a drink order, then put it in, then to table z to take a drink order, then put it in, I'd already be completely in the weeds. My third table would have waited far too long to order drinks, and the bar performance would be staggered so it would be difficult to bring my drinks at all.

Also, you do the easiest things first. So if table z orders 5 waters but tables x and y ordered martinis, you take the waters first. Otherwise, it would take forever to get to them. Chronology is not the most important thing in a restaurant, efficiency is. You are a part of a larger picture, and most servers probably read you the second they see you and realize you're going to be a crappy diner. They will therefore prioritize their other tables waaaaaaay above yours, so they will be able to maximize their income.

Why would you expect preferential treatment as a party of 2 vs. a party of 5? Never going to happen, not in the real world.

You strike me as someone who works for the government.

The good servers at places like that succeed because they control the pace of their station (which means the pace of your meal.) Some people (you) will simply not accept being part of a server's machine. Which means that every time you go out, you have a bad time. STOP GOING OUT.

May I, accordingly, recommend that you stay at the Bennigans of the world, and never darken the doorstep of my nice, professional restaurant.

Peace, stop reading and get a service job. You'll see.

11:14 AM  
Blogger T. Comfyshoes said...

Know what's interesting? I eat out a whole lot, and I almost never get bad service. The pub where I'm a regular, I have waitresses come to me as I enter the premises saying, my section is over there, sit in my section tonight. Places I've never been before, I still get taken care of well.

Know why?

Because I try to treat the people serving me like human beings. I'll do the first smile, be sympathetic if it's busy/hot/slow/nasty out, and because I'm nice to them (and I'm not talking anything beyond human decency here) they're nice to me. And then I have a good time and tip well.

This strategy has worked for me everywhere from Denny's to places that don't put the price on the menu.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Know why you don't get a straw with your refill? Because we have been told refills don't get straws, the customer gets the same one because of the cost of straws."

I DON'T EVER expect a staw with a refill, because I can use the one I had. I AM ONLY TALKING ABOUT FIRST DRINKS.

"Yes we are required to upsell. We have been told if a manager hears us NOT suggest a SPACIFIC drink and appatizer we will be asked to leave for the entire shift."

HOW COME I just went friday and that didn't happen? HOW COME she didn't get sent home? HOW COME 80% of my dining experiences at Chili's the servers didn't suggest ANYTHING specific, huh? HOW COME I SEE THEM NOT GETTING FIRED, HUH?

"We are required to leave the check after 2 bites because so many other people have complained that they DONT get their checks before they are done eating."

Literally, how come 99% of my experiences as Chili's and Applebee's and other chain restaurants, the check did NOT GET DELIVERED UNTIL WE WERE ASKED FOR IT?

"Yes we have to bring you a new coke if yours is less then half full. We are not suppossed to ask if you want another we are suppossed to just bring one."

Again, HOW COME ONLY 30% of my dining experiences I EVER GET refills without asking or being asked? Friday I got to order my refills. She didn't get fired.

"And yes we probably wont notice unless you say something."


“Never, ever take food out that is incorrectly done (I had a waitress rip me a new one for something I goofed up on as a cook and she demanded I fix it then and there - and she was right and I learned)."

See this waitress was SMART. She took charge of her tip by making sure BEFORE she left the kitchen, that the food was correct. All you have to do is compare the order you wrote down with the plate of food as well as the menu(if you happen to not know the menu that is.) WHY make MORE WORK for yourself to have to go back and come back when you could see something is wrong or missing IN THE KITCHEN? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT I ORDERED, that is YOUR JOB! It's NOT MY JOB TO REMIND YOU OR TO REPEAT MY ORDER ONCE MY FOOD HAS ARRIVED. If you were smart also, you wouldn't put your trust into food runners either. I've has 5 servers throughout the years VOLUNTEER to bring the condiments before the meal. I didn't even ask them to do that, they said they didn't want to forget them. See, that's CARING servers that received huge tips. WHY NOT MAKE SURE THE ORDER IS CORRECT BEFORE TAKING IT TO THE TABLE?

"Study #6

Tip #6 - Check the Food Before Bringing it to the Table

Description: Make sure that the food matches the order before you bring it to the table, especially if the customer made a special order (substitutions, food allergies, etc.). If the order isn’t right, send it back and tell the customer about the snafu.
Reason: When food arrives at the table, the customer expects to be able to eat. The disappointment in seeing a wrong order is much worse than a little extra wait. Customers also appreciate that you are looking out for them and attentive to their needs."

In other words, it saying, take 30 seconds to review the ticket BEFORE taking it to the customer WRONG! Also, since someone else takes the food to the customer, people expect to EAT WHEN THEIR FOOD ARRIVES. They don’t expect to have to WAIT TO EAT.


"Tip #11 - Anticipate Condiment Needs

Description: If you work at a restaurant that serves sandwiches, fried foods, etc. that are likely to be eaten with condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc., and those condiments are not already provided on the table, do not wait until the food is served to ask if the customer would like the condiments! Ask them when they place the order.
Reason: If you wait until the food is served, they will have to wait with their food sitting in front of them while you retrieve the condiments. Even if you are quick, the wait can be agonizing torture for someone who is hungry!"

THIS IS THE TRUTH that the WAITING is IRRIATING and makes my food get cooler as well as I will not start to eat until my condiments arrive.

So STUDY on HOW TO NOT MAKE SO MANY MISTAKES. Bringing the food wrong if you can SEE it is wrong is the SERVER'S FAULT 100%. I had a waitress at Denny's take my order, which you can substitue seasoned fries for the onion rings that comes with miniburgers. Well, STUPID WAITRESS brings the plate with the onion rings plainly in SITE on my plate and I had to remind her. Don't you see how embarrassing to the waitress that was and how STUPID of her it was not to take less than minute to verify that the food was correct considering I was only with my husband, so it wasn't like she had to check 5 entrees or something, so it wouldn't have taken very long to double check what she WROTE DOWN! I've has servers write my order down, but print the ticket wrong. The main thing you can go by is what you wrote down. I understand if there is a food runner, that you can't help that I got the wrong side dish if you printed the ticket correctly, but if YOU took my order, YOU should VERIFY WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE HANDING ME! I've had an overcharge at a mexican restaurant last year that had $4.00 bacardi and I had their pina colada before a couple of months before that and was only charged $4 for just the drink, but she rung up $4 for the bacardi(I specifically asked for that rum) and $4 for the pina colada. Needless to say, I saw it LITERALLY in a matter of 10 seconds her mistake, so WHY COULDN'T SHE VERIFY WHAT THE HELL SHE WAS HANDING ME? That's STUPID and she would have had a higher tip, because the bill was higher as well as she could have had that voided AFTER I left and pocketed that $4 for all I know. My point is, she didn't take LESS than a minute to VERIFY what the hell she handed me.

"Now when you tell us something is not right we have no problem fixing it for you."

That's NOT ALWAYS true. I had to end up asking a manager to get my condiments, because I didn't get them delivered with my meal by the food runner. I originally ordered 1 side of ranch and 1 side of bbq sauce. I told the food runner, I waited, he didn't get it so I asked my waitress, she went to serve someone else, NOT CARING I was STILL WAITING TO EAT, then my husband called a manager over and she got it for me. Her tip was 8% for making me wait 4 minutes and NOT apologizing for this. My food was almost cool by the time I got to eat it the way I enjoy it.

Another time recently at Denny's, the server brought out a chicken sandwich that was the menu cleary states it comes with a side of bbq sauce. I had also ordered other condiments, but she didn't get them filled up all the way, so I didn't end up having enough mayo, so I asked her and she said she'd go greet another table, then go get them. She LIED and went to greet the table, put their order in go get salads, which I ended up having to ask her once again. I waited over 5 minutes, which my husband was finished his food even by then. My point is, SOMETIMES it IS a problem.

"Yes I am sure your table was sat first. Most of the time we do not know that."

YOU CAN FIND OUT BY GOING ASKS THE HOSTS OR HOSTESS. That would be the RIGHT thing to do and you know it.

"Not providing service in the order of arrival
People become territorial. They expect that if they arrived first, they should be served before parties arriving or seated after them. It is not an unreasonable expectation. Your greeter can help smooth out potential point loss by rotating parties between stations. This assures that a server does not get two or three new parties simultaneously. If that is not possible, work out a means of communication so the service staff is clear on which parties arrived first."

See, it's NOT UNREASONABLE to get greeted first and served drinks first. Heck, they wouldn't have a book about it.

"In that situation we are trained to treat it like one big table."

We AREN'T one big table though. Also, like I said before, MOST servers aren't bringing me refills without me ordering it or asking and they don't get fired, so WHY can't you just be fair?

7:03 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

cynical one
"which seems extreme to me - I'm sure if they charged you for it you'd complain about that, too)."

If they weren't before charging me and now they would, I would INQUIRE about it. I have been charged for condiments as a few places before and I expect that. If I order it, I SHOULD pay for it. I am NOT sure WHY they don't charge when people want extra, because it's money that could be made for the restaurant?

"If everyone got a new glass every time they got a refill, think of all the extra water and electricity needed to wash those glasses."

I've got news for you, MOSTLY EVERY CHAIN RESTAURANT HAS SERVERS BRING NEW GLASSES. So if the manager's and owners don't care about water and electricity, why should I? It's their water and electric bill, so they can do what they want.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"(like ordering 2 sides of barbecue sauce instead of "2 extra sides" of bbq and being pissed when her ribs arrive dry)"

You say that as if it's wrong to order it without saying extra, because the server should know that it comes automatically with bbq sauce on the menu, so if I say 2 sides, those would accompany my meal, NOT alter the ribs itself unless I said "dry ribs" or "bbq sauce ON the side instead of on the ribs." If I say 2 sides, that's what it means.

"Also, you do the easiest things first. So if table z orders 5 waters but tables x and y ordered martinis, you take the waters first. Otherwise, it would take forever to get to them."

Well, OF COURSE, that's common sense. Just like when I get delived a salad before my steak gets cooked. Steak takes longer to prepare than a salad.

"Why would you expect preferential treatment as a party of 2 vs. a party of 5?"

I NEVER expect preferential treatment, I expect FAIR treatment. If I order a refill before the next table asks for their check, get my refill before their check. It's just as simple as that no matter HOW MANY people are at that table.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

t. comfyshoes
"I eat out a whole lot, and I almost never get bad service. "

I am willing to bet you don't subsitute or order VERY SPECIFIC meals with additions and subtrations. I bet you don't order a burger with fries like this: Cheeseburger-medium well, with only lettuce and onions only, with 2 sides of mayo, 1 side of mustard, and 1 side of ranch, fries -no salt, lightly cooked.

I order condiments on the side, because I hate too much mustard and I hate too little mayo and if I ask them to be the judge, 99% of the time, they won't know how much is too little or too much, because they can't read my mind, so I ask for it on the side. My point is, that is WHY you probably have good service. Also, if the place isn't packed, OF COURSE you have a MUCH BETTER CHANCE at getting your food correct.

My point is, my orders are COMPLICATED, so my orders get messed up a lot. I am NICE like saying thank you. I am not mean or anything.

I bet you don't order ribs like I do at Chili's. At Chili's, on the menu they have cinnamon apples and fries with their ribs. One time I ordered extra fries instead of the cinnamon apples and 2 side of extra bbq sauce, 1 side of mayo, and 1 side of ranch. The food came out with only my ranch and no extra fries as well as the cinnamon apples and the SAME waitress brought it out to me that took my order. My point is, my orders get fucked up. She wrote it down and some servers don't write the orders down, so that is why my orders get fucked up sometimes. Maybe you just order "AS IS", so OF COURSE your food isn't messed up.

7:25 PM  
Blogger fred said...

You said:

" 'Also, you do the easiest things first. So if table z orders 5 waters but tables x and y ordered martinis, you take the waters first. Otherwise, it would take forever to get to them.'

"Well, OF COURSE, that's common sense. Just like when I get delived a salad before my steak gets cooked. Steak takes longer to prepare than a salad."

But you don't get your salad first because it is prepared faster (i.e. common sense); you get it first because you ordered it as an appetizer. Your post, to which I was responding, did not allow for "common sense;" it suggests that the order in which someone orders should absolutely determine the order in which they get what they ask for. (i.e. the triple-sat server 'who had the NERVE' to deliver drinks to table #2 instead of your table (#1). That's simply preposterous--the order in which someone tells you they need something is not proportional to when they get it. If you ask me for a check shortly after another table asks me for a refill, you're getting your check first. The reason being: people ask for checks when they want to leave. They typically pay the check quickly upon asking for it, and it is much easier to procure a check than to rely on a bartender to pour a refill.

"I NEVER expect preferential treatment, I expect FAIR treatment. If I order a refill before the next table asks for their check, get my refill before their check. It's just as simple as that no matter HOW MANY people are at that table. "

Right, except that's completely wrong. Restaurants don't run themselves that way. A server who followed that advice would find himself waiting at the bar with a straw in his hand, as a bartender ritualistically ignored his "coke refill" ticket. Meanwhile, the table who wants to leave is sitting, sitting, sitting, sitting, waiting for you to get your coke. Never work.

This is all very foreign to me, because I work at a nice restaurant where people like you would NEVER come in. But I remember my early days, and believe me, people like you were the laughing stock of the restaurant (especially the $30k per year 25-year old manager you just complained to.

Your bad tips are powerless to "change" your server. They, if anything, become more self-righteous when they get a bad tip.

People like you think there is this over-arching "fairness" in this world that you are entitled to, and the fucking examples you use of being treated "unfairly" are laughable, and ridiculous. Life isn't about the pursuit of fairness, it's about the pursuit of happiness. You are treated the way you deserve to be treated; stop going out if you second-guess your server at every turn. Just eat at McDonald's--waaaay cheaper than Chili's.

P.S. I have never seen a worker in a restaurant drop a fork on the ground, then NOT put it back on the table. Back in place it goes, every time. Enjoy your entrees!!!
Wipe down your silverware like I do when I sit down!

7:55 PM  
Blogger chris said...

If I am a bad server. Why do I average 25% or more on tips? Why on the survey you hate to hear about am I the one who gets all excellents all the time? Why is my name on the employee of the month board?
I will tell you why. Because I bring out refills before the drink is gone. Because I drop the check early but still take care of my guests. Because if I make a mistake and believe me I do I make it right. Because I tell people about the survey. Because I do upsell. Most people like me being knowledgable about what appitizers or drinks that I offer them.
PS I love the way your % keep going up in every response you post. First it was only 30 percent of servers upselling to you now it is only 20 percent??
Also since you seem to have a strong feeling of right or wrong. Which is more wrong. Not doing the job as specified by the company that hired you or breaking the rules because 1 person said she dosent like it.

5:55 AM  
Blogger chris said...

HOW COME I just went friday and that didn't happen? HOW COME she didn't get sent home? HOW COME 80% of my dining experiences at Chili's the servers didn't suggest ANYTHING specific, huh? HOW COME I SEE THEM NOT GETTING FIRED, HUH?

Did I say fired? I thought I said asked to leave for the shift. And guess what you would never know if they got asked to leave for the shift or not. Noone would tell you. Because no matter if you get asked to leave or it is after your clock out time or what you are required to finish your table. You have to clean that table and do all your other side work before you can leave.
I belive in doing things by the book. Following the rules. You are telling us all to break the rules of the company that hired us. So we start breaking the rules for you. Then what? Well since rules don't apply at the work place maybe they don't apply anywhere else. Maybe I will start running that red light!

6:19 AM  
Blogger T. Comfyshoes said...

"I am NICE like saying thank you. I am not mean or anything."

How about please?

And you may not think you're being mean, but your writing comes across as entitled, rude, mean-spirited, self-centred, and condescending, with a chip on your shoulder the size of Rhode Island. If any of that comes across in your behavior, you can bet it makes people less positively-disposed towards you.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Great Server said...

All I have to say is wow. Really. I am just shocked that you have the time to answer every single post with mult-hundred (maybe mult-thousand) word essays that ALL SAY THE SAME THING! They all tell the same story! You're like the drunk friend at a party who has already told you the same story 3 times, except you're not drunk, you're sober.

If you're so outraged by your servers, stop eating there! Servers make mistakes. People aren't perfect, and neither are you, honey. People forget things. 2 sides of bbq sauce, 1 side of honey mustard, and 1 side of mayo to go with one sandwich is a lot for your server to remember when he/she has 5 other tables who all need things.

The way I see it, you have three options.

1.) Keep dining at the same restaurants, and continue to whine about every thing that happens to you there, and continue with your sad little life.

2.) Reduce your expectations from the restaurants you eat at, and enjoy your freakin' dinner.

3.) Go to nicer restaurants where the service is better.

These are you options. Hmmm I predict that you will go with .... ta-da! Option 1, because you don't know how to do anything else. You feel better by writing this blog and complaining about everything, like that somehow makes you a better person. Well it doesn't. It just makes you petty and small. You continue to get bad service because you act this way. As a server at a nice restaurant, your 22% tip will NEVER be worth the combined tips of ALL my other tables, I don't care how big your check is! As all the other posters have said, you simply don't understand how the restaurant industry works. You can repeat your stories about the doughnut shop as many time as you want, but it will never be the same as working in a full service restaurant, no matter how many times you tell those stories.

So please, by all means curse at me and say the same freakin' thing you've said to every other poster on your blog. But you want to know a secret? If everyone on this blog is the same as me, they're not even reading your enormous responses! I don't read them, because they ALL SAY THE SAME THING! I skip everything you write and scroll until I see another interesting response ABOUT you. Not written by you, because every single thing you type is exactly the same.

I know I won't change your mind about how you treat your servers, and I know you don't care about that. I just wanted to say my piece, and I did.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"But you don't get your salad first because it is prepared faster (i.e. common sense); you get it first because you ordered it as an appetizer."

Actually, if you READ menus, you'd see that a side salad is listed under "SIDES" or it comes with a meal. The ONLY REASON you get it BEFORE a meal, is because it takes LESS TIME TO PREPARE. Let's say if hypothetically, that a side salad took JUST AS LONG to prepare as a steak, then I'd receive them TOGETHER ALL AT ONE TIME CONSIDERING THE ENTREE COMES WITH A SALAD. The salad DOESN'T need any cooking, because a side salad normally doesn't have any meat in it that needs cooking(meaning I'm not talking about bacon bits), so THAT is the reason the salads come out before the entree. Sure in a sense it's LIKE an appetizer, but on the MENU IT IS NOT AN APPETIZER!

My point of what I originally said is that the food that takes longer will take longer to cook. Example: Well done hamburger will take longer to cook than chicken tenders and fries. I KNOW, because we had chicken tenders and fries at the donut shop, plus it's common sense. It will take longer to cook something WELL DONE, because you need more time to get it that way.

"The reason being: people ask for checks when they want to leave."

OH, so THEIR TIME is MORE IMPORTANT than someone else's time. What a JERK you are! You are being UNFAIR with that one. Even if I was the one that asked for the check while they were passing by(meaning they didn't come to my table) and if I knew my server just came from a table that had a request, I would TRULY HOPE that server would get THEIRS BEFORE MINE OUT OF BEING FAIR! It's bussing the table or going to another table to ask (meaning the table didn't flag the server down) instead of going to get the first request which would be the check let's say.

"They typically pay the check quickly upon asking for it, and it is much easier to procure a check than to rely on a bartender to pour a refill."

Depends where you work. I know some places, the servers have coke dispensers as well as the bar has a dispenser. One I know is even a local chain, but only has 2 locations. That restaurant has 2 other dispensers. Now, if you were a CARING person, you'd go tell the bartender "I need a refill of coke" and meanwhile you are waiting for the bartender to fix it, you go get the check. THAT IS THE FAIR AND RIGHT WAY OF DOING THINGS! It is WRONG of you to get the check first if someone ordered a refill first, PERIOD! The SERVERS DECIDE if they want to play fair or not. YOU CAN DECIDE TO PLAY FAIR IF YOU WANTED TO!

"A server who followed that advice would find himself waiting at the bar with a straw in his hand, as a bartender ritualistically ignored his "coke refill" ticket."

That's the point, you don't wait at the bar, you go get the check. If you have to ring up each refill even though it's not charged, then you would ring in that FIRST, then give the check while you'd be at the computer. My point is, the bartender knows about the refill ONLY WHEN he is told in SOME WAY, so if you get the check first from the second person, the first person that ordered a refill waits even LONGER than necessary, when they ordered the refill BEFORE the check was requested.

"Your bad tips are powerless to "change" your server. They, if anything, become more self-righteous when they get a bad tip."

That's NOT TRUE! HOW COME I gave ZERO tip to HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE service and had the SAME EXACT WAITRESS that I gave 22% tip too? It's because she IMPROVED HERSELF DRAMATICALLY. I reported the situation and she IMPROVED her service. TIPS CAN CHANGE THE WAY SERVERS SERVE WHEN THEY SEE THEY AIN'T MAKING BUT 10%, because they SUCK!

"You are treated the way you deserve to be treated."


8:20 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"We had refills before we had to ask which was great because that meant that she was keeping her eye out for us and showing that she cared about our experience."

How can you say that it shows that the server CARED about Y'all's experience when she was showing up with drinks and had NO CLUE if you wanted anymore drink or not? HOW DOES THAT SHOW THAT SOMEONE CARES TO BRING SOMETHING THAT WAS NEVER ORDERED?

"but you don't post them because you know that they make too much sense!"

I don't posts these because they DON'T make sense. Ordering for a customer is NOT RIGHT and YOU KNOW IT! Going out of order is NOT FAIR and YOU KNOW IT!

It DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TO GET DRINKS THAT MAY NOT BE WANTED EVEN. That COULD BE A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY, if the people don't want anymore drink. Did you EVER think of that?

10:35 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...


Jun 24 2005, 07:29 AM
i always hate when they ask you if you need anything else, and you say just the check, and they bring you your check AND new drinks. i always feel obligated to drink at least half of the new drink so that they didnt waste their time."

See how people feel OBLIGATED to drink the drink. Also, just because it’s free doesn’t mean ANYTHING. SO, it’s free, but if I don’t want it, it actually took MORE of MY TIME and OTHER CUSTOMER’S TIME as well to get this wasted drink. Think about if there is a table of 5 and you bring 5 refills, what if they don’t touch them and just leave? YOU WASTED YOUR TIME FOR NOTHING. WHY do that? Are you magically a MIND READER and KNOW FOR SURE they want more drink?


Because they are doing the ordering FOR YOU and it’s supposed to be the other way around, that the CUSTOMER gets to ORDER FOR THEMSELVES! Also, I WOULD be offended if someone would bring me a free piece of pineapple upside down cake for instance, because I HATE that cake. It would make me feel OBLIGATED to eat it if even I HATE it. Same thing with refills. One time at Denny’s, the waitress brought a refill without asking and I kept it, but I TRULY WANTED TO CHANGE DRINKS. What if someone wants water next? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO WASTE TIME as a server and WHY would you want to have your time WASTED when you are dining? The waiter at Red Lobster that brought me a refill without asking me, was told “Can I get a coke instead?” What I wanted to say was “I didn’t order that”, because I TRULY DIDN’T, but I didn’t want to be rude, but I was pissed off that he decided to ORDER FOR ME, WHEN I AM SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS ON WHAT I WANT TO DRINK, NOT HIM! The waiter made me wait LONGER for my coke, because instead of finding out TRULY WHAT *I* WANTED, he was TOO LAZY ASS TO COME TO THE TABLE TO ASK, SO HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED, WHICH WAS A LOWERED TIP AND ANOTHER TRIP TO THE BAR. I think it’s STUPID for a server to try to PREDICT what someone wants next, whether it’s free or not.

"I'm also supposed to automatically bring a refill ... but sometimes they would have preferred something else - so I ask. Also, a co-worker was snapped-at by some idiot as she brought the free refill: "I didn't order that!"

Jun 24 2005, 01:12 PM
"I prefer to be asked before I am brought a free refill. I tend to only go through 1 drink in a meal, and a good deal of the time, I don't even finish that first drink. I won't say anything about it, but it does irritate me when the server comes with a fresh drink and takes my half-full glass away. Seems awfully wasteful."

Jun 24 2005, 02:09 PM
"I like one drink with my meal. I purposely drag it out so it will last the entire meal. I hate when the waitress just brings me a refill without asking. I don't drink it and it goes to waste."

See, ALL these people feel like I do, that it’s not very nice. My point is, HOW can you see bringing a refill not doing the ordering for you, because it IS HONESTLY? When you serve people and bring refills that you don’t know someone wants, you are ASSUMING and POSSIBLY WASTING TIME? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT? Also, do you EVER CONSIDER that people may SWITCH drinks whether it is water next or tea or coke to dr. pepper or whatever? THOSE ALL HAVE FREE REFILLS and water is completely free as long as it’s not bottled.

It think it is VERY RUDE and LAZY to bring a drink that was NEVER ORDERED! I even just switched from dr. pepper to coke on Saturday. Thank goodness the waitress was kind enough to find out what *I* wanted instead of her ASSUMING what I wanted. Thank goodness also that she didn’t think about what she wanted FOR ME, which would have been another dr. pepper refill, which she would have been WRONG and she would have wasted her time as well as felt like a complete IDIOT, because a refill of dr. pepper was NEVER ORDERED! I also DON’T say thank you when they bring a refill without asking, because what’s to thank when they are being too lazy to find out if you truly did want that? WHY ARE YOU SO LAZY NOT TO GO AND ASK TO FIND OUT IF YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME OR NOT? I HONESTLY HARDLY EVER HAVE SERVERS DOING THE ORDERING FOR MY HUSBAND AND I. Literally maybe like 20%-30% of the times we get automatic refills. SOME PEOPLE FEEL LIKE ME. THAT THEY WANT TO BE ABLE TO ORDER FOR THEMSELVES AND LOOKS LIKE SOME OF THEM DIDN’T EVEN WANT ANYMORE DRINKS.

I am offended if I even want another, because they are doing the ordering that *I* am supposed to be able to do, NOT THEM! A STRANGER(which is the server) IS DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO ORDER FOR ME! It’s STUPID to maybe WASTE YOUR TIME GETTING A DRINK THAT NO ONE MAY WANT. That is exactly why I bet MOST servers that I’ve encountered NEVER do the ordering for me, EVER! It’s rare, but when it happens, their tip is DEFINITELY LOWERED, deservably so for trying to make a decision I am supposed to be making, NOT THEM! It’s NOT THEIR DECISION IF I WANT ANOTHER, WHETHER IT’S FREE OR NOT IS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT!

When there’s 2 for 1 margaritas, one time I told the waiter that I only wanted 1 and I DECLINED the other one. SO WHAT IF IT’S “BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE”. You can be NICE and ENERGETIC enough to FIND OUT instead of PREDICTING what someone wants, because honestly, YOU DON’T KNOW, YOU DON'T!

It's OBVIOUS that since I DON'T get refills without me ordering them or being asked, tells me servers have LEARNED through their EXPERIENCES that they have WASTED THEIR TIME BEFORE getting refills that were UNWANTED. Think about that, because I am telling you the TRUTH when I say I RARLEY get automatic refills. It's a RARITY! Servers DON'T WANT TO WASTE THEIR ENERGY if they can find out by just simply ASKING first.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"If I brought you a refill of a sprite and not the Dr. pepper you ALREAY ORDERED then I would be ORDERING FOR YOU."

NO, just because the menu states free refills doesn't mean that example is ANY DIFFERENT than if you brought me more of the same exact soft drink. Don't you get; it's free refills on "soft drinks" and "tea", NOT just a free refill on of the FIRST DRINK YOU ORDER, THAT IS WHY THE MENU STATES "FREE REFILLS OVER THE ENTIRE AREA OF SOFT DRINKS AND TEA. So if you bring me another dr. pepper, I may not want another, meaning, I wanted my drink refilled with COKE, so it is MY CHOICE, NOT YOURS TO MAKE. Also, you have PROVEN to me that there were a couple of times where you had people switch drinks on you.

I will also give you an example of what happened last Saturday. Normally, my husband isn’t a big coffee drinker, but he decided to get a cup of coffee. He didn’t want a refill of coffee; he decided to get his normal drink he orders which is a diet coke. Even though the coffee was about $0.50 cheaper, the waitress only charged him for the coffee, NOT the diet coke as well or she didn’t charge him just for the soft drink either. See, with that, if I would have been the waitress, I would have charged the customer for the diet coke to make up the difference of the higher priced drink, which was the diet coke, because they AREN’T the SAME PRICE, but with switching from dr. pepper to coke, there ARE NO PRICE DIFFERENCES. They are in the SAME EXACT CATEGORY. Like for instance, if I order mango tea at Chili’s the first time around, then the second time I order the blackberry tea, I will get charged for the flavored tea price(2 choices of flavors compared to at least 5 options of soft drinks). The flavored tea over here is about a quarter more than soft drinks,. Do you understand that those 2 teas are under the SAME CATEGORY, just like “SOFT DRINKS” are? If I ordered mango tea first, then a coke after, I would assume that the server would charge me for the HIGHER drink, which would be the mango tea.

My point is, YOU ARE STILL DOING THE ORDERING FOR CUSTOMERS, whether or not it’s the same drink you bring me or if you decide to bring me a different drink that I never ordered. You proved that by the people that did switch on you as well as saying that people are paying for the refills in the price of the soft drink.

“I have only had people switch drinks once or twice.”

See, you PROVED to me you ordered for these people. HOW can you say that you didn’t order for other people when you had to go back to pour the drinks out that you got FOR NOTHING, because you were TOO LAZY ASS TO ASK FIRST and that you had to go get what THEY ACTUALLY WANTED? WHO CARES if it was only once or twice, it STILL HAPPENED! Just because I order a coke first, DOESN’T mean I want a second coke. As you said yourself “A refill is figured into the cost of your original drink”, so if that is so, it’s NOT FREE REALLY, IS IT? Why do you want to ASSUME the customer wants another of the SAME just because they may have liked the first drink?

“Becuase I am NOT bringing you a refill of something you don't like. You ALREADY ORDERED the drink so I know you like it and you already drank one.”

Ok, so according to you just because someone drinks “ONE” of something that means they want more? WHERE THE HELL YOU GET OFF *TRYING TO READ PEOPLE’S MINDS*? SO WHAT if I like coke the first time. That DOESN’T mean the second time around I want coke again. I know my mother-in-law will drink coffee for an after dinner drink. She normally doesn’t drink soft drinks or tea to much, mostly water, but if she did drink a soft drink, she’d prove you wrong if you brought a refill when she would be ordering a dessert, because her dessert would be her coffee. LET PEOPLE MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT THEIR DINING EXPERIENCES! WHY are you SO LAZY ASS NOT TO COME AND ASK FIRST? Just because MOST people want a refill DOESN’T mean that EVERYONE DOES. You told me yourself that some people turned down refills you brought FOR NOTHING and also I proved to you by the website about people that don’t like refills being brought to them without asking or being asked. One of those people on the website that was a server stated they don’t like giving refills without asking or them being ordered, because sometimes people want something else or just don’t want anymore. WHY do you figure that because “I drank it, so I must like it and want more?” That DOESN’T PROVE A DAMN THING! I’ve drank margaritas that were not very good, because I was paying for it and I’d rather not WASTE money. I also drank it, because I didn’t want to buy another drink, only for the same thing to happen. Just because I drink something the first time, DOESN’T have ANYTHING to do with what I will want next at ALL. You proved to me the refill is truly NOT FREE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Look at what you write, because you’re a hypocrite! I am NOT sure WHY you are ASSUMING things? You are still making decisions that the customer HASN’T acknowledged they wanted. Just because I like coke, doesn’t mean I want coke next. I like sprite also, but I hardly ever get that, just because I PREFER coke and dr. pepper. WHY can’t you let customers get what they PREFER to have next or let THEM choose to or not to have something next?

"A refill is figured into the cost of your original drink. Do you really thing a fountain soda costs 1.99? Heck no. SO by not automatically bring you a refill your server would be STEALING FROM YOU!!! And THAT would not be FAIR."

Well, if the cost of the drink is in the soft drink, then I AM TRULY *PAYING FOR IT IN A WAY*. YOUR WORDS PROVED YOU WRONG! That means literally it's *NOT FREE* by you saying they are stealing from me, because if they were stealing from me, it COULDN’T POSSIBLY be free, because you can't steal something that is free of charge that you don't have to pay for! FREE means FREE! So technically when you “buy one, get one free”, you are like paying half the price for each of them, so in a way, the second one isn’t truly free unless you wouldn’t have to buy ANYTHING to get it free, THEN it truly is COMPLETELY free. Like chips and salsa at some Mexican restaurants or places like Semolina’s where you get free bread whether or not you buy anything, then that is COMPLETELY FREE.

So when you say the server is “STEALING” from me, this DOESN’T make sense, because it’s free refills on SOFT DRINKS, meaning, ALL OF THOSE DRINKS I can get my glass refilled with, but it’s *MY* DECISION as a customer to decide which drink I want filled again in the glass. It could be something that cost more like a flavored tea instead. WHO THE HELL SAYS IT HAS TO BE FREE TO GET REFILLED? So HOW is it STEALING from me, if they don’t bring it without asking or being asked to? It could be ANY FLAVOR soft drink I can get for the refill, because the free refills are on soft drinks(category), NOT a just the FIRST DRINK YOU SAY such as if I order coke first. So as long as the thing I am ordering is the SAME PRICE like coke and dr. pepper(which are both the same price), I can get the next refill free even though it’s a DIFFERENT FLAVOR. So HOW is it “STEALING” if they don’t bring another of the same? There’s NO WAY it CAN be “Stealing” if I don’t want another of the same exact flavor.

“Complimentary refills on:
Coke Diet Coke Sprite Dr Pepper
Minute Maid Light Lemonade
Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade
Tetley Iced Tea
Boston Iced Tea
Hot Tea
Harbor Café Coffee”

Just look at the way it’s listed. Free refills on all of those drinks. If one drink is cost more than the other, the person should charge the higher one to make up the difference. So if hot tea was cheaper than a coke, then I should only get charged for the coke, because I have free refills on both of those. WHO says a refill has to be of the SAME EXACT liquid?

“refill my glass, please" [syn: replenish, fill again]”
“or a substitution (as of gas) for such material” - Has the word “SUBSTITUTION, NOTICE THAT?
“A product packaged to replace the used contents of a container. A second or subsequent filling.”

I DON’T see ANYWHERE it states it has to be the SAME THING REFILLED IN THE GLASS. Heck, they even have SUBSTITUTION in the dictionary meaning of the word “REFILL.” You fill a glass once with water, the next time with tea. You should charge me for the tea, but you are truly REFILLING MY GLASS WITH A LIQUID! You are filling the glass again, which is “To fill again.” as states. It DOESN’T state it HAS to be of the SAME thing. I can fill a cup with paper clips and fill it again with staples. The cup was “REFILLED” with something else, a SUBSTITUTION.

"Is it MORALLY right for you to respond to only part of what I say and not post the whole thing? Is that FAIR?? "

YES, I can do whatever I want with these responses, because this is MY BLOG, NOT YOURS! MAKE YOUR OWN BLOG THEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!

“Like if they get the blackberry tea when I go to get them a refill I will ask if they want to try the mango instead.”

Why don’t you do that for SOFT DRINKS then? SAME PRICE, SAME DIFFERENCE! Why are those flavored teas ANY DIFFERENT than when you bring someone a refill of coke they didn’t order? Also, why would you suggest a different flavor when they cost the SAME? WHY wouldn’t you just ask if they want a refill? You aren’t up selling anything, so WHY bother WASTING YOUR TIME?

“I didn't ORDER a newspaper but it was outside my door when I walked out. I am not going to call the front desk and complain about it because the cost of the paper is figured into the cost of the room.”

This is a STUPID, STUPID, example and it’s NOT THE SAME AT ALL. For one thing, when you get a room, you don’t order newspaper at all. Yes, you are paying for the room, but specifically you aren’t choosing which newspaper you get. That’s NOT the same, because I am NOT ORDERING A NEWSPAPER like when I order a soft drink. If I was to order “USA Today”, and I get free “New York Times” newspaper the next morning even though I ordered “USA Today”, THEN it would be the same concept. Don’t you get I am ordering a ROOM, NOT A TYPE OF NEWSPAPER? Just so happens, I get a newspaper with the room, but I NEVER ordered a newspaper to begin with. If I would have, the concept would be the same. It’s like Red Lobster when you have to order an entrée to get the cheddar bay biscuits. You have to pay for this, to get this. When you order an entrée, it is SPECIFIED ON THE MENU: “A bottomless basket of our freshly baked, warm Cheddar Bay Biscuits” Same thing with a newspaper. As long as you have been in a hotel before or have watched tv with a hotel before, MOST people KNOW the hotel comes with a newspaper and maybe the clerk tell you, either way, you aren’t ordering the newspaper, ONLY the hotel.

"You seem to put a whole lot of stock in what is FAIR and MORALLY right but, only when it benifits YOU! "

As I said before, I've let people go ahead of me at a bar. So, no, that didn't benefit me that I had to wait longer, but it was only fair the person who was first, went first! SO YOU ARE WRONG!

"AGAIN I LOVE BEING RIGHT. By never posting my whole comments you just prove to me over and over again that I AM RIGHT and you can't stand it."

WHY WOULD I BOTHER POSTING STUPIDITY? Your posts are stupid, because you know dining out isn't supposed to be about the wait staff making decisions for their customers! That is what you are doing and you proved it when you had peopled that switched drinks on you. I am glad they did so you had to go back and get another drink all over again, because you did it for nothing! You were too lazy to find out what the person actually wanted, so it was good for you! You got what you DESERVED, MORE WORK FOR NOTHING!

"OH your a temp? No wonder you are so angry. You can't even hold a REAL job and you have the NERVE to complain about everyone else?"

"ALREAY ORDERED" “benifits YOU! " “Maybe you find my superier intellect intimadating. “ “we waited to not even be acknowleged” Becuase I am NOT bringing”

LOOK WHO'S ACTING LIKE WHO'S NOT SMART? YOU CAN'T EVEN SPELL, but you are telling me I can’t hold a job! YOU’VE GOT YOUR NERVE! LOOK IN THE MIRROR TO SEE SOMEONE THAT’S NOT VERY BRIGHT! I know I make spelling errors, but you’re trying to tell me something when you aren’t that smart either!

“OH your a temp?”

This one is FUNNY, because you don’t know the difference between “YOU ARE “you’re and “YOUR”, but you are acting like you are so smart. What a bunch of crap! LOOK IN THE MIRROR, BEFORE YOU TELL SOMEONE SOMETHING MEAN! Hey, I will admit, I am not good at grammar and spelling, but at least I am not acting like I’m so smart like you are acting like, when you AREN’T very smart at all.

“You have the NERVE to complain about everyone else?”

You have the NERVE to tell me about not holding a job when you CAN’T EVEN SPELL WORTH A SHIT! LOOK IN THE MIRROR! There is NO REASON to be putting me down, NONE! We are talking about refills, NOT about the types of jobs we do. By you bringing that up shows how CHILDISH you are.

For you information, I am a PERMANENT EMPLOYEE since March of this year. I was permanent somewhere BEFORE Katrina, which they laid me off with a LOT of other people, because this place was not far from the superdome and I saw on tv people in boats at the time the hurricane had hit around the building I worked at. Now do you think that was my fault? They laid off another girl that was there 9 years that I was friends with there and another receptionist that worked their for 17 yrs. SO SHUT THE HELL UP! I found something better that I make MORE MONEY and It’s a LOT CLOSER TO OUR HOUSE! I had that temp job from Oct. 05- Feb. 06 and then I found this job I have now about a week later. I bet you can’t say you never called in sick in your lifetime? I CAN, because I NEVER CALLED IN SICK AT ANY JOBS I’VE EVER HAD.

"You are actually being given bad service on purpose and don't even realize it. THAT is funny as heck!!!"

How can that be bad when they come to ask what *I* actually want? The server is kind enough to care about what *I* want. The server would be letting *ME* make the decisions, NOT him or her. I consider it not so good service when they bring you more of the same without letting you do the ordering or asking if you want more of the same, because sometimes people truly DON’T want more of the same and you proved to me in your experience that some people didn’t. Also, on the website, I proved to you some people DON’T want MORE OF THE SAME. You can’t read people’s minds, that’s why you simply take the effort and time to ASK FIRST instead of possibly WASTING YOUR TIME and CUSTOMER’S TIME that you got drinks that weren’t wanted those couple of times.

Since when is it the wait staff’s decision to bring me another drink that I NEVER ORDERED? If refills are included in the price, I am truly PAYING FOR them in a way, so I should get to decide if I want the SAME DRINK next or not. You PROVED YOURSELF WRONG! You have NO RIGHTS TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR CUSTOMERS!

You CONTRADICT yourself saying "DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS FREE?" Now you say: "A refill is figured into the cost of your original drink. Do you really thing a fountain soda costs 1.99? Heck no. SO by not automatically bring you a refill your server would be STEALING FROM YOU!!!"

So WHICH IS IT, FREE OR NOT FREE? You stated it was free the first time around, now you are saying it's stealing from me, because I am paying for it in a way through the price of the item, SO WHICH IS IT? I know for a fact it's NOT FREE, because you PAY INITIALLY FOR THE FIRST DRINK!

10:44 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

“Don't assume that I am uneducated because my fingers slip”

I NEVER ASSUMED that. I was saying that, because you act like someone that works a temp job is not smart. It just got me mad to see someone trying to make fun of my career choice, just because it’s not a high paying job. I guess what I am saying is, I don’t like when someone tells me something mean, but doesn’t look at themselves. At least I am saying I KNOW I am NOT good at grammar and spelling. I just don’t want people putting me down about my career choice that I didn’t really want to take, but at the time, it was better than working as a waitress, because we all need money for our bills you know. I work in an office currently and I even got a raise since I've been there.

“You tell your server in advance that you do not want an automatic refill because you might want something else.”

This one I have a BIG PROBLEM with. I don’t feel I should have to tell them something that is COMMON SENSE NOT to do the ordering for me. Secondly, WHY should I waste time, when I rarely get refills without me ordering them or being asked? Thirdly, I don’t like conveying to the server that I am ASSUMING they are going to do something.

This is the same type of concept as what I just went through Friday at Outback. The waiter, while we were finishing up our dessert, the waiter put the check and said “Whenever you are ready” and walked away. Considering I was eating(had food in my mouth at the time), I wasn’t about to tell him that we weren’t ready for the check yet. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered my third margarita, even though I wanted to say to him “We didn’t ask for the check”, but I wasn’t going to be mean, so I just said “I’d like to order a margarita and another refill of Mr. Pibb.” My point is, he ASSUMED we were finished just because we got a dessert. I DON’T feel I should have to tell the server that I may order something else when we order a dessert. Same thing with refills. I don’t feel I should have to tell the server “Don’t assume things” He got below at 15% tip, because I really HATE when servers bring the check without at least asking if you’d like anything else. Even if we don’t want anything else, it still gets on my nerves that they couldn’t find out what *WE* really wanted, JUST LIKE REFILLS, but I find WAY WORSE in that it makes me feel personally like they are trying to rush you out as well as making you feel you CAN’T order something else if you’d like to. I feel the server should just simply ask “Would you all like anything else this evening”, BEFORE just putting the check down. I don’t mind when the server brings the check and states something like “I am putting this here for your convenience, but if you all would like to order something else, just let me know.” That’s DIFFERENT than “Whenever you are ready.” It is different because the server is not obviously assuming we are done, where as “Whenever you are ready” is assuming we are finished. The refill situation is the SAME in that the server is ASSUMING what I want next. I guess what I am trying to say is WHY should I tell my server I may want to order something else just because I order a dessert? Usually, if we want the check and a dessert, we will just ask for BOTH AT THE SAME TIME to make things go quicker, because sometimes there is a long wait for the check when you ask. I know that I am talking off the subject of refills, but it’s the SAME CONCEPT of the sever ASSUMING what I want. I like my service to be about what *I* want. I just don’t feel I should have to tell my server “Don’t bring me another of the same drink.” For one thing, a lot of times, I DON’T switch. Also, the times I don’t switch and actually do want another of the same drink, I still get irritated by the fact that they made a decision for me that *I* was supposed to make, NOT THEM. It’s more along the lines of “The GALL of that person bringing me something that *THEY* want me to drink”. I should be able to decide what I want to drink next, NOT THEM, that’s for sure.

One time at Chili’s, my husband and I were waiting for a table, which I went to the restroom and he got seated by the time I was out. He told me he was going to order me a “Presidente’ margarita” if I didn’t come back before the waitress greeted us. I was mad at him for that that he would have done that. Thankfully, the server didn’t greet us yet. I actually was in the mood for an “El Nino~ margarita”. Another time, my husband had also ordered me a refill of dr. pepper years ago when I was at the table even and I told him I wanted a coke instead, but the waiter had already left by the time I would have gotten to tell the waiter. My point is, I DON’T LIKE ANYONE MAKING DECISIONS THAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE MAKING(even if it is my own husband), whether it is bringing a refill that wasn’t ordered or bringing a check that was never asked for. I am VERY PICKY when it comes to food and/or drinks. My point is, I just want to be able to make MY OWN CHOICES about what I want to eat and/or drink. I understand that you say it is required, but, it seems like you AGREE with this concept of bringing drinks without asking or being ordered. THAT is what makes me mad, that you AGREE that you should do some of the ordering for your guests. On a message board I am a member of, a girl use to be on there worked at an Applebee’s and we didn’t agree on a lot of issues, but she told me she didn’t feel comfortable bringing automatic refills. I personally, if I was a waitress, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that unless the customer requested to “Keep them coming” type of attitude, but then by the customer requesting that, they are in a sense ordering them ahead of time. I also wouldn’t like to be required to bring drinks without knowing if people want more also, because I may truly be wasting time, because they may be ready to leave or they are just full or whatever. I just don’t understand how you can AGREE with the wait staff ordering for their customers? The reason why it’s probably required is because most people do want refills and of the same drink in general, but not every time that happens, you know. The restaurant wants to basically rush you out to seat more customers, so the managers would rather see the servers not go to the table first, because to them, since MOST people want one, everyone will, so the only things the restaurants care about is selling, NOT about if customers have what they want. I know some people like it when a drink is brought without asking, because it interrupts their conversation less, but I personally would rather be asked; because I feel if you don’t want any interruptions, get take-out you know. I feel why punish the customers that DO like to be asked for those who want almost a Silent type of service? So I say why should these people that want Silent service dine out to begin with? Why do they want the servers to READ THEIR MINDS? I don’t expect the server to read my mind, because I expect they will ask or let me ask. I just feel dining out is supposed to be “What does the customer want?” Like if I worked at Outback as a waitress, honestly, I would ASK the customers if they’d like bread BEFORE I’d bring it to their tables, because some people are on Atkins diet or some diet or maybe they don’t like pumpernickel bread, but I still would just simply ASK out of wanting to know if I should even bother with bringing bread as well as just to simply make sure I get what the *CUSTOMER* WANTS. I understand, probably, 99% of the time, I’d get a “yes” answer for bread, but there could be a time or 2 where the people would say no. My husband and I have went to get just drinks and a dessert at a Mexican place lots of times and from time to time, we have had servers who ASKED if we wanted chips and salsa(which was free). I don’t take points off for them bringing me something completely free, because it’s FREE, but a refill, which you agreed with me, is in a sense, NOT free, because you do pay for it in the price of the drink. We have also been brought chips & salsa and just told the person, we didn’t want any. You may say, well couldn’t you do that for a refill, but bringing something complete free that I don’t have to actually purchase anything for it is DIFFERENT than a refill. That time at Denny’s that the waitress brought a dr. pepper refill, I honestly didn’t want to make her go back and get coke. It sucks that she made me feel obligated to drink it, even though I was in the mood for a coke. I just wish servers would find out what the CUSTOMER wants. Dining out isn’t supposed to be about what the employees at the restaurant want to order for me. It really isn’t supposed to be like that.

“You tell us not to be mind readers when it comes to your drink but the fact of the matter is that you are expecting us to be mind readers when it comes to how you want to be served. Because it is out of the norm of what people usually expect.”

Just because something is “OUT OF THE NORM” doesn’t mean you should categorize EVERYONE in that completely. Just like asking about bringing bread. I never at Outback have gotten greeted with bread, because they come to take your drink order first, then when they deliver your drinks, they deliver the bread as long as they have some made. My point is, just because 99% of people will normally say yes, doesn’t mean that the server should treat EVERYONE the same, because EVERYONE in this world LIKES DIFFERENT THINGS. I don’t like ketchup, but 90% of the people in this world seem to. So by you telling me that you think I expect the server to read my mind, doesn’t make sense, because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. EVERYONE LIKES THINGS DIFFERENTLY, MEANING THE SERVER SHOULDN’T BE GOING BY “THE NORM” FOR ANYONE THAT DINES IN A RESTAURANT. So it’s NOT *ME* that is acting like they should read my mind, it’s the CUSTOMERS that expect a refill without being asked that are expecting the server can magically know they want more, when the CUSTOMER should be telling the server that just bring more refills of the same if the server sees they need more. I DON’T expect someone to read my mind. That is why I expect to be able to order it for myself or to be ASKED if I want a refill. So just because it’s OUT OF THE NORM doesn’t mean anything, because you are supposed to go by that “EVERYONE LIKES DIFFERENT THINGS”, NOT by “THE NORM”. If everyone liked the same things, Burger King for instance, wouldn’t have ever had the slogan “Have it your way.” They wouldn’t have lots of different sports, movies, drinks, recipes, etc., if everyone wanted things the same way. So by the server “ASSUMING” I am IN THE NORM, THAT SERVER IS THE ONE THAT IS TRYING TO PLAY THE MIND READER GAME. See, I NEVER served people like that at the donut shop. Sometimes, a customer would come in and ask for coffee and the next time they’d ask for coke. I have, but it’s rare, a couple of times where a customer has switched soft drink refills. Even though I knew that the regulars that would come in wanted coffee when they would walk in, I would still ask them what they wanted, just to make sure BEFORE POURING. I NEVER assumed ANYTHING. I treated people as if they have their own likes and dislikes. People have different moods they are in also, which I considered. They may feel like a coke instead of coffee they would order the 3 times a week they’d come there. In other words, don’t say that I am acting like they can read my mind, because the server should keep in mind that EVERYONE LIKES DIFFERENT THINGS. It’s NOT right for the server to CATEGORIZE everyone. If I was a server, I would serve people as what they are: “INDIVIDUALS” with INDIVIDUAL likes and dislikes. In other words, NO ONE is the same, so treat EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY PERSON as such. Why should I feel I should have to tell my server “I may not want another of the same”, when the server should not try to read my mind by bringing me a drink I NEVER ORDERED? I am just saying I feel if you can at least understand a little of where I am coming from, then I won’t be as irritated with you about this subject, but when you say things like that I am acting like they are able to read my mind, that makes me mad, because customers should get treated as individual people, NOT GROUPED into “The NORM.”

“We are never suppossed to ask, just try to anticipate what the customer wants.”

It sounds like the waiter that brought our check when we were eating our dessert. I just don’t like when servers try to PREDICT what we will ask for next. The restaurants go by the norm, because they want to sell and make you leave quicker, which it is quicker not to ask for a refill if the customers want the refills. They go by the majority. It seems to me that you agree with this and that is what I am arguing with you about. If you disagreed with the policy of bringing drinks without them being ordered or being asked, then we wouldn’t be arguing, because you would be saying “It’s required, but I don’t like doing it.” I guess what I am hoping you will see in this argument of back and forth is that you may hopefully start to not like bringing refills that weren’t ordered or asked for, by maybe getting them for nothing and maybe just feeling bad that you are truly doing the customer’s ordering. See I have a concise, so for me, if I was required to do it, I’d feel AWKWARD bringing automatic refills, because I know that everyone likes different things and the person may want something else or not to order anything else. I just want to know if you feel awkward AT ALL bringing refills that weren’t acknowledged that they were wanted?

I just don’t feel I should have to tell the server “Hey, I am different than 90% of the people out there.” The server should be treating me as if I am different considering we ALL are DIFFERENT.

I have, one time, told a server I would be getting another drink when I ordered a dessert, but I did feel bad I did that. The reason: I ASSUMED that they were going to bring me the check prematurely and I conveyed that by asking the server, which I feel is kind of rude. Telling them beforehand does make me feel bad, that I am ASSUMING they are going to bring the check without asking if we’d like anything else. I still don’t feel I should have to tell my server “I would rather order my refills myself” or “ I may order another drink.” I don’t feel the wait staff should be ASSUMING what I want and I don’t feel I should have to tell them DON’T ASSUME, because they should be treating me as if I am DIFFERENT, just as THEY ARE. They shouldn’t be treating me as if I am just like the people at the table next to us. We ALL ARE DIFFERENT!

“You tell your server in advance that you do not want an automatic refill because you might want something else.”

One last thing, even if I told you I wanted it like that, if it’s REQUIRED, well you can’t go against the rules, can you? Like you keep saying, it’s required, but does the customer get to get that type of service if it’s truly REQUIRED? If it’s truly “REQUIRED”, then I’d have no CHOICE but not to tell the server what I want, unless the manager has stated “If the customer asks for something that is required not to do, that you can go ahead and do what the customer wants.”

“Why would you assume I would be the type of person who would call off?”

I am sorry that I assumed this of you. I assumed it, because just like you do with refills, I went by “The norm” and I shouldn’t have. Again, I am sorry.

“Yet you turn around and call me all kinds of foul names including lazy ass simply because I don't agree with you?”

I am NOT trying to be mean, I am trying to say that it IS LAZY of ANYONE not to come to the table to find out what the customer wants. It’s faster and less walking for the server to just go to the bar and get the refills instead of coming to the table to ask, then the bar, then back to the table. I am sorry I called you an ass. I do think however, that if you agree with the policy of bringing refills that weren’t ordered, that if it wasn’t required and you’d bring refills that weren’t ordered without going to ask first, that I feel that you are being lazy not to find out if the customer really wants a refill by just simply going to the table to find out instead of by passing up that step. By passing up a little more work to please the customer, seems UNCARING of what the customer wants and LAZY because they are trying to by pass a step they COULD TAKE, but they are taking the shorter way instead of trying to please their customers, they are pleasing their tired feet instead. I don’t understand why you can’t see that ANYONE that would do this if automatic refills weren’t required would be only thinking of THEMSELVES, which is being lazy? I am NOT trying to be mean, I am simply pointing out that there’s no reason if it wasn’t a requirement that you couldn’t try to please the CUSTOMER by simply finding out what they want BEFORE you go get something they didn’t ask for or acknowledge that they wanted.

12:36 PM  
Blogger chris said...

I guess what I am hoping you will see in this argument of back and forth is that you may hopefully start to not like bringing refills that weren’t ordered or asked for, by maybe getting them for nothing and maybe just feeling bad that you are truly doing the customer’s ordering.
You know, it would problably make my life alot easier if I was suppossed to ask first. But in less the customer requests it I am not allowed to. We want to honor all customer requests.
I do not understand why you felt bad when you told your server that he should ask first. As long as you did it nicely you saved everybody involved alot of hurt feelings and wasted time. You should not feel bad about that. I wish more customers would just tell me how they would like to be served. Instead of making me play the guessing game of the way they would like to be served.
I personally like it when servers keep my refills comming without my having to ask. That way my conversation is not continually interupted. I don't see it as ordering for me because if I ordered a diet coke its because I want diet coke. I don't like any other soda and would be irratated if they asked us everytime what we wanted.
Now mixed drinks are different. I always say for example "would you like another long island iced tea" That gives them an opening to say either yes, no, or could I please have a beer instead.
Since you brought up the dropping the check without offering anything else I want to let you know why. We are told by management that unless we are on a wait, we always offer dessert. So if we are not on a wait I always do that. I always offer a dessert and while I am dropping the check I ask if I can bring anything else. However, you have pointed out that you usually eat out on friday and saturday night around 7. That is the busiest time and I know that my restaurant is always on a wait at those times. So when we are on a wait we are told not to automatically offer dessert. Understand I do not agree with this but since it is our policy I have to abide by it. SImply put, these are the times the restaurants go out of the red. There is a very fine line of profit for restaurants. So the quicker they can turn over the tables at this time the more profit they can make. I always try to make the costumer feel like they are not rushed but in truth there is alot of pressure to turn the tables quickly during this time of night. And now I am going to sound greedy and selfish but the fact is, the quicker I can turn my tables the more money I am going to make myself. After all yes I am there to provide a service but more than that I am there to make money. I don't come into work for free.
Then if you take into account the people all waiting at the door getting angry because they have to wait so long or leaving because they are tired of waiting. Then the restaurant is again looking at loss of profit if the tables cannot be turned over quickly.
It is definatly not a perfect system. Like I said I try to make my costumers NOT feel like they are rushed because I know that hurts my money but that fact is that I am trying to do everything as quickly as possible to get them out so I can turn the table. I, along with the restaurant, have a very slim margin for profit. During lunch I have maybe an hour and a half to make any kind of money. During dinner most of my cash is made over a 2 hour span. Most servers are only going to work a couple of hours a day because the restaurant has corporate breathing down their necks to keep labor cost at a minimum. So if I don't turn my tables fast I loose money. So while I am agreeing that it is not right to rush people I guess I see it as a necessary evil. As someone on the inside of the issue I can see both sides of it and basically what I have been trying to do is let you see what is going on in the restaurants that you don't see so you can understand why we do things the way we do.
Also I want to apoligise for downing your profession. It was wrong and I felt really bad about it. I felt that you were personally attacking me just because I do not agree with you 100% and I wanted to bite back and so I struck a low blow.
The last thing I want to say comes right from the heart and I hope you will think hard on this. This is comming from someone who is older and more experienced than you. And I say that because I am older than you by quite a few years and have had a very successful marriage for 13 years. Please try to stop sweating the small stuff so much. You are working yourself up into quite a state over what really does not matter so much in the long run. So your server brought you a refill with out asking first. Is that what you are going to be worried about on your death bed? And what if the last thing you say to your husband on this earthly life is to yell at him for ordering you a drink while you are in the restroom? You never know what is comming. He could be ( Gods forbid) run over by a car in the parking lot and you would be ridden with guilt for arguing with him over something stupid.
Anyway relax, enjoy this life you have and the people who come with it and you may just find yourself having a much better time than you ever imagined.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Fabulous Server
If you have children, DO NOT let them, open and dump anything on the table (ie; salt, sugar, etc). IF YOU DO, you must leave an extra $5 for the server to clean up YOUR CHILD'S mess & to restock the now unusable wasted items. We are neither their babysitter nor their parent.”

I DO help the server by pilling up the dishes and wiping up the table, but I don’t agree to tip extra if I was the type of person that didn’t do that. I feel that’s the SERVER’S or BUSSER’S JOB, NOT mine. I do clean up after myself just because I don’t like a mess at our table when I’m eating, but it’s NOT the CUSTOMER’S job to clean their mess up. I am NOT sure WHY you think it’s OUR job as customers to clean up our messes? I do clean up the mess, because I really rather not have clutter at our table, but I feel the people that leave their server a mess SHOULDN’T feel it’s “THEIR” job to clean their own messes. Do you litter? If you do, you are contradicting your own rule! The server is getting PAID to clean the mess by their EMPLOYER. Would you rather have 15% instead of 20%, because I DID YOUR JOB BUSSING MY TABLE FOR YOU? I DIDN’T THINK SO. It’s NOT the customer’s job to do ANY cleaning what-so-ever. Just like you said, “The least you can do is pay us for the extra work”, well, if you feel that way, WHY DON’T YOU LET US CUSTOMERS LET YOU DO THE EXTRA WORK WHILE WE ARE THERE* SO YOU CAN MAKE 20% instead of 15%, instead of expecting us to clean it up, so when we leave, you don’t have to clean up? You want to make more, right? WHY tell us to keep the table clean then? You want us to pay extra, well don’t tell us to clean up the mess, because it’s NOT OUR JOB TO DO THAT as customers, it’s NOT and you KNOW IT! WHY PAY YOU EXTRA MONEY SO I CAN DO PART OF YOUR JOB? WOULDN’T YOU RATHER HAVE 25% instead of 20%? LET CUSTOMERS NOT CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE THAT 25% instead of that 20%. WOULDN’T YOU RATHER MAKE MORE MONEY INSTEAD OF EXPECTING CUSTOMERS TO DO YOUR JOB, SO YOU CAN MAKE LESS MONEY? I thought the goal was to make the MOST MONEY you can? HOW will you do that if you tell us to do *PART OF YOUR JOB*? That would mean a lower tip. WHY WOULDN’T YOU RATHER JUST DO MORE WORK TO MAKE MORE MONEY? ARE YOU THAT LAZY TO EARN YOUR MONEY? If I would leave a mess, I still wouldn’t consider the clean up work at ALL in part of my tip, but SOME PEOPLE would is what I am saying. If you want them to clean up, WHY should you get a huge tip then for not doing YOUR JOB? WORK IS WORK and that is EXACTLY what it really is. You can’t expect something for nothing you know. At the same time though, you can’t expect people to care about a mess that will be cleaned up AFTER they have left. I know I don’t give a shit about that and I NEVER count it towards the tip. Clean up work is NOT part of my service unless it is truly in my way, that I would view it as a “SERVICE” I want and care about.

As far as restocking goes, that’s side work that IS NOT at all part of service to the customer. Restocking is just SIDE WORK! That’s why partly you are getting $2.13/hr. The employer is paying you to do things and not just do nothing, because we customers are paying the rest of your wages. We customers are paying for the *SERVICE* you provide US, NOT the side work you are providing the RESTAURANT. Especially things the customer doesn’t even use like if they don’t use the salt shaker, then HOW CAN YOU CALL FILLING UP THE SALT SHAKER BACK UP THAT WAS SPILLED BY A KID AT THE TABLE SERVICE TO ME? It’s a service to the RESTAURANT, NOT ME. I didn’t use that salt, so I am not *BENEFITTING* from you filling it up after I’ve left or filling it up even I did use some of it, you end up filling it up AFTER I’ve left which that is NOT part of *MY* service, it’s the restaurant’s service ONLY! ONLY if you were to fill it up while I was STILL THERE and USED the product would you being doing a service for ME and the restaurant as well.

“The least you can do is pay us for the extra work.”

NO, cleaning up is just that, clean up work AFTER we have left. It’s NOT *SERVICE* to the customer! Service is when we are actually DINING there. I REFUSE to tip for work that I don’t even receive. SO WHAT if you have to clean up a lot mess after I have left. That’s partly why you get the $2.13/hr for. YOUR EMPLOYER PAYS FOR YOU TO CLEAN THE MESS AFTER I LEAVE! I also could care less if they pick up my dishes during my meal unless it is a really small table that I need the room, otherwise, if it’s a big table, WHO the fuck CARES if my plates and glasses stay at my table after I have paid? I want my requests as SOON as POSSIBLE! I DON’T CARE if you take my plates and honestly would MUCH RATHER you get my requests FASTER instead. I could literally care less about the dishes, because you aren’t SERVING me when you pick up those plates, because you are doing something that COULD LITERALLY BE DONE AFTER I HAVE LEFT. Honestly, bussing the table and picking up dishes after I’m GONE IS NOT AT ALL PART OF MY SERVICE, because I’m NOT there anymore. It’s actually just service to the RESTAURANT ONLY! SO WHY SHOULD I CONSIDER SOMETHING THAT I DON’T GET IN *MY* SERVICE IN PART OF YOUR TIP? TIPS ARE FOR THE *SERVICE* I RECEIVE, NOT AFTER I LEAVE, BECAUSE THAT IS NOT PART OF MY SERVICE IF I AM NOT THERE ANYMORE? WHY TIP ANY MORE FOR SERVICE I AM NOT RECEIVING? I don’t care what you do AFTER I’ve left, I mean REALLY, WHO GIVES A FUCK! Like anyone actually CARES if you have a big mess to clean up. Get real you know.

“It's very distracting not to mention dangerous if they get ran over by a server with hot food in their hands.”

I COMPLETELY AGREE! Parents need to hold their kid down if they want to run around like a chicken with their head cut off. If the kids are causing a danger to others, then YES, they should be controlled. The parents need to teach their kids to BEHAVE!

If you feel the necessity to stay for longer than 15 minutes after you pay, its an extra $3 every 30 minutes. We make our money from the tables. If you are in one and we can't seat it, we don't make money.”

That’s pretty SELFISH of you! There’s NO REASON to pay an extra $3 or a PENNY MORE for NO MORE SERVICE, NONE! NO MORE SERVICE=NO MORE TIP! TIPS stands for TO INSURE PROPER SERVICE. Do you understand what the word "SERVICE” means? TIPS ARE FOR SERVICE, BUT IF THERE ISN'T MORE SERVICE, WHY SHOULD I TIP FOR NO MORE SERVICE? If I am there just sipping my drink, I've paid, and you aren't coming to the table anymore, WHY the hell should I TIP you MORE for *NO MORE WORK?* IS THAT REALLY FAIR FOR A CUSTOMER TO TIP FOR NO WORK JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE SITTING LONGER? Tips aren’t for just sitting at a table and they NEVER have been just for that. Customers have EVERY RIGHT as long as the manager says it's ok for them to stay as LONG as they please. NO CUSTOMER IS *RENTING* the space, so we DON'T OWE the server ANYTHING for staying longer! NO SERVICE DOES EQUAL NO TIP! Why would people pay for no more service? Doesn’t that sound a bit stupid and selfish to you?

All you care about is "TURNING THE TABLE" to make more money for YOURSELF, NOT about if customers are enjoying themselves dining out. Sure, I feel it's rude ONLY to the other customers that would like to get seated sooner to end up sitting for hours when it would be busy, but it’s NOT inconsiderate to the server. The customers have EVERY RIGHT to do dine as LONG as they wish unless the manager tells them they have to leave. I DO NOT AGREE AT ALL that customers OWE you more money. IT IS NOT INCONSIDERATE to the server, because why in the world should ANYONE consider the server not making tips from other customers? Like customers really think about that, I mean for real. That’s RUDE of the server to act like customers have to tip more for NO MORE SERVICE. It's SELFISH and it's RIDICULOUS for NO MORE WORK. Just because I'm there longer, doesn't mean I am *RENTING* my space to have to pay you more. THAT'S SELFISH OF YOU TO SAY SUCH A THING!

Telling a server they are the best server they've ever had is not a tip.”

I AGREE with this one. A compliment without any money DOESN’T show gratitude, but TIPS do!

Prayer cards and any other religious pamphlet is NOT a tip. It is insulting that you assume we are w/o religion and must save us.”

I AGREE with this one. Pamphlets are NOT a tip, PERIOD! What a cheap asshole!

It is not 1960. Cost of living has gone up dramatically since then. 18s the MINIMUM amount of what you should be tipping your servers. Just look at the tax line and multiply by 2-3, this gives you your minimum tip amount.”

That’s IF the service meets almost PERFECTION. If you print the ticket wrong and bring me the wrong food, well, that ISN’T 18% tip worthy. Otherwise if I pay you 18% now, then the next time I’ll have you, you won’t CARE if you get my order right, because you will already know I had tipped BEFORE when my order was wrong, so you won’t even TRY to get it right. I’m NOT going to set myself up to have HORRIBLE service. You learn MORE if someone gives you a crummy tip when YOU KNOW the mistakes you made. It’s just COMMON SENSE if you bring someone’s food wrong, that they are going to be at least a little upset about it. I get PISSED off when my order is completely wrong and so do a LOT of people.

“6. THE COMPLAINERS: If you get a discount because of your food was prepared wrong or something, do not take it out of our tip. We didn't cook it. The cooks get paid hourly regardless if the food sucks. However, we only make what you give us.”

I HATE that attitude of “WE DIDN’T COOK IT!” The “WE DIDN’T COOK IT” DOESN’T mean you pressed the correct button. I’ve had a server ADMIT to me he pressed the WRONG BUTTON and obviously he didn’t do part of his job which was to REREAD my order he wrote down as well as COMPARED the plate of food to my written order BEFORE he brought it to the table. He brought me out quesadillas instead of what I ordered which was bbq chicken nachos(it’s an appetizer, but I ordered it as my entrée). So the cooks AREN’T *ALWAYS* at fault. With that type of attitude, you should get ZERO for not acting like it’s *EVER* the servers fault, which sometimes CAN BE! If I’ve asked for a side of ranch with my meal and you bring my meal without it, YOU’RE AT FAULT for NOT NOTICING IT IN THE KITCHEN. Same thing with a wrong side, like if I ordered beans and you bring me rice, well, YOU took my order, so YOU should take the EFFORT to make SURE I have what I ordered as far as what you can SEE.

“Never, ever take food out that is incorrectly done (I had a waitress rip me a new one for something I goofed up on as a cook and she demanded I fix it then and there - and she was right and I learned). Explain about and apologize for the delay.”

Basically, this is a cook that had a VERY SMART waitress tell the cook basically that: “YOU MADE A MISTAKE, FIX IT BEFORE I BRING OUT THE FOOD WRONG.” So it’s NOT ALWAYS the cook that prepared the food wrong if you took the order and bring out the order wrong. It’s the LAST PERSON who sees the food as long as the ticket was printed correctly as far as if it’s a food runner and if it’s the same server, the same server should compare what they wrote down to the plate of food BEFORE taking it to the customer wrong. I am NOT talking about pickles or burrito fillings that the server CAN’T see without touching the food. I am ONLY talking about things the server can actually SEE is wrong with the food or missing.

If you come into the restaurant 10 mins before closing or any time near closing hurry up and order your food and get out. Closed means closed, not social hour. It is so rude to sit there and take your sweet ass time.”

I AGREE with this one. People that come in close to closing time shouldn’t even be seated and it is rather rude to have the server have to work well over their shift, because some people want to dine late. I do think that’s very INCONSIDERATE of people to come right before closing time. I completely agree when a restaurant is CLOSED, they are CLOSED!

When we come up to the table to greet you and we ask how you are doing please let us know. We honestly want to know how you are doing. If you are in a bad mood we want to know that from the beginning. A confused stare or complete silence does not suffice as a reply to "How are you doing?". Also most of us are REQUIRED to say certain things during the greeting, so please don't interrupt our greeting and say "I want coffee", "Can we get some bread?", or "What are the soups?"

People want to just order. Especially if they waited an hour or more for a table. WHY delay them from ordering for a long greeting? Just ask what they want to drink whether it’s required or not, because if they are interrupting you, you are just WASTING TIME FOR EVERYONE YOU SERVE, NOT JUST THEM as well as it’s not like you are going to up sell them anything if they already have made up their mind. I know I HATE it when a server has to make chit-chat before we order. I am fine if they want to chit-chat with me AFTER the server has put in our food and drink orders, but don’t delay customer’s foods to tell us the daily specials or ask how we are doing. I’d hate be required to waste people’s time that AREN’T INTERESTED. You may think the customer is a bitch, but hearing greeting crap is a WASTE. Honestly, people don’t want to know the specials MOST of the time. If I want to know the specials, I’ll *ASK* instead of you waste my time. If I want to know your name, I’ll ASK. I wished that a server would just say “May I start y’all off with something to drink.” NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS, just simply ASK us what we want, instead of SUGGESTING THINGS. YOU DESERVE TO BE INTERRUPTED, because you WASTING PEOPLE’S TIME, so *YOU* are a being RUDE to the CUSTOMER. Don’t you see that? I DON’T care what your name is. I’ll find out when the check comes if I either want to request you again or make sure I avoid you like the plaque for giving me shitty service. I don’t remember the server’s name when they introduce themselves, because I am looking at the menu and concentrating on knowing what I want to order.

“Most of you would prefer your waiters to be servers, not buddies. “I really don’t care what my waiter’s name is,” sniffs Chula Vista’s Olin Bjorsky. “I am not interested in what dishes the waiters and waitresses like,” says La Jolla’s Patricia Winter.”

Basically, people DON’T want to chat with the wait staff, so when that someone attempts to order their drink, *YOU* are the one WASTING the CUSTOMER’S TIME!* For real you know, like I really give a shit what your name is or what the specials are. It’s rude to interrupt you, I’ll AGREE with that, BUT, if someone tells you what they want to drink, the customer isn’t listening to what you are saying anyway or cares what you are saying so WHY shouldn’t you be able to recognize that the customer just wants to order and let the customer order like they want to whether or not it’s required?

“I'm also with you on chatty waiters, no thanks, I'm not there to be charmed.
I waited tables for over a year, so while I know it's hard, mostly honest work, I also know when the service sucks.”
Posted by: Beth at October 18, 2004”

"And I hate waiters who want to be a part of my dining experience. If I wanted to spend time with the waiter, I would dine with him. My idea of a good waiter is one who never asks if I need more water or tea or coffee--he simply sees when I need more and shows up to take care of it."
Posted by: Mike at October 17, 2004 10:07 PM”

"Doug from New Mexico is not in the restaurant industry, but is a customer. He said when he brings a date to a nice restaurant, sometimes the server is very chatty. He really wants the dinner to be nice and romantic, but the server is very intrusive. He wants to point out the fact that he is not there to visit the server, but to spend money on good service and good food."

Just look at ALL THESE people that DON’T WANT TO CHAT WITH THE SERVER! People want to dine with the people they are WITH! Sounds like almost a “SILENT” type of service MOST people want.

Don't ever talk on your cell phone in a restaurant. This is probably the rudest thing to do.”

I AGREE with this one. Cell phone users at restaurants are VERY rude to take up their conversation at the server’s time expense as well as the tips they could be making, because the customer is keeping them from serving other people. Those customers are also being very rude to other customers, because the LONGER they talk on the cell phone, the longer they stay at the table or take more time to order.

Ahh yes... If a server comes to bring out your drinks and she/he is juggling about 5 things don't ask "Are we going to get some bread???"

I find that to be a bit BITCHY! I DON'T see ANYTHING WRONG with asking that.

If a server comes to your table and asks "is there anything else I can get for you?" I want you to tell me everything you need. Don't ask for one item, have me go and get it and on returning ask me for something else...and then keep doing it."

I agree with this one. I try to do that, but servers make it harder on themselves by forgetting my condiments instead of verifying the plate of food IN THE KITCHEN BEFORE taking it to me.

Once is not 1960, and most restaurants are not on a "seat yourself" policy."

I agree with this one too.

When the server comes by to take your order, don't say that you are ready if you really aren't."

I agree with this one. I feel it’s INCONSIDERATE to say you are ready and keep the server from doing something else instead. That’s VERY RUDE of the customer.

If your food sucks and you ask to see the manager don't make us sound like incompotent assholes. We bust our asses to make you happy, we dont cook your food so please STOP taking it out on us."


Just dont go out on sundays. Seriously don't. Stay home and cook your own food. Sunday is no diffrent then Monday-Saturday yet people love to shaft you on sundays, why? So do us all a favor and stay home. Especially the first week of the month, we dont want a whole $2 out of your welfare check."

I find this to be VERY RUDE! For one thing, if a server works on sundays, you may not make ANY MONEY, NOT EVEN someone's $2, so SHUT THE FUCK UP! SELFISH PERSON WHOEVER WROTE THIS!


10:26 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Now mixed drinks are different. I always say for example "would you like another long island iced tea" That gives them an opening to say either yes, no, or could I please have a beer instead."

This is the type of thing I DON'T like. I don't take off for it, but I don't feel there's a REASON to convey that you more than likely want more of the same, because the person may not. I feel the server should ask "Would you like another "DRINK?", NOT something specific. I get that a lot where I get a certain margarita for the first drink and they ask "Do you want another such-n-such margarita?" WHY do they have to ask that, when they could just ask if the customer wants something else to drink?

"I always offer a dessert and while I am dropping the check I ask if I can bring anything else."

That's fine, because you at least OFFERED to get the customer something else. This is NOT what happened at Outback that I am pissed about. When my husband and I were finishing up(meaning we were still eating, but almost finished) our cheese cake we were sharing, the waiter puts the check on the table and states "Whenever you are ready." I felt that was RUDE, because we have been there quite a number of times and OTHER servers make sure that we are ready by ASKING or letting us tell him or her we want the check. Anyway, since I was eating cheesecake at the time, I didn't say anything and he walked away pretty quickly before I could even try to tell him we weren't ready for the check yet. He comes by a while later and I tell him "I'd like another down under rita and a refill of Mr. Pibb." Then when he comes back, we tell him we want the check, which he had on him. I felt he could have MADE SURE we didn't want anything else, because I DID want to order something else.

“I don't like any other soda and would be irritated if they asked us every time what we wanted.”

That’s when I feel those people that feel that way should get take-out, because the server should be able to do their job as they should to please the customer. If the customer expects no interruptions, eat at McDonald’s or at home. People should EXPECT their server to find out what *THEY* want. The server won’t know unless the customer tells them what they want or they are asked by the server. I don’t feel irritated if I am in the middle of a sentence. To me, anyway, it isn’t that big of a deal. I understand they are trying to please “ME” and trying to do their job, because I don’t expect them to be a mind reader. I would rather a hovering server than a non-existent one, but at the same time, we have had a few servers that did come up to us a bit too often and that was a little irritating, but I’d rather have that, then be thirsty or hungry. I think when a server asks if you want a dessert twice, that gets a bit irritating.

“I do not understand why you felt bad when you told your server that he should ask first. As long as you did it nicely you saved everybody involved a lot of hurt feelings and wasted time. You should not feel bad about that. I wish more customers would just tell me how they would like to be served. Instead of making me play the guessing game of the way they would like to be served.”

It makes me feel I am trying to PREDICT what they will do, which I may be wrong and didn’t have to tell them. Also, I don’t feel I should tell them about not getting refills I didn’t order, because literally, I don’t get that type of service very often and it would waste time as well as make me feel kind of awkward when they may not be serving me that way to begin with. I’d rather see if they will do that to see what type of tip I will give. If they are trying to please “ME”, by asking first, they’ll get a higher tip. As far as it being required, I think it all depends on the MANAGER at each restaurant. Some Chili’s and Outback may require automatic refills, then others may not be worried about that.

“Please try to stop sweating the small stuff so much. You are working yourself up into quite a state over what really does not matter so much in the long run. So your server brought you a refill with out asking first. Is that what you are going to be worried about on your death bed? And what if the last thing you say to your husband on this earthly life is to yell at him for ordering you a drink while you are in the restroom? You never know what is coming. He could be ( Gods forbid) run over by a car in the parking lot and you would be ridden with guilt for arguing with him over something stupid.
Anyway relax, enjoy this life you have and the people who come with it and you may just find yourself having a much better time than you ever imagined.”

It’s just difficult not to be “ME”, because things do get on my nerves, even if I don’t want to get mad, I do. I know I shouldn’t let the smaller things bother me, but they do. I am not sure how to change? The refill thing is very minor I find compared to giving the check before I am ready. The reason is, most of the time, I do want another of the same, so it’s not as big of a deal if I want the same thing, it’s when I want something different that it’s irritating.

P.S. Sorry I took soo long to write.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

ann surley
"But it really seems you expect people to read your mind."

NO, QUITE the OPPOSITE. If the server wants to know if I want a refill of my soft drink, they should ASK me or let ME do the ordering. Since when does a STRANGER do the ordering for someone else?

If anything, the people that want a refill without asking ARE acting as if the server magically can read their mind. Think about it. HOW does a server know I want a refill unless I VERBALLY tell him or her or let them ASK me? SO QUIT SAYING "you expect people to read your mind", because it's THOSE people that EXPECT a refill without asking or ordering it themselves that act like the server knows 100% FOR SURE they want another refill. When a customer orders, they say "I would like a coke." The customer DOESN'T say "I would like continuous coke refills". If they would, then the server would *KNOW FOR SURE* to just bring the customer refills without asking, but if the customer doesn't tell the server, then the server will let the customer order for THEMSELVES. Do you understand, that LITERALLY MOST of the times I dine out, which I get soft drinks ALL the time, the servers let ME do the ordering. SO TELL THOSE PEOPLE THAT EXPECT REFILLS WITHOUT THEM BEING ORDERED OR BEING ASKED BY THEIR SERVER, THAT *THEY* ARE THE ONES THAT EXPECT SERVERS TO KNOW IF THEY WANT ANOTHER REFILL.

I sometimes change from coke to dr. pepper and I NEVER get charged for it, because it's free refills on *SOFT DRINKS*, meaning, ANY FLAVOR OF SOFT DRINK IS VALID TO FILL MY GLASS AGAIN(which is a refill) THE NEXT TIME AROUND. Some people DECLINE refills also, which saves TIME if the server DOES ASK instead of just bring something that was NEVER ORDERED! WHY WOULD A SERVER WANT TO GET REFILLS THAT ARE UNWANTED? That is EXACTLY WHY I DON'T normally get that type of service. *I* as the customer get to call all the shots, NOT the server. Meaning, ASK me if I want the check or a refill if I haven't said I wanted either. DON'T TRY TO READ MY MIND, BECAUSE A LOT OF TIMES THEY ARE WRONG! My husband and I have asked for boxes for our entrees as well as got an appetizer and still got a dessert, meaning, just because a customer asks for boxes, DOESN'T mean they want the check. That time, the STUPID IDIOT WAITER was getting ready to hand us the check, but we stopped him by ordering the dessert as well as I ordered a white russian. He shouldn't have even had it in his hand. It should have been in his apron or some way NOT to suggest that he was going to bring the check. Also, as I said in a previous posts, I've have received the check without us telling the server we were done, but we WEREN'T! Just because I order a dessert, DOESN'T MEAN THE SERVER SHOULD *READ MY MIND* and KNOW 100% FOR SURE I AM DONE! HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW I AM DONE OR WANT A REFILL? JUST SIMPLY *ASK* OR LET THE CUSTOMER ASK, INSTEAD OF TRYING TO READ CUSTOMER'S MINDS! THE SERVERS ARE THE ONES THAT ARE TRYING TO READ CUSTOMER'S MINDS. I AM NOT WANTING THEM TO READ MY MIND! MOST servers have been CARING enough to ASKS before giving the check and refills. Servers should ask themselves this question: WHAT DOES THE *CUSTOMER* WANT? THE SERVER DOESN'T KNOW UNLESS THE CUSTOMER DOES THE ASKING OR THE SERVER DOES THE ASKING, OTHERWISE, IT'S A MIND READING GAME!

6:29 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

ann surely
"What if you said, "I'd rather have Dr. Pepper" and I said, "Sure, I'll be right back."

A waiter at Red Lobster brought me a refill without asking me or letting ME do the ordering, was told “Can I get a coke instead” when he brought me another dr. pepper. The waiter made me wait LONGER for my coke. Don't you get that? I would be mad they not only made a decision that WASN'T THEIRS to make, but that they WASTED MY TIME GOING TO THE BAR TO GET A DRINK I DIDN'T ACKNOWLEDGE I WANTED. So, YES, it's A WASTE OF TIME, so YES, OF COURSE I'D BE BOTHERED I'D HAVE TO WAIT *LONGER* FOR MY REFILL. Asking me would have saved EVERYONE time in the restaurant, because after I told him I wanted coke instead, he had to make ANOTHER TRIP to the bar to get coke instead and dump the dr. pepper out. WHAT A DUMBASS! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!

"You are the annomally here. Most people drink the same thing throughout the meal."


"I'm not trying to control you"

You would be ASSUMING though, which is trying to "READ SOMEONE'S MIND" instead of just FINDING OUT. Also, you have NO RIGHT to make ANY DECISIONS about my dining experience. CUSTOMERS are the ones that should CALL ALL THE SHOTS, NOT THE WAIT STAFF!

"It's interesting to see that what I've always been taught was good service in all the years I've worked at restaurants is so upsetting to you."

You have the GALL to tell me about me acting like servers can read my mind when I am NOT and YOU KNOW IT! YOU are trying to read the CUSTOMER'S MIND that they want another refill. THEY MAY NOT! HOW DO YOU KNOW UNLESS YOU ARE *ASSUMING* THAT THEY WANT MORE IF THEY DON'T TELL YOU OR YOU DON'T ASK? ANSWER THAT HONESTLY NOW! PLEASE ANSWER THAT!

That waiter TRIED to *READ MY MIND* at Red Lobster and he was WRONG. He got that refill for NOTHING! HOW STUPID IS THAT? YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING FOR NOTHING? Servers don't, that is why MOST of my service, the servers ASK if we want more or let US do the ordering as customers. WE are in the ordering SEAT, NOT YOU! WHY WOULD I LET A TOTAL STRANGER ORDER FOR ME? SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT WANT A REFILL PERIOD!

"Many folks think it bad service to need to ask for refills."

Well, MOST of my husband and I's service, the server DOESN'T want to WASTE TIME GETTING UNWANTED THINGS. So if the server would rather not get things that are unwanted, wouldn't that save LOTS OF TIME? They don't want to have to run around more for NOTHING!

"I'm also supposed to automatically bring a refill ... but sometimes they would have preferred something else - so I ask. Also, a co-worker was snapped-at by some idiot as she brought the free refill: "I didn't order that!"

Jun 24 2005, 01:12 PM
"I prefer to be asked before I am brought a free refill. I tend to only go through 1 drink in a meal, and a good deal of the time, I don't even finish that first drink. I won't say anything about it, but it does irritate me when the server comes with a fresh drink and takes my half-full glass away. Seems awfully wasteful."

Jun 24 2005, 02:09 PM
"I like one drink with my meal. I purposely drag it out so it will last the entire meal. I hate when the waitress just brings me a refill without asking. I don't drink it and it goes to waste."

Jun 24 2005, 07:29 AM
i always hate when they ask you if you need anything else, and you say just the check, and they bring you your check AND new drinks. i always feel obligated to drink at least half of the new drink so that they didnt waste their time."

Just look at customers that DON'T like it. The servers WASTED VALUABLE TIME and everybody could get served faster if the server would FIND OUT FOR SURE. Also, look at the server that sees through their experience that people would like something else sometimes. That's what a LOT of servers have probably had through their EXPERIENCE. Saw that they got refills that weren't wanted or the customer decided to get something else like water or coffee or whatever.

Why would you want to have SLOWER service? Just look at the people that DON'T want another refill at all even. Think about if you were serving a table of 5. If those people were going to a movie, they may not want refills if they are running late. So you go get them, they tell you they don't want them and they want the check INSTEAD. YOU just wasted products of the restaurant, TIME FOR EVERYONE(because the bartender is the one usually refilling soft drinks, so it affects EVERYONE, NOT JUST the people you serve), made yourself more tired for NOTHING, and embarrassed yourself by bringing things that WERE NEVER ORDERED! Just because you CAN get refills for free, doesn't mean the person wants them. CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS! YOU ARE ONLY THINKING OF WHAT *YOU* WANT TO SERVE THEM! QUIT TRYING TO READ THEIR MINDS BY ASSUMING WHAT THEY WANT NEXT!

"Many folks think it bad service to need to ask for refills."


I have service MANY TIMES where the server lets ME do my ordering and I don't tell them to let me do the ordering. They do it because they want to know what *I* want, NOT what *THEY* want to give me as well as they are CARING about *MY* WANTS if they find out WHAT I want. They care about WASTING CUSTOMER'S TIME BY GETTING THINGS THAT ARE UNWANTED POSSIBLY!

6:51 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"but may I suggest you go to an Ala-non meeting ASAP.(Just type 'Ala-non' into your computer, because it could really help you with your 'needs not getting met' issues)."

I looked it up. I ONLY drink on friday and saturday nights. So WHY does this pertain to me? MOST of the time when I write on my blog, I am VERY SOBER. I wouldn't want to drink everyday. For one thing, it would take the fun out of drinking, secondly, it's EXTREMELY fattening(I watch my weight), thirdly, it's bad for your health, and fourthly, I DO like to be sober MOST of the time. It is fun to get "Buzzed" off of alcohol, because it's something to look forward to, because it's NOT an everyday thing. If anything, it makes me not be as mad about things. Like the time I asked for the "El Guapo margarita" that I wrote about in my blog, which the waitress said right after "Do you want a top shelf margarita for $7?" I just told her "I'd rather an El Guapo", because I had drank somewhere else earlier, so I was feeling GOOD. My point is, if I was sober, I would have been a bit rude by saying "No, I want an El Guapo, because the alcohol loosened me up a bit not to be so mad. Do you understand this? That drinking actually makes me not get as mad. I let some things go that the server does wrong, because I am happy-go-lucky. Now, if they make lots of mistakes or if they are rude to me or if they are just give really bad service, well, that will get me pissed no matter what. I am talking about the small mistakes, that I let go more of when I am in a state of being "Buzzed", because alcohol does loosen people up. I am pretty sure you've heard of people say they are more talkative and they don't mind dancing when they have had a few drinks. Same thing with me, that it loosens me up from being pissed off. So I don't get WHY you are telling me to go to "Ala-non"?

5:55 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"But dont be suprised to have this happen to you, because it is most restaurants policies to offer desert 3/4 the way through the meal."

Then HOW COME I asked for a certain waitress at Outback recently? The first time I had her she didn't ask us about dessert too soon or bring us the check too soon. The second time we had her, she didn't do that either, but she still works there and has the same shift. We even saw her last weekend when my husband and I just went to get drinks and a dessert, but didn't request her since we weren't eating a full meal, so I felt, I'd go with getting a table sooner instead. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, we had a guy that delivered the check too soon. NONE of these people have ordered soft drinks for us, NONE. My point is, if it's REQUIRED, WHY do I ONLY GET that type of service from a few people, NOT EVERYONE and they STILL DON'T take their good shifts away like on friday nights when it's really busy?

"If you are not ready to hear about the dessert at this point simply say to your server we would prefer to wait till our meals are finished to be offered dessert."

For one thing, I SHOULDN'T have to considering I don't get treated like that MOST of the time. I PROMISE, we don't. We eat a LOT of at Chili's, Outback, Red Lobster, and Applebee's, but 95% of the time, DON'T have that type of thing happen where the wait staff is running the show by bringing the check too soon and/or getting refills without knowing if we want anymore. I HONESTLY DON'T get that type of service very often, so that is WHY when I do, it gets me mad, because if it was "REQUIRED", they'd ALL DO IT or if they didn't, WHY would I be able to request the same GREAT SERVER on a busy friday night at around 7p.m.?

See, I don't mind if the server would be CONSIDERATE enough to say when they'd bring the check "If you all want anything else just let me know, I am just leaving this here for your convenience." See that happened at Denny's and I didn't mind at all, because they didn't do like the waiter at Outback did by ASSUMING we were finished by saying "Whenever you all are ready?" THAT IS WHAT HE SAID. You may see it as him saying that we could get something else by him saying that. I felt it was stating to get our payment out when we are ready, NOT when we were finished our food. What I am saying is, it's FINE if you bring the check, just don't act like you KNOW what *I* want by *ASSUMING*. So basically, it's NOT the act of "BRINGING THE CHECK", it's the actual thing you SAY along with it. By the Denny's servers saying that we can get something else, I DIDN'T FEEL RUSHED. I just don't like people ASSUMING what I want, because they don't honestly, UNLESS they have had me before as a customer, so they may have an IDEA of how I like my service to go if I gave them a great tip before.

As long as the check is given with an EXPLANTATION that makes SENSE like "If you want something else, you can get it" type of thing. I don't like when someone ASSUMES I am finished, even if I am, I feel it's RUDE to say "Whenever you're ready" if we haven't acknowledged we wanted the check. So I am actual mad at what he SAID, than the ACT of bringing the check. To me, it conveyed to that we were ready to pay from what he said.

"If there is something you didnt like, my suggestion is tip your server then ask for a manager and explain to them what you didnt like."

If the service is really bad, NO. I don't RESPECT people who DON'T RESPECT me. I've had a server not apologize for an almost $11 overcharge on my credit card at Applebee's. THAT'S DISRESPECT and I left him NOTHING. He could have said he was SORRY. What a mean person, you know. I REFUSE to pay someone that is just plain mean or rude or acts like they don't care about your experience at all or an absent server(if we wait 20 minutes for the check). THAT is DISRESPECT.


"As for your Margherita example offering the top shelf margherita does not mean she was offering you a completely different drink."

This is to show you that the El Guapo is made with Sauza, which is an expensive brand. Also, to show you that it IS a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MARGARITA! I don't care that much for the top shelf margarita. I had tried it before about a year ago and this situation happened about 4 months or so ago with the ONE waitress out of MANY, MANY, times we've gone there, is the ONLY ONE that tried to change my mind AFTER I placed my order. Also, they only had 1 other waitress there that brought a refill without asking or being asked to. NO ONE ELSE DOES there that we've had.

They do NOT taste the SAME AT ALL! THEY ARE 2 DIFFERENT DRINKS! I DON'T CARE IF THEY SHARE THE SAME INGREDIENT. Spaghetti sauce is made with tomatoes, but it taste COMPLETEY DIFFERENT THAN KETCHUP. I HATE KETCHUP, but I LOVE spaghetti sauce. THINK ABOUT THAT, would you. It makes me a bit mad to see you think just because they are both made with tequila they are the same. For one thing, the top shelf is a FROZEN already premixed at the bar and the El Guapo is served on the rocks when I have gotten it, because I normally order "on the rocks". My point is, IT'S NOT THE SAME. One gives you brain freeze and the other doesn't if you drink it too fast. The frozen one obviously does. I DON'T like that feeling, so it's NOT even just the taste that I don't like.

At Chili's, an El Nino~ margarita is an orange type of margarita. It is VERY different than their famous Presidente' margarita. SO WHAT if it's got "TEQUILA", so they share one ingredient, BIG FREAKIN DEAL. IT DOESN'T TASTE THE SAME BY A LONG SHOT!

"If you tell me you want a tasty steak then order a filet."

See, I wouldn't bother telling you that, UNLESS it would be my first time getting that dish or if that was my first visit. I normally *KNOW* what I want 99% of the time, sometimes even BEFORE I get to the restaurant, because of the internet menus they have, it's easy to figure out what you want WAY BEFORE you go.

"Saying top shelf simply meant that instead of the well tequila you would have gotten a higher tequila to go along with the other ingrediants, usualy a higher priced tequila is smoother then the well, and you may have enjoyed it."

As I said before, I TRIED it already. Secondly, WHAT IF I WANT A LOWER GRADE? WHAT IF TO MY OPINION A LOWER GRADE TASTE BETTER? I, for instance rather McDonald's tartar sauce than some non-fast food restaurant's tartar sauce. It's a fast food place, so you'd think "LOWER GRADE", well it probably is, but if *I* LIKE IT, then WHY should that be a problem to try to convience me to get some other kind?

One time at Chili's last year, I ordered a Presidente' margarita made with Jose Cuervo tequila instead of Sauze tequila. The waitress for some reason, even though I had ordered the drink this way A LOT and I mean, A LOT of times the SAME way, had to open her mouth. She tells me "Do you want a regular margarita?" I tell her NO, and that I've gotten it this way a billion times before. Then she tells me it "DOWNGRADES" the drink. I told her I rathered Jose Cuervo. Anyway, the Presidente'margarita has PRESIDENTE' BRANDY, hence the name "PRESDIENTE' margarita, so there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in what she was offering me, because the margarita she was offering me WASN'T the SAME. It DIDN'T have BRANDY and if I would have gotten a shot of it in the regular margarita, it more than likely would have been just as expensive, because shots are usually a couple of bucks a piece or so. My point is, DON'T say it's NOT completely different margarita. If ONE ingredient is different it IS DIFFERENT COMPLETELY. For instance, I hate raisins, so if someone made a bread pudding without raisins, I'd eat it. See how ONE INGREDIENT MATTERS, so it IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO OFFER ME a Top Shelf, when I ordered an El Guapo. I am a VERY PICKY EATER AND DRINKER. I like certain things. I can't change my taste buds.

"So you will not get the same experience at every Restaurant, that is why 30% of the time this happens and 40% of the time that happens, and 90% of the time the other things happen."

I was talking about at the SAME RESTAURANTS, even the SAME EXACT RESTAURANT. We go to the SAME CHILI'S, THE SAME OUTBACK, etc., normally. Last year, we went to a different Chili's the time I had the situation with the Presidente', because of Katrina, that the Chili's by us was not open, because they had flooding. I am talking about just since May even, we have went to Outback at least 6 times and we ONLY got the check handed to us to early ONCE. My point is, servers aren't doing what you say is required, otherwise, I'd get that service EVERYTIME or ALMOST EVERYTIME, when I RARLEY GET the type of service you are saying is REQUIRED. I go even more to Chili's and we have gone at least 10 or more times since April of this year when it finally opened here since Katrina and NOT ONCE did we get an automatic refill, NOT ONCE. I NEVER told them anything about that I didn't want them to do the ordering for me. NO ONCE did those servers bring the check too soon. SHOULDN'T that PROVE that if these people are STILL WORKING THERE and I'VE KEEP SEEING THEM AROUND, THAT THEY AREN'T GETTING IN TROUBLE FOR NOT FOLLOWING THESE RULES YOU SAY ARE REQUIRED? I feel it's probably on a manager case by case basis. Meaning, one Chili's manager may say bring the check 3/4 way into the meal, another manager may not care. It ALL DEPENDS ON THE MANAGER.

"As for offering specific appetizers or drinks at the begining of the meal."

From time to time, I do get that type of service, but not everytime. I don't mind that as much as once I've placed my order to try to change my mind. I don't mind as much if they offer me the Presidente' margarita as long as I haven't given my order already.

"So when you dont tip your sever you dont tip everyone in the building."

That's BS! The SERVER is RESPONSIBLE for TIP OUT MONEY. Let's say Jane Doe does poorly and makes almost nothing. SHE IS STILL REQUIRED TO TIP OUT. If she has to get it out of tip money from the previous night or her pocket, then SHE HAS TO DO THAT. SO THE BUSSERS, HOSTESS OR HOST, AND BARTENDERS GET THEIR SHARE NO MATTER WHAT. I KNOW HOW IT WORKS.


"they arent trying to make you buy anything"

Sometimes I HAVE had that. There was a time when I was a Lonestar Steakhouse and the waitress said "Come on" a few times to get me to get a full rack of ribs instead of a half of rack. That IS TRYING TO MAKE YOU BUY SOMETHING. Same thing when I was at a local restaurant a few years ago with my husband. This waitress kept PUSHING my husband to get a dessert by saying things like "Come on" and "you got one last time". WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU BEG US TO GET SOMETHING. If we say NO, then we MEAN IT! DON'T PUSH US TO GET SOMETHING. The El Guapo situation wasn't anywhere near as annoying as these situations, because she wasn't PUSHY. Once I said I had rathered the El Guapo, she left the subject alone.

"Dont take it so personally if they ask you to try their specialty app or drink, if they are offering it, its prolly pretty good."

Actually, I am VERY picky eater, so sometimes they have been wrong, sometimes they have been right.

"The only person the server will tell is the other servers, and the next time you come into the restaurant...what kind of service do you think you will get then?"

GOOD, because I request someone else that DID do a great job and make sure I NEVER have that person again. Even times when I didn't request someone due to long waits for a table, I still sometimes got good service the next time, even though we got rotten service the previous time.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

“If the server makes alot of money he tips out alot of money, if the server makes lil money he tips out lil money.”

I am “Lords of Acid” on I haven’t been on there in months, but I use to be on message board a LOT since 2004. This is “Sweet Catriona”, a woman that works at TGIFridays. This is what she told me, so THAT is WHERE I got the INFORMATION from that servers HAVE to tip out to the bussers, bartenders, and hostess or host NO MATTER WHAT.”

“I tip out 3% percent of my TOTAL SALES. Not one percent of my tips. If that table which had 120 dollar check, didn't tip me because of his mistake, I still would have tipped out 3%. That's 4 dollars to wait on that table. Here is where your logic goes wrong... HE STILL GETS HIS 1%!!! Do you understand?? He still gets tipped, and I lost out, even though it wasn't my mistake.
So when you try to TEACH him through tipping me less, I am the only one that suffers. The hostess, the busser. the bartender, the food runner, all still get the same amount of money. I am the only one who loses any.”

SO WHO’S CORRECT, YOU OR HER OR DO RESTAURANTS ALL HAVE VERY DIFFERENT RULES? I AM CONFUSED! If you don’t have to pay it out of pocket, then WHY did she say that SHE was the ONLY ONE that suffers and DOES have to pay it? It sounds like where she works, she has to pay out a percentage of the sales NO MATTER WHAT, even if it is from other tips from another shift or out of her pocket.

“in actuality I was relying on my busser to do their job.”

That is BAD to RELY on ANYONE. YOU make your destiny. Servers shouldn’t rely on host or hostess to give utensils for instance. I’ve had MANY TIMES where I’ve seen other people delivered food without utensils and it happened to us also. We as customers aren’t supposed to fetch our own utensils and the SERVER should NOTICE that we don’t have anything to eat with or a napkin even. Relying on people is WHY my condiments get forgotten when a food runner takes the food to me, because condiments don’t have to be cooked, so servers can just bring them BEFORE the meal and NOT PUT THEIR TRUST INTO SOMEONE ELSE. I wouldn’t rely if I was a server on someone taking refills to someone else or utensils. I’d make sure the person would have their refills or utensils in a timely manner, considering I would be the server. It’s like relying on the COOK to get the food correct. If the food is wrong, don’t bring it to me thinking “There shouldn’t be any mistakes”, because it’s the SERVER’S RESPONSILIBTY to make sure as far as what the server can SEE that is, that my food is correct. Relying on people is BAD for tips, because MOST people don’t do their part of the job and work as a TEAM, just like the host or hostess not giving utensils when the customers are seated.

“Sauza is not considered a top shelf Tequila.”

I NEVER claimed it to be a “top shelf”, but I don’t get why the server at Chili’s told me that “Jose Cuervo” downgrades the tequila, because that would mean that “Sauza” would be a HIGHER grade than Jose Cuervo by her telling me that. That is why I felt it was a pretty high brand, because of what she had told me.

“A cosmopolitan is still a cosmopolitan if you use Grey Goose in it istead of Absolute, it didnt become a different drink, its still a cosmo, you just upgraded from a cheaper vodka to a smoother vodka.

This is 100% COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the “top shelf” vs. “El Guapo” margaritas. The reasons: They have 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAMES. They have DIFFERENT ingredients other than just the tequilas. One has orange juice, the other has lime juice. Just because they are BOTH “MARGARITAS” DOESN’T mean they aren’t 2 COMPLETELY ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. They are still both “MARGARITAS”, but SO WHAT if they are. They are still VERY DIFFERENT margaritas. It’s like if on the menu they have chocolate cake and cheese cake. They are both “CAKES”, but COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. They both share some of the SAME INGREDIENTS like eggs and ARE CAKES, but they AREN’T THE SAME PRODUCT BY A LONG SHOT!

“Yes it will taste differently, but is it no longer a cosmo?”

OF COURSE it’s STILL a “Cosmopolitan”. It’s still a “Margarita” whether it’s a top shelf or an El Guapo, but it’s still 2 DIFFERENT products. The NAMES in front of the margarita are different. Some of the ingredients are different. With a cosmopolitan, there is NO “NAME” difference, there is also not GENERAL ingredients that are changed, like you said vodka(it’s still vodka, whether it is Grey Goose or Absolute). Do you UNDERSTAND, that COMPLETELY DIFFERENT *INGREDIENTS* are in these that aren’t in the SAME CATEGORY. Yes, they BOTH SHARE tequila, no matter what brand, but some of the other ingredients the both drinks DON’T SHARE AT ALL like “LIME JUICE” and “Orange Juice” YES, they BOTH have juices, but very DIFFERENT juices. One comes from an orange, the other comes from a LIME, which are 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FRUITS. Also, the “ORANGE LIQUEUR” is one ingredient those drinks DON’T HAVE IN COMMON. It’s NOT like calling “JUICE” a common ingredient, because the “JUICE” comes from VERY DIFFERENT FRUITS.

IT IS TRYING TO CHANGE MY MIND WHEN SOMEONE OFFERS A DRINK THAT ISN’T CALLED THE SAME NAME AND IT DOESN’T SHARE ALL THE SAME INGREDIENTS IN *GENERAL* LIKE VODKA OR TEQUILA. Just the BRANDS are different with your example, NOT the actual general INGREDIENTS. Like if I put in a cake “Egglands Best” eggs instead of real eggs, I am STILL putting eggs in my cake, so it still would be just like changing brands of tequila or vodkas.

“but that is not true of Brinke Brinker or Darden Restaurants. is Chilis,”

Well, HOW COME I ONLY got asked ONCE out of

“To me that is a server who is not trying to change my mind in so much as trying to make sure I have an enjoyable meal.”

This is NOT THE SAME as what I am trying to tell you. YOU are claming to *ASK* your serve what they recommend. So since you did, they wouldn’t be trying to change your mind, because *YOU* ASKED THEM FOR SOME HELP. NOT the same as me, that normally(NOT ALWAYS) goes into a restaurant already KNOWING what I want BEFORE I even arrive. So if I DON’T *ASK* them for their opinions, they should keep their OPINIONS TO THEMSELVES. Sometimes, I have wanted their help when I’ve been to a restaurant for the first time or gotten an entrée for the first time that I am trying, but if I am NOT *ASKING* for their help, they SHOULDN’T *VOLUNTEER* to help. If I ask for their help that’s one thing, but if I don’t ask, I DON’T CARE what their opinion is. Do you understand, that since you are *ASKING* for their help, that it WOULDN’T be trying to change your mind, because YOU WANTED THAT HELP, because you ASKED for it. MOST people DON’T want the server’s help if they don’t ASK for it. I’ll give you an example: In March, I went to Red Lobster with my husband, his parents, and grand parents, which was a party of 6. The waitress took our drink orders and when she took mine, I told her I wanted the “Classic Margarita”. She then, offered me the “Top Shelf Margarita”. The Top Shelf margarita at Red Lobster has “Grand Marnier”, which is an ingredient these 2 margaritas don’t share. I told her, which is true; I don’t care too much for Grand Marnier. I felt that was rude for her to suggest something AFTER I told her what I wanted. For one thing, I DIDN’T *ASK* for her opinion. Secondly, I don’t feel I should have to explain myself WHY I do or don’t want something. See, I didn’t want to be rude, because I am nice, so I didn’t say “NO, I want a Classic margarita.” That is WHY I explained to her *WHY* I didn’t want it. Her up sell, wasn’t an up sell, which WASTED TIME for everyone and made me pissed off. Just because they are both margaritas, doesn’t mean she didn’t try to change my mind. You would say she was offering me something a bit better, but in my opinion, it’s NOT better. HOW does she KNOW that I would think it would be better just because it’s a HIGHER grade drink? To HER, it’s a better drink because it COST more and it’s a higher grade drink, but to me it’s not. Even if she wasn’t trying to do it for the up sell and was doing it out of thinking about that I may want something a bit better(to her opinion), I still find that completely ANNOYING, because I CAN READ THE MENU FOR MYSELF. If I was old and had glasses that would be one thing, but this is ridiculous. If I wanted her help, then that would have been completely understandable if she would have offered me something even after I told her, but I KNEW what I wanted, which was conveyed by me NOT ASKING HER. By me ordering tells the server I *KNOW* what I want WITHOUT HER HELP, SO DON’T BUTT IN WHERE YOU AREN’T WANTED! You may feel she was caring let’s say if she didn’t consider the cost and only was thinking about what I truly would like, but by me telling her what I wanted WITHOUT HESITATION and without me ASKING her about the margaritas should mean, DON’T TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK I WANT, considering I am TELLING HER WHAT I WANT AND NOT LOOK ING FOR HER OPINION ON WHAT SHE THINKS I SHOULD ORDER. Dining is supposed to be what *I* want, so since I said “Classic Margarita”, even if let’s say I liked a lot grand marnier, customers still can READ THE MENU ON THEIR OWN. WHY would I want someone’s help that is a TOTAL STRANGER if I am giving my order very CONFIDENTLY without hesitation? WHY should she get to butt in to *MY* dining experience? DON’T tell people what they want. If the help isn’t wanted, it should be OBVIOUS by me ordering without asking them for their help or any hesitation of ANY kind.

“The server may reply..yes wow its awesome you must get it.”

I am SO picky, so I wouldn’t honestly EVER ask if it’s good to them. MOST people like ketchup, but I don’t. Do you see my point? Just because the server likes it, doesn’t mean *I* will. I have asked the server about an entrée if I never got that entrée before as far as what goes into the entree or if it’s my very first time at that restaurant, but that’s as far as it goes for me. I don’t EVER ask what they recommend.

“You may look at a menu online, but how many times have you read about something or seen something on a commercial only to finally have it in front of you and it does not nearly look or taste as good as it did in the commercial or on the description.

Yes, I have been through the “I wish I wouldn’t have gotten that” phase. That doesn’t mean that what the server recommends will make me have a good meal either. It goes BOTH WAYS. One time, my husband and I went to Lonestar Steakhouse last year. My husband asked the server which steak he’d recommend. He got some Cajun steak, because he went along with what the waiter recommend. He didn’t hate the steak, but he did wish he would have gotten a different one. To him it was “Alright”, but nothing to write home about, if you catch my drift. My point is, YOUR method by ASKING for help, could go EITHER WAY that you may or may not like the food. So just because I look at an online menu, doesn’t mean that I have ANY BETTER chance of getting something I like whether I look on the online menu or ask the server. It’s a gamble ANYTIME you *TRY* a new dish. Some places make things better than others. Outback’s shrimp are nasty to me, but I LOVE Red Lobster’s. shrimp.

“Upgrading to top level alcohol does not entirely change the drink.”

I NEVER said it did. I am saying if the NAME of the drink is different; it’s because it’s more than likely got a DIFFERENT INGREDIENT in it. Like Presidente’ Brandy in a Presidente margarita. In Chili’s Classic margarita, BRANDY is NOT included. Yes, they are both margaritas, but if one has even ONE different ingredient as well as a different name in front of margarita, it’s a DIFFERENT DRINK! If they don’t share ALL the SAME ingredients, they AREN’T the SAME! Vodka is vodka whether it’s “Taaka” or “Grey Goose”. So if I get a Presidente’ margarita with Jose Cuervo instead of Sauza, it is STILL a “Presidente’ margarita”. Don’t you get that if the NAME of the drink is different and even if just ONE ingredient is DIFFERENT(NOT THE BRAND, BUT THE GENERAL INGREDIENT like vodka or tequila), it’s a DIFFERENT DRINK whether or not they are both margaritas? Just like the cake example. Cheese cake has a VERY DIFFERENT texture than a chocolate cake. Yes, they are both cakes, but have SOME similar ingredients, but for the most part are 2 VERY DIFFERENT DESSERTS! They are both “CAKES”, but really aren’t the same. It’s kind of like if I use kahlua instead of kamora in a white russian. They are BOTH coffee liquors. ONLY the BRANDS are different. So don’t you get when the waitress at Chili’s offered me a regular margarita, she was NOT offering me a margarita with BRANDY in it? ANY ONE INGREDIENT AS WELL AS THE NAME NOT BEING THE SAME, MAKES THE DRINK, NOT THE SAME DRINK, EVEN IF THEY ARE BOTH “MARGARITAS”, THEY AREN’T THE SAME! The El guapo margarita and the Top Shelf margarita are both margaritas, but they have different names and definitely have 2 DIFFERENT ingredients between each other. If the drink wouldn’t be DIFFERENT, they wouldn’t have a *DIFFERENT NAME*. Think about that one. Why wouldn’t the El Guapo just be called “margarita” if it was the SAME as the top shelf? The main difference in those 2 margaritas is the orange liqueur. The main difference with the Classic Margarita at Red Lobster and the Top Shelf margarita at Red Lobster is the Grand Marnier. If ONE INGREDIENT is DIFFERENT IN THE GENERAL SENSE(meaning I am NOT talking about switching BRANDS of tequila or vodka), it’s a DIFFERENT DRINK! If one DOESN’T have the GENERAL ingredient the other one has, they are DIFFERENT! So if a “Presidente’ margarita” wouldn’t have Presidente’ brandy, but a different brandy, it would still be the SAME margarita. Sure, it’s strange to call it a “Presidente” without it having that BRAND of brandy, but it would have the SAME *GENERAL* INGREDIENTS. In other words, the drink still has BRANDY in it whether it has “Presidente’ Brandy” in it or not, it would still be made the same way, just a DIFFERENT BRAND OF BRANDY. That is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than my situations like with the waitress at Chili’s that offered me a regular margarita that DIDN’T have ONE OF THE GENERAL INGREDIENTS. It’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT when I was offered a margarita that had an added ingredient, which was Grand Marnier at Red Lobster. It’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT, when the waitress at that offered me the Top Shelf margarita at Serranos, when I had ordered a margarita that DIDN’T contain orange liqueur. In other words, this wasn’t switching from ONE BRAND to the other. In these examples, the waitresses were offering me DIFFERENT margaritas. Their NAMES were DIFFERENT and one contained one ingredient that the other one DIDN’T contain.

There is a BIG difference between switching brands of vodka in a cosmopolitan and a margarita that doesn’t contain a certain ingredient at ALL! Your example of the cosmopolitan ISN’T the SAME thing as what these waitresses did to me when I ordered. I hope you can see that, because it’s TRUE! A different name usually means they have an ingredient that is different, otherwise WHY wouldn’t we call all the margaritas, just “MARGARITA”. They are ALL DIFFERENT MARGARITAS.

“Im upset that you waited till i was done eating my whole meal before you offered dessert cause it sounds really good but now im too full.”

The server can SOLVE that by coming by when the customers are eating their entrees still and ask if they want *ANYTHING ELSE*, NOT to ask if they want a *DESSERT*. The customer will respond “YES OR NO OR WITH WHAT THEY WANT TO ORDER, EVEN IF IT IS A DESSERT”. ANYTHING ELSE COULD MEAN A DESSERT. See, if the waitress at Chili’s that asked us if we wanted a dessert twice while we were still eating, COULD HAVE just asked if we wanted *ANYTHING* ELSE. If the customer wants to blame you for you asking just “ANYTHING ELSE” instead of dessert, that’s NUTS. HOW THE HECK CAN THEY BLAME YOU FOR NOT OFFERING A DESSERT, WHEN YOU DID ASK IF THEY WANTED ANYTHING? As far as the part about the dessert sounding good, that is the fault of the CUSTOMER NOT ASKING WHAT DESSERTS THEY HAVE AND NOT READING THE MENU AT THE BEGINNING OR ASKING FOR THE MENU AGAIN OR A DESSERT MENU OR ASKING THEIR SERVER ABOUT DESSERTS. It’s NOT THE SERVER’S FAULT. WHY should the server offer a *DESSERT* when people are still eating their entrée, when they VERY WELL COULD JUST SAY JUST LIKE THIS: “Do y’all need anything else right now”, instead of “Do y’all want a dessert?” If the customer is mad that they didn’t make room for a possible dessert, THAT IS *THEIR *FAULT FOR EATING TOO MUCH OF THEIR ENTRÉE. HOW CAN THAT BE THE FAULT OF THE SERVER? The server would just be asking if they want ANYTHING ELSE, which that is up to the *CUSTOMER* to SPEAK UP IF THEY WANT TO KNOW THE DESSERTS. So if they eat too much and then get mad that you didn’t offer them a dessert, but DID OFFER THEM *ANYTHING* ELSE, then the ONLY PERSON to blame is THEMSELF! The waitress that offered dessert before I was even half way finished my meal, should have asked if we needed *ANYTHING* else. If I want to know about desserts already at that moment that I am not anywhere near finished, I’ll TELL the server and SO CAN ANY CUSTOMER DO THE SAME! I say to those customers, SPEAK UP ABOUT DESSERTS when the server ask if you want anything else and that if those customers MIGHT POSSIBLY want a dessert, that they need to READ their menu when they are deciding what to get as well as ASK the server about desserts if the server asks them if they want *ANYTHING* ELSE. ANYTHING, MEANS, ANYTHING! There is NO REAL REASON TO OFFER A DESSERT WHEN THE PERSON IS STILL EATING THEIR ENTRÉE, because the server CAN OFFER *ANYTHING* ELSE. It’s UP TO THE *CUSTOMER* to SPEAK UP ABOUT A DESSERT AS WELL AS TO LEAVE ROOM FOR A DESSERT! We left room for dessert and got boxes for our entrees before. The ONLY PEOPLE TO BLAME ARE THE CUSTOMERS ON THIS ONE! If my server offers to get me ANYTHING ELSE, I COULD BRING UP DESSERTS AND SO COULD THE CUSTOMER. So if the customer blames the server in this situation, they should take a good look in the MIRROR! Like it’s really YOUR fault they didn’t make room for dessert, I mean really, that’s up to the CUSTOMER to save room in their tummy for more food whether you would ask or not, it’s UP TO THE CUSTOMER!

“Someone like yourself is aghast if someone brings their refills without asking first, another guest is aghast if he has to ask for a refill.”

I say to that guest, if they want you to read their mind that they would like you to get them a refill without knowing 100% for sure they want more soft drink, that they should TELL the server “Just keep em coming, you don’t have to ask if I want a refill throughout my meal.” This way, the server WILL NOT ASK. With my situation, I hardly EVER get refills without asking or letting me order them, so for me, it would be WASTING TIME to tell my server a COMMON SENSE thing such as “Don’t do the ordering for me.” The guest that wants you to bring refills without asking SHOULD tell the server considering you aren’t a mind reader as well as MOST service I encounter(I have been going out to eat EVERY WEEKEND since Dec. 2000, which is around the time I met my husband. So for almost 6 years I have been going out 2 times a weekend at least and once in a BIG while, go out even Sundays sometimes. My point is, out of ALL THOSE times and we went to chains QUITE A BIT over the years like Applebee’s, Red Lobster, Chili’s, etc., we have gotten refills without asking very RARELY. So since it’s NOT the “NORM” to get a refill without asking, that guest SHOULD TELL THEIR SERVER THEY WANT THEIR REFILLS WITHOUT ASKING. If I actual got service NORMALLY with refills without asking, I’d definitely would tell the server NOT to bring my refills without asking or letting me order, but since I HARDLY EVER get that type of service, I am NOT ABOUT TO WASTE MY TIME TELLING THE SERVER NOT TO ORDER FOR ME, which is common sense not to give the customer something you aren’t 100% SURE they want. The server could on their way to the computer terminal to put in my order instead of me telling them not to do the ordering for me. So blame that guest for not telling their server to do the ordering for him.

“we are in a hurry now we dont have time for dessert and where the hell is our check.”

That is WHY you should say “ANYTHING” else, which could mean the check ALSO. That is another reason why you shouldn’t say “DESSERT”. In this sentence, you make the customer sound MAD you offered them a dessert instead of just asking them “ANYTHING ELSE” and they could have replied with “Check please”. Instead of offering a *SPECIFIC* thing, offer “ANYTHING”. This way, you won’t be acting like you are pushing people out that may or may not KNOW if they will be hungry enough for dessert and the people that don’t want a dessert, can ask for the check while they are still eating their entrée. Everyone would be happy then, except for the stupid customers that want to blame you for not offering a good dessert when THEY decided to eat too much of their entrée.

“You say please dont upsell me, and another will call and complain that while i was dining I heard a server offer something to another table that sounded great,”

Again, if the *CUSTOMER* DOESN’T SPEAK UP BY *ASKING* ABOUT DIFFERENT FOODS OR DRINKS, THEN THE *CUSTOMER* IS 100% TO BLAME! How could my server be at fault for not offering me something if I NEVER INQUIRED ABOUT THE FOOD AND DRINKS? Do you understand? If the CUSTOMER wants to know about certain things like certain desserts, the CUSTOMER NEEDS TO BE THE ONE TO *ASK* ABOUT THINGS. Like if I want to know what specials they have that aren’t on the menu, I should ASK. WHY should I blame my server for not telling me? Instead of trying to decide what’s on the menu, I could simply ASK my server “Do y’all have any specials today?” BLAME THE CUSTOMER! If they can’t try to find out, HOW is it ANYONE’S FAULT other than THEMSELVES? In other words, if I want to know the different desserts or the daily specials or whatever, I CAN VERY WELL BE AGGRESSIVE AND *ASK*. This way, the CUSTOMER would know and you wouldn’t aggravate people like me. Also, as far as up selling goes, the top shelf margarita at Red Lobster was up selling AFTER I placed my order. If I would be ASKING her questions, that’s one thing, but if the customer is mad that they weren’t offered the top shelf margarita, they can blame THEMSELVES FOR NOT READING THE MENU VERY WELL. It’s almost like if the menu states “All sandwiches come with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Let’s say someone doesn’t want onions, but doesn’t read the menu very well. They get their food and it has onions which let’s say they are allergic to. HOW CAN THE SERVER BE AT FAULT FOR A STUPID CUSTOMER THAT WAS TOO LAZY TO *READ* THE MENU? The waitress at Red Lobster that offered me the top shelf margarita should have NOT told me ANYTHING, because I didn’t ASK for her help. I can read the menu for myself. Meaning, if I would have been disappointed they didn’t offer me the top shelf, the ONLY PERSON I would have to blame would be *MYSELF* for not READING THE MENU FULLY AND/OR NOT ASKING THE SERVER! CUSTOMERS SHOULD TAKE SOME *RESPONSIBILITY* WHEN THEY ORDER SOMETHING. If they need more time or advice from their server, they should ASK FOR IT, OTHERWISE, IF THE CUSTOMERS AREN’T ASKING, THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY OFFERINGS! 99% of the time, I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, SO IF THEY OFFER ME SOMETHING ELSE, I TURN IT DOWN, WHICH THEY END UP WASTING THEIR TIME AND MY TIME. It’s one thing if I *ASK* them for their opinion or look unsure of what I want by maybe saying “uh” when I order, then that’s one thing, but it’s quite another when I am saying EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, sometimes even with SPECIFICS like the Presidente margarita wanting it made with Jose Cuervo instead of sauza. Doesn’t that sound like a *SURE* person? If I want to know their opinions or other foods or drinks, I’ll ASK. I would take RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY DINING EXPERIENCE BY READING THE MENU AND ASKING QUESTIONS IF I WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING THAT ISN’T ON THE MENU. So if I COULD, ANYONE CAN, except for people that are blind or old people that can’t see very well, that’ s a bit DIFFERENT. The person that I made the example about the person being allergic to onions would be at fault for not asking their server and for not reading their menu. It’s the SAME THING with your example. If they are mad, because you didn’t offer them something, they are being RIDICULOUS, because they didn’t ATTEMPT TO FIND OUT WHAT OTHER THINGS THERE WERE. In other words, WHY waste time for the people that don’t want to hear about the up sells and blame the CUSTOMER for not asking their server and/or reading their menu very well? The server CAN’T be at fault for you not offering something, when they didn’t INQUIRE ABOUT ANYTHING. WHY should the customer be mad at the server for being so “PASSIVE”? If I want to know something, I ASK. I TAKE CHARGE OF MY DINING EXPERIENCE, SO WHY CAN'T THEY?

I went to a particular Mexican restaurant for the first time and asked lots of questions about an entrée. THAT IS WHAT THE CUSTOMER SHOULD DO IF THEY WANT TO KNOW THINGS! This way, the customers that don’t want to hear unwanted things wouldn’t have to and the people that would want to know, would, because the CUSTOMER would take *CONTROL* of their DINING EXPERIENCE! HOW CAN YOU BLAME SOMEONE FOR NOT OFFERING SOMETHING? SERVERS CAN’T READ MINDS, NO ONE CAN!

“But this is what i have to do, unless you kindly tell me when i arrive at the table, that youd rather not hear the speil you have already decided what you want to eat.”

Sometimes we can’t just interrupt our server mid-sentence when they are telling about specials. That would be rather rude. So I am NOT sure HOW I would say “We just want to order” in a nice way without interrupting the server? So sometimes we are stuck with hearing it and other times, we have actually wanted to listen to the specials. It all depends if this is our first time at the restaurant or not. If they don’t offer specials, what’s wrong with me asking? This is my point: It’s up to the CUSTOMER to ask if the something isn’t offered. I have asked at a pasta chain called Semolina a waitress about if they had any specialty margaritas. She told me no. See, HOW HARD WAS THAT TO INQUIRE ABOUT THE THINGS THEY MAY NOT HAVE ON THEIR MENU? Could that server magically know I wanted to know about the margaritas they serve? NO, she CAN’T read my mind. So if a person is interested in a desserts, they can read the menu and INQUIRE ABOUT THEM. The customer that would blame you for not offering them anything needs to LOOK IN THE MIRROR! YOU MAKE YOUR OWN DESTINY. YOUR DINING EXPERIENCE IS PARTLY WHAT YOU MAKE IT. In other words, the server is doing what the customer asks of them, but the server can’t magically know the customer wanted to be offered the top shelf margarita. It’s on the menu at Red Lobster of all things, so I don’t see a NEED to OFFER something a customer can READ FOR THEMSELVES. MOST PEOPLE CAN READ. If they can’t read or need more time to read the menu, they should DEFINITELY TELL THEIR SERVER.

My point to a LOT of this is “SELF RESPONSIBILITY”! Customers shouldn’t blame their server for not offering something. THEY AREN’T MIND READERS. Customers should take the initiative to ASK their server if they want to know things. I say to those types of customers that complain about not being offered something: TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR DINING EXPERIENCE! If you want to know, simply ASK. It’s NOT that difficult.

5:55 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I mean how annoying would it be if everytime you slurped down your drink i had to walk to the table and ask if you would like another Dr. Pepper or would you like to switch to Coke. It is an interuption in your dining experiance."

You sound a bit LAZY if you are talking about it being annoying to the SERVER, because you don't want to walk to my table to find out what *I* want instead of sending another of the same, which is what *YOU* want me to have. If you are talking about it would be annoying to me, the customer, I would have to say, it's NOT annoying or a bad interruption in my dining experience I feel. I would RATHER have them interrupt me if I am in a converstation or holding hands on the table so I can get what *I* wish to have just that MUCH SOONER. If I didn't want to be interrupted, I'd get take-out or cook. That is what I say to those people who wish to have refills without ordering or asking for them. If they want an almost "SILENT" dining service with almost NO interruptions, EAT AT HOME OR GO TO MCDONALD'S. Don't make the people that want what *THEY* want to have that much quicker to suffer for people that don't want to be interrupted. I say to those people DON'T go to a non-fast food restaurant to dine in if you don't want interruptions. I mean, for real, you know.

I would RATHER have that interruption so I could say exactly what *I* wish to have. I really don't mind to be interrupted. Even when I or my husband have been in mid-sentence, in a conversation. It's NOT that big of a deal, really, it's NOT.

So what if those people don't want you to ask them what they want. If they are that hell bent on getting no interruptions, DON'T DINE OUT AT A NON-FAST FOOD RESTAURANT THEN! I WANT THE INTERRUPTIONS. It's a PLEASURE to see someone that actual *CARES* about what *I* would like instead of being TOO LAZY TO COME TO ASK ME INSTEAD. I DON'T CARE IF THEY INTERRUPT ME. THE SERVER HAS TO DO THEIR JOB, you know, so HOW CAN ANYONE EXPECT NOT TO HAVE INTERRUPTIONS UNLESS THE CUSTOMER TELLS THE SERVER: "Bring me refills without me asking for them, so we won't be interrupted."

"You get yourself all worked up over the damn drinks its a little ridiculous don't you think..."

Yes, it is a *SMALL* issue that I am getting worked up over, BUT, I just CAN'T STAND people making DECISIONS that are SUPPOSED TO BE *MINE* to make, whether or not I may even want another refill of the same. It's about the *PRINCIPLE* of it, that they didn't care to find out what I wanted and were TOO LAZY to come and find out, so they decided to give me what *THEY* wanted or think I wanted, which was *ASSUMING*. I HATE when people *ASSUME*, because they could just come to you and *ASK* you instead. I'd rather someone not WASTE our time bringing me a refill if all I want is the check. THINK ABOUT THAT. Let's say I am at a table of 6(including myself). The server gets 6 refills not knowing if we want refills, we tell the server when she or he arrives, we want the check, no refills. Think of how much *LONGER* we would have waited to ask for the check for NO REASON except for pured laziness and them *ASSUMING* we wanted more of the same. Think that now she had to go POUR ALL THOSE DRINKS OUT, I am guessing at the kitchen area, instead of going to the computer terminal as well as think of the amount of time we would have waited to ask for the check, because instead of going to our table to ask if we needed anything else, that server WASTED TIME FOR EVERYONE GOING TO GET REFILLS. That server would have wasted time for other customers besides us, because, that time COULD HAVE been used to get things that are TRULY *WANTED*. That is probably the MAIN REASON WHY I hardly EVER get that type of service. The servers have seen through their EXPERIENCE, SOMETIMES people want SOMETHING ELSE or NO refill at all. Think about *HOW MUCH TIME YOU ARE WASTING FOR EVERYONE*. It may save time when the customers want more, but not for those that didn't. You'd be WASTING time for those who didn't. Also, if you read some of my responses, a person on a website said they felt OBLIGATED to drink the drinks, when they asked for the check.

Jun 24 2005, 07:29 AM
i always hate when they ask you if you need anything else, and you say just the check, and they bring you your check AND new drinks. i always feel obligated to drink at least half of the new drink so that they didnt waste their time."

Do you like knowing people feel "OBLIGATED", because you didn't have the *COURTEOUSY* to *ASK* them? I have felt that way when I got a refill of Dr. Pepper and I wanted coke instead at Denny's by KEEPING it. I would have felt bad asking the server to go back again, which I know I shouldn't have felt that way considring it was *HER* FAULT she didn't come to FIND OUT FIRST, but I didn't ask for a coke, I kept the dr. pepper.

"I would never think of going on the internet and posting everything that i saw wrong with the way the Plumber worked when he was at my house."

This is NOT COMPARABLE. For one thing, I am NOT EXPOSED to plumbing issues EVERY weekend, twice a weekend. Plumbing issues I get maybe once in a blue moon. Like my husband and I had an issue ONCE since we have been married since 2002. YOU CAN'T COMPARE THAT TO ISSUES YOU SEE IS WRONG, THAT YOU *KNOW* HOW THEY CAN SOLVE THEM. It's COMMON SENSE NOT to bring an entree of chicken if I ordered steak to me. People DON'T *LOOK* at what they are bringing you, but they wrote down the order. I just had a waitress friday that DIDN'T LOOK at what the fuck she was bringing us. I ordered a side of ranch with mozzerella sticks. She brings it out(she wrote it down) WITHOUT the ranch and we have to remind her. NOW, COME ON, WHY BE SO LAZY AS NOT TO VERIFY WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE BRINGING TO MY TABLE. The servers today seem to be TOO LAZY to VERIFY THE WHAT THEY ARE BRINGING TO THE CUSTOMERS. She didn't even say she was sorry and I had to sit there to wait to eat the WAY I LIKE IT and she made herself have an extra trip to the kitchen. I KNOW A LOT ABOUT HOW TO BE A GOOD SERVER, EVEN IF I HAVE NEVER WORKED AT A REGULAR TYPE OF RESTAURANT. If I am EXPOSED to the mistakes over and over, it's COMMON SENSE what they are doing wrong.

"Would you rather me take your money by being on Walfare or some other program...No I didn't think so...oh wait i'd hate to "read your mind"

I'd honestly rather you be on welfare to PAY through our tax dollars and get GREAT SERVICE THAT *I* would like with someone that *CARES* about what their *CUSTOMERS* want. IT'S WORTH THE EXTRA CASH TO GET SERVERS LIKE YOU OUT OF RESTAURANTS! YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE MAKING DECISIONS FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS AND YOU KNOW IT! It's like I'd rather pay a 20% tip and get EVERYTHING MYSELF, than to be pissed off at the table I don't have my ranch, I got a refill I didn't want, etc. I would rather PAY MORE TO BE HAPPY INSTEAD, DON'T YOU GET THAT?

""El Guapo" margarita thing happened ages ago."

NO, it happened a few MONTHS AGO, maybe at the most 6 months.

"You need to learn to sit back and enjoy your meal."

HOW am I supposed to *ENJOY* my meal without the condiments I asked for? THAT is what makes the food taste good. When the server forgets them, it makes my food get cooler by the minute they are making me wait to eat my meal the way *I* ENJOY IT, when the could have brought it BEFORE my meal if they CARED about MY experience, but they don't, so I don't care as much about their tip.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

You still didn't answer my question about WHO is right about tipouts to the bartender, host or hostess, and bussers, is it "Sweet Catriona" from or you? It sounds like it's "Sweet Catriona", because I have read some other people's blogs and they said they LOST money if we gave zero tip, like when MOST people don't tip for take-out and they are the take-out server that day, they still have to tipout of the SALES of the products sold. Maybe your manager is caring, but I would think MOST managers wouldn't care if you got zero tip, because a LOT of the time, it's NOT as common for the customers that stiff to be the cheap ones, it's because the server gave customers POOR service. I am NOT saying there aren't any stiffers out there just because they are cheap, but it's NOT as common as giving zero for a very good reason, which is BAD service. My sister-in-law is a waitress and she's had quite a few jobs waitressing. She said she got stiffed sometimes and gave good service(no mistakes or long waiting times either) and also I have had people at the donut shop that I would give FULL TABLE SERVICE with refills and everything with NO MISTAKES or long waiting times and was left with zero, because they felt it was like fast food, which the food is COOKED TO ORDER and other times I'd have someone that just ordered a coffee and a crossiant and they left a dollar. Seems strange, but there are some cheap skates out there and there are some people that do tip. I would think in a regular restaurant such as Outback, people normally tip for the MOST part and it would be a RARITY to have someone COMPLETELY stiff the server unless it was for bad service. In my situation, the donut shop/diner, was considered more like fast food, but I still could give full table service. My point is, it sounds like *SERVERS* are the ONLY ONES that TRULY LOSE when a person stiffs their server. If you have a nice manager that makes up the difference, that's nice. I just NEVER heard of that before that a manager would make-up for a customer not tipping, especially if you really did give them bad service. Like any manager would want you to get a tip for 8 mistakes, including wrong entrees and an overcharge. I am so sure the manager would really pay you for making people not want to come back, YEAH RIGHT!

"Sean did not suggest a specific appetizer, Sean did not offer the specific drink,"

If servers have to offer SO MUCH, WHY don't I get that from MOST servers then? WHY is it a RARITY if servers TRULY have to do that much upselling?

10:28 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

“Servers do not get paid, they make money by tips alone, our per hour pay if were lucky pays our taxes.”

A. That’s THEIR CHOICE to work there.

B. That SHOULD make them STRIVE to do THEIR BEST.

“maybe they forgot a condiment, im sure they got it for you as soon as you asked, if they were able too.”

People DON’T get RAISES OR PROMOTIONS for doing a poor job at *ANY* JOB. So if I am “PAYING” this person to write down the order and compare it to that order with the menu BEFORE taking it to me, if they don’t do it, WHY should I pay them as much to be LAZY? THEY AREN'T DOING THEIR JOB CORRECTLY!

You honestly don’t get it. It is FUCKING FRUSTRATING when I order even just ONE side of ranch and the SAME SERVER even WROTE DOWN THE ORDER, but DOESN’T *LOOK* AT WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE TAKING ME by bringing it ALL THE WAY TO MY TABLE, meanwhile, making “ME” wait to EAT all because they were TOO DAMN LAZY AND UNCARING TO DOUBLE CHECK THINGS. TELL ME: WHERE IS THE *EFFORT* IN MY SERVICE? It’s NOT *YOU* that this happens to, SO OF COURSE YOU DON'T CARE. MOST of the times, when I’ve asked, servers have brought the condiments before my meal like I requested. A couple of times though, they LIED to me and the food runners DIDN'T HAVE THE CONDIMENTS OF COURSE. One of them got 10%, the other 8%. Sometimes I just didn’t bother to ask for them before my meal if it was like one side of ranch and they CAN’T FUCKING GET THAT RIGHT EVEN! THAT MAKES ME ANGRY, BECAUSE *NO EFFORT* WAS PUT INTO MY ORDER, NONE, TO GET IT RIGHT, which shows how LAZY AND UNCARING they are. LIKE HELL, I’M going to pay someone *WELL* to make mistake after mistake, HELL NO! I WANT PERFECT SERVICE AND HAVE HAD IT MANY TIMES. It DOES IMPROVE THINGS TO GIVE LOWER TIPS TO MAKE THE SERVERS *TRY* HARDER! I had a waitress at Chili's do REALLY, REALLY, POORLY and she got zero. The next time I had her, she got 22%. Do you know why? SHE IMPROVED HERSELF. I reported it and gave her zero tip.

“Unless you call the manager over to complain, which is what i suggested to do instead of stiffing your server.”

I’ve DONE BOTH- STIFFING AND CALLED THE MANAGER- for some instances where I’ve had REALLY BAD SERVICE. THERE’S NO WAY IN HELL I WILL GIVE MONEY WHERE IT WASN’T *EARNED*! Reporting things to the manager DOESN’T ALWAYS HELP. I've had RUDE MANAGERS THAT DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT. We NEVER returned to certain restaurants, because of the MANAGERS NOT CARING. I don’t mean about giving free shit, I mean that they weren’t even sympathetic by apologizing or being NICE even and I was NICE to them. Like telling me from a manager at Chili's “She printed the ticket right” when I received things missing and things wrong with my food. LIKE IT REALLY MATTERS IF THE TICKET WAS RIGHT OR NOT? IT’S THE FACT *SHE* *BROUGHT* IT TO THE TABLE AND SHE COULD *SEE* THINGS WERE WRONG, BUT BROUGHT IT ANYWAY. In other words, that manager *TOOK UP FOR THE WAITRESS*, which I reported it to the internet complaint area on their website and another manager told me they FIRED her. It’s a long story, but she was VERY RUDE to me, I waited a half an hour for a margarita, asked for utensils twice, and NO apologizes for ANY OF THAT. So telling the manager is NOT NECESSARILY GOING TO HELP A DAMN THING. GIVING ZERO TIP WILL MAKE SERVICE BETTER IF THEY ARE THAT REALLY BAD. THE SERVERS WILL SEE THAT THEY AREN'T DOING WELL AND *TRY* TO DO BETTER INSTEAD OF BEING LAZY! IT'S CALLED *WORK*, NOT PLAYTIME! I've seen a waitress at Chili's last year who took my white russian order and proceeded to another table only to have 3-4 guys KISS HER HAND! She got under 5% tip. FUCK PEOPLE WHO ARE UNCARING ABOUT THEIR JOB! THEY ARE *PLAYING* WHEN THEY SHOULD BE *WORKING*! I WAITED 6 minutes for my white russian that I could have received in half the time possibly if she wouldn't have gone to that other table and just went to put the order in instead, which would be caring about her customers, which is what SHOULD HAPPEN. She was ONLY caring about "FLIRTING" with these guys instead of going to put in an order. WHAT A SELFISH AND LAZY WAITRESS!

“this effects their ability to serve other tables with good service, so not only is your table effected their whole section is effected.”

If other people want to have that type of service, that’s *THEIR* RIGHT, just like ME. Also, NO ONE CARES ABOUT *MY* table in the section I am sitting in, SO WHY THE HELL SHOULD I *CARE* ABOUT *THEIR* SERVICE? For real, you know. BE FAIR, you know, like the customers really give a shit about me? Also, if it’s bad service, the SERVER DOESN’T CARE ABOUT *ME* OBVIOUSLY, by making mistake after mistake, because they aren't TRYING by writing the orders down or LOOKING at what they are taking me, so WHY THE HELL SHOULD I CARE ABOUT THEIR TIP AS MUCH? CARING IS A 2-WAY STREET! TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU’D LIKE TO BE TREATED! Also, MOST servers don’t even say their sorry, which I count off MORE TIP for being *UNCARING*. I COULDN’T FATHOM NOT APOLOGIZING. I *ALWAYS* APOLOGIZED WHEN I MADE MISTAKES AT THE DONUT SHOP, whether it was for a drive-thru order that wasn’t more than likely going to tip me or someone eating inside or getting something to-go. It WASN’T about the “TIPS”, it was about just being “NICE”.

“Worse then a slave they actually have to pay money to serve you.”

If they don’t like paying for my service they should think about the fact they DIDN’T DO WELL and try to IMPROVE or just go get another job! Some people aren't cut out for certain jobs.

“I'm sure they got it for you as soon as you asked, if they were able too.”

98% of the time it’s WITHOUT a “SORRY” even. Quite a NUMBER of times I had waited 2-5 minutes or longer for missing condiments. It’s the TRUTH, because I look at my watch. What a MEAN and UNCARING person that can’t say “Sorry about that.” That is LESS tip they will receive if they can’t be NICE about it. It’s truly RARE that I get a sorry. I am NOT mean about it, I just say when the servers forget:"I ordered a side of ranch." I don't get mean with them or anything that they can't APOLOGIZE.

“are you that insulted by someone making a mistake that you will sit in there section for an hour or possibly longer, taking up their money making table”

I have EVERY RIGHT to be there just as much as the NEXT person. As far as taking up their money making table, if they don’t do poorly, they’ll get tipped. It’s like WHY should I CARE AS MUCH about their tip if they DIDN’T *CARE* about getting my order correct or even apologizing? BE NICE TO ME AND I’LL BE NICE BACK! BE MEAN AND UNCARING, I’LL DO THE *SAME* THING BACK IN THE TIP! A JOB IS A JOB, SO WHY BE TOO LAZY TO MAKE SURE THE FOOD IS CORRECT AS FAR AS WHAT YOU CAN *SEE*?

I’ll give you an exampleof a VERY NICE WAITRESS. My husband and I went to a bar and grill that wasn’t a well know chain recently. My waitress brought out my food, but my ranch wasn’t there, but I didn’t notice it before she left right away. Also, my onions weren't on my open-faced burger as I ordered. She told me she was “SO SORRY” about the ranch and my husband even asked someone to tell my server that I was missing my ranch and *SHE*(someone else that WASN'T MY SERVER) even said she was “SO SORRY”. Her tip was 20%. NORMALLY, 15% or less like 12% for 2 mistakes like that, but the fact that she was *SO DAMN NICE* I couldn’t help it by basically *FORGET* those mistakes, because she was SO CARING. I usually don’t get “Sorry”, much less “SO SORRY.” That was VERY onion situation by giving me most of his onions, so I didn't mention the onions to the waitress. Anyway, my point is, she made 2 mistakes, but I FORGAVE HER, BECAUSE SHE WAS SUCH A *NICE AND CARING* PERSON. Normally, I would have been in a bad mood from a no apology, but she brightened up my evening, even though she made 2 mistakes. It’s ALL ABOUT THE *WAY YOU HANDLE THE MISTAKES*. DO YOU APOLOGIZE AND GO FIX IT IN A TIMELY MANNER? So think about that, before you think I am SUCH a BAD person. I AM NICE, WHEN PEOPLE ARE NICE TO ME!

“I have recieved bad service, but I have never not tipped anyone.”

You are just making OTHERS *RECEIVE BAD SERVICE* by tipping them, instead of them *LEARNING THEY DID POORLY*, NO YOU JUST LET THEM BELIEVE “I’LL GET PAID ANYWAY TO MESS UP!”. You are going to pay someone to mess up your entrée twice, overcharge you many dollars, etc? NO WAY WOULD MOST PEOPLE TIP FOR REALLY POOR SERVICE. Have you ever waited 17 minutes to leave after someone gave the check? WE HAVE, and LEFT ZERO TIP DESERVABLY SO! THERE'S NO REASON TO WAIT THAT *LONG* TO COME BACK TO RING UP OUR CHECK, NONE! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN OVERCHARGED over $21( NO APOLOGY) and waited 10 minutes to get the check rung up at non-busy time? WE HAVE and LEFT ZERO TIP! Have you ever been overcharged almost $11 with NO APOLOGY AND BEING IGNORED BY THE WAITER WHEN YOU TOLD THE WAITER ABOUT IT? WE HAVE AND LEFT ZERO TIP! THE NO SORRY GETS THEM ZERO FOR SURE FOR OVERCHARGES OF ANY AMOUNT! IF THEY DO SAY THEIR SORRY, BUT DON'T TAKE CARE OF IT RIGHT AWAY AS THEY SHOULD, THEY AREN'T SORRY, IT'S JUST WORDS! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Have you ever had REALLY bad service and waited a LONGER time for your food, because you waitress chatted with people instead of putting the order in and didn't apologize for MANY MISTAKES as well as overcharged you and instead of saying "sorry", she said "IT'S THE COMPUTER"? She even had the damn receipts stapled together, but overcharged my credit card almost $5 over the amount of the bill. If the server treats me with NO RESPECT, THEY THEY GET NO RESPECT BACK IN THE TIP! I TREAT OTHERS THEY WAY THEY'D LIKE TO BE TREATED IF IT WAS THEM! I really DOUBT THEY'D want to get that type of treatment if they were the CUSTOMER. AT LEAST SAY YOU'RE SORRY, I FEEL, ESPECIALLY FOR THESE HUGE OVERCHARGES. It's not like a few pennies(which I still want an apology for), but for those ones I listed, it's ASHAME that people are that fucking RUDE AND EXTREMELY UNCARING! WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT THEIR TIP, IF THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT *MY* MONEY AND *MY* TIME? TELL ME THAT, HUH? WHY SHOULD I CARE IF THEY DON'T? IS THAT REALLY FAIR? THEY SERVED ME, BUT BETRAYED ME BY OVERCHARGING ME, POSSIBLY ON *PURPOSE* CONSIDERING WE NEVER GOT APOLOGIES FOR THOSE SITUATIONS. I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE A *THIEF* A DAMN THING! I DON'T STEAL, SO WHY THE FUCK SHOULD THEY GET TO?

“No wonder someone makes a mistake,”

Because they aren’t *COMPARING THE PLATE OF FOOD OR DRINK WITH THE MENU(if they don’t know the menu) AND THE WRITTEN ORDER.

“I really do think that people need to work as a server before they are allowed to go out to eat, or get a license to eat.”

NO, I think people need to be *CUSTOMERS* MUCH MORE OFTEN where they would order COMPLICATED things and SEE HOW MANY *MISTAKES* are made and SEE HOW *THEY'D* FEEL WHEN IT HAPPENED TO THEM.

“So after running your server ragged, being aghast they brought you a reill,”


The food should be CORRECT when it is brought to me as far as what they can *SEE*!

“Never, ever take food out that is incorrectly done (I had a waitress rip me a new one for something I goofed up on as a cook and she demanded I fix it then and there - and she was right and I learned)."

See, if servers would just do that, I wouldn't have missing condiments unless it would be SOMEONE ELSE bringing me my food that didn't take my order. The "Someone else" that takes me my food should *READ THE TICKET* instead of just *TRUSTING* that the cook did their job correctly, because the food runner ends up bringing back something or having to go get something missing or even had one IGNORE my request(considering I ordered it WITH my meal to being with). That time the food runner ignored me I asked 4 times altogether, once from my server when I ordered, another time the food runner when the food was brought, another time from my server(which she ignored me(which I WASN'T mean at all, I just told her that I told the food runner about my side of ranch and bbq sauce wasn't delivered and she asked "He didn't bring them", I told her "no", she went on serving someone else with NO apology. My husband had to go get a MANAGER to get 2 fucking condiments. I waited a total of 4 minutes LITERALLY, I AM NOT LYING! This was at Chili's. NOW, MAYBE YOU SEE MY FRUSTRATION! I WILL NOT EAT MY FOOD WITHOUT MY CONDIMENTS, BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE THE FOOD VERY MUCH WITHOUT THEM! If they didn't have condiments available at restaurants, then I'd probably would have to either get things that don't need any like a pasta dish or not eat out or bring my own. Since they do, I am NOT going to spend my own money on that, that they give to you free. I don't want to make a mess either and I don't want to have to all the way home just to get it or spend way more money buying a whole jar for a little bit. I don't care for packet mayonnaise most of the time, because it's just not as fresh. I can TASTE the difference.

I had to wait over 5 minutes with NO APOLOGY at Denny's for a bbq sauce and a side of mayonnise. The menu stated BBQ SAUCE *CAME* with the sandwich.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich: A seasoned, grilled chicken breast topped with Cheddar cheese and a stack of thin crisp onion rings on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato and a sweet hickory spread. Served with a side of BBQ sauce.

See, waitress didn't compare the MENU with the plate of food, made me wait OVER 5 minutes, which is the GOD'S TRUTH, and DIDN'T APOLOGIZE, as well as had to ask her 3 times altogether, the first was when I ordered, the second was when she forgot it, and the third was when I had been sitting there for 3-4 minutes already. My husband had already finished eating by the time she got me my condiments and I hadn't started eating my sandiwich yet. NOW CAN YOU GET MY FRUSTRATION OF THAT THEY ARE TOO DAMN LAZY TO *LOOK* AT WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE TAKING TO THEIR CUSTOMERS?

That is my #1 pet peeve is food being delivered wrong, especially from the *SAME* server that took my order.

"although our ditzy waitress brought me the wrong food twice before a different waitress took over and finally brought the right order."

Look at this person that their opinion of their waitress is a bit "thoughtless" and "dumb". HOW CAN SOMEONE NOT SEE SOMETHING IS MISSING LIKE CONDIMENTS OR THE COMPLETELY WRONG ENTREE OR THE COMPLETELY WRONG SIDE DISH?

"Waitress a bit stupid, served wrong food and charged for an extra dish."

See, it was not just the wrong food that this waitress messed up, it was also that she didn't even *TRY* to make sure the bill was correct. THAT WAS A STUPID AND LAZY ASS WAITRESS AS WELL AS UNCARING!

"Everyon prolly claps when you leave a restaurant so the restaurant can return to normal and people can have a good time again."

That's because they are so damn *LAZY* they don't want to do *MORE WORK*, DON'T YOU GET THAT? OF COURSE, if I was a server I'd MUCH RATHER have the customer that ordered "AS IS" from the menu then have to get 5 condiments and put into the computer "No this" "Add that", "No salt on fries" etc. The LESS WORK, the more not as HECTIC it is for the server. OF COURSE they don't want to work VERY HARD. OF COURSE ALMOST EVERYONE WOULD RATHER HAVE SOMEONE THAT WOULD PAY 25% TO DO ALMOST NOTHING. THEY ARE LAZY NOT TO WANT TO DO MORE FOR THEIR MONEY. NOT TO WANT TO *EARN* THAT MONEY!

I had a waitress at Chili's that forgot my coke, because she DIDN'T TRY TO REMEMBER IT. Then, I had asked her to bring the condiments before the meal, she brings me ONE HALF SIDE of bbq sauce, when I asked for 2. I wrote my order down and she also wrote it down. So she had 2 CHEAT SHEETS even. SEE, my point is, NO EFFORT. THAT IS WHY THEY FORGET! THEY DON'T WANT TO TAKE THE EFFORT TO REMEMBER BY TRYING THEIR BEST EVEN.

I had another waitress at Chili's that forgot my coke TWICE, because she didn't write the order down, come back to the table to ask about our margarita order(my husband and I BOTH got one), because she didn't write it down, NO apologies for any of those mistakes and even handed us the wrong credit card. THAT was the only thing she apologized for. She did make an effort though for her TIP(SELFISH) to write "Thank You" on the check, which I don't care if they write that. If anything, that's WASTING MY TIME. I don't take off for it, but it DOES WASTE TIME. My point is, THE ONLY EFFORT SHE TOOK WAS FOR HER FUCKING TIP! SHE WASN'T CONCERNED ABOUT GETTING THE ORDERS CORRECT!

"however customers are a dime a dozen."

That is VERY UNTRUE, otherwise, WHY would have I gotten: $40 from Applebee's for ONE bad experience, $59.99 from Lonestar Steakhouse(because of the *MANAGER*, which the VICE PRESIDENT WROTE ME A LETTER-in other words a complaint about the MANAGER for the most part), $20 from Red Lobster, Chili's $106 (altogether from 3 bad situations), a free dessert at a place called "O'Henry's food and Spirits", a free white russian from a seafood restaurant called "Dragos", $55 from a chain called "Fox and Hound"(2 experiences), and 2 free appetizers(1 haven't used yet) and $20? Just the cash amounts equals = $300.99, which is NOT counting the free food/drinks that I don't know the prices of. SO "DIME A DOZEN", MORE LIKE MANY DOLLARS and DOLLARS A DOZEN! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! DOES THAT LOOK LIKE JUST A FEW DIMES TO YOU OVER A COURSE OF about 3 years worth, since 2003? The managers actually *CARE* if you come back or not! CUSTOMERS ARE HARD TO *KEEP* AS *REPEAT* CUSTOMERS! They can find a server ANYWHERE that will do the job to it's MINIMUM requirements, which to the manager, may be GOOD ENOUGH!

"Just means someone else will get in that appreciates our way of doing things."

The restaurants wouldn't be *PAYING* customers to come back to their restaurant.

"No wonder servers mess up your orders, with all your special requests, and wants and needs, by the time they leave their table they are probably so frazzled they dont remember their own name."

They "forget", because they are LAZY! They should be *WRITING THE ORDERS DOWN* as well as "COMPARING WHAT THEY WROTE DOWN AND THE MENU WITH THE FOOD/DRINK* ****BEFORE**** TAKING IT TO THE CUSTOMER! THAT IS WHY THEY DON'T REMEMBER STUFF SOMETIMES! If they don't remember their name, they need help. I WISH I COULD GET THINGS MYSELF! I HONESTLY DO WISH I COULD JUST GO GET IT OR THEY WOULD HAVE MAYO AND MUSTARD BOTTLES AT THE TABLE LIKE SOME RESTAURANTS HAVE(VERY FEW THOUGH)! I WISH EVERY RESTAURANT WOULD HAVE A SALAD BAR SO I COULD GO GET RANCH. THESE PLACES WON'T LET YOU GET YOUR OWN CONDIMENTS! THESE PLACES HAVE GOOD FOOD, NOT LIKE MCDONALD'S crap. Heck, even at McDonald's I have to ask for extra tartar sauce and mayonnaise. THEY DON'T HAVE IT WHERE YOU CAN JUST GET IT! I don't want take-out, because the food would be cold(especially fries warmed up aren't too tasty) and I my mixed drinks would be watered down by the time I'd make it home. I also enjoy getting out the house. I REALLY, TRULY WISH I COULD GO GET THESE THINGS MYSELF, SO I WOULDN'T HAVE TO BUG THESE SERVERS. Bringing condiments is out of the question, because it's FREE 99% of the places when I eat at a restaurant. Bringing condiments would be VERY embarrasing, messy, and expensive to do each time and a LOT of times I am NOT coming from home when I go out to eat. Also, I like certain restaurant's ranch, bbq sauce, and tartar sauce MUCH BETTER than store bought. So even if I'd bring mayo and mustard, I'd still want ranch or if I was eating seafood, tartar sauce.

"When you go through a drive throuh and the person at the order screws up your order, guess what they still get paid,"


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Blogger Springs1 said...

"I never have near as many bad experiences and unfortunate mistakes, and waiting for condiments for 5 min. What does this tell you?"

That tells me either you have BETTER servers OR you hardly EVER order VERY COMPLICATED orders OR BOTH. If you order non-complicated things, OF COURSE you’ll get better service MORE THAN LIKELY. Some things are really preventable like a waiter at a pasta restaurant called “Semolina’s” brought sprite instead of dr. pepper, because he DIDN’T WRITE THE ORDER DOWN AS HE SHOULD HAVE, THE IDIOT AND LAZY ASS. Maybe your servers are TRAINED better and have MORE EXPERIENCES themselves or maybe you go to eat at a not as busy time, so OF COURSE if you go eat at 4p.m. instead of 7p.m. on a Friday or Saturday night you’ll more than likely get BETTER service.

"A place like starbucks, the employees already are making 7.50 an hour to begin with, the tip bucket is actually kind of ridiculous, because your tipping them to perform their job, of which they are already being paid to do."

A cup of coffee, I will agree NOT to tip unless they put creamers and sugars in it for you, but a Frappacino, people SHOULD tip. It's just like making a mixed drink in a blender. Just because it's not "ALCOHOL" DOESN'T mean they put any LESS work into making it. YOU SHOULD TIP FOR A FRAPPACINO if you tip for a mixed alcohol drink. It's ONLY FAIR. WHO CARES IF THEY GET PAID BY THEIR EMPLOYER OR NOT MORE THAN A SERVER? THAT IS IRRELEVANT TO THE ACTUAL *AMOUNT OF WORK* THE PERSON DOES. Just like when a bartender flips a cap on a beer and gets it out the cooler, that's LESS WORK, so I DON'T TIP FOR THAT, considering we NEVER tip Wendy's for filling a cup with ice and soft drink which is MORE WORK.

"at least have a drink in front of you, "


"thats the least of my worries if im that server."


"Servers thats a funny one."

Then WHY DON'T THEY *WRITE THE ORDERS DOWN*, but they have the TIME AND EFFORT TO WRITE "THANK YOU" ON THE CHECK? If they have time to write "THANK YOU", they have the TIME TO DOUBLE CHECK MY ORDER and the check to make sure they are charging me correctly.

"We do running side work that you never see, do you think the glasses clean themselves, and the coffee makes its self, and that the silverware rolls itself, and that the tea magically appears in the pitchers, that the fruit in your drink decided to cut its self, that the salt and pepper shakers and the sugar caddies on your tables fill themselves. That ice bins just refill by themselves, that to go containers find their way from the stockroom to the togo area to be used to box food. That beer and Wine coolers stock themselves with mor beer and Wine? That trash cans get up and take a walk to the big trash bin in the back and jump right in and then return to their posts with a new bag in it? That condiment bottles walk out of the stock room to our hands when we call for them? Guess who does all these things, that make a restaurant run smoothly?? Servers, and you pay us to do it."

I THINK NOT THAT WE PAY YOU FOR SIDE WORK! SIDE WORK IS *NOT* NOT and I repeat NOT *SERVICE* TO the CUSTOMER. YOUR EMPLOYER PAYS YOU $2.13/hr to DO THAT STUFF. THAT IS *WHY* YOU GET THAT WAGE. I had to restocks milks, ice, orange juices, (ketchup mayo, mustard)-in bottles as well as by the drive-thru area, sugar in the containers on the counter, booths, and tables as well as by the drive-thru area(which btw I didn't get tipped for RESTOCKING DRIVE-THRU), the to-go boxes are just like fast food boxes, I HAD TO PUT OUT THE TRASH BY BRINGING IT OUTSIDE AND CHANGING BAGS, put together donut boxes, restocked the showcase by filling donuts and powdering donuts as well, made coffee, restocked cups, restocked bags, restocked donut boxes, swept every shift, cleaned the bathroom EVERY shift, mopped, coffee cups had to be washed and put away, restocked coffee filters, had to make tea and lemonade during the summer months, hot cocoa restocked in the machine during the winter(summer didn't sell as much OBVIOUSLY), wiped counters and tables, emptied and cleaned ashtrays, etc. GET MY POINT, I WASN'T TIPPED FOR MY *SIDE WORK* YOU IDIOT? SIDE WORK IS *NOT* SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER. IT IS *SERVICE* to the *RESTAURANT* ONLY! I WASN'T TIPPED FOR RESTOCKING THINGS! I DON'T PAY YOU FOR THAT. I PAY YOU FOR YOUR *SERVICE* TO *ME*, WHICH IS TAKING MY ORDER, BRINGING ME FOOD/DRINK, TAKING THE BILL TO ME, RINGING IT UP, CHECKING ON ME, GETTING REFILLS, AND NAPKINS. THAT IS WHAT I TIP FOR WHICH IS *MY* SERVICE THAT I RECEIVE, NOT FOR SIDE WORK!

Making that coffee DOESN’T benefit me at all if I don’t drink any. Sure it may help that you did it for another customer, so I have my stuff quicker, but if I am not drinking coffee, it definitely ISN’T ANY PART OF *MY* SERVICE.

Did you ever consider that McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and KFC ALL HAVE SIDE WORK, BUT DON’T GET TIPPED EITHER? THEY STILL HAVE TO FILL UP ICE BINS, MAKE COFFEE, RESTOCK MILKS, EMPTY TRASH, ETC. DO THEY GET TIPPED? I THINK NOT! SO WHY THE HELL SHOULD SERVERS GET TIPPED FOR SIDE WORK JUST BECAUSE YOUR *EMPLOYER* ISN’T PAYING YOU AS MUCH AS THEY GET FOR THE SAME DAMN WORK THEY DO FOR NO TIP WHAT-SO-EVER? REMEMBER, CUSTOMERS AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REST OF YOUR PAY CHECK BY *LAW*! Restaurant servers and fast food workers DO THE SAME SIDE WORK basically, except for picking up dishes. BUSSERS GET TIPPED OUT AT NON-FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS, SO THEY GET TIPPED FOR THE EXTRA WORK. My point is, SIDE WORK IS *NOT* TIP WORTHY! SIDE WORK IS WORK FOR THE *RESTAURANT*. Sure you may say, when I filled the ice bin, I made sure that customers had ice for their coke, but *I* DIDN’T get tipped through drive-thru for filling ice and coke in a cup, just because I went 3 times to fill it all the way with a bucket in the back. So think about that. Think about Wendy’s workers that fill their ice bin filling several cokes for customers, but NEVER, EVER, GET TIPPED. So it wouldn’t be very *FAIR* or *RIGHT* to tip someone for side work, when we DON’T tip for side work for EVERYONE that serves customers food and/or drinks. BE FAIR TO EVERYONE AND TIP FOR THE THINGS THAT ARE DIFFERENT LIKE WHEN SONIC BRINGS ME MY FOOD. THAT’S SERVICE WHEN I DON’T HAVE TO GET OUT MY CAR TO GET IT OR CAR-SIDE TO-GO OR WHEN I AM DINING IN AT A NON-FAST FOOD RESTAURANT WHERE I HAVE TABLE SERVICE. In other words, I treat people EQUALLY and tip for the *AMOUNT OF WORK* someone does. Like Starbucks, if they make me a Frappacino, I TIP, because it’s just like when a bartender makes a white russian(coffee liquor instead of COFFEE) or a frozen margarita that isn’t premixed that they have to make in a blender. If the Starbuck’s employee is putting my creamers and sugars in my coffee, THEY are being a “SLAVE” sort of, because *CUSTOMERS* are supposed to put their OWN creamers in sugars in like at Burger King or McDonald’s, therefore, I would tip for that. I don’t drink hot coffee normally and NEVER had a hot coffee at Starbuck’s, just either iced coffee or Frappacinos. I GO BY *HOW MUCH WORK* DID THE PERSON DO FOR THEIR MONEY AND DOES IT CONSTITUTE A TIP AT OTHER PLACES FOR DOING THE SAME AMOUNT OF WORK OR EVEN LESS WORK? WHY WOULDN’T YOU TIP AT STARBUCK’S, BUT I BET YOU’D TIP SOMEONE FOR GRABBING THAT BEER AND FLIPPING THE CAP, OOOOH, SOOOOO MUCH HARD WORK THERE, NOT! Wendy’s workers work HARDER and NEVER GET TIPPED FOR GETTING ICE AND COKE IN A CUP. THAT IS TRULY MORE WORK THAN GRABBING THAT BEER AND FLIPPING A CAP. That’s still COUNTER SERVICE. At football games when they have beer vendors, THEY SHOULD GET TIPPED, BECAUSE THEY ARE *BRINGING* IT TO YOU. BRINGING CUSTOMERS THINGS IS WHAT SERVERS GET TIPPED FOR YOU IDIOT, NOT SIDE WORK!

“Its common decency, not law or requiremen, but common decency to take care of these people.”

It’s COMMON DECENCY TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY, BUT I RARLEY GET SERVERS THAT DO THAT. All I say is “I ordered a side of ranch” or “I ordered a coke” when they forget it.

“believe me alot of restaurants do charge for extra condiments, but we servers make sure you dont pay for it, by instead of rining it in,”

I know this may seem strange to you, but I’d MUCH RATHER *PAY* FOR CONDIMENTS TO GET THEM DELIVERED TO ME WITH MY MEAL THAN NOT TO HAVE THEM, JUST SO I DON’T PAY AN EXTRA BUCK OR SO or if it’s one condiment, even as little as $0.50. I’D RATHER SPEND $3 extra dollars EACH TIME to have my food READY-TO-EAT when it arrives ALL CORRECT as far as the server could SEE. I AM NOT LYING. I REALLY am THAT PISSED OFF about it that I’d rather just PAY for the damn condiments than have to eat my food cool or cold as well as eat by myself part of the time, because I would be sitting there NOT eating and my husband would be or if he waited for me, then his food would get cold, which I don’t want to spoil his food too, just because mine is messed up. I DON’T GO OUT TO EAT TO HAVE MY ORDER WRONG, WHICH PISSES ME OFF, I GO TO HAVE A NICE TIME.

Also, if you have to charge people, you are *STEALING* if you DON’T charge people. Find out from your manager if you have to charge people for condiments. MOST restaurants DON’T charge for condiments. I’ve NEVER, EVER, paid for condiments at Red Lobster, Chili’s, Applebee’s, Lonestar Steakhouse, TGIFriday’s, Joe’s Crabshack, and Outback. NO ONE EVEN *TRIED* to charge me for condiments EVER!

“Yes if your my only table, I would take the time to watch them cook your food, plater your food, garnish your food, and then id make sure Id carry it to the table just as you asked. But the reality is I dont have time to do all that, I cant, its impossible with all the other things i have to do, tables i have to take care of.”

But, yet, you’d have time to WASTE by bringing the wrong food out only to go back into the kitchen, because of mistakes and then having to go back to that table and if it’s a huge mistake, tell a manager. THAT’S JUST RIDICULOUS. Look HOW LONG IT TAKES JUST FOR ONE ENTRÉE:

Let’s say baby back ribs at Chili’s that come with a bowl of cinnamon apples: I order it substituting extra fries for the cinnamon apples as well as 2 sides of bbq sauce and 1 side of ranch.

The food comes out:

Extra fries CHECK
2 sides of bbq sauce CHECK
1 side of Ranch CHECK

That’s about literally about 30 seconds worth at the MOST and you mean to tell me you’d rather waste MORE than that bringing the wrong food out as well as your tip going down the tubes for bringing the wrong things to people? You’d also rather be EMBARRASSED by making mistakes in front of the customers. You are REALLY AN UNCARING PERSON THAT YOU DON’T CARE IF YOU BRING PEOPLE THERE FOOD and/or DRINK CORRECTLY TO THEM. You’d rather make mistakes to get crappy tips just so you can be LAZY NOT TO DOUBLE CHECK THE ORDER. THAT’S REALLY STUPID! I’ve had delivery drivers forget my cheese sauces at Papa Johns(which they DO charge you for, which I bought 5) and made someone come ALL THE WAY BACK TO MY HOUSE TO BRING THEM, because a simple look in the boxes BEFORE leaving would have made the mistake NOT happen, but NO, NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE THE TIME OR MORE IMPORTANTLY *EFFORT* TO MAKE SURE THE OTHER GUY DOES HIS JOB CORRECTLY! What’s the POINT of doing a job if it’s WRONG? TELL ME THAT?

“So it may take a few minutes to get your sauce, but to say the server doesnt care is certainly not true.”

IT IS TRUE, BECAUSE I WOULD GET AT LEAST A “SORRY” OUT OF IT, BUT INSTEAD I’VE BEEN IGNORED EVEN. That time I just posted about where I had to ask 4 times to get 2 condiments is truly UNCARING of the server. I DON’T understand why you can’t see that SOME SERVERS just don’t care?

“Your server has 15 to 30 things listed in their head that they have to get done in the next 2 minutes. Cut them some slack.”

Instead of their “Head”, they should be ALL listed on a piece of paper. Don’t you get that? People need to write EVERY DETAIL DOWN and REREAD that piece of paper when necessary, which would be when they deliver the food and/or drink. SO, NO, I should take off for them NOT *WRITING IT DOWN*. Even just the a few weeks ago, I was at the store and I went down my list right before I was getting ready to leave and if I wouldn’t have, I would have forgotten milk, because I had just so many other things to get and I wanted to go home, not be a the damn store(which I HATE grocery shopping, but we all have to do it). If you WRITE THE ORDER DOWN, YOU WON’T HAVE TO KEEP IT ALL IN YOUR HEAD. Do you honestly think all servers just remember EVERYTHING by memory? IT SHOULDN’T BE ALL IN THEIR HEADS, IT SHOULD BE ALL ON *PAPER*!

“I tipping bad service is not contributing to bad service.”

HOW in the world can you say that? If every customer was like you and always tipped, the server would NEVER *TRY HARDER* NOT TO MAKE MISTAKES. WHERE WOULD THE *INCENTIVE* BE TO MAKE MORE MONEY IF THEY KNOW ALREADY THAT THEY MESSED UP, BUT GOT PAID ANYWAY, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED? You are making others get bad service, because if the server sees they don’t get tipped, wouldn’t you think they’d *try* to do a *better* job considering they need to pay their bills and rent?

“has a utensil to eat it with”

QUITE A NUMBER OF TIMES I’VE HAD TO GET OUR OWN UTENSILS OR ASK THE SERVER FOR THEM, meaning the host or hostess DIDN’T do their job and we’ve even been served food and my husband and I have seen some people at Applebee’s be served food without utensils, but that time we didn’t have any either and my husband just went to get some himself. I would say MOST servers DON’T NOTICE if customers have utensils if they are missing.

“while that lil kid at table 4 is dumping his chocolate milk down the front of his shirt”

That would be considered NOT SO IMPORTANT, because a PARENT can help a kid clean up as well as the KID his or herself could also clean themselves up. Your job it NOT to clean the front of his shirt. It’s the busser’s job to clean the area AFTER they leave, NOT WHILE THEY ARE DINING.

“thinking to yourself i cant believe that dumb airhead only put 6 ice cubes in my dr pepper when i clearly asked for 10. Now you want to call that server lazy??”


I went to a Mexican restaurant last year and I ordered a Pina Colada made with Bacardi rum, which I had gotten there just about 2 months earlier another time we dined there. Anyway, this STUPID waitress brings the check with $4 Pina Colada and $4 Bacardi rung up, meaning she charged me $8 for a drink that only cost half that. I noticed it within 3-5 seconds of reading my bill, HOW COME *SHE* COULDN’T DO THE SAME? I went up to her and she said “It’s a mistake and she did say she was sorry.” I didn’t receive nothing free for my troubles or my delay in leaving for something that was TRULY 100% PREVENTABLE. She got a $1 tip for apologizing, because HOW DO I TRULY KNOW THAT SHE WASN’T GOING TO GET IT VOIDED BY THE MANAGER AND POCKET THE MONEY AS WELL AS SHE WOULD HAVE MADE A HIGHER TIP, BECAUSE THE CHECK WAS A HIGHER AMOUNT. It’s not like she got a manager or anything or that she said she was “So sorry” like I had happen with my ranch, so she didn’t care, I didn’t care much about her tip. FUCK PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO DAMN LAZY TO REREAD THE CHECK ****BEFORE**** THEY HAND IT TO ME AND END UP OVERCHARGING ME. It’s the SAME THING as handing me a wrong side dish, a wrong entrée, a coke instead of sprite, an entrée with missing condiments, etc. COMPARE WHAT YOU ARE TAKING TO THE CUSTOMER WITH THE MENU AND THE PLATE OF FOOD. IF IT’S A CHECK, COMPARE IT TO THE MENU PRICE. I’ve had the COMPUTER PRICE BE DIFFERENT THAN THE MENU PRICE, BUT *I* HAD TO CATCH IT, WHICH IS VERY, VERY, *PATHETIC* THAT SOMEONE THAT WORKS THERE HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS, AND POSSIBLY EVEN MONTHS OR YEARS, AND DOESN’T KNOW THE PRICES OR DOESN’T TAKE ANY EFFORT TO MAKE SURE IT’S CORRECT, BUT *I* AS A CUSTOMER DO! That’s really sad, it really is. SO YES, *A LOT* OF SERVERS ARE VERY, VERY, VERY LAZY that they can’t take LESS than a minute to make sure things are correct. Servers are really UNCARING PEOPLE I must say for the MOST part. NOT EVERY server, but MOST ARE VERY UNCARING. They don’t apologize, they don’t make sure you have EXACTLY what you ordered as far as what they can see, they don’t get a manager even at times when we’ve had wrong entrees brought to us, etc. A LOT OF SERVERS ARE UNCARING, THEY REALLY ARE!

“So why will the associate care when your not happy, when someone else told them...Hey thats the bitch that didnt tip me last time, yeah you remember the one i told you about that busted an artery because i only brought 3 sides of ranch instead of 400. Dont even try to make her happy, its pointless.”

WE ALWAYS tipped well at that Mexican restaurant, except for that time, which by the time then, we had went there SEVERAL TIMES, but we still got overcharged didn’t we? We have been to restaurants for the VERY FIRST TIMES AND ONLY ONE TIME EVEN and gotten CRAP SERVICE. If they want to think the worst, that’s also THEIR LOSS as well as mine. HOW COME A SERVER THAT I GAVE ZERO TIP TO THAT GAVE ME HORRIBLE SERVICE, I GAVE 22% TIP THE NEXT TIME I HAD HER ABOUT A MONTH OR SO LATER? SHE WANTED TO MAKE MONEY, SO SHE DID HER BEST TO DO SO, INSTEAD OF RELYING ON HERE SAY OR WHAT I DID LAST TIME. How come I get good service sometimes even after I’ve gotten bad service at the SAME exact restaurant location? Maybe it’s because servers DON’T CARE about what the fuck people say, they just *TRY* their best and they end up PROVING those people wrong, while the others that want to believe that I will tip poorly will just be either reported or end up requesting NEVER to have them again. Servers are out to make the MOST money, so if they truly believe ONE server, they are the STUPID ones that are NIEVE. Also, why would they NOT *TRY* so they end up getting reported to the manager? WHY GET IN TROUBLE FOR JUST NOT TRYING EVEN? THAT’S STUPID!

The VERY FIRST TIME we went to Fox and Hound we received HORRIBLE service. This is what happened:

From the very start, things were bad. As she was taking the drink order, she interrupted me telling her what kind of margarita I'd like with what tequila I wanted in it to give a fast kiss to her boyfriend(or whoever) and said "Bye" with some other words or something like that, not sure. That pissed me off right there that she wasn't paying attention to my order as well as not writing the order down. My husband ordered a Diet Coke and I ordered a Dr. Pepper as well as a "Traditional Margarita" made with Jose Cuervo instead of Sauza Gold. Anyway, she comes back with a Root Beer and asks "Root Beer", my husband replied "None of the above, a Diet Coke." Her rude remark was "Crap", and she said she was sorry for getting the wrong drink which was nice because most servers don't apologize for their mistakes. But to say, "Crap" is just VERY inappropriate to say even though it was directed as her own way she dealt with her mistake, it's still not nice to say in front of customers. It sounds trashy to say that, not professional at all. She also had the audacity to make me repeat my order when she brought the Dr. Pepper and the Root Beer by saying "Did you order "Neon Blue Margarita?" and I said "NO, I ordered the "Traditional Margarita" with Jose Cuervo instead of Sauza tequila." I have no clue where she got that I ordered a "Neon Blue?" A customer shouldn't have to repeat an order after the server leaves from initially taking the order, EVER. The server should get the order written down 100% correct the very FIRST time around. She comes up to us to get our food orders, but is standing without trying to write the order down. I ask her "Can you write it down?" She did write the orders down as I had asked her to. I feel I should never have to ask for a server to write orders down, EVER, especially considering she got the BOTH my husband and I's drinks wrong from not writing the order down. I would have thought she would have LEARNED something from those mistakes. Then the food comes out altogether, even though the chili cheese fries are an APPETIZER, we did not order the fries with our meal, we ordered them as an APPETIZER. She did apologize for it coming out altogether, but I seriously doubt that it did, because ribs take a lot LONGER than chili cheese fries, which the ribs is what my husband had ordered. The menu stated the chili cheese fries CAME with ranch, but when it was brought out, there was NO ranch. I had ordered my cheeseburger with lettuce, onions, and mayonnaise ONLY, it had 2 big slices of tomato that the server can see if she would have bent down to look what the sandwich had on it without touching it. I told her "These(as I was holding the tomatoes) aren't suppose to be on here." Her rude and defensive response was "I told them not to put those on there." She could have just said "Sorry" instead of a defensive remark. As if she's not at fault at all, when she WAS at fault. She brought out food that was wrong, which these type of things she could see that were wrong, not like a filling in a burrito. A burrito filling is something which can't really be seen unless the server would break it open, so I try to blame the right person for the mistake is what I am trying to say. The sandwich had pickles on top with toothpicks. That was VERY easily seen. I ordered the cheeseburger with ONLY lettuce, onions, and mayonnaise. I say "ONLY", it means ONLY. The rest of the service was ok, not bad. The check was rung up quickly and brought pretty quickly, so no problems with the rest of the service. I was the MOST pissed at the fact that at the beginning she just seemed to care about giving a pec( a small kiss) to her boyfriend(or whoever) and chatting for approx. 10 seconds, which was IGNORING the customer, so in turn, she got things wrong. I really CAN'T believe she interrupted me when I was ordering to do that, that's a zero tip right there as far as I'm concern. It's not even polite to interrupt someone talking in a casual conversation, so how is it polite to do that to a customer that is ordering? It's like she didn't care about her tip at ALL or something, she only cared about herself. If she would have written the order down and ignored the boyfriend instead of me, she probably would have gotten our orders correct. The server should KNOW the menu enough to KNOW that ranch comes with the fries. That's bad on her part not to compare the menu with the plate of food if she didn't want to memorize the menu. It's bad to have to ask for something that is supposed to come with the food you order. Example: It's like ordering a hamburger knowing a menu states it suppose to come with fries, but end up just bringing a hamburger to the customer. That makes the server look bad. I seriously doubt when she's the customer she likes the server to ignore her so the server can chat for 10 seconds so the orders could end up wrong. I can't believe when she wrote the food orders down, they still got messed up. She even repeated the order, which was repeated correctly, but still messed it up.


“That cappucinos froth them selves.”


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Blogger Springs1 said...

"it's because it's good customer service."



“So even if you don't drink it, it really doesn't matter.”


"Bottom line, if this really bugs you that much, tell the server ahead of time."


"So of course he wants to get you out of there."

If that's SO TRUE, then WHY when I've asked for the check at Applebee's one time, our waiter went to buss a table? Dishes or cleaning off the table CAN WAIT until AFTER the server gets my check, especially when they SHOULD want us that much FASTER OUT OF THERE.

"If you do, just be considerate and give him/her a little extra for the inconvenience. That's all, just common decency and respect."

Common decency and respect would be to ONLY EXPECT to get PAID FOR WHAT SERVICE YOU PROVIDED THE CUSTOMER. If I am at a table for 3 and a half hours and you ONLY served me for 1 and a half, WHY should you DESERVE MORE FOR NOT *WORKING* FOR IT? Look at it from the CUSTOMER'S point of view, that the server would get paid to do absolutley NOTHING for that hour an a half for *MY* service. I would ONLY account for the *SERVICE* I actually received, NOT "HOW LONG" I am sitting. You get paid, because you EARNED it by actually doing *WORK*! If you don't do the work, WHY should you get paid? So it’s INCONSIDERATE OF *SERVERS* TO EXPECT TO GET PAID FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING. I DON’T GET MY PAY CHECK FOR DOING NOTHING, YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER! Just because someone stays for hours DOESN’T mean you did ANY MORE WORK during the EXTRA TIME THEY STAYED. If you were to give me refills during the entire time, well SURE I’d pay you more, because you are *SERVING* ME, but if you aren’t, then there’s NOTHING MORE TO PAY FOR. WHY IF A CUSTOMER IS JUST SITTING THERE MAKES YOU FEEL ENTITLED TO MORE MONEY? SO WHAT IF THEY ARE STAYING LONGER AND HOLDING UP *YOUR* INCOME, LIKE THEY REALLY GIVE A SHIT! CUSTOMERS CAN DO WHAT THE HELL THEY WANT TO UNLESS THE *MANAGER* TELLS THEM THEY CAN’T STAY. I will say I AM NOT ONE OF THESE PEOPLE THAT STAY A LONG TIME, because if anything I usually ask for the check when we get a dessert or my last drink or if we are full with our entrees, we want to just LEAVE. I still say that NO ONE *OWES* THEIR SERVER *MORE* FOR *NO MORE WORK*! TIPS STAND FOR *TO INSURE PROPER *SERVICE*, GET WHAT “SERVICE” IS? If I am just sitting a table for hours and you aren’t SERVING me anymore, where is the *SERVICE*?

You say: “Don't hang out and waste your time at a table and essentially take money away from a server.”

See, it’s ALL ABOUT *THE MONEY THE SERVER MAKES*. It’s NEVER ABOUT THE CUSTOMER’S FEELINGS, IS IT? IT’S ALL ABOUT THE *SERVER*! THAT’S A SELFISH STATEMENT. If anything, I think it’s WRONG for customers to hang out for hours at a busy restaurant if they have a wait for a table, because it’s INCONSIDERATE to *OTHER CUSTOMERS*. I’ve had to go to the bathroom when my husband was signing the credit card slip one time, but instead of staying at the table, *I* was considerate to say “You can just wait for me by the door, so SOMEONE ELSE can be seated.” I NEVER THINK OF THE SERVER’S MONEY and I DON’T THINK *ANYONE* UNLESS THEY ARE A SERVER THEMSELVES, THINKS OF THEIR SERVER’S MONEY. Like they give a shit when they are drinking and having a good time chatting. Be for real you know.

“Usually these kinds of tables leave less than a 10% tip. Why? Because those people are typically completely inconsiderate.”

Maybe they received BAD service you know. They are ONLY inconsiderate if they received GOOD or GREAT service to tip their server 10% or less. Cleaning up is the *BUSSERS* and *SERVERS* JOB, NOT THE CUSTOMERS. That is PART of WHY servers get paid $2.13/hr from their employer. If everything you did would be considered *SERVICE* to the customer, then you WOULDN’T get $2.13/hr, you’d be only be getting ZERO from the server’s employer. HOW IS THE SERVER CLEANING UP *AFTER I’M GONE* ****SERVICE**** TO ME IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM? It’s NOT, SO THAT IS WHY CLEANING UP SHOULD NEVER BE CONSIDERED IN THE TIP AT ALL UNLESS IT IS TO GET DISHES OUT THE WAY THAT ARE IN THE WAY! If it’s something that is done when I will leave, then *HOW* DOES IT AFFECT *ME*?

“Just be polite”


"If you want to be Sally (as in from When Harry Met Sally) Meg Ryan type, expect mistakes."

NEVER seen the movie, DON'T want to, so I can only GUESS you are saying she had a complicated order of some sort.

"Seriously, who cares. Drink refills are not that big of a deal. So who cares? No one, other than you."


"I'm also supposed to automatically bring a refill ... but sometimes they would have preferred something else - so I ask. Also, a co-worker was snapped-at by some idiot as she brought the free refill: "I didn't order that!"

Jun 24 2005, 01:12 PM
"I prefer to be asked before I am brought a free refill. I tend to only go through 1 drink in a meal, and a good deal of the time, I don't even finish that first drink. I won't say anything about it, but it does irritate me when the server comes with a fresh drink and takes my half-full glass away. Seems awfully wasteful."

Jun 24 2005, 02:09 PM
"I like one drink with my meal. I purposely drag it out so it will last the entire meal. I hate when the waitress just brings me a refill without asking. I don't drink it and it goes to waste."

Jun 24 2005, 07:29 AM
i always hate when they ask you if you need anything else, and you say just the check, and they bring you your check AND new drinks. i always feel obligated to drink at least half of the new drink so that they didnt waste their time."

See, she even says they *WASTED TIME*.


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Blogger Springs1 said...

"So, until you walk a mile in our shoes, who are you to give advice?"


"You are the kind of guest that we all HATE to wait on."


"I bet you are one of those people that will yell at a server when he/she is at another table taking an order, aren't you?"

NO, I HAVE NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, HAVE DONE THAT! YOU DON'T KNOW ME, I AM A VERY NICE PERSON. I SAY "THANK YOU" WHEN SERVERS BRING ME THINGS, BUT I DON'T GET SORRYS A LOT OF TIMES WHEN THEY FORGET SOMETHING. IF ANYTHING, IT'S THE *SERVERS* THAT ARE RUDE AND MEAN, NOT ME. I've even said "thank you" for some servers that DIDN'T apologize for forgetting something. Do you honestly think they deserve a "Thank you" if they didn't say they were sorry? NO, but I told them thank you ANYWAY. Sometimes, I didn't say "thank you" if they forgot something and didn't apologize. It all depends on what kind and how many mistakes were made, because if it's a huge mistake, I am going to be more pissed off or if it's the 4th mistake of the evening, I'll get a bit pissed off by then, so would anyone more than likely.

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"Servers/bartenders in restaurants and bars get paid less per hour than a person working at a McDonalds, Wendy's, KFC etc."

SO WHAT IF THEY DO GET PAID LESS IF IT'S THE *SAME* AMOUNT OF WORK BEING DONE. Restocking shelves at a grocery store doesn't get those workers tips. Restocking milks is just like if I restocked beers. If anything, when I first started at the donut shop, we stocked cans of BEER(we had video poker machines). WHAT DOES IT MATTER *HOW MUCH* THEY GET PAID FROM THEIR EMPLOYER? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH A CUSTOMER BEING FAIR TO *EVERYONE* WHEN THEY TIP? If I don't tip for a coke and ice at McDonald's, I will not tip for a coke(with no refills at a bar). Do you see what I am getting at? So what if the bartender doesn't make minimum wage. I GO BY *HOW MUCH WORK* DID THEY DO AND IF GETS TIPPED AT OTHER PLACES SUCH AS FAST FOOD PLACES(EXCLUDING SONIC).

"Now imagine yourself behind a bar and do the "side work" for 100 mixed drinks... see the difference?"

If I ONLY drink 2 different kinds of mixed drinks, then those 98 OTHER ones that you did side work for DON'T COUNT as part of *MY* SERVICE. If you aren't serving me a mixed drink that has limes, HOW is it affecting *MY* service if I just order a coke WITHOUT ANY FRUIT, that you did side work, which could be cutting limes? THE ONLY thing it does, is it makes you get to my table faster, because you wouldn't be taking that time to cut limes, but if you aren't *SERVING* me a drink or anything with LIME, then it's NOT *ANY PART* of *MY* SERVICE. You don't see that?

Kind of like when someone fills a ice bin, but I only order a coffee. If I only order coffee, you filling that ice bin has NOTHING to do with the service you are providing *ME*. Am I benefitting from you filling that ice bin? Maybe if you did it BEFORE I came in, in terms of time wise, but that is about it that it benefits me. If you did it while I was waiting to order a cup of coffee, you'd be HENDERING *MY* service, because I'd have to *WAIT* just that much LONGER for my second cup for you to do side work.

"consider the possibility that all of the people who have left comments just might be correct in their views."

Don't you get the LESS WORK, the better is their motto? NO ONE WANTS TO ACTUALLY *WORK* FOR THEIR MONEY. THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE THAT VIEW. Like not taking the extra steps to find out if I want a refill or not, because since the majority of the people do, they think EVERYONE DOES, so they don't try to find out each INDIVIDUALS WANTS, because they are too damn LAZY too as well as THAT DON'T CARE IF I WANT ANOTHER REFILL, because if they did, they'd *ASK* me or let *ME* ask them. Also, some of the people say something like this: "I'd give you crappy service, because you tipped me badly for a mistake." Well, it's ALL ABOUT *THE MONEY* and being selfish instead of TRYING YOUR BEST and maybe you'll earn a good tip next time if the server just TRIED HARDER. Also, the bartenders tend to serve out of order, because they'd rather get tipped than do the right thing, which is going in FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE order. It's ALL ABOUT MONEY HUNGRY PEOPLE AND VERY UNCARING PEOPLE. Also, it's a lot of people that don't agree that work for tips, so OF COURSE they ONLY CARE ABOUT THEIR MONEY. If they were a customer nearly as often with complicated orders, they'd understand what I go through. Let them have missing things, wrong entrees, overcharges, forgotten margaritas for half an hour, etc. and maybe they'd understand then. BUT IT'S NOT THEM, SO OF COURSE THEY DON'T SEE IT FROM THE CUSTOMER'S POINT OF VIEW.

"you don't have any friends"

I have friends and I am NOT sure WHERE you get that from? I don't get with them a lot, but I CHOOSE to do that. I'd rather have time with my husband and I'd rather do my own thing sometimes.

"these servers who do their best to wait hand and foot on you to no avail."


The situation at fox and hound I wrote about. Mistake one: getting wrong drinks Mistake two: Repeat my order for my margarita when she came back with wrong soft drinks considering she said "Did you order a "Neon Blue margarita", which I ordered a "Traditional margarita" Mistake 3 served my husband and I chili cheese fries that has on the menu a side of ranch, but no ranch Mistake 4 brings the burger with pickles on TOP the sandwich with a toothpick Mistake 5 Tomato was on it, which you CAN see if you bend down to put the plate at EYE level on a table Mistake 6(found out from manager that she printed the ticket incorrectly, that she only TOLD the cook verbally)(like he'd remember) Mistake 7 bringing appetizer with meal(supposed to be an APPETIZER)


8:24 PM  
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Fabulous Server
"you didnt get $106 from us for free because we only give out $5 and $10 gift cards for our mistakes."

I NEVER said it was just from "CORPORATE" did I. Second, of all, I got from corporate $15 (3) $5 gift certifcates just for ONE horrible incident, which was October of last year. We received last year from the manager that was there not only did he comp the $26 of drinks and appetizer only that we ordered, but he also gave us $25 worth of gift certificates(5 $5 gift certifcates), which this happened last August, so that was about a year ago that situation happened which was a little before Katrina happened. Then, a manager comped our entire check of $40, even though I told him I'd pay, he insisted. So 15 + 25 + 26 + 40 = $106. YOU ARE AN IDIOT! I AM NOT LYING ABOUT THIS! WHY THE FUCK YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME THAT *INDIVIDUAL MANAGERS* CAN GIVE FREEBIES OF *ANY* AMOUNT THEY WISH!

"Dont say i am wrong, because i think i know more about the company i work for than you do."


"then you should halp make up the difference by tipping us for doing the same work if that truly is your belief."


Tell me this: WHY should I be UNFAIR to that McDonald's worker not to tip them, but tip you for side work? If it's the *SAME* SIDE WORK, then being *FAIR* would be treating the 2 situations as *EQUALS*. Shouldn't that McDonald's worker DESERVE to have a tip too for side work, if I tipped the server for side work, REGARDLESS OF *HOW MUCH* THEY MAKE? HOW MUCH THEY MAKE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING FAIR TO EVERYONE THAT DOES THE SAME THINGS. BLAME YOUR *EMPLOYER* FOR NOT PAYING YOU WHAT MCDONALD'S WORKERS MAKE, BUT YOU TRULY CAN'T EXPECT US CUSTOMERS TO PAY YOU FOR SOMETHING SUCH AS SIDE WORK THAT YOUR *EMPLOYER* SHOULD BE PAYING YOU FOR.

I honestly wish I could tip at fast food places, because those people work just as hard for their side work as servers do, but since they do not accept tips, then I will continue to treat ALL WORKERS that do side work the exact *SAME* by NOT CONSIDERING SIDE WORK IN MY TIPPING AS I DO *EVERYWHERE* ELSE. I DON'T TIP THE GROCERY STOCKER. I DON'T TIP THE BLOCKBUSTER STOCKER(SOMEONE HAS TO STOCK THOSE DVDS). I DON'T TIP WHEN I PICK UP A PIZZA AND MOST PEOPLE DON'T, which I ONLY tip for DELIVERY. I don't tip stockers at Home Depot where they have much heavier equipment to carry than a grocery store does. NO ONE tips McDonald's, Wendy's, or Burger King for their side work. NOT MANY PEOPLE TIPPED ME THROUGH DRIVE-THRU the 2 years I worked at the donut shop and I did have sometimes 4-5 soft drinks to get(which you need ice as well as I did have to put a new syrup sometimes when it was out), which WAS SIDE WORK I DIDN'T GET TIPPED FOR AND TRULY SHOULDN'T CONSIDERING WENDY'S DOESN'T GET TIPPED FOR IT, SO WHY SHOULD I? I had to fill donuts and powder them sometimes, but I didn't get tipped for that lots of times through drive-thru and sometimes when some people got a dozen to-go. My point is, since no one gets tipped for it, then HOW IS IT VERY FAIR TO TIP SERVERS FOR DOING THE SAME TYPE OF WORK? DON'T BLAME US CUSTOMERS, BECAUSE YOUR EMPLOYER IS THE ONE THAT IS BEING UNFAIR!

Also, for instance, I work in an office. Some other company may pay more for the SAME AMOUNT of work. Is that fair? NO, but that's what employers want to pay and it's their RIGHT to pay what they wish. My point is, BLAME YOUR EMPLOYER AND QUIT ACTING LIKE CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR WAGES JUST FOR SIDE WORK. I PAY FOR *SERVICE*, TIPS=TO INSURE PROPER *SERVICE*, NOT *SIDE WORK*. GET THAT?

8:53 PM  
Blogger Fabulous Server said...

Ok #1 why dont you post my comment so everyone could read what i wrote. I didnt say only corporate gives out comps. I also didnt say managers cant comp things. I did say that we only give out $5 and $10 gift cards. I also didnt say that we do the same side work. Our sidework is much more work than pulling out prepackaged ranch dressing. Youre funny though, i have been working for this company for 2 years and have guest managed on shifts, i know how it works you fool. So why dont you post our comments so everyone could read them.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

fabulous server
"I didnt say only corporate gives out comps."

It's the way you act like you don't BELIEVE me or something. Telling me that can't be sort of like when I KNOW HOW MUCH I RECEIVED. I remember the bad experiences as if were yesterday.

"Our sidework is much more work than pulling out prepackaged ranch dressing."

Then, tell me *WHAT* is DIFFERENT then, because I don't know of ANYTHING, honestly, I don't? Restocking beers is just like restocking milks. There's no difference there. Restocking the ice bin is the same. Refilling the salt n'peppers is the same. Restocking ketchup is the same, except the bottle there is not bottle of ketchup at McDonald's, it's in packets only. Restocking cups is the same. Restocking sugars, sweet-n-lows, equals, and splenda are the same. Restocking coffee filters is the same. Restocking bags and boxes(or some container to put food in like at KFC is the same). Making coffee is the same. Moping, sweeping, and cleaning the bathrooms is the same. Restocking silverware(whether plastic or real is the same basically except you roll some into a napkin). So, I only found 2 things that were a TINY bit different. Can you please tell me what is different that you do that fast food workers don't do? Fast food workers still wipe the tables down at fast food places, because people do make messes, even though they bring their tray to the trash, there may be some people that don't do that even. As far as dishes go, I had to do that at the donut shop. Do you honestly think I deserved a tip for ONE cup of coffee with no refill that was $0.87? I honestly don't and a LOT of the times, didn't get anything. If I got a quarter or $0.13(rest of change from a dollar), it was because people would get refills of it, which was service if I brought it to them, although, I honestly didn't expect a tip for pouring coffee and not doing anything else for the customer, besides bringing them the creamers if they asked.

"So why dont you post our comments so everyone could read them."

Some comments are MEAN, so I'd rather not have someone be MEAN as well as acting like I'm lying, when it's the TRUTH.

The situation last August was around 11p.m. at night(opened til 12midnight). The waiter gave the check. I put my credit card with the check on the side of the table as usual in the credit card holder in it's place it goes. Time went on and we saw it wasn't that busy. He kept coming around our area, but for some weird reason, didn't come to get it. While the waiter was away, my husband decided to put his credit card instead. The waiter still didn't show up. Well, normally it's "ME" who is more aggrevated, but it was actually my husband that got aggrevated this time. We had waited LITERALLY 10 minutes(watched my watch). My husband WENT UP TO the waiter and asked him(it went something like this): "Why haven't you came to get our check yet?" Anyway, he didn't apologize and he gave my husband's credit card back with an overcharge of $21.50(I'm off a few cents, but it was OVER $21). Then my husband went IMMEDIATELY to the manager. The manager saw how mad my husband was about it, considering it was SO MUCH of an overcharge. What happened is the STUPID IDIOT waiter rung up the WRONG TABLE on the credit card. This happened at Applebee's too where a waiter rung up another table on a credit card, but that time it was around $11 that time. Anyway, the check had some of the same items, but OBVIOUSLY NOT all of them. The manager voided out the EXACT $26 check.(STRANGE IT WAS EXACT, but I remember when that happened, because it's RARE that there's NO CENTS) Anyway, then he also gave us 5 $25 gift certifcates as well. I think he went a bit OVERBOARD myself. I think just comping our $26 would have been PLENTY. I think $26 was DESERVED for getting overcharged over $21. That's a bit extreme. I have a feeling the waiter did it on purpose, because my husband told him something, but the manager said more than likely, it wasn't on purpose. My point is, managers will give the amount they want to and decide what to do in certain situations. I think that's ridiculous he gave us altogether $51. That's a bit extreme, but my husband didn't want to argue about it, because he was really pissed about it. It wasn't like it was 7p.m. or something like a real busy time, this was when it was pretty slow. There was NO REAL REASON for that waiter to make us sit there that long without checking on us. He didn't even apologize, which I think was very mean.

The situation in October was the MOST AWFUL experience I've had at a Chili's. The MOST RUDEST waitress I've EVER encountered in my life, which is why she got fired. We placed our drink orders. We place our food orders. She wrote everything down. She brings my first margarita(El Nino~) and I ask her if she could bring some utensils. Time went on, no utensils. Finally it was around 20 minutes later. I ordered another margarita, which was the Presidente'. I asked instead of Sauza, I wanted Jose Cuervo in it. That was approx. 9:02, which we were seated around 8:40. I also mentioned to her AGAIN about utensils, which she finally got us. Our food arrives. She had the audacity to ask me when *SHE HAD THE ORDER WRITTEN DOWN* what I had ordered, which I had to repeat my order when my food was in front of me. I had ordered the baby back ribs instead of the cinnamon apples, I ordered extra fries(I've done that MANY times before). I also ordered 1 side of ranch, 1 side of mayo, and 2 sides of honey bbq sauce. She comes with the plate of food with the BIG BOWL OF CINNAMON APPLES(MOST OBVIOUS THING WRONG), the regular amount of fries, the ribs, and 1 side of ranch. So the mayo, 2 side of bbq sauce, and the fries were missing. NO APOLOGY, meanwhile still waiting to EAT and drink my margarita. Finally my condiments and fries are there and I eat. Now it was 9:18pm., still no margarita and the STUPID waitress asks me "Did you get your margarita yet?" I had finished my food, so by then I was a bit pissed off that I couldn't enjoy my margarita with my meal even with WAITING TO EAT with the things that were wrong and missing from my food(meaning I didn't eat til at least 5 minutes or more till my meal was all correct). Anyway, I couldn't help it, I had to say something to this waitress considering she NEVER ONCE APOLOGIZED OR WENT TO SEE WHERE MY MARGARITA WAS IN THAT AMOUNT OF TIME. I told her all her mistakes that I had to ask for utensils twice and instead of being NICE by saying she was SORRY, NO, SHE WAS RUDE AS ALL HELL BY TELLING ME "IT'S THE HOSTESS'S JOB." I thinking in my head, so customers have to fetch their own if they are seated without them? Then, when I told her about how she brought out the food wrong and the missing things and the big bowl of cinnamon apples. She said "Whatever" instead of saying she was sorry. She didn't even go to find out about my margarita right after. We found a manager, but the FAT BITCH manager kept telling me "She printed the ticket right". I told her she brought it out wrong is what I don't understand considering she took my order. She didn't care and I FINALLY RECEIVED my margarita at 9:35p.m. from the MANAGER of all things. NO COMPS, NOTHING, so I wrote my letter to corporate, because this was VERY UNREASONABLE SERVICE AND VERY, VERY, VERY, UNCARING of the manager to not even be nice about the situation. Come to find out from the manager when she brought my margarita, that they were OUT of the shakers, so that's where the confusion was, but even if the bartender didn't tell the waitess, the waitess should have ATTEMPTED to find out WHERE MY MARGARITA WAS during that long time I waited. Anyway, THAT is why I got (3) 5 dollar gift certificates. I know I shouldn't have told the waitress anything, but just mistake, after mistake, and not apologizing made me go over the edge that I usually NEVER get to, but I had had enough of her poor service and I couldn't take her being so UNCARING by not apologizing even anymore. I feel WHY write it down? They would say more than likely: "Just to put it into the computer". That's not just what it's for, because printing the ticket is only PART of getting it RIGHT. I am willing to bet she threw the paper away before my entree even came out like an idiot.

My point is, I got free stuff, because things went horribly wrong. I only asked to get my money back from the margarita that time when I wrote to corporate, NOT EVEN to get the money back for the meal. I just feel waiting a half an hour for a mixed drink is RIDICULOUS and VERY BAD SERVICE. We were WELL finished our food by the time I got my margarita, basically waiting there doing nothing til it arrived, because OBVIOUSLY I wasn't very happy to be chit-chatting after all that. I think the manager should have at least comped the margarita, because I waited that LONG and the fact that the waitress was VERY RUDE to me.

I would like to say I'd rather ANY DAY be overcharged, then to have my meal ruined, because at least it's at the END of the meal when something goes wrong and it doesn't ruin the ENTIRE dining experience. So, my point is, I think the $51 was more deserved during Oct. than just for the overcharged in Aug. When another manager called me back about the Oct. situation, he told me "She's no longer with us", meaning the waitress. I was SO GLAD THAT BITCH GOT FIRED, DESERVABLY SO FOR BEING SO DAMN RUDE AND HORRIBLE AT HER JOB!

7:51 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Fast food employees, grocery store workers, and baristas get paid an hourly wage, all their side work is included in their wages. Servers are tipped employess, they dont get paid an hourly wage, oh sure we get an hourly stat min for tipped servers, however I can speak for all servers for the most part that we do not get paychecks, we actually are lucky if our measily min wage for servers even pays for our taxes."

Don't you get it DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU GET PAID, it matters how CUSTOMERS TREAT *EVERYONE* THAT DOES SIDE WORK? It's NOT FAIR if I tip you for filling that ice bin, but NOT a McDonald's employee for doing the SAME EXACT THING and you KNOW IT!

"Sidework is part of your service, dont you get it??? If we didnt do sidework we could not serve you. You cannot have one without the other."

McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King are THE SAME WAY. THEY COULDN'T SERVE US IF THEY DIDN'T DO THEIR SIDE WORK LIKE FILLING UP ICE BIN. DON'T YOU GET YOU ARE MAKING AN ARGUMENT ABOUT THINGS THAT ARE THE *SAME* AT BOTH TYPE OF RESTAURANTS? I couldn't have served the people in drive-thru their cokes if I didn't refill the ice bin or restock the lids, cups, and stews, now could I? DID I GET TIPPED 99% of the time for drive-thru, HELL NO! I got tipped though drive-thru about less than 10 times LITERALLY. Sometimes it was MORE WORK THAN SOMEONE EATING INSIDE EVEN. SAME DIFFERENCE CAN'T YOU SEE THAT? If a Wendy's worker didn't restock the cups, they'd have to take MORE TIME to go into the back to get some. So I DON'T GET WHY YOU ARE TELLING ME THIS WHEN THEY *BOTH* HAVE TO DO THESE THINGS TO SERVE CUSTOMERS? If side work is service, then we'd tip Wendy's workers for filling a cup with ice and coke, because they had to restock the cups, lids, straws, and ice for me to get a cup of coke. So I don't see the DIFFERENCE in it? TELL ME WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE, BECAUSE I DON’T SEE ANY ***UNLESS** ***YOU*** HAVE TO WASH THOSE GLASSES, but if you don’t, then WHAT DID YOU DO DIFFERENTLY? TELL ME THAT?

"Once again side work is part of service!! If side work was not done, it would take much much much longer for every step of service we do. I cannot refill your drink or get you a new drink if the glasses have not been sent back to dish to be washed, or the ice bin has not been filled, or if someone hasnt changed the empty box of roobeer."

Again, side work is the SAME at fast food places and at non-fast food restaurants, unless *YOU* actually have to wash those dishes, but still, it's NOT part of *MY* service. That is WHY you get your $2.13/hr, for those things that AREN'T part of the customer's service. Let’s say if I DON’T get ANY DRINKS (NOT LIKELY, but POSSIBLE), well that truly ISN’T ****ANY******, AT ALL, PART OF ****MY***** SERVICE, because I or my husband wouldn’t have gotten a drink or we would have only got a beer out of a BOTTLE, let’s say, so the glasses wouldn’t mean a THING to ****OUR***** SERVICE, ONLY TO SOMEONE ELSE’S WOULD IT HELP.

"Severs are not paid 2.13 an hour to do our sidework, we are paid 2.13 an hour to be present in the building, becaus it is illegal to not be paid for a scheduled shift."

BS, you are getting paid to do *WORK*! Isn't it called a "JOB"? YOU AREN’T WORKING FOR ***NOTHING**** and you KNOW IT!

"But we do not have time to write down everything we have to do."

But, yet, you have time to make someone make a dish or make a drink that is wrong only to bring it back and then order the correct thing as well as bring it back to the table? YOU SHOULD WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING! See, what I would do, is if someone would order a drink and the check (which I did this at Outback) as I received our dessert. I would WRITE those things down and put as "*" (asterisks) by them to make sure I would GO BACK TO THEM, TO HELP ME ****REMEMBER**** THAT I NEED TO GO GET THAT. The waiter at Outback didn't bring the check that I DID ask for when I ordered my white russian and my husband had to ask AGAIN. See, NOT WRITING THINGS DOWN DEFINATELY MAKES YOU FORGET MORE THAN IF YOU DON'T. NO, it's NEVER a guarantee, but it's a START in *TRYING* to remember at least. If I see someone “WRITING IT DOWN”, then I tend to forgive them more UNLESS SO MANY MORE MISTAKES MAKE IT JUST UNLIKELY THAT I WILL.

"I may have left your table, and greeted another before I went to the computer to order your drink."

See, that's UNFAIR of YOU. You should go *IN ORDER* so I won't be waiting extra minutes, because if I ordered BEFORE these people were seated, it's ONLY *FAIR* to go put in my order BEFORE you greet them. That's just RUDE, letting them "CUT" in front of us. Like taking my drink order, but going to greet a table of 6 is just WRONG, taking up *MY* time to get people that were JUST seated their order before going to the computer. You are really being UNFAIR!

"No way am I being lazy"

YOU ARE by not going to the computer to put the order in AS SOON AS you got it, because then you'd have to make an extra trip to go back to greet the table right next to us. You are making it so you don't have to WALK MORE. That's called being "LAZY" and VERY UNCARING OF *the first person that ordered*. GO IN ORDER LIKE A LINE. Would you like it at McDonald's if Joe Schmo in the back of you got his coke before yours, even though you ordered BEFORE he did and was physically in line AFTER you were? Don't you think that's UNFAIR, because it TRULY IS? If you don’t see it unfair, MOST PEOPLE WOULD and YOU KNOW IT.

"I still had to pay for the parts and I still paid him for the work and sweat he did on my car."

Parts and labor you have to paid by *LAW*, so there's a HUGE, HUGE, DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A *TIP* which is ****OPTIONAL*****, UNLESS YOU HAVE AUTOMATIC GRATUITY due to being a huge party or like in New York, a service charge. So, by you mentioning people that don't get tipped is IRRELEVANT to this conversation, COMPLETELY 100%! YOU HAVE TO PAY THAT PERSON ******BY LAW***********! GET THAT? TIPS AREN’T LAW MANDATORY UNLESS THE MENU STATES IT OR THERE’S A SERVICE CHARGE!

"Not that big of a deal, they fixed it and I enjoyed my burger"

It's still ANNOYING that you have to eat by yourself, or if the person waits for you that you are with, their food gets cold, and it delays you from eating. So, to me, it's a *HUGE*, *HUGE* , deal. That's the way you see it, but to me, it's a *BIG* deal.

"The server may have forgotten i ordered it without mushrooms or did not notice it had mushrooms."

The aren't going to "FORGET" if they take the ******EFFORT******* to REREAD THE ORDER AND COMPARE IT WITH THE PLATE OF FOOD ***********BEFORE********* TAKING IT TO THE CUSTOMER. SO for the LACK of EFFORT, is what I would be upset over. See, if they would come to me and say either they printed the ticket wrong or the cook cooked it wrong and NOT have *BROUGHT IT OUT WRONG* then they'd get tipped FOR SURE, because there would have been SOME *EFFORT* to making sure my food was correct. I am NOT talking about food runners at all in this situation and I am ONLY talking about things they can actually *SEE* is wrong like a side of ranch missing.

"I will still tip my server. Why? "

Even if they didn't apologize? I can't believe someone would treat someone nice that treated someone mean if you would tip them anyway. I treat people the *EXACT* *EXACT* way they treat me.

"Give me even better service then last time."

NO, he KNOWS FOR SURE, HE CAN SCREW YOUR ORDER UP AGAIN AND GET TIPPED, SO NO, BY TIPPING THE WAITER MAKES YOU GET BAD SERVICE ONCE AGAIN. DON'T YOU GET THAT? If you give someone a 20 dollar bill and say "You can work for it or you can do absolutely nothing for it?" What do you think MOST people would say, HONESTLY? THEY WOULDN'T WANT TO *****WORK****** FOR IT! You are making OTHER customers have bad service by paying people for doing a poor job. THEY LEARN MORE THOUGH BEING *PUNISHED* FOR THEIR MISTAKES.

"Do you think you’re helping guests with your rules here?"

YES, you aren't helping customers get good service to pay them ANYWAY for bad service. That just makes the lazy, get LAZIER and NOT *TRY* THEIR ****BEST*****.

"Do you think that getting people fired will make your experiences better the next time you go??"


"Sometimes mistakes can be blessings in disguise."

More than likely, I wouldn't like it, but if I did, I'd STILL COUNT OFF, because it I wouldn't want them to make a mistake NEXT TIME AROUND. Just because well this time it worked out that I loved the food, doesn't mean NEXT time it will work out like that. YOU LEARN THROUGH NOT GETTING PAID WELL FOR MISTAKES. You don't make ANY MONEY; you'll start to see how you can't pay your bills, so you'll LEARN TO DO BETTER. If you pay them ANYWAY, they’ll get your order wrong again and again, which maybe next time, you may NOT LIKE that dish. It’s possible you know. I know if I’m NOT in the mood for something, even though I truly like it, it SUCKS, because I’m NOT IN THE MOOD FOR IT! It’s NOT that I don’t like it, it’s that I just didn’t crave that type of food at that particular time. If I order chicken, DON’T BRING ME ribs. I LOVE both, but if I want chicken, bring me CHICKEN! I DON’T WANT ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING ELSE, GET THAT? So, just because *YOU* are a RARITY and I am serious, a RARITY that you like something you NEVER ordered, doesn’t mean even if you give someone something they like, that they’ll be happy and you KNOW IT! If I am in the mood for bbq, but you give me pasta, sorry, but I WILL DEFINITELY SEND IT BACK and GIVE ZERO TIP UNLESS YOU OFFER ME SOMETHING AND PROFUSELY, APOLOGIZE BY SAYING “I’m SO SORRY ABOUT THIS” AS WELL AS NOT EVEN ******BRING IT OUT WRONG*****! IF YOU DON’T, YOU GET ZERO TIP, FOR ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO LACK OF ************EFFORT*************** as well as being VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, *****************UNCARING****************!

"Now I know this is an Italian restaurant, but you really need to try our filets, and I said steak???"

Even if I'd like it, I would be SO IRRITATED with server trying to change my mind, I'd get the manager. Even if I would like the dish, it's the fact that the *CUSTOMER* is supposed to make ***ALL**** decisions about what they'd like to order. So, maybe you were happy with your food, but even if I would, I'd still give him a MUCH LOWER TIP for trying to change my mind, even if he was right, just for the PRINCIPLE OF IT, the fact that the *****CUSTOMER***** ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, ONLY, IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE THAT DECISION! A STRANGER WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, ORDER FOR ME UNLESS IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE and even then, I may refuse it, but if I don’t have to PAY something, because then I have nothing to lose but telling them “no”. They should ask though to bring ANYTHING out of CONSIDERATION. Like at Outback, I think EVERY SERVER should *ASK* if the customers want bread. They may be on the Atkins’s diet and don’t want to be tempted you know. I would ALWAYS ASK if the customers wanted it, if I was at a place that had completely free food if I was a server out of COMMON DECENCY. NO, I NEVER take off for them bringing bread, because it’s ABSOLUTELY 100% free, because on the menu, you don’t have to ****BUY**** an entree like you do at Red Lobster to get the garlic cheese biscuits. You can’t buy just an appetizer and get biscuits at Red Lobster. It’s NOT COMPLETELY FREE, according to the menu anyway.

"Said, trust me on this, I’m going to order for you, and its going to be something you’ll really enjoy, i promise."

I would have gotten the MANAGER FOR SURE on this one. I can’t believe the AUDACITY of someone doing that. I would have wanted to walk out and just pay for the drinks. I DON'T CARE if it would have been better, I WANT, WHAT I WANT and NOBODY, I repeat, NOBODY ORDERS FOR ME UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES UNLESS IT IS COMPLETELY FREE, THEN I DON'T HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE OR I CAN REFUSE IT. It's NOT like a soft drink refill, because I am PAYING for the refill in the price of the drink, so it's NOT ABSOLUTELY FREE.

“When you pay higher prices for a meal you get more attentive service, because the servers have less guests to serve.”

We’ve spent $63.10 before at Chili’s with 2 entrees, appetizer, and 3 margaritas(expensive kind). That was A LOT for Chili’s to spend for ONLY 2 people, but you know what, she only got 8% tip, because that was the waitress that made me ask ******4******* TIMES FOR ONLY 2 DAMN CONDIMENTS! SHE IGNORED MY REQUEST EVEN THOUGH I ONLY TOLD HER “ I had ordered 1 side of honey bbq sauce and 1 side of ranch." She told me “So they didn’t bring it out?” I told her “No, but I told the guy that brought it out”. Instead of being “CARING” TO INVESTIGATE if someone was getting it, NO, SHE DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT, AND NO ONE GOT IT! FINALLY, AFTER 4 MINUTES OF WAITING TO EAT, A *****MANAGER***** GOT IT FOR ME. I WAS SOME PISSED! SHE DIDN’T CARE OR EVEN APOLOGIZE OR GOT TO ******FIND OUT***** EVEN IF THE FOOD RUNNER GOT IT, BUT NO, SHE CONTINUED TO SERVE WATER. SEE, IF THAT WAS ME, FOR ONE THING I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT AHEAD OF TIME which would have been BEFORE THE MEAL CAME OUT, BUT IF I WOULDN’T HAVE, I WOULD HAVE TAKEN *****ACTION***** AND GONE TO *****FIND OUT***** IF SOMEONE WAS GETTING IT as well as APOLOGIZED. SHE WAS UNCARING AND NEVER, EVER, APOLOGIZED even. My FOOD WAS COOL, LUKE WARM BY THE TIME I GOT TO EAT IT AS I *ORDERED IT*! SHE WAS UNCARING, SO I WAS UNCARING BACK IN HER TIP! ASKING A MANAGER TO GET SOMETHING AFTER 3 OTHER TIMES IS RATHER IRRITATING AND I WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT WITH ****ANY*** SERVICE I RECEIVE! I’VE LITERALLY HAVE HAD ****MUCH**** BETTER SERVICE AT MCDONALD’S AT TIMES EVEN. That’s sad, it REALLY IS! I ALWAYS ask for a cup with some tartar sauce when I get the filet o’ fish sandwich at McDonald’s. So they end up getting a condiment for me with no tip even and I end up getting BETTER SERVICE, but crappier type food. Yes, McDonald’s is good SOMEWHAT FOR EATING ON THE CHEAP, but non-fast food restaurants have MUCH BETTER QUALITY FOOD, which is WHY I GO.

“My lack of tip wont remind him, he already knows it, the manager already knows it, because the manager would know about the recook.”


“And its going to be something youll really enjoy, i promise.”


“But I thanked the server, because his mistake had helped me discover one of my favorite dishes i had at that restaurant and I prolly would have never ordered it because the menu discription did not do it justice.”

I HONESTLY DON’T CARE! If I got something, I could decide ON MY OWN to get it. SO WHAT, if they would have told me something I ended up liking. They are only trying to UPSELL, so they aren’t actually “CARING ABOUT *****ME******”, but caring more about the *SALES* they are bringing in to get more tips for the HIGHER BILLS. If they did help me, SO WHAT, I ain't going to give them more for changing my mind whether it was positive or negative, which MORE times than not, it’s NEGATIVE. I am SUCH a PICKY, PICKY, PICKY, eater, I PROBABLY WOULDN’T like what they suggest. I don’t like ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, raisins, peas, swiss cheese, philly steak sandwich, hot sauce, and grits, which are just SOME of the things I DON’T like, that A LOT of people DO. I am also not into fish unless it’s got good tartar sauce. I am VERY picky with tartar sauce. I don’t like certain tartar sauces or ranches. I HATE Outback’s ranch and even my husband doesn’t like it. I am NOT going to thank them for a *MISTAKE* whether it’s a good thing or not, because it’s the ****PRINCIPLE***** OF IT that they MADE A HUGE MISTAKE and I NEVER, EVER, EVER, want it to happen again. So if I get them the next time around, they’ll get the dish I asked for instead of messing up, because they know, they won’t receive a good tip, if they don’t *******************TRY***************************** TO GET THE ORDER RIGHT. See, by you paying them anyway, they WON’T GIVE A SHIT WHETHER THE FOOD IS CORRECT OF NOT, BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU PAID THEM ANYWAY TO BE LAZY NOT TO DOUBLE CHECK THINGS. NOT DOUBLE CHECKING THINGS IS 100% PURE LAZINESS! TIPPING ANYWAY WELL PROMOTES NOT TRYING TO GET THINGS CORRECT! You know you will get 20%, WHY FUCKING TRY, YOU KNOW? I mean really, WHY BOTHER, when there are tables that DO tip according to if you try, so WHY try for that table that will pay you ANYWAY NO MATTER WHAT? WHY make your other tables possibly tip you less to make sure this table has what they asked for exactly that you can see? I am SO SURE you’d care just as much about that table as the rest. Maybe you would, but most would just go where the DOLLAR SIGNS ARE and not BOTHER with people that will pay no matter what happens.

“I can guarantee you that if restaurants abolished tips the customers are going to get terrible service. “Oh, you want ketchup with those fries? I’ll be off the phone in 5 minutes.” People think they get crap service now? Wait until servers have no incentive to treat customer’s right.”

See, she sees the fact that the server won’t be *TRYING* ANYMORE TO DO A GOOD JOB.

“The possibility of a bonus, as Paul mentioned many comments ago, was held out almost like a big year-end tip.”

Basically franny feels that her great efforts AREN’T APPRECIATED ANYMORE, because she’s not being able to make more money. So if servers are REWARDED for good service, people tend to feel that they did a good job and to CONTINUE to do so.

My point is, tips won't seem to be a *REWARD* anymore if the server knows they've made 20% already, what's the damn point of TRYING then? No incentives, NO TRYING, NO EFFORT, leads to *BAD SERVICE!*

“Service charges do not work because they provide no incentive.”

“There would be little or no incentive for a server to provide service above the bare minimum, and would all but eliminate the feeling of going out and being "waited on."”

“But in the end they bring me my drinks, they bring my food, they get my refils, they bring me my check, they cash out my check, and bring me my credit card slip or change,”

So if that takes up 2 hours of my time, that’s OK to you? My meal should be done within an hour to an hour and a half at the MOST. If they take 20 minutes to get the check they won’t get tipped for IGNORING MY TABLE for that long and making me WAIT that long, which shows how VERY UNCARING THEY ARE. Even after 10 minutes of waiting to get our check rung up, my husband was VERY UPSET and DEFINITELY LEFT ZERO. We had to ask ANOTHER SERVER TO GET OUR SERVER, OTHERWISE, WE WOULD HAVE WAITED 15 or more minutes at the rate she was going. People want to LEAVE when they ask for their check 99% of the time. We NEVER went back to that restaurant, because of the VERY POOR SERVICE we'd usually get and we normally tipped at least 15% most of the time at least. The FOOD was SOOOOO GOOD, but the service 99% of the time SUCKED BIG TIME. The restaurant got flooded from Katrina and NEVER reopened. My point is, it’s all about *RESPECT* for the other person. That waitress didn’t respect our time, so we didn’t respect her tip. What goes around, comes around. Treat others as YOU’D like to be treated in the SAME EXACT situation.

“The kitchen may have been the one who made it incorrectly, and by the time the food came the server may have forgotten i ordered it without mushrooms or did not notice it had mushrooms.”

You don’t get that the *SERVER* can SEE IT on the sandwich if there is some that is hanging out of the sandwich or if it’s OPEN-FACED. So, forgetting is NOT TRUE, it’s lack of *EFFORT TO REREAD THAT ORDER THAT WAS WRITTEN DOWN* that the server didn’t do. Don’t you get that? BRINGING THE FOOD OUT WRONG AS FAR AS WHAT THE SERVER CAN SEE IS THE *SERVER’S* MISTAKE, WHETHER THE COOK MESSED UP OR THEY DID, IT’S THE FACT THAT THEY WASTED *VALUABLE TIME* ******BRINGING******* IT TO THE TABLE FOR *******NOTHING******! So it’s the LACK OF EFFORT, I feel the MOST PISSED ABOUT! If I can SEE the bacon that is outside the sandwich WITHOUT TOUCHING MY FOOD which is NOT CRISPY(meaning flat like a tape measure, NOT WAVY like crispy bacon TRULY IS), they can see it TOO! THEY SHOULDN’T BRING IT OUT WRONG! If you can SEE IT IS WRONG, DON’T BRING IT TO THE CUSTOMER, PERIOD! TAKE THE ***************************EFFORT********************************** TO MAKE 100% SURE IT’S CORRECT AS FAR AS WHAT YOU CAN *************SEE************ IS WRONG! NO EFFORT = NOT AS MUCH TIP! YOU WANT TIPS, YOU MAKE AN EFFORT TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE BRINGING OUT THE CORRECT FOOD. Taking my food out to me when you took my order, should tell you that you should *KNOW* what I ordered EXACTLY! I NEVER would EVER, expect someone to remember by memory, that is WHY you would WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN and that includes EVERY SINGLE DETAIL whether it’s a side of ranch or cheese on the side or whatever. YOU SHOULD WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! AT LEAST ATTEMPT TO TRY TO REMEMBER IT! Heck, if I wouldn’t write a list every week, I honestly wouldn’t remember all the groceries I need. Heck, I’ve even forgot to tell servers things when I ordered if I didn’t have my order written down ahead of time. It’s TRUE, I have. There are SO MANY details to my order, that I forget myself even, MY OWN ORDER. I’ve forgotten to say “Crispy bacon” one time at a pancake restaurant and I went up the waitress when she was bussing a table to tell her. See, if I would have WRITTEN IT DOWN, I wouldn’t have more than likely forgot to tell her.

“I am going to get great service. He will remember that last time I was in he screwed up or someone screwed up my order, but I still tipped him, he will be very happy to see me, and give me even better service then last time.”

NO, the server will KNOW they will get paid NO MATTER *****HOW MANY****** MISTAKES THEY DO! YOU ARE MAKING YOUR OWN BAD SERVICE AS WELL AS MAKING OTHERS SUFFER AS WELL! HONESTLY, wouldn’t you take a 20 dollar bill and not work for it instead of working for it? MOST PEOPLE WOULD JUST TAKE IT. So think about that when you tip servers well who do poorly. Think about that if you have them again, they’ll do poorly again, because they already KNOW they’ll get paid ANYWAY, NO MATTER WHAT YOU MESS UP.

“When you pay higher prices for a meal you get more attentive service, because the servers have less guests to serve.”

That may be true at a fancy restaurant, but me getting a $16.99 dish vs. a $6.99 dish doesn’t necessarily make for better service and YOU KNOW IT!

“I am human. I have feelings.”

That goes for CUSTOMERS as well. I SHOULD get APOLOGIZES FOR ALL MISTAKES, but HARDLY GET ANY and I am NOT MEAN OR ANYTHING, so I don’t get WHY PEOPLE ARE SO DAMN UNCARING? It’s like they don’t even care about their tip even to fake it by saying their sorry just for their tip even.

“Do you think the people who serve you will feel the same way???”

NO, because they aren’t OUT at 7p.m. on a Friday or Saturday night, which they are WORKING, so OF COURSE, so HOW CAN they understand what it’s like to be the CUSTOMER in the situation at those busy times? Also, they may order "AS IS" from the menu, so there's MUCH less CHANCES OF MISTAKES than my complicated orders.

1:23 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

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10:58 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Fabulous Server
“Ive never been told that fast food employees dont accept tips, so today i went to McDonalds and gave the girl $3. She said thanks and put it in her pocket. Basically your a moron.”


“Without actually knowing anything about it firsthand, I guarantee you McDonalds' employees aren't allowed to keep tips. Putting money in their pockets while at the register is grounds for dismissal, I'm very sure.”

“There's the employee who works at a fast-food establishment, say, McDonald's, who is not allowed to accept tips, and the employee who works at a restaurant or bar and who ay bring home an extra $25-$200 for a six-hour shift. They are in completely different wage brackets.”

“A sailor tried to give me a tip (no doubt for his excellent ketchup service) but we were not allowed to accept tips. The manager, who happened to be standing next to me when the sailor offered me a tip told him to put his money in the Ronald McDonald House donation box. The sailor thought this was a stupid idea because he wanted me, not McDonald’s (in an American accent), to have the money, and so when he left he tried to sneak me five bucks. I had no where to put it though - those damned McDonald’s trousers didn’t have any pockets. Presumably to stop us from stealing.”

“I made $6.50 /hr at McDonalds trying to support my family and we employees aren’t even allowed to accept tips.”;sid=02/11/07/15120362

“Somewhere here in IL they opened up a restaurant-style McDonald's, with a supposedly "pleasant" atmosphere, and waiters that bring you your food. I guess this could be an interesting strategy, except that waiters aren't allowed to accept tips.”

“When I worked at McD's, we were taught not to accept tips- even though occasionally I did some.”


“Or working at McDonald's (even though McD's has a policy that you are NOT allowed to accept tips... but how many customers actually know that and why wouldn't they feel obliged to tip a poor teenager working in a restaurant, even if it were a fastfood one??)”

“You do not tip the cashier in a fast food restaurant.”

Who are we NOT supposed to tip?
There are still a few people out there who we are NOT supposed to tip. Some of these include:
• Restaurant owners
• Salon owners
• Other owners of establishments where you tip the service providers
• Food deliveries under $30, such as those from the grocery store (although this is debated)
• Airline flight attendants
• Busboys in restaurants (waiters usually give busboys a percentage of the tips they receive)
• Hotel desk clerks and doormen (unless they provide some special service for you)
• Bus drivers
• Theater ushers
• Museum guides
• Salespeople
• Employees at fast food restaurants

“The fast food servers make no tips, thus keeping the price down for customers who otherwise would have to add 15-20% to their meal expenses.”

“There is no tipping at fast food joints!”

“No tipping in McDonald's or like fast-food restaurants.”

“No tipping in fast food restaurants or buffets, where you serve yourself.”

“Go somewhere where there is no tipping, like McDonald's or Macs Milk, enjoy your mean and shut the fuck up!”

“Starbucks tips are nice, and always appreciated but not necessery, in terms of McDonalds, we are not allowed to accept tips, and any money donated to a member of staff is [apparently] by all rights to [a] be refused or [b] owned by the company... im leaving on sunday!”

“McDonald’s 3’n1” invites customers to take a seat, relax and order via a special red
phone at their table. Although this concept offers table service, a “no tipping” policy
adds to the overall value of the experience.“

“4. Pay at the Diner-To-Go cashier. No tipping!”

See, even McDonald’s doesn’t let employees who do “TABLE SERVICE” accept tips. Think about that! IT CLEARLY STATES “NO TIPPING POLICY”!

There will ALWAYS be people that just don’t follow the RULES. That person that accepted the tip, DIDN’T FOLLOW THE RULES! THEY COULD GET FIRED FOR ACCEPTING TIPS! LOOK WHO’S THE MORON!

11:01 AM  
Blogger misspriss said...

The only reason places like McDonalds don't allow their workers to accept tips is because the government cannot track the wages that they are making. People who work in a resturant like McDonalds are paid a minimum hourly wage and the government takes their share of the taxes from that rate. (yeah, i realaze that places like Sonic get paid an hour wage and accept tips but that only means that they are stealing from the government.)

Now waiters recive an hourly wage FAR less that min (2.13/hr in my state) and must claim to the government their tips every shift that they work. Waiters are taxed accordingly on this number and the government get theirs. People who work at Fast food resturants do not have any way to claim those tips that is why the corporation must put rules in place insiting that tips are not accepted. They are simply watching their backs.

I tried to be very poliet and clear in this post i hope you don't find anything to be offended by and actually listen to what i had to say

1:25 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"if they don't bring refills automatically"

How come I hardly EVER get refills without ME ordering or them asking me, huh? If it was TRULY MANDATORY, I'd get refills without asking ALL THE TIME, but I hardly EVER do, HONESTLY, that's the God's TRUTH! Most servers wouldn't want to waste VALUABLE TIME for NOTHING POSSIBLY if the person DOESN'T want a refill and think if the server got 5 refills and the 5 people DIDN'T want them, how the server would feel knowing their HARD WORK was FOR NOTHING. So I think they think about that and that's EXACTLY WHY they don't do it, because I don't tell them not to order for me. Corporate can say one thing and the owner of the chain restaurant can say another. Meaning, the owner may not agree with EVERYTHING that corporate tells them should go on in the restaurant. Did you ever consider that? I truly don't get automatic refills very often at all. It's RARE when I get brought a refill without ordering it or them asking me. I go to chain restaurants A LOT and I mean maybe 4 times in a month or more sometimes. I go to Chili's, Applebee's, Outback, and Red Lobster. I've gotten automatic refills ONCE or TWICE at Red Lobster, even though we've gone there MANY, MANY, times. At Chili's, we've gotten maybe 3 or 4 servers that gave us automatic refills and we've been there MANY, MANY, MANY, times also. At Outback, we've gone this year at least 6 times and NONE of those times, did servers do automatic refills. Yes, in the past at Outback, the few times we went years ago, we got a server or 2 that did that, but we didn't go there very often like now, because now they have new items and one of those I love a lot, which is the Bronze Chicken with corn cakes. You should try it, for real, because it's GOOOOD and I, for once in a blue moon, don't need condiments with it. So that is why we have gone more often recently. In the past, we maybe went less than 10 times before this year, literally at Outback. We went to Applbee's quite a lot in the past and I loved a dish they use to have called the "Blackend chicken fetticine", which they got rid of, of course. Anyway, I honestly don't remember EVER having people just bring refills without asking and we went recently to Applebee's. We didn't have automatic refills. My point is, you can say what you want, but just because it's the rule, doesn't mean people actual FOLLOW it or that the particular manager at that ONE PARTICULAR RESTAURANT does things the SAME WAY as another. I may go to one Chili's and get automatic refills and go to another and NEVER get it.

"if they don't upsell"

It's one thing when a server says "May I start y'all off with a Presidente' margarita." It's another when I've placed my order for let's say a regular margarita on the rocks with salt and they try to change your mind. I DON'T get that type of service very often that they try to change your mind AFTER you've placed your order, that's why I can cleary remember the ones that did, because it's RARE. I know they have to say the specials, but I also know that from someone that wrote on this blog, which their name is "Chris" said they do cater to what the customer requests. So let's say I asked for you NOT to bring automatic refills, that means you WOULDN'T do that even though it's required according to what you say, so honestly, it's NOT REQUIRED if they have to honor the customer's request, otherwise, they'd have to say to the customer "I have to bring it to you anyway, so here". So my point is, it's NOT required honestly, otherwise, WHY would she say they have to honor customer's requests and WHY would she tell me to tell my server "I would like to NOT have automatic refills?"

My point is, I don't mind NEARLY as much if they try to upsell me ***BEFORE*** I've placed my order, but after is VERY DIFFERENT! If I say I want "half rack of ribs", I want EXACTLY THAT, NOT a WHOLE RACK. Basically, the upselling bothers me MOSTLY if the server trys to change my mind, which MORE TIMES THAN NOT, DOESN'T! If they tell me the specials, I understand, they HAVE TOO, but when I order and they tell me what they ***THINK I WANT***(THAT'S RARE) as far as MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY times I've gone out to eat I've experienced. I feel if a order has been placed with NO HESITATION AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLL, DON'T SUGGEST ANYTHING AT ALLLLLLLLL!

If I am going "Uh, which at SOME places that I had been at the very first or second time, I have done, but to tell you my order and then fucking WASTE MY TIME TELLING ME WHAT YOU THINK *I* WANT is WRONG and YOU KNOW IT! I KNOW WHAT I WANT, SO DON'T FUCKING WASTE MY TIME AND OTHER CUSTOMER'S TIME AS WELL ON TRYING TO UPSELL ME ON WHAT I **ALREADY DECIDED ON**! THAT IS WHAT IS AGGREVATING! IF I WANT THE SERVER'S HELP, I HAVE ASKED THEM! At places I tried for the very first time, I've asked questions. THAT is NOT the SAME as telling your order and KNOWING ****EXACTLY**** WHAT YOU WANT FOR SURE 100%! Don't you see how IRRATITATING THAT IS? That is EXACTLY WHY I HARDLY EVER, EVER, EVER, GET THAT TYPE OF SERVICE! THAT IS WHY I REMEMBER SPECIFICS, BECAUSE IT'S SO RARE!

Like we went for sure around 25 times at least to Serrano's Salsa Company and ONLY ONCE had someone try to change my mind AFTER I had ordered. They have one in the New Orleans area and Baton Rouge, so technically, it's a small chain. I've only gotten automatic refills once or twice at the MOST. We've gone there A LOT!


9:09 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

“It is simple, because the workers at the grocery store, the workers at McDonalds, the workers at Starbucks are paid for the work they do by their employer.”

Servers get paid $2.13/hr by their employer also.

“Our wages are paid by tips!”

That’s 100% FALSE! You get *SOME* of your wages through your employer. Remember the $2.13/hr you make? Remember, there are NO LAWS that make customers tip unless they are in a large party or they are using a coupon that states automatic gratuity is added in order to use the coupon.

“That means we are paid for everything we do in our restaurant from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave by tips.”

NOT JUST BY TIPS! WHY are you NOT mentioning the $2.13/hr from your employer? YOU GET A CHECK FROM THE RESTAURANT, SO YOU ***********ARE************ GETTING PAID BY YOUR EMPLOYER!

“Now here Spring is the difference.” “The McDonalds worker at the end of the still receives a paycheck.”

There’s NO DIFFERENCE. The servers STILL get a paycheck from their EMPLOYER. Sure it’s NOT as *HIGH* of an amount of course, but it’s STILL A PAYCHECK.

“Gets paid whether or not that customer was happy or not that they had to wait to be greeted.”

Well, that’s WHY it’s better to have a job to has a ****GUARANTEED**** paycheck that is worth more than only $2.13/hr instead of a job that depends MOSTLY(NOT ENTIRELY), MOSTLY on **********CUSTOMERS*********** to pay for services. That’s the GAMBLE when you work at a place like that. That’s WHY I chose to work at the donut shop for 2 years, because I was paid $6/hr (most of the time, but started out at $5.15 at the beginning) plus tips(normally between $20-$25 a shift sometimes a little more, sometimes less.) Depending on CUSTOMERS for MOST of your pay is a GAMBLE, just like playing a slot machine. You might bet $5 and get back $20 or you might lose $5. I will say this again: CUSTOMERS ARE ******NOT***** ****LEGALLY***** RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REST OF YOUR WAGES UNLESS THE MENU OR COUPON STATES AUTOMATIC GRAUITY IS REQUIRED!

“If you wanted to be fair you should ask that McDonalds employee to give you a dollar for your inconvenience, because essentially that is what you do to your server.”

If you want things to be fair, then WORK SOMEWHERE WHERE IT IS FAIR! I think it’s UNFAIR for Dominos, Papa John’s, etc., makes employees use their OWN vehicles to do a job that the COMPANY should be providing. In other words, the COMPANY should provide a vehicle instead of having to use your own wear and tear. Think about it. When I make so much an hour, I am getting paid without having to use some of the money I used on my car such as wear and tear of the tires, belts, etc. as well as risking an accident on *MY* insurance policy instead it should be on Dominos policy. Do you think it’s *FAIR* that the COMPANY isn’t providing the equipment for the job? I think it’s VERY, VERY, UNFAIR. That’s WHY I wouldn’t want to work there. We all have CHOICES here. You don’t like the policies, DON’T WORK THERE! When I was in between office jobs, I had interviewers over the phone tell me they expected me to go to the bank with *MY* vehicle, NOT a company vehicle and even one of them I remember, didn’t even want to pay mileage. You know what, I ****CHOSE**** NOT TO WORK THERE, SO SHOULD YOU IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT! I TURNED DOWN THE INTERVIEW OVER THE PHONE, BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO USE *MY* MONEY TO MAKE MONEY ON THE CLOCK. I only wanted to use my vehicle to go and come to work. If I am using my vehicle on the clock, then I’m truly NOT making “whatever per hour”, because I am USING *MY MONEY* to do a job for the company, meaning, I may, let’s hypothetically say $6/hr, the technically it’s like I would be making $5.75/hr, because I am using some money I had already to do a job for the company. If they provided a company vehicle with company insurance, then I would truly be making the $6/hr in this hypothetical situation. My point is, if you don’t like it being unfair, DON’T WORK THERE!

“There is a huge difference, grocery stores pay people to stock shelves.”

Restaurant employers pay servers $2.13/hr to stock as well as other things like cleaning. So there’s NO DIFFERENCE if the servers get paid by their employer, is there?

“We all scratch our heads as to why people tipped us (of course we didnt complain about it) when we already are making 8-10 dollars an hour to fill coffee cups with coffee.”

People tipped me at the donut shop and I NEVER scratched my head as to “WHY”, because I was giving them some type of service. Also, I only tip drinks that require mixing. Like there’s NO WAY I’d tip for a cup of black coffee unless they put the creamers and sugars in it for me. When someone makes a Frappacino, at Starbucks, they are making a drink like a bartender would. Instead of coffee liquor, they use coffee. Just because it isn’t “ALCOHOL” doesn’t mean the worker did less work. If you agree that more work constitutes a bigger tip, then WHY mention they get paid 8-10 dollars an hour? SO WHAT ****HOW MUCH***** they get paid already by their employer. What matters is *****HOW MUCH *************WORK************* did they do for their money. If they are handing me a cup of black coffee that I have to put my creamers and sugars in myself, OF COURSE I won’t tip. When they actually are making a drink that requires more effort than a McDonald’s does, then I would tip. I NEVER go by “HOW MUCH” someone makes, because they doesn’t mean ANYTHING. I go by HOW MUCH ****WORK**** DID THE PERSON DO FOR THEIR MONEY? So, if you agree that tipping more for more work is right to do, then WHY is not fair to you to tip less or nothing if less work is done or the same amount of work is done that a fast food worker does for no tips? I think it’s unfair when customers tip for a black coffee with no creamers and sugars at Starbuck’s, but McDonald’s workers don’t get a tip when they do the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF WORK. That’s what’s unfair.

“Which would be ridiculous if I had to stop and write fill ice bin, get olive, go to bathroom.”

I agree with no writing down side work. That would be ridiculous.

“I cant believe you think that highly of yourself to believe that someone should have to pay to serve you.”

Get another job if you don’t like it. DO A BETTER JOB THEN. You get in what you put into ANYTHING in life. You give horrible service, you get nothing. You give great service, you’ll get 25% or higher tip. Remember, no one is making you stay there. You are CHOOSING to stay at a place that mostly depends on customers for their income. Just like new tires pizza delivery drivers have to buy MORE of due to wear and tear. I doubt even if they get paid for wear and tear, that it would pay for a new tire. It may help SOME, but not all. Also, if the pizza delivery driver gets in an accident, it’s on that delivery drivers insurance, meaning, the pizza company isn’t paying the driver’s higher premium are they? Is the pizza company paying if people got injured or a lawsuit due to an accident? NO, they aren’t. My point is, you are CHOOSING to take a job where you may have to pay some and so are they. You can go and get a job that doesn’t have such risks, YOU IDIOT and QUIT COMPLAINING!

“Truth be told you are paying alot more for labor then you are for the parts. But yet you are completely comfortable for not paying a server.”

There’s a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, DIFFERENCE between these jobs. BY LAW, YES, BY LAW, I HAVE TO PAY THE mechanic. I DON’T HAVE TO TIP BY LAW UNLESS I AM IN A HUGE PARTY OF WHATEVER AMOUNT IS STATED ON THE MENU OR AM USING A COUPON THAT REQUIRES IT IF I WANT TO BE ABLE TO USE THE COUPON! DON’T YOU GET THIS? TIPS ARE NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT ****LAW***** REQUIRED! GET THIS THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL! If you do really lousy, I have EVERY DAMN RIGHT TO LOWER YOUR TIP OR CHOOSE NOT TO TIP YOU AT ALL BY LAW. Pizza delivery drivers have to pay money out of their pocket to work there. I DON’T have to pay money out of my pocket to work at the office I work at. I use my car to go to work and come back from work. I am NOT risking my car with damages during the time I am on the clock except for it being in a parking lot, which is a risk even in front of your own house to be parked. You are CHOOSING to stay at a job that you may end up having to take money out of your pocket to do a service. NO ONE IS MAKING YOU STAY THERE, IDIOT! Don’t blame us innocent customers on you staying at a job that is a “GAMBLE”.

“So high on yourself that it is ridiculous.”

NO, that’s you, because you wouldn’t expect not to be paid for giving horrible service. Even I didn’t expect a tip when I messed up. WHO would expect that except people like you that think their shit don’t stink. YOU are the one that high on yourself.

“Like I said before I am sure that I receive better service then you, because of my approach and outlook to dining out,”

You may also not order complicated orders such as mine as well as it’s all in the person’s opinion. I personally get aggravated if I waited 10-15 minutes for a coke, but you may not give a shit. My point is, that’s *YOUR* OWN OPINION of what is “BETTER SERVICE”, because if I was in your shoes, I may say the service was lousy.

“Eight: Your server deserves the benefit of the doubt. If, for example, the wrong entree is delivered to your table, you can be sure it was an honest mistake. (who would do this on purpose?) Before you go busting chops, give your server a break. Point out mix-ups politely.”

I know you didn’t write this, but I DISAGREE 100% with this. If the server is such a STUPID IDIOT to take my the completely wrong food to my table and they wrote it down, then not only are they STUPID, but TOO LAZY to REREAD the order they wrote down, so they are truly treating me like they don’t care about my experience, so WHY should I care about their tip? They aren’t *TRYING* to get the order correct, are they? WHERE’S THE EFFORT HERE FOR THE TIP? TIPS ARE *****EARNED*****! If I have to point out OBVIOUS mistakes that I don’t need to touch my food, then I will be pissed off. If they apologize profusely and get a manager to comp something or at least ATTEMPT to *MAKE-UP* for their huge mistake, then they’ll get tipped. Even though they didn’t bring me the entrée “INTENTIONALLY” to them doesn’t mean it’s NOT “INTENTIONAL”, because when the server DECIDES NOT TO REREAD THAT ORDER AND COMPARE THE PLATE OF FOOD WITH THAT ORDER, THAT’S *INTENTIONALLY* taking the food possibly wrong to the customer, plain and simple. Take some extra effort to make sure you don’t look like a complete idiot at the table and actually *CARE* about the customer instead of just the tip. Think if that was *YOUR* food that was messed up and how you feel when it happens or if it would be happening to YOU at that moment.

“Give your server a break.”

Give CUSTOMERS a break from having to repeat the order when the food arrives for NO REAL REASON EXCEPT FOR PURE LAZINESS. I am NOT talking about food runners here, I am talking ONLY about same servers that take the order and bring the food to the table.

“When in doubt, leave a little extra. It's good karma.”

WHY not leave less or nothing when the service is shitty? It’s KARMA. It’s a 2-way street you know.

“But beyond their sorry base rate (usually around $2-something an hour).”

It’s so funny how you CONTRADICT YOURSELF. One minute you are posting this, the next you are saying this: “Our wages are paid by tips.” You get paid by your employer, which this person that wrote the post even CONFIRMS IT. You are a complete IDIOT!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

ann surely
"No, I don't. I don't get a check. It's all taken up by the taxes I pay on my tips."

You still get a "CHECK" given to you from the $2.13/hr. Blame the "GOVERNMENT" for taking those taxes out, because you *****ARE***** paid by your employer. Don't you get this? You are paid by your employer and the government takes out the taxes. If you don't have a penny left from it, you still have that check in your hand, just with $0.00 amount, DUMBASS!

6:53 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Trust me, if they pay me a regular salary instead of tip, there's no way I would even bother to be stressed out like that. I would take my time and if they complain I would just answer I just have two hands."

Man, you are one UNCARING human being. See, I worked at a donut shop back in 1998-2002 off and on, which was 2 years worth, because I didn't work when I went to college and I worked holidays sometimes, so it wasn't a constant amount of time I worked sometimes. I made $6 plus tips. I worked my ASS off for drive-thru even and made sure I did things in ORDER. I received maybe tips from less than 10 people through drive-thru, maybe even only 5 people. I worked the counter, booths, little tables, and the people to-go. During the week was harder in a way, because we usually had only me and another person behind the counter. Sometimes sales were very high. I would think you would think a donut shop in a non-city area on a busy sunday morning sometimes making $1,700 or more in sales on the z-out sheet from on 6a.m.-12p.m. should tell you how busy this place sometimes got. This place was the only donut shop around the area. My point is, whether or not I received a tip, I treated people EQUALLY. If a drive-thru order came first and someone walked in to eat inside, I definately rung up drive-thru and took their order FIRST out of COMMON DECENCY, because they were first. I knew I more than likely could receive a tip from someone eating inside, but you know what, I didn't think JUST about the "TIPS", I thought about being FAIR and doing the *RIGHT* thing by going in order.

"Why are you so...well, mad at servers?"

I get bad service sometimes. I get things forgotten A LOT and a LOT of times they don't even say their sorry, which I am NOT mean to them at ALL, so I feel I SHOULD get an apology for a mistake, no matter WHAT kind of mistake it is, it's just NICE to here "Sorry about that", which DOES make me calm down about the situation. I've had servers not apologize for overcharges that were significant like almost $11, almost $5, etc. I've had to go up to a waiter to find out what happened to my entree when he had brought the wrong entree to my husband and I's table, which THEN he said he was sorry, which I felt how MEAN of him that I had to go up to him to have an explanation WHY my food wasn't at the table and to get even "ONE" sorry. I am NOT a mean person. I don't feel servers should be that UNCARING. It's just unbelieveable how UNCARING servers are today.

"Well, sometimes when we ask people, they consider that we should just refill without asking and our tip "goes down" too. So tell me, is there any way to keep everyone happy?"

You could ask the customer if they like not being asked for refills. I feel severs can waste time if they get uwanted refills, so I feel it's STUPID to just get something without asking FIRST as well as it's truly *ASSUMING* what someone wants. I don't even get that type of service very often at all, HONESTLY, thankfully so.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Because I am anticipatory of their needs"

HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW 100% FOR SURE THEY "NEED" IT IF THEY DON'T TELL YOU OR YOU DON'T ASK THEM? I bet you have gotten drinks for NOTHING lots of times wasting people's time not only for those people you got it for, but for other customers that are WAITING LONGER for your service at their tables. As you said "Who are you to tell me how to do my job", well WHO THE HELL YOU THINK YOU ARE ORDERING FOR CUSTOMERS? YOU ARE A STRANGER, SO WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO RUN THE SHOW? I don’t even let my husband order for me, so WHY WOULD I LET A TOTAL STRANGER OF ALL PEOPLE ORDER FOR ME? When someone orders a "COKE" that's just ****ONE**** glass of coke, NOT SEVERAL REFILLS. So what if it's "FREE", that doesn't mean it's wanted. I've changed soft drinks before. My husband even had coffee for his first drink, then diet coke for his second. People sometimes change drinks or don't even want more drink, don't you know this? I guess you are too STUPID and LAZY to find out. CUSTOMERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO TELL YOU WHAT THEY WANT OR DON'T WANT AND HOW THEY WANT THINGS, NOT YOU! YOU HAVE ******NO RIGHT****** TO ORDER FOR A CUSTOMER AND YOU KNOW IT! YOU ARE JUST TOO LAZY ASS TO MAKE THE EXTRA TRIP TO FIND OUT IF THAT PERSON REALLY DOES TRULY WANT ANOTHER REFILL! SOMETIMES YOU MAY BE GOING TO GET REFILLS FOR NOTHING, DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT YOU IDIOT! NOT *EVERYONE* WANTS A DAMN REFILL!

"Like any good server should be."

That's your *OPINION* of what's good and not, NOT EVERYONE'S IDIOT! A good server NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, MAKES DECISIONS FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS, EVER! A good server does what is ASKED of them or the server does the asking. You don’t just *ASSUME* someone wants something. I’ve had checks being given when I wasn’t ready for it quite a NUMBER of times, because STUPID SERVERS *ASSUME* just because you order a dessert or ask for boxes, that you want the check. DON’T EVER ***ASSUME*** what someone wants! Good service is truly getting what the ****CUSTOMER****(NOT THE SERVER) wants! HOW WILL YOU KNOW 100% FOR SURE WITHOUT A DOUBT IN YOUR MIND UNLESS THEY ASK YOU OR YOU ASK THEM? YOU KNOW THAT’S THE GOD’S TRUTH! WHY CAN’T YOU ADMIT THAT?

"Just might live in colorado springs"

NO, don't even know where that is. I am assuming that’s in Colorado?

“I don't post blogs telling you how to be a pompous ass, because I'VE NEVER BEEN ONE!”

Look at servers who tell customers what to do in a restaurant:

I could go on and on. I could list SO MANY of them it’s PATHETIC.

If you put in quotes “Children the little devils” in blogger or Xanga or myspace or even google, you’ll see HOW MANY SERVERS ARE TELLING US CUSTOMERS WHAT THE HELL TO DO, SO ****WHY**** CAN’T US CUSTOMERS DO THE HELL THE SAME? This thing is ALL OF the internet.

Heck this person is REALLY telling us customers what to do when dining out. FUCK ALL THESE ASSHOLES! I dine the way I please.

“You can't possibly have waited tables in your life.”

I worked at a donut shop for 2 years off and on due to going to college from 1998-2002. I actually DID take people’s orders that ate inside at a couple of booths, some tables, and at the counter. I actually brought people their food as well as condiments asked for, refilled their drinks as well as gave them their first drink, gave them their check and brought back their change(unless they came up to pay like Waffle House or Denny’s has you do.). My point is, I DID serve sometimes people inside just like a waitress does. NO, I didn’t work in a regular type of restaurant. I got paid $6/hr plus tips ranging from anywhere from approx. in an 8 hr shift approx. $20-$35 a day sometimes more, sometimes less depending on how many people were working, because on the weekends we had 4-6 people behind the counter that we had to SHARE the tips with equally, so weekends I came home with sometimes $10-$15. During the week is when I’d make the good money or holidays. We had drive-thru as well as people to-go as well as people inside with during the week usually 2 people worked behind the counter. Once in a while on Fridays, 3 people would be behind the counter during the morning shift. Afternoon shifts I made less than the morning shift of course and if I worked a night shift(which was rare) I didn’t make much. This place is open 24hrs.

“I think I'll call it a menu. You should try ordering from it sometime.”


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Blogger Finn said...

Wow...this is certainly a 'hot topic'! I will tell you I waited tables for a LONG time--but before you get too defensive, waiting tables is all about making the guest I'm going to try and be a happy medium. For the servers of the world--they DO have to adhere to the standards that the restaurant sets (refills without asking, suggesting specific upsells, presenting the check early, and the ridiculous surveys!)--you bring up the point that many servers do not do this--true, but frankly, that is because they are lazy--not cuz they are doing a great job! Do they get fired on the spot for their lack of following store standards or specs--of course not, but if caught, they can get written up or sent home or just yelled at (annoying if you have a high strung manager) or have prime shifts/stations taken from them. From your perspective, this more "hands off" service is more ideal than the more "pushy" service that the chain restaurants are training their servers to give to the guests. Those that are trained well will be a little more "intense". I had a couple of regulars for years who reminded me very much of you--I was the "obnoxious server" their face with all the crap that I was supposed to be doing (I'm an overachiever and pleaser to the company) and they firmly said to me "we come out to eat dinner, not to make friends with you or to have you tell us what you think we should order." I thought it was very harsh and was very angry...but I realized--I'm here to give them their dining I did...they became regulars..they would come in and request my section, I'd take their order--silently--provide them with the minimum needs--and send them on their way. Have you ever thought of polietly setting up your server with your expectations? I know it seems you should not have to do that--but I think from the heat of the responses from you post you can see that many servers may be inadvertanly 'overattending' to your table--they are not trying to be bad servers--they are merely doing their jobs (with the exception of messing up your modifiers and such, obviously that is poor errors, I'm referring to the restaurant specific stuff). Perhaps if you just kindly say "Hi--do you mind if we just order without upselling and we'd like our beverages one at a time thanks. Also, I don't drink much soda, so please don't bring me automatic refills" is unfortuante you have to spill all of this out, but until you get some regular servers that know your expectations, this may help so people don't throw so much at you...also, when done taking the order, request they read it back to you...I do that whenever I place a to-go order cuz I've had so many people mess up to-go's that i've gotten! Hopefully this can help come to a happy medium?? Some things will still be unmanageable--they are still going to consolidate their steps which means your needs might not always come first even though it seems logical to you that your drink should come first--they might have a different order for things (perhaps the guest at a different table has told them they are in a rush? maybe the host has told them they need that table for a party that has been over-quoted on the wait list--that is why they are opting to bus the table first? maybe they REALLY have to pee :) ????? ) and of course there will still be the forgotten condiment--there is usually someone in the kitchen that sends the food out--not the server themself. I know the server SHOULD be the final check---but restaurants often employ someone for that job position so it isn't the person that took your order and servers aren't allowed to 'hover' and wait for their own food to come out of the kitchen (too selfish--they have to just run out whatever is ready while they are standing there). Of coures, most of the time, your server probbably just didn't ring in your sides ;) Anyway, hopefully you have better luck finding good service and hopefully the servers of the world remember that it DOES take all types and the lovely thing about waiting tables is that it is new faces all the time.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

"Have you ever thought of polietly setting up your server with your expectations?"

Yes, but I don't want to tell them what they "SHOULD" already know such as "NEVER ordering for a stranger." How would they feel if I just ordered their food for them for instance if I was a server? I bet 99% of people would NOT like that. Well, ordering for someone else even just a refill, is still the same concept. Yes, a lot of people like servers to order their refills, but I feel if they want automatic refills, they should tell their server by in a sense ordering them ahead of time by stating they want automatic refills. This way the customers would be ordering for themselves, because the customer would have told the server they want to keep the drinks coming.

I also at times wasn't ready for the check, but did not think of telling the server I wanted another drink after I was not only finished the dessert I was having with my husband, but I was also still drinking my mixed drink at the time. Another time, a waitress at Chili's brought the check with the dessert all at once. It's truly mostly been the times that we've ordered desserts we have had this problem. A few times, we weren't even offered a CHANCE to get a dessert even. Which that's dumb of the servers not to at least tell the customers if they would like something else, they can still order something without making them feel pushed out. I didn't think at the times that we ordered desserts to bother telling the server what should be common sense by making sure that nothing is not wanted. You never know. Sure, MOST of the time, dessert is brought, usually the check is wanted, but servers shouldn't just ASSUME that the customers are done and if they do bring the check too early, at least say "I'm leaving this here for your convenience. If you'd like to order something else, feel free." I feel it's rather rude to just drop the check without finding out first. For one thing, it's in the server's BEST interest to get the higher check amount to make the higher tip. So, making sure that the customer does or doesn't want anything else should be of upmost importance. The more money the restaurant makes, the more the server potentially usually makes(unless the tip is low due to a cheapskate or bad service).

"Perhaps if you just kindly say "Hi--do you mind if we just order without upselling"

That DOES seem kind of rude to say such a thing don't you think. Reread it and think about how saying that conveys "bitch" or "unfriendly", which is truly negative right from the start.

"we'd like our beverages one at a time thanks."

I hardly ever order 2 for 1 drinks, but when I have, I actually have told my server to bring them one at a time. One server REFUSED and told me that the restaurant was too busy and that the bartender wouldn't do that. This was at Chili's, but I had another server at Chili's one time not refuse. A customer should be able to get their drinks WHEN they want. Even if it's a request of once their food arrives, that they want their drink, that request SHOULD be honored.

"request they read it back to you...I do that whenever I place a to-go order cuz I've had so many people mess up to-go's that i've gotten!"

I hadn't really thought of that when I am dining out. Only if I get something to-go is when I've tried that. If it's complicated, there are times when I write down my orders, this way, the server has all the details and just listens. I know you may think that's silly to write your own order down, but it actually helps MOST of the time. Sometimes, the server just doesn't bother to read what I wrote, which I do write very neatly in print, no script. I also read the order to them explaining it. I only write down orders that I can look up on the internet like chain restaurants. I've only been writting down my own orders SOMETIMES(NOT all the time) about 2 years worth. I feel with customers chatting in a busy restaurant, things can definately be miscommunicated. I have had serveral soft drinks forgotten, because of not writing my order down due to the fact I also usually order a margarita as well. So the servers sometimes don't bother to write down drink orders or they might have, but didn't HEAR me. There are some servers that wrote it down, which I noticed they did, but just didn't bother to reread what they wrote down. I call those the "lazy servers."

"perhaps the guest at a different table has told them they are in a rush?"

If I knew that I could do that, I'd tell EVERY server that to make my dining experience speedy, but I choose not to, to be FAIR. Just because some other customer is in a hurry DOESN'T give a right to let that customer's orders CUT in front of someone else's order or request. Like let's say Jane Doe asked for a refill. Joe Schmoe's table told the server he was in a hurry. He wants his check, but this request came AFTER Jane Doe's request for a refill as the server was passing by. So you mean to tell me, that to you, it's ok to get Joe Schmoe's check BEFORE Jane Doe's refill just because "AWWWW he's in a hurry?" If I was a server, whether or not the customer is in a hurry shouldn't make one customer's request more important that ANY other customers request. I honestly would treat people FAIRLY, by getting Jane Does' refill FIRST. Then getting the check for Joe Schmoe. WHO CARES IF HE'S IN A HURRY? GO TO MCDONALD'S IF HE IS THAT MUCH IN A HURRY THAT HE FEELS HIS TIME IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN JANE DOE'S TIME! I say to those people that are in a rush: "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DECIDE TO DINE OUT AT A NON-FAST FOOD RESTAURANT, ESPECIALLY AT AROUND 7p.m.-9p.m. ON A FRIDAY OR SATURDAY NIGHT?" I would NEVER be that INCONSIDERATE of someone’s time to make one person’s time more important than the others. I feel if let’s say a customer named John smith, says he’s in a hurry, that would not make me work ANY faster for him. HIS TIME IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT as ANY, ANY, ANYONE ELSE’S TIME. I wouldn’t treat that person ANY differently just because they are in a rush. If they are that crammed for time, they really shouldn’t be there in the first place. Like John Smith’s time is somehow more important that let’s say Michelle Blow’s coke if she placed her coke order before John Smith did that you would give him his coke before Michelle’s? I find that to be UNFAIR, INCONSIDERATE, you name it, just plain WRONG, RUDE, etc. My time is just as important as ANYONE else’s. My time is NOT more important than someone else’s time. The server should hand out request(like food that is done already or a request for the check or request for a refill) in the order they were requested in. Like one time at Applebee’s, a waiter took our appetizer order, went to another table to greet them. Both our tables had their appetizers done at the same time. The waiter handed THEIRS BEFORE OURS, even though we truly DID order BEFORE them. That’s SOOOOO WRONG! His tip was crappy and I requested not to have him EVER again. Common decency would be to have handed OURS before theirs. If they would have ordered before us, I would have hoped he would have been fair enough to hand theirs BEFORE ours. Do you understand that if a server has let’s say 2 cokes that were ordered, but Jane Doe ordered a coke BEFORE I did, that the server should hand the first coke to Jane Doe, THEN MY TABLE. The server should NOT hand mine first. That’s just WRONG!

"maybe they REALLY have to pee :) ????? )"

I understand that feeling, because I had jobs when I had to do reception work, so if no one was there to relieve you at the desk, you couldn't just leave. I hope I NEVER end up doing that again. It sucked. I feel if they have to pee, they can still be considerate to hand things to customers in the order they were requested as far as items that don’t need cooking are concerned or making such as a margarita. Like if I ask for the check and the next table asked for their check after mine, my server should hand me MINE FIRST, then theirs. If they asked for theirs first before mine, I would expect the server to be CONSIDERATE enough to hand THEIRS BEFORE MINE. It’s just called COMMON DECENY!

"someone in the kitchen that sends the food out--not the server themself."

You are honestly wrong about that. QUITE a NUMBER of times, I actually have my server bring out my food. It's only SOMETIMES that a food runner brings my food out. If my server brings out the food and there is a VERY obvious mistake such as a wrong entree, you bet I am one pissed off customer. If a food runner takes my the wrong entree, I am not pissed at the food runner if the server admits they pressed the wrong button, just as what happened one time to my husband and I at Applebee's. My husband ordered a burger, a food runner brings out ribs. The food runner can only go by the ticket, so the food runner is totally NOT at fault for that situation I went through. My server pressed the wrong button, so it was HER FAULT. I feel this happened, because she went take 2 other table's entree orders(parties of 2) as well as ours. So when you go to put ALL of those orders into the computer at once, OF COURSE things might get messed up, by trying to do TOO MUCH ALL AT ONCE. That's what I also mean by sometimes consolidating is bad. You can forget easier if you try to do too much at one time. Sometimes it's better to do not so much at once. It's less confusing. It also made us wait longer for our food, because she held the pad of paper all that time getting 2 table's entree orders instead our orders could have been put into the computer that much quicker.

"inadvertanly 'overattending' to your table--they are not trying to be bad servers--they are merely doing their jobs"

To be honest, I'd MUCH RATHER have an over attentive server than one that I don’t see when I would like something. The thing I don’t like is more the chit-chat BEFORE going to put an order in. Like I don’t mind if they want to chit-chat with me while my food is cooking, but to DELAY my order(whether a mixed drink or food) from going into the computer just that much sooner is truly not right or nice or considerate. Also, if the server greets us by making chit-chat such as a waiter did once at Applebee’s, that waiter delayed my soft drink from getting to me that much quicker. I would think most chain restaurants have soft drink stations where the server doesn’t have to depend on the bartender. I have seen 2 soft drink machine areas at Chili’s that servers can get soft drinks from. So, my point is, as long as they are not delaying my food or drinks from getting to me, I don’t mind if they chit-chat with me. See, the Applebee’s waiter asked “How was our Mardi Gras?” and “Did we go to any parades” after waiting 15 minutes from being seated. That was VERY IRRIATING AND EXTREMELY INCONSIDERATE to our hunger. I feel when a restaurant is on a wait, the server DOESN’T HAVE THE TIME TO WASTE! Also, that delayed other customer’s request and also made us stay just that much longer, so someone else wouldn’t be seated as quickly. You may think, that’s just a minute or so, but honestly, in that amount of time, a bartender or another server at another computer terminal could be inputting an order in for a table of 8 people delaying OUR only 2 party order quite a while than just that minute or so, because think about that those 8 people got their food order put in BEFORE ours did, so if they order the same dish for instance the same way(like I ordered a pasta dish that time), they would have gotten theirs BEFORE we would have gotten ours even though we would have ordered a minute or so BEFORE them. Is that FAIR? HELL NO, it’s NOT! Also, let’s say I would have ordered a margarita. The bartender in that ONLY a minute or so, gets 3 margarita orders from 3 people sitting at the bar. Instead, if the bartender would not have made chit-chat, would have put the order in IMMEDIATELY, then my margarita would be out quicker, because the bartender would have made mine BEFORE the 3 people’s margaritas. At that time, I would have been waiting for 3 other margaritas to be made before mine. That is SOOOOO UNFAIR, because I would have ordered BEFORE them. So, my point is, I only like chit-chat if I am just waiting for my food to get cooked or if my check is rung up already and I am still drinking a mixed drink, so my request are completely finished.

Also, by him asking that to ALL his tables when he greets them, made us have a longer wait for a table. Think about how much LONGER people are waiting to get seated for chit-chat. Then by the server being friendly, you know some people will just start chatting back, which could be a LONGER chat than expected, but the waiter would not interrupt the customer, because that would be rude.

“maybe the host has told them they need that table for a party that has been over-quoted on the wait list--that is why they are opting to bus the table first?”

I feel people waiting for a table should NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, take priority over the people already seated. I don’t care if they made a mistake by not seating them as quickly as they should. They aren’t seated yet, so my request for something still would have came ****BEFORE*** they were even seated, therefore, the server should still go in the order of request. There’s NO REASON EVER to buss a table if the server could go get a refill first, a check, napkins, a side of ranch, a straw, etc. WHY make the customers in the lobby’s time somehow MORE IMPORTANT than the people that are already seated already? OBVIOUSLY we beat those people into the restaurant to begin with, so it’s ONLY FAIR if my husband and I’s request for our refills gets to us BEFORE the server busses a table. HOW DARE YOU EVEN SUGGEST THAT PEOPLE IN THE WAITING FOR A TABLE GET ANY TYPE OF PRIORITY OVER PEOPLE ALREADY SEATED?

“suggesting specific upsells”

I just get irritated at AFTER I’ve placed my order, they try to change my mind. Like the El Guapo margarita at the beginning of my blog. I already told the waitress I wanted that margarita. She tries to change my mind by upselling their top shelf margarita. I don’t feel that’s right. If she would have liked to upsell me something, she should have tried BEFORE I ordered to do so. Telling me afterwards shows me that she completely IGNORED what I just told her and to me shows me that she thinks I should get what she wants me to get. That’s NOT HER PLACE! Like at McDonald’s upselling supersize fries is just asking if you’d like the bigger amounts, not trying to change the product itself. Granted, they are both margaritas, but they are 2 TOTALLY different ones. The top shelf one is frozen and has other ingredients. The El Guapo I ordered on the rocks. With Mcdonald’s fries, that’s not changing the item that’s ordered, just the AMOUNTS. Like a bigger soft drink, a bigger container of fries. It’s not changing the person’s mind about which type of sandwich to get. McDonald’s upsells is just like one time when I tried for the first time the top shelf margarita at that restaurant and the waitress told me only for 75 cents more I could get a such-n-such oz amount that was a lot bigger. I actually told her yes I would like the bigger one. If anything, that type of situation seems helpful in that the server is trying to give me the BEST DEAL for my money. When the server tried to tell me about the top shelf margarita after I had already said I wanted the El Guapo is trying to change my mind on the type of margarita I wanted. That’s NOT the same, nor is it helpful at all. If she would have offered me a bigger one for my money, that’s different, but to try to offer a different tasting margarita is truly trying to change my mind. Can you understand it’s irritating to place your order, which you know EXACTLY what you feel like having, then the server tries to change your mind about what you just said. Now, granted, if I would have told the waitress that offered me a bigger oz glass that I wanted the smaller one to begin with, I do feel if she would have still offered me the bigger glass, I feel it’s only trying to offer me the best deal for my money. See, yes, you may say that person tried to change my mine on my order, but only the AMOUNT I wanted. Then you also may say I also complained about a server in my blog that offered me a whole rack of ribs. The thing that got to me with that was that she didn’t take “no” for an answer right away. She kept PUSHING me to get the full rack by saying “Come on.” In other words, not like once asking, but being too pushy. I understand if the server wants to offer me a full rack, but if a customer says “NO”, they truly mean it! Kind of like one time a server asked if I wanted cheese on my burger at Chili’s, which I just said “NO.” The server just left it at that. She didn’t try to convenience me to see things her way by trying to change my mind about it. Couldn’t you agree that a server that doesn’t take “NO” for an answer and they end up saying things like “Come on” that it seems a bit on the IRRITATING side? If a customer says no, they mean it! One time my husband and I use to regularly go to a certain restaurant that’s not a chain. We had had this waitress before a few times, so she knew we’d usually get a dessert. This time, my husband didn’t want one initially, but she kept saying something like “You usually get one, come on.” I find that not nice. I feel servers should except a “NO.” If they can’t expect a no, then they should go out to eat at a restaurant and have a server tell them what they think they’d like to eat and see how they like it. I bet that server would understand how pushy it does feel when servers do that type of thing. I don’t mind the “bigger amount” upsell, because it’s not changing the taste of the product(as long as it's not pushy like saying "no", but keep trying to convenience me to get the bigger one", which is truly not changing the product, just the size. I also don’t mind the offer of cheese, because that’s an add-on to the product I just ordered, not truly changing the ENTIRE product like a fried chicken sandwich vs. a grilled chicken sandwich. Yes, they are both chicken sandwiches just like the 2 margaritas, but 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT TASTING sandwiches.

“the ridiculous surveys!)—“

Actually servers don’t do this very often, because they know that it affects their tip if they talk about crap like that. I don’t know a lot of customers that want to hear about that they have an on-line survey, when they can READ it themselves. If they want to leave, they want to leave. Keeping them their just that much longer makes the tip less as far as MOST of the dining public goes that do want to leave when they are finished as quickly as possible.

“presenting the check early”

Servers don’t want to do this due to the fact they want the customers to buy more, to up the check for their tip to be higher. When a server brings the check, that does make customers feel pushed out if it’s too soon without an explanation like “I’m leaving this hear for your convenience, but if you’d like anything else, please let me know.”

Both of those situations DO NOT make the server “LAZY”, it shows they care about their tips and don’t want to be rude to their customers.

“refills without asking”

Some servers don’t do this, which yes, I have read other blogs, where one server said some people don’t want a refill. She realized sometimes she was getting unwanted refills, basically making extra trips for nothing. Well, that’s not being “LAZY”, that’s actually working as efficiently as possible by not WASTING TIME getting unwanted items and getting the items that are wanted. Think about if a server gets 3 refills for a party of 3 without asking. All they truly wanted when their server came back to their table was the check, not even ordering a dessert even. So, that server went to get 3 refills for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Doesn’t that make MOST PEOPLE GET PISSED OFF? I KNOW I SURE WOULD BE! It’s about making sure time is used as EFFICIENTLY as possible. So instead of the server filling up 3 glasses with ice and soft drink, that server could have been already be handing the party of 3 their check, which is TRULY thinking about those customer’s time and other customers as well. HOW is it “lazy” not to want to do work that you don’t know if you have to do? If anything, it’s PREVENTING extra trips and extra tasks that may end up not having to be done. By asking or being asked first, does affect even the people waiting for a table even. Those 3 people could have left their table 2 minutes faster if the server would have let the customer’s decide what they wanted. This way, that table would have been cleaned 2 minutes faster by a busser. 2 minutes faster the next party could get seated at that table. It’s about EFFICIENCY, NOT about “laziness.” It’s about thinking about all the customer’s time, whether being seated or in the lobby waiting to be seated.

“we come out to eat dinner, not to make friends with you or to have you tell us what you think we should order."

I think that’s really RUDE and MEAN to say to someone like that. I keep my comments to myself UNLESS the server is really bad and that’s only if it’s REALLY bad. Kind of like the saying “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

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"it's not our fault some people like you are cheap-o's and don't want to be asked about upgrading what you're ordering."

Uh, for one thing, it's NOT AT ALL about being "cheap-o" it's all about the *******TASTE********* of what I like to eat and drink. I don't need some stranger telling me what they think I want to eat and drink. Also, I don't care if they do it when they greet you, but once I've PLACED MY ORDER, DON'T TRY TO CHANGE MY MIND BY OFFERING ME SOMETHING ELSE UNLESS IT WILL BENEFIT ME. Things like a bigger size drink, which could have more ounces for my money. Only ask ONCE, if the customer says NO, they MEAN IT! I don't like the waitress that kept saying "Come on" after I had ordered a half a rack of ribs instead of what she was trying to upsell, a full rack. THAT WAS IRRITATING, SO WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THAT? Don't you think it's a bit irritating to have say "No, I prefer such-n-such." WHY should a customer have that? If you offer me a certain thing such as a particular margarita at the beginning BEFORE I place my order, that's fine, it's when I've already ordered and the server trys to CHANGE MY MIND that I get extremely irritated. Like for instance, at Red Lobster, I ordered their regular margarita that was listed on their menu. The waitress said RIGHT AFTER, would you like the one with grand marnier. I had to WASTE MY TIME TO TELL HER I DON'T LIKE GRAND MARNIER too much and I would prefer to have the margarita I ordered. IT NOT ONLY WASTED TIME, BUT IRRITATED THE HELL OUT OF ME! I already TOLD HER WHAT I WANTED, SO SHE SHOULD HAVE LEFT IT AT THAT! It's one thing if she tried to sell me that margarita *****BEFORE***** I placed my order, but AFTER, IS TRULY TRYING TO CHANGE MY MIND! LIKE HELL IF A "STRANGER" OF ALL PEOPLE WILL TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO DRINK! It's NOT about "cheap", it's about the TASTE of the food or drink. I am an extremely picky eater. I hate ketchup, cocktail sauce, pickles, and many other things that MOST people like in general. WHY just because someone doesn't want an upsell, you think they are "CHEAP?" It's about TASTE! I like Jose Cuervo better than Patron. Patron is MORE EXPENSIVE. Do you understand it's all about TASTE, NOT THE "COST?"

"also asking a question isn't being pushy being pushy is when you turn down the offer and we continually ask there's a huge difference."

It's being pushy if I have ALREADY PLACED MY ORDER ALREADY! Don't you understand people don't want to know their server's opinion unless they ******ASK******* for it? KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK I MIGHT LIKE INSTEAD OF WHAT I JUST SAID! If I have placed my order already, that means I have already made up my mind and a "STRANGER" of all people will definately NOT EVER change it!

"no everyone doesn't have to be done with EVERY bite of their food to know whether or not they are going to want dessert. there's nothing wrong with saying will anyone be saving room for dessert tonight?"

Yes there is. Why do you think they bring us 2 spoons almost everytime we have EVER ordered dessert which has been LOTS of times? Because they are guessing that it's going to be SHARED just like an appetizer. I had a waiter one time in 2001 ASSUME, because my husband and I wanted different appetizers, that since we ordered 2 of them, that I wanted mine with my meal, because I happen to order after my husband. Well, he assumed that the appetizer is usually SHARED. My point is, the server should ONLY say "Do you all need anything else" instead of mentioning dessert. The reason is because sometimes they have a slow eater at the table, such as one time when I was not even halfway through my entree when a waitress one time asked if we wanted dessert, just because my husband was finished. She should have ONLY asked if we wanted anything else, NOT if we wanted a dessert. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW I WANT DESSERT YET IF I AM NOT EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH MY entree? She asked twice and we turned her down. Finally when I was COMPLETELY FINISHED, THEN I KNEW. You are SOOOOOOO WRONG when you say "most of the time you know by the time you're 3/4 done whether or not you're going to have any dessert", because I don't know that or not, until I am finished. Sometimes I know I might want a dessert, but my full stomach says something else. I may not know for sure until I am completely finished. I feel even with large groups such as a table of 10 people, dessert should be after everyone is done. WHAT IS WRONG WITH JUST ASKING IF THEY NEED ANYTHING ELSE INSTEAD OF A DESSERT? IF THEY WANT A FUCKING DESSERT, THEY WILL TELL YOU WHEN YOU ASK IF THERE IS "ANYTHING" ELSE THEY WANT. YOU WON'T MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE YOU RUSHING THEM OUT OF THERE! That waitress that offered us a dessert when I wasn't even halfway through my meal made me feel VERY RUSHED and UNCOMFORTABLE as well as just plain IRRITATED. If we want a dessert, we will SAY SO! MOST people don't need a server to remind them of that option that they can order a dessert you know.

As you said that there is nothing wrong with offering a dessert if everybody isn't finished, well I feel WHY offer a dessert, when you can just ask if they want something else? The customer will TELL YOU if they want a dessert or not or ASK about what desserts the restaurant has. Think about that, because it is true. This way you won't make the people that are slower eaters feel RUSHED. THAT IS THE MAIN THING THAT IS WRONG WITH IT! Making people feel rushed to leave is not very nice. It's one thing if they overstay like just sitting like if they were at a coffee shop or something, but it's another when they are still eating their entree. Just think about that they 99.9% of the time bring 2 spoons and don't bother to ask if we need 2 spoons. Think about they think we will SHARE the dessert, meaning I need to finish my food before I can make up my mind, even though my husband is finished with his. I don't see how you can say there's nothing wrong with it? Making people feel rushed to eat a dessert when they haven't finished eating their entree is irritating to MOST people. WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?

"also we have to tell you about the survey. yes"

Then HOW COME at Chili's, which we go pretty often like once or twice a month, sometimes more, there's only like 3% of the visits where the servers tell us about the survey. MOST don't even bother to circle it like a few have. They know it affects their tips if they aggrevate people about something they can read themselves, so they don't do it. It may be required, but most truly don't do it, I promise you that.

"do you know how many people just hand their cards to servers with out even looking at the total on their check?"

Well, there's suckers born everyday you know. There's NO WAY I'd trust a stranger with my money. I've had too many overcharges just at stores, which is understandable, because prices change constantly at stores at least from week to week, but restaurants usually don't have prices changes very often. Sometimes maybe once a year or so I've noticed restaurants change their prices. Some people are just too lazy to read their check and just don't care.

"being a server is NOT an easy job."

Did I EVER say it was? It's probably one of the most hardest jobs to do.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

“lady- first of all, don't leave a goddamn novel comment on my blog about your hatred for waiters.”

For one thing, I DON’T “HATE” servers and I also don’t just have waiters, sometimes I do have waitresses that serve my husband and me. I also could write as much as I please. I have A LOT to say.

“1. you must be fucking huge if you eat out THAT MUCH.”

NO, I am 90lbs-92lbs at 5’0”. I am 30 yrs old and can STILL FIT a dress I wore in 9th grade(1991). I bet you CAN’T SAY THAT, CAN YOU? It STILL LOOKS SEXY on me. It’s an off the shoulder dress. Also, I diet EVERY WEEK. One day during the week I eat less than 500 calories, which I lose 2lbs doing that on Thursdays. Another day I eat about 600-700 calories on Mondays after the weekend of eating a lot. Then sometimes if I need to get off extra weight, on Wednesdays I eat about 800 calories which I lose a lb that day also. So by the time Friday morning comes, I am anywhere between 87 and a half lbs-89lbs to start off my weekend of eating that much of food. I DO NOT eat out during the week and usually eat frozen foods during the week. I also try to drink water more often and even drink diet drinks sometimes to not only because it’s better for me, but because of the lots of calories in soft drinks. I do drink coke sometimes during the week, but I try to limit myself with that, because it IS fattening. At the biggest I was ever I my lifetime was 106lbs, which was in 1999, when I didn’t eat out much at all and I was in college at the time at a dorm. I wasn’t married at that time either and was even with someone else at the time. Even at my height, 106lbs, wasn’t “fat” or even “chunky”. I haven’t seen 95lbs since 2004 on the scale even. When I got married, I kept my weight at 93lbs. My point is, I AM NOT FAT. YOU ARE REALLY STUPID TO THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE EATS A LOT “SOMETIMES”, DOESN’T MEAN THEY EAT LIKE THAT EVERYDAY. I DO NOT drink during the week.

“ are a wretched bitch and servers give you poor service because they can't stand to be close to you for more than 5 seconds, regardless of their tip.”

NO, I am VERY NICE. I’ve even said “thank you” to servers that forgot something and they didn’t even apologize. It’s like I’m was NICE and THEY WEREN’T, GEE THEN WHOSE THE BITCH HERE? THE SERVER WAS IN THOSE SITUATIONS. YOU ARE SOOOOO WRONG about that I am a bitch, that’s YOU!

“3- you need to SHUT UP. you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to bitch so much- waiting tables is VERY HARD WORK, maybe you should try it sometime- AND THEN you can bitch”

NO, YOU NEED TO SHUT UP! Second of all, I DO HAVE EVERY FREAKIN RIGHT TO BITCH ABOUT BAD SERVICE IF I WANT TO! WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME I CAN’T? I KNOW waiting tables is EXTREMELY HARD, but that doesn’t mean I would treat customers the way some servers treated me. I COULDN’T IMAGINE not apologizing for ANY mistake, NO MATTER HOW SMALL. At the donut shop, I APOLOGIZED FOR MISTAKES THAT WEREN’T EVEN IN MY CONTROL, like RAW FOOD. Gee, I can’t break open the food to see if it’s raw, but I STILL APOLOGIZED ABOUT OF BEING “NICE.” Some man’s chicken tenders(we sold regular food as well as donuts) were PINK in the middle. I told him he didn’t have to pay for his food, but he insisted he wanted to pay for his coffee. I also asked if he would like something else and I profusely apologized about it. I bet YOU wouldn’t do that, because you are a MEAN BITCH and DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS. You just care about YOURSELF! You’ve PROVEN that by complaining about stupid shit like not wanting customers to give you coin change. PUT IT IN A DAMN PURSE OR A BAG IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BRING IT AROUND WITH YOU! WHY CAN’T YOU DO THAT AND EXCHANGE IT BEFORE WORK THE NEXT DAY OR AT A BANK OR AT A STORE, OR AFTER YOUR SHIFT ENDS? It’s just TOO MUCH TROUBLE FOR YOU, ISN’T IT? MAN, YOU ARE ONE LAZY BITCH!

“and you'll realize why servers HATE people like you.”

If they wouldn’t like my husband and me, they would not be coming to talk to us when we didn’t end up having them. Sometimes they ask how we are doing and stuff like that. It’s because they KNOW we tip them well for doing a great job and that we are NICE people. One waitress says “Hi” even when she’s real busy when she sees us. If people HATED us so much, we would not only have the hostess not seat us with those particular servers. At times, I’ve gotten service from these servers when they WEREN’T EVEN OUR SERVERS. Like one waiter came to our table( at Chili’s(He wasn’t running anything to our table) and asked if we wanted refills. He also relayed a message to our server for a white russian I wanted to order. HE WASN’T GETTING ANY PAY FOR THAT. You know what; I gave him $2 cash anyway, because I KNOW he wasn’t going to even get any pay for serving our table. If he was running food or drinks to us, that’s one thing, but he just came up to us to see if we needed anything. NOW HOW MANY SERVERS WOULD DO THAT? NONE, normally, but see, we tipped him well in the past when we had him, so HE TREATED US WELL. I also get price breaks from bartenders and servers at times like not charging us for soft drinks or a cheaper price for a mixed drink than what it really is. You may say, they forgot, well, it’s possible they may have, but every time we’ve had them, NO, it’s because they know they’ll get a better tip if they don’t charge us. I feel that’s on their conscience to steal from the restaurant, because it’s not “US” stealing, it’s the person that is not charging me that is.

“so keep your fucking "donut store" advice to yourself, it doesn't even compare to waiting tables.”

IT DOES HAVE “SOME” SIMILARITIES. I DID have booths and tables to bring food to and take people’s orders. I did have to get people refills and condiments. I DID apologize for when things went wrong, whether it was my fault or not and admitted when it was totally my fault like printing the ticket incorrectly.

“my next suggestion- READ YOUR BILL. i can't even imagine how you're getting "overcharged" if you actually look at your bill before throwing the card down. or- did you ever think that they're charging you for all that extra ranch you're requesting? ...just maybe...”

NO, you are REALLY STUPID, I MEAN REALLY STUPID, that you DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! Also, when I have been charged for a condiment(which NO chain restaurant does this that I’ve ever been to unless it has been listed on my bill as a different item like 25 cents or something like that.) It’s RARE that restaurants charge for condiments. Just look at this list of overcharges and you will see we DO READ EVERY SINGLE LINE OF THE BILL AND THE CREDIT CARD RECEIPTS.

Mardi Gras 2003 at Applebee’s –around $11 due to the waiter rung up the wrong table on my credit card, which the total of the credit card receipt was around $47 and something cents and if I remember correctly, our check was around $36. I already wrote about this story on my previous post.

Free wine glasses(3) were supposed to be free at one table( a card in the mail that had for each entrée purchase, you’d get a free glass of wine)-(don’t know how much, but I’m guessing at least $5 a glass(which is the average price of a glass of wine) with the coupon at Zea Rotisserie & Grill, which the waitress didn't take ANY of them off the bill. At least a $15 overcharge or so. We were with another couple at the time and it was for a free glass with each entree. One of the people out of us 4 got an appetizer as their meal, so she wasn't supposed to get a free glass of wine.

Bennigan’s around $4 overcharge when my credit card was rung up. The bill was $23 and something cents and after it was rung up it was $27 and something cents, which she even stapled the receipt together so I wouldn’t notice she overcharged me. She did it because I called the manager on her for giving us horrible service. She didn’t apologize for ANY mistakes she made and even said “It’s the computer” when I told her the charged amount was wrong on my credit card. What kind of human being does that to someone? OF COURSE SHE GOT STIFFED, THE BITCH AS SHE SHOULD HAVE! She treated us with NO RESPECT, SO WE TREATED HER THE SAME EXACT WAY AS DESERVED!

Chili’s- $21 .50 overcharged on my husband’s credit card by ringing up our check on the wrong table.

$0.31 change I didn't get back from (2) $20 gift certificates, which the check was for $34.69, only received a $5 bill back, NO coin change, so the way STOLE from me, because he was too LAZY ASS to go to the bar to get coin change. He didn’t even immediately apologize, only after he got the change and made me wait for him to do something else. So he got stiffed. He stole from me and didn’t act like my time was worth anything, I stole from him. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!

Baby Back ribs from Chili's one time had an older menu given to me and charged me $14.49(my husband's menu), but my menu had $13.99. I was able to PROVE that I was overcharged with the old menu.

Given wrong check to us at Corky's Bbq in 2001, which I don’t actually know if it would have been an overcharge, but it was still the wrong check. More than likely, it was an overcharge though.

Twice $0.04 for a Cucos Rita(margarita) that was $4.95 on the menu(ordered it as is), and I was charged $4.99. I understand the manager is supposed to put in the prices into the computer, but a CUSTOMER SHOULD NEVER KNOW THE MENU PRICES BETTER THAN THE WAIT STAFF!

$1.99 house salad which I had with an entrée that was listed on the menu that if you buy an entrée, you can add a soup or house salad for $1.99. She charged me $3.50 as if I didn't buy an entree for a total of $1.51 overcharge. This was our ONLY and VERY FIRST TIME THERE, meaning, we’d only been there about an hour and I KNEW the prices BETTER THAN HER! When I went up to her to ask why the price was $3.50, she was a BITCH to me. She told me “It’s what’s in the computer.” For one thing, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE TO ACT LIKE WHAT PRICE IS IN THE COMPUTER IS RIGHT ANYWAY? Second of all, she actually pressed the wrong button. When our revised bill came, it had “Add salad to entrée,” instead of just “House salad.” She got herself a ZERO for blaming a COMPUTER over HER DAMN MISTAKE! Any NICE server would have IMMEDIATELY investigated the situation, instead of making me have to open a menu to PROVE to the bitch that she was WRONG! WHY should a customer KNOW a menu BETTER than a customer? That’s PATHETIC. WE NEVER WENT TO THAT RESTAURANT AGAIN AND IT ENDED UP CLOSING. Just shows I’m not the only person that had bad service there that they closed. See, this is what I would have done in that situation. First off, let’s say the customer would come to me if I was their server and ask me that. I would have looked at why they were questioning me about that and looked at a menu. As I would have discovered that I was wrong, I would have IMMEDIATELY APOLOGIZED PROFUSELY for overcharging the customer accidentally. I would have also have asked the manager if they could take off a coke at the very least for this customer’s inconvenience, because it would have been my mistake. See, this waitress, even after I presented her with PHYSICAL PROOF I WAS 100% RIGHT by showing her on the menu it had above the entrees a special price for soup or salad if you buy an entree, she STILL DIDN’T APOLOGIZE and just went to get it fixed by the manager. ONLY when she came back, she said “Sorry about the mistake.” I’m thinking, HOW THE FUCK can you be sorry if you were trying to blame a computer for you pressing the wrong button?” Also ANY CARING server would have IMMEDIATELY apologized, NOT had waited until after she got the check fixed by the manager. Also, this place was not busy at all. They had literally 1 person at the bar and one other couple in the entire restaurant at the time. This was a local restaurant, not a chain. So there was NO REAL REASON for this to happen. She got what she deserved, because she treated me like crap. I was even nice enough to when I knew I was right, to be nice about it and just simply ask her “Why is the house salad $3.50?” I didn’t yell at her or be mean or anything, so you would think she’d be nicer than that to blame a fucking computer for HER pressing the wrong button. See, I’d be a CARING human being, NOT LIKE HER. I COULDN’T IMAGINE TREATING SOMEONE LIKE THAT, EVER, EVER, EVER! I am willing to bet you would be just like her and act like the computer somehow pressed the wrong button?

One time I was charged for a beer at a mexican restaurant, but my husband ordered something else, NOT a beer, which was a higher price.

One time we were given the wrong check at another place called Lager's, which was a higher check amount.

A sandwich at Fox and Hound had the menu price as $6.99, but was charged $7.29.

A couple of margaritas at Chevy's Fresh Mex, when we ordered off the menu, but unknowingly were given bigger glasses(because we never got them before, so we didn’t know we were getting bigger glasses), which the server ASSUMED we wanted bigger ones, when we didn't know there were other sizes. We only went off the menu, WHY COULDN'T SHE? She actual charged us $9.95 for both margaritas which one was $5.95, the other was $6.95. The total overcharge was $7.00.

The Outback situation about the recent $17.29 ribs that were on the menu as $16.99.

A margarita from O'Henry's Food & Spirts as well as a side of bbq sauce that they NEVER have charged me for in the past, which we have gone LOTS of times there, but never charged us before for condiments. Which we went there just recently and didn’t get overcharged for my extra condiments, which means it WAS an overcharge. See, I had ordered a margarita that had blue curacao, but another person came to tell me they were out. So I ordered their regular margarita that was listed a quater cheaper. $6.25 instead of $6.50. So altogether with the bbq sauce and the margarita was an overcharge of $0.50. The waiter thought the price was the same, by him admitting so. He said he was knew, she he got a break by us giving him 8% tip instead of zero. He DIDN’T EVEN APOLOGIZE. I just feel since he was knew, I’d cut him a break, but if he would have apologized, I would have given him a bit more, because at least he wasn’t blaming a computer at least for his actions.

$5.25 for a mixed drink I NEVER ordered at Chili's.

My mom in 1996 got charged for eggs we didn't order at a diner called Russel’s Grill.

$0.39 for cheddar cheese I substituted for swiss when cheese comes automatically on the grilled chicken sandwich at Chili's, meaning I was charged for cheese IN THE PRICE OF THE SANDWICH ALREADY. ALL I DID WAS SWITCH CHEESES.

A waitress charged me $4 for Bacardi and $4 a pina colada when I didn't order an extra shot and $4 is what I had been charged the last times I got a pina colada with Bacardi rum , not double that amount. She did admit it was a mistake, but I saw the mistake within literally 3-5 seconds. WHY COULDN'T SHE DO THE SAME? TOO LAZY ASS and UNCARING, that’s why.

At Outback we were charged in December of last year $17.29 for ribs that were listed on the menu as $16.99.

At Outback this year, we had a $3.25 shot we didn’t order of Grand Marnier that was for another table. The waitress admitted at fault, but yet she found the time to try to get “TIP POINTS” by writing “Thanks so much” on the check. If she actually CARED about us, she would have NOTICED this in 5 seconds as I did, that there was an extra item on the check. She didn’t even ask the manager to comp something as I WOULD HAVE if I would have been the server in that situation. There’s NO REASON to WASTE TIME WRITING “THANK YOU” on the check, when you don’t have the time to make sure you are charging people correctly! The servers need to do their JOBS, NOT worry about writing notes on the checks that they don’t truly mean. They are only doing that to get a higher tip, which is SELF-CENTERED. They need to worry about making sure they are charging people correctly.

Out of all those situations, do YOU HONESTLY THINK WE DON’T READ OUR BILL? I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, be that STUPID to just put a credit card down and not READ the check. Nor do we just trust them since we’ve had different amounts being charged to our credit card 3 different times. WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GETTING THAT WE DON’T READ OUR BILL? I even notice CENTS that are overcharged, so HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU SAY WE DON’T READ OUR BILL?

“i can't believe you even have the audacity to place an order like that. if you want a personalized meal- you should cook it yourself. you're a ridiculous person.”

For one thing, that’s the way *I* like my food, so you have NO DAMN RIGHT TO TELL ME TO ORDER A CERTAIN WAY. Secondly, you sound EXTREMELY LAZY, that you wouldn’t want to get all those things for a customer. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT’S RIDICULOUS NOT WANTING TO SATISFY YOUR CUSTOMERS. If I want to order that way, which I do no matter if it’s a fast food restaurant or a non-fast food restaurant, I CAN and there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. I AM NOT “RIDICULOUS” BECAUSE I LIKE CONDIMENTS. LOTS OF PEOPLE LIKE RANCH. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT? I HATE KETCHUP, so being that they have a bottle usually on the tables in most restaurants doesn’t help me any. I like it when restaurants have bottles of mayo and mustard on the table, but it’s rare when they do. I have EVERY RIGHT to order EXACTLY THE WAY I PLEASE! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TELL ME I CAN’T ORDER COMPLICATED ORDERS? I bet I know why, YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO DO ALL THAT WORK. You DON’T want to have to verify all those substitutions and additions. You also don’t want to have to make as many trips. SHOWING YOUR TRUE COLORS AREN’T YOU, BITCH? IT’S YOU WHO IS BEING THE BITCH BY TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO ORDER! HOW DARE YOU! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I ORDER THE WAY I PLEASE! HELL WITH WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT! I WOULDN’T DREAM OF TELLING YOU HOW TO ORDER, SO DON’T TELL ME BITCH!

WHY do you feel I have the “AUDACITY” to order like that? I mean, I don’t try to make their job harder. I just like and don’t like certain foods. If I want to order like that, I CAN and NO ONE WILL TELL ME I CAN’T! YOU ARE VERY LAZY. 1st off, you don’t want to exchange coin change and second of all, you want everybody not to ever give any complicated orders. WELL TUFF SHIT, THAT’S LIFE. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, GO WORK IN ANOTHER FIELD! GO WORK AT BLOCKBUSTER OR SOMETHING! PEOPLE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO ORDER THE WAY THEY PLEASE. I HAVE EVEN BROUGHT MY OWN CONDIMENTS IF I DIDN’T LIKE THE CERTAIN RESTAURANT’S CONDIMENTS. Like I bring my own ranch dressing at Outback, because I do NOT like the spicy ranch they have. I am TRULY INTO CONDIMENTS, which I don’t feel there’s ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT! What is with you that you want to tell people how to order their food, huh? WHERE THE HELL DO YOU GET OFF?

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Blogger Springs1 said...

"you're not fat, you're anorexic"

NO, I DON'T "STARVE" myself. I just lower my calorie intake to lose weight. SO, NO, I am NOT "anorexic", it is more close to "binging" without purging. Like no throwing up, but eating a lot at once, but then losing the weight by reducing calorie intake every week.

You say this: "i have between 10 to 25 tables at a time (code for: not lazy)."

Then you say this: "ridiculous requests."

If you WEREN'T "LAZY" and the kitchen staff weren't "LAZY" and UNCARING, they would make sure their customers had the food the WAY THEY LIKE IT.

"but "no salt on the fries"??"

That's NOT an unreasonable request. Some people have high blood pressure. Also, what about people that have allergies to certain foods. So when you say "ridiculous request" you are talking about ANYONE that wants their food not "AS IS" from the menu. By you saying it's ridiculous just shows how UNCARING, MEAN, and LAZY ASS you are not to want to satisfy EACH INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMER. It's NOT "RIDICULOUS" to not want to have so much damn salt, that you can't taste the fries. I have had that happen with fries from Chili's. It was so salty that I didn't like the fries. Maybe you want things "AS IS", but NOT EVERYONE DOES!

So you mean to tell me that EVERYONE orders "AS IS" EVERYTHING and NO ONE EVER, EVER, EVER, ALTERS THEIR ORDER FROM WHAT THE MENU HAS? YEAH RIGHT, GET REAL! People are allergic to foods you know. They even have a page on the Chili's website that is DEDICATED to food allergies.

Just look at all the information on allergies. NOT EVERYONE ORDERS "AS IS!"

WHY do you feel it's "RIDICULOUS" to order that way? If someone doesn't like something, they don't like it. I truly think your problem is you want to do the LEAST AMOUNT OF WORK POSSIBLE. With people ordering "AS IS" from the menu, it's EASIER, therefore, by you calling a simple request like "no salt" shows how UNCARING AND LAZY you are that you don't even want to press an extra button on the computer.

"if every person who came into my business ordered like you do- NO ONE would get their food."

They would, but it may take a bit longer to get seated, that's all. Instead of 10 minutes to get seated, it maybe 15-20 minutes. People WOULD get their food in a timely fashion, but it would just take longer to get seated. Also, maybe the servers wouldn't have as many tables to serve if everyone ordered like me.

"at my restaurant if you don't want salt on your fries, then you just don't get fries. it is kitchen policy to ignore ridiculous requests."

Well, then, I would NEVER step foot in a restaurant that would not accomodate customer request. It's truly funny you mention McDonald's. McDonald's let's my mom get no salt on her fries. All you do is make another batch of fries in the fryer. Even these minimum wage workers don't mind doing it for no tip even, so WHY should you mind just pressing an extra button? Applebee's and Chili's do ALL my request which one of them is no salt on my fries. They don't seem to mind, WHY do YOU seem to mind to press an extra button? WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL THAT YOU WOULDN'T WANT TO MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY? WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN UNCARING? You have the nerve to call me a bitch, that's YOU! LOOK IN THE MIRROR AT WHOSE THE BITCH!

5:32 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"ah, you must be one of the pushy, fat white women- customers from hell my friends talk about. I thought they were just a myth"

NO, YOU STUPID IDIOT, that's PROBABLY YOU that's fat. You must not have ***READ*** the response above. I copy and pasted it so you UNDERSTAND I AM TRULY under 100lbs. I was actually this morning 88lbs LITERALLY on the scale. Do you UNDERSTAND that I DO NOT EAT LIKE THAT EVERY FREAKIN DAY? I AM NOT FAT. I am 5'0" tall and keep my weight at 90lbs-92lbs, sometimes get to 93lbs at the most, because I am human, so I do mess up sometimes, but I NEVER have gotten to 95lbs in YEARS. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT FAT ASSHOLE!

"I am 90lbs-92lbs at 5’0”. I am 30 yrs old and can STILL FIT a dress I wore in 9th grade(1991). I bet you CAN’T SAY THAT, CAN YOU? It STILL LOOKS SEXY on me. It’s an off the shoulder dress. Also, I diet EVERY WEEK. One day during the week I eat less than 500 calories, which I lose 2lbs doing that on Thursdays. Another day I eat about 600-700 calories on Mondays after the weekend of eating a lot. Then sometimes if I need to get off extra weight, on Wednesdays I eat about 800 calories which I lose a lb that day also. So by the time Friday morning comes, I am anywhere between 87 and a half lbs-89lbs to start off my weekend of eating that much of food. I DO NOT eat out during the week and usually eat frozen foods during the week. I also try to drink water more often and even drink diet drinks sometimes to not only because it’s better for me, but because of the lots of calories in soft drinks. I do drink coke sometimes during the week, but I try to limit myself with that, because it IS fattening. At the biggest I was ever I my lifetime was 106lbs, which was in 1999, when I didn’t eat out much at all and I was in college at the time at a dorm. I wasn’t married at that time either and was even with someone else at the time. Even at my height, 106lbs, wasn’t “fat” or even “chunky”. I haven’t seen 95lbs since 2004 on the scale even. When I got married, I kept my weight at 93lbs. My point is, I AM NOT FAT. YOU ARE REALLY STUPID TO THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE EATS A LOT “SOMETIMES”, DOESN’T MEAN THEY EAT LIKE THAT EVERYDAY. I DO NOT drink during the week."

3:03 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

“You do realize that you have a serious mental issue right? Becuase no one should be so concered with something like this that they type multiple blogs that go on and on.”

NO, I am perfectly normal. I’m pretty sure you have SOMETHING that you are passionate about that you do a lot whether it’s watching a certain show every week(meaning you’re hooked on wanting to know what happens next time, which is a type of obsession) or anything. A lot of people are obsessed with “SOMETHING” whether it’s their hobby or thinking about someone or anything. Like when a love one dies that is close to someone, that can take a role in obsessive thoughts if a person cries a lot, because they are thinking about the person a lot to where they can’t do normal happy things. Also, think about if someone dies that’s close to you and if you keep looking at their pictures, that’s a type of obsession. So EVERYONE has “mental issues” because they are obsessive about something according to you? That’s RIDICULOUS! Look at the people in America that are overweight. FOOD is a BIG OBSESSION for some people. Does that mean because they think about food more than the average person that they have “mental issues?” Not until it would get to the point of doing nothing else but that, then I can see, but I do LOTS of other things besides blogging and obsessing about restaurant service. It’s one thing if a person is obsessed with something to an extent, but if it’s not taking over their entire life, then HOW can you say I have a mental issue? I do other things and other things make me happy, which my husband makes me very happy. Think about alcoholics. So they have a “mental issue” according to you because they drink a lot? NO, they just are hooked on alcohol and that’s their way of coping with bad things that happen just as the people that are overeaters. It also doesn’t mean they have “mental issues” if they do nothing but drink, because they are hooked on the drug, which is alcohol. If you smoke, you are obsessed with something. I am willing to bet there is SOMETHING that you are passionate about that is to an extent obsessive. All I am saying is, there’s NOTHING WRONG with wanting good service.

“Do you really have nothing better to do with your time?”

Sometimes I do have stuff to do, but this interest me, so what’s wrong with having a hobby such as blogging about your pet peeves? Also, sometimes my husband has interest other than my own and sometimes we aren’t always together every moment, nor would I want to be with him every moment, which would be obsessive if I would. Also, I have times when he’s still sleeping and I end up getting up before him, so I have time to do whatever. The whatever time is sometimes used for blogging.

“Most of what you are saying is completely irrelevant anyway. Just because one in a million guests, such as yourself, feel the way you do does not mean that they should not do their jobs according to industry standards. Yes, servers are asked by management to upsale, and to offer dessert, and to bring you those stupid surveys, and to pre-bus your tables.”

For one thing, I’m NOT one in a million guests that feel this way. Second of all, if you actually “READ” my blog about that it’s “NOT” as much of the “upselling” that bothers me, it’s the “TRYING TO CHANGE MY MIND” that does. I mean, really I think MOST people would think that’s irritating. Last March on my father-in-law’s birthday we went to Red Lobster. I ordered the “Classic Margarita” when the waitress greeted us, which we were a party of 6. She told me “Would you like the “Top Shelf Margarita” AFTER I just had told her I wanted the “Classic Margarita on the rocks with salt.” I mean, you know, I just placed my order and she tries to change my mind. THAT’S IRRITATING! She DIDN’T succeed and I politely told her “I don’t care for grand marnier too much.” I would have liked to have said “I just told you what I wanted”, but I am NOT a mean person, so I kept my feelings to myself. See, she wasted TIME for not just us, but for EVERYONE she served. I can understand the upselling at the start BEFORE I placed my order, but AFTER is WRONG of a server. I don’t want the server’s opinion unless I ask for it, considering this is a STRANGER. It’s enough that we have to go through “do you want to king size your fries” at Burger King or other fast food places. It’s not like I can’t read the menu for myself. It’s just irritating to have someone try to change your mind. I KNOW what I want and what I like or don’t like. I’ve even asked other people and they’ve agreed with me that it’s irritating after you have already said what you wanted. I can understand if she said that BEFORE I ordered, but after just irritates me. I know in my blog I have “don’t suggest specific items.” I honestly wish they’d just let you order instead of wasting your time. I don’t feel they should do that, because it IS a TIME WASTER if the person doesn’t want what is offered. I wish servers would just say “We have some specials or some specialty drinks available, would you like to hear about them?” If the customer says NO, then that would be MORE CONSIDERATE of their time and feelings, don’t you think? I would rather just get to the ordering. Sometimes, especially when we’ve waited a while for a table, we sometimes have places entrée orders when we have gotten greeted, meaning, we already KNEW EXACTLY what we wanted. Sure you may say, some customers might change their minds after hearing about the specials, but at the same time, it’s possible the server could waste their time as well, which does cost the server the amount of tips they receive, because a lot of people tip according to “HOW LONG” they have waited for things. The more time the server spends talking about the specials, the more time the server isn’t serving another table or getting things for that table or putting orders into the computer system etc.

As far as offering desserts, there’s an APPROPRIATE TIME to do that, NOT when 1 person at the table has not even half-way finished their meal yet. My husband eats faster than me normally. One time at Chili’s, a waitress offered twice while I was still eating if my husband wanted a dessert. I understand that one person may want a dessert, but not the other, BUT, you usually see 2 spoons get delivered with a dessert even if you don’t tell the server you are sharing it when couples go out to eat. My point is, most couples in general SHARE desserts, so if one person is not finished eating, I feel the server should just ask if the customer wants anything else at the time, NOT to offer a dessert. Once the customer that is still eating has finally finished their food, THAT would be the appropriate time to offer a dessert. Do you understand that the cooks ASSUME to put 2 spoons on plates when a dessert if brought out? So if they ASSUME that, WHY wouldn’t a server ASSUME that as well that both people want to eat a dessert TOGETHER or even 2 separate desserts together or both may decide if one doesn’t want a dessert, the other person doesn’t want a dessert either or at all. Servers at times also bring 2 plates to us with appetizers, which they assume will end up sharing it. My point is, I feel a dessert should be offered at the RIGHT TIME, which is after people know if they are too full or not to even bother getting a dessert. Like times where if I said I didn’t want a dessert, since my husband wanted SOME, but not all, he’d decide not to get a dessert based on if I wanted part of it. In other words, just offer things at the RIGHT TIME. Like offering a dessert before the entrees is inappropriate, well I think offering a dessert before everyone is finished at the table(especially if it’s just a party of 2) is NOT the right time to offer that. I can maybe see if a large party of let’s say 8 or more people are dining out and they may want dessert at different times than the slower eaters, but even so, a customer knows how to ASK if they would like a dessert, so instead of offering a dessert if everyone is not finished, I feel the server should only offer if the customer wants anything else. The customer knows they can order a dessert or ask about what kind of desserts the restaurant has. I feel offering a dessert before everyone has finished makes people feel pushed out in general. If the server offers if the customers want anything else, they will TELL their server if they are interested in ordering a dessert instead of the server trying to hurry up the service.

This person states that they feel their server was being rude by telling them what “THEY” think they should order or not order. Well, it’s the SAME THING when I had placed my order already and the servers had to comment about it whether it was if I wanted that much ranch or if I wanted that particular margarita or that amount of ribs(a half rack vs. a full rack). Do you see HOW upselling CAN lead to aggravating the customer?

"But what you must understand is that great service is not the same for every individual. For example, I think it is gross and rude for the server to leave empty dishes on the table. When I am done eating I don't want to look at my empty plate with food particles left on it. The bottom line however is that no matter how bad your service you should never be rude."

First off, I am NOT RUDE. I know EVERYONE has their OWN OPINIONS about what "GREAT" service is, BUT, MOST people in general if you read on or, has lots of complaints about TIME, meaning, MOST CUSTOMERS would MUCH RATHER get their request 2 minutes sooner let's say than for a server to take their dirty plate 2 minutes sooner, otherwise, you WOULDN'T SEE A LOT of complaints about TIME. Also, think about if someone is finished and just wants the check, do you honestly think if they want to catch a movie or whatever that they want their server to take the plates to the kitchen BEFORE the check is given or WHEN the check is given? I would think MOST people in general want to LEAVE when they ask for their check, meaning, if the customers ask for the check, the server should get the check and THEN when they are looking at the check, take the plates. This way, it will not waste THEIR TIME. If you took the plates BEFORE all the way to the kitchen, then you've just wasted their time. They don't need to wait just that much longer for no real reason. Also, I am willing to bet that if you polled 100 people, they'd say they'd rather get their refill faster than for the server to pick up their finished salad bowl for instance. YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT. You are rare that you'd rather have your dishes take priority over your time. MOST PEOPLE **DO** WANT THINGS AS FAST AS THEY CAN GET THEM AND YOU KNOW THAT'S THE TRUTH!

“We ordered 2 unsweeted ice teas and placed our food orders at the same time( he took the food order on a cocktail napkin.)After 20 minutes we received our tea.”

In this situation, I am willing to bet that the server went to buss some tables or pick up some dishes in that amount of time. 20 minutes for a tea, that’s a bit ridiculous, which I have waited that long for a soft drink before. Maybe this person would have only waited 17 minutes if the person may not have worried about dirty dishes. TRULY THINK ABOUT THAT! That extra 3 minutes was agonizing for this person.

“After a few minutes our waitress came to take our drink order. 1 diet cola, 1 root beer, 1 lemonade and 1 child's lemonade. 15 minutes later she returned with the drinks and took our food order.”

“Approximately 20 min. later she returned with our salads.”

Look at just how people DO look at the “AMOUNT OF TIME” they are WAITING for things. It’s NOT just my husband and I, it’s MOST people. Meaning if those dirty plates can sit an extra few minutes, MOST people would MUCH RATHER THAT than for their server to worry about making an extra trip to the kitchen for dirty plates instead of a refill that was ordered. So if anything, YOU are the person that is “ONE IN A MILLION”, NOT ME! People DO LOOK AT **HOW MUCH TIME** THEY ARE “WAITING” FOR THINGS. YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE!

“We caught the waiter once as he walked by and asked for the check. He said sure, no problem. Yet, we continued to wait for a rather excessive amount of time.”

“My main gripe is the 15 minutes it took to get the bill after were finished eating. I almost just got up and left...”

I am willing to bet a million dollars that the server in those 15 minutes picked up dirty dishes and/or bussed some tables. Take any bets? Meanwhile, the poor customer was waiting to LEAVE. That’s sad that cleaning up most probably came BEFORE a customer’s request. Sure I don’t know for SURE, BUT, I am seriously betting she probably picked up several dishes in that amount of time. I’ve HAD that happen before at restaurants. One waiter at Applebee’s VOLUNTARILY decided to come to our table and we said we wanted the check. He goes to buss a table instead. HOW RUDE to take up OUR TIME to let us have to watch him work when we asked for our check to pick up dishes and wipe down a table. Especially considering HE came up to our table, so it’s not even like we tried to get his attention or anything. Then he even had the gall to greet another table BEFORE getting our check that we requested BEFORE those people were even seated. His tip was below 10%. He did do other things wrong, but my main gripe was it’s almost like the server holds the customer hostage that they can’t leave, because they haven’t paid yet. CUSTOMERS COME BEFORE DIRTY DISHES! As you can see, YOU are ONE IN THE MILLION CUSTOMER that cares about your dirty dishes more than your time. I care WAY MORE about my time, thirst, and hunger than a dirty dish that sits an extra few minutes.

“ how much you dislike the service industry”

I do NOT dislike the "service industry." I dislike lazy and uncaring servers. You know the servers that don't write orders down, don't apologize, very forgetful because they didn't reread the order they wrote down, and just servers who when they mess up, don't fix the situation immediately.

“We are all human and we all have to work and pay taxes”

Ok, SO WHAT, I do have to work and pay taxes as well. BIG DEAL!

"do the best we can with our lives."

NO, MOST servers DON'T "TRY" their best; otherwise, I wouldn't get my food OBVIOUSLY wrong brought to me by them such as a wrong entree or missing condiments. They didn't "TRY THEIR BEST", because they didn't REREAD the order they wrote down.

“Why would you ever want to make someone feel bad or ruin there day?"

If they ruin my day, isn't it fair? It's not like I am mean 99.9% of the time. If they forget something, I will just say "I ordered such-n-such." I had only went off on one waitress at Chili's because she never once apologized for the many mistakes she made. I just told her the many things she did wrong. I didn't curse her out or say bad things to her. I just got fed up every time I had turned around, another mistake happened. I think even you would have gotten fed up with someone not even apologizing for all the things she did. She got fired, probably because instead of apologizing when I told her that I had to ask for utensils twice she said "That's the hostess's job." *SHE* was the person being rude to me, NOT ME. She could have said she was sorry at that moment I told her about the utensils. That time, my food had several mistakes; my margarita took a whole half an hour LITERALLY 9:02p.m. approx.(meaning no later than 9:05p.m.) and I received the margarita from the manager at 9:35p.m. What happened was they were out of the shakers for the Presidente’ margarita and my margarita got made in a different glass. There was obviously no communication between the server and the bartender, so that’s why I waited that long for it. The fact is, the server should have gone to see about where it was at around the 10 min. mark, instead she waited until about come to my table to ask about if I had received it yet. She NEVER once apologized. Backtracking, when she brought my food out(meaning NO food runner involved) my plate had a bowl of cinnamon apples which I had specifically substituted extra fries for the cinnamon apples. I also had ordered 2 sides of bbq sauce, 1 side of mayo, and 1 side of ranch. I only had the ranch on the plate, my ribs, and the bowl of cinnamon apples. Just look at all those mistakes that she could have easily VERIFIED with her written order she wrote down. If things are in plain sight that are wrong like that, a server shouldn’t just bring the food wrong to the customer and expect the customer to tell them what’s wrong with the order. I can understand if she wouldn’t know I had a pickle under a bun or a wrong filling in a burrito or if my steak was undercooked a bit, but missing items and wrong items shows how the server didn’t CARE to got the order right. She NEVER apologized. She even had the audacity to ask me “So what did you order” when she handed me my food. She wrote it down, but was TOO DAMN LAZY to REREAD it. See, I actually repeated my order instead of being mean. I could have said “Didn’t you write the order down”, but I figured it would be faster if I just repeated the order. I wish I would have said that, because she deserved it. I think if that ever happens again, I might just say that. I feel you are rude to me, WHY shouldn’t I get to be rude to you? You treat me with respect, I’ll treat you the same, but if you don’t treat me like person with feelings, WHY should I treat you like a person with feelings? What goes around, comes around.

“I read your blogs it is truly sad to me that there are people out there that are as mean and inconsiderate as you are."

Tell me, "HOW" am I mean, when it's the LAZY SERVERS that are when my condiments are forgotten, all I say is "I ordered such-n-such" and they don't apologize, which I’ve even said “Thank you” at times when they were forgotten. They SHOULD have COMMON COURTESY to apologize. I couldn't fathom not apologizing for ANY mistake and I always did when I worked at the donut shop for a little over 2 years. Even for mistakes that were out of my control such as undercooked chicken tenders and undercooked donuts. I had BOTH of those situations happen. I would have to break the food open to see if it’s raw, so that was NOT “MY” fault at all, but I STILL APOLOGIZED PROFUSELY to the customers.

“One of my servers (one of my best in fact)posted a blog about waiting tables.”

What blog was that?

“ In her blog she was very polite and never used any curse words. You responded to her with a two page rant that not only personaly insulted her (and you have never met nor seen her before) but used many curse words and you were very rude.”

In her blog, she probably did have things that were either wrong or rude. I just TELL IT LIKE IT IS. I KNOW “WHO” IS AT FAULT FOR 99% OF MISTAKES IN RESTAURANTS. When a server brings me fries instead of beans, no matter if the cook put the wrong side dish on the plate, the fact is, the SERVER(meaning no food runner involved let’s say) is supposed to make sure what they wrote down matches the plate of food as much as possible without having to touch someone’s food to notice the mistake or mistakes BEFORE taking the food to the table. It’s NOT the customer that is supposed to have to EVER REPEAT their order once their food has arrived UNLESS a food runner is involved in a situation where the “SERVER” initially printed the ticket wrong, therefore, the food runner would have NO CLUE that they took the food wrong to the customer. The food runners should be verifying plates of food with the tickets just like the servers that bring their own food out. I’ve had a food runner take my husband ribs at Applebee’s and he ordered a burger. The waitress admitted she inputted the order into the computer wrong; therefore, the food runner had NO WAY OF KNOWING the food was wrong. If the food runner brings out a wrong side dish and the ticket was printed correctly, then the food runner would be at fault for not noticing I was supposed to get a baked potato instead of fries. My point is, anybody that truly thinks about these issues CAN pinpoint “WHO” is at fault 99% of the time. With issues like a pickle under a bun or a wrong burrito filling, things like that you truly don’t know who’s at fault unless the server actually admits inputting the order into the computer wrong.

“Maybe instead of spending so much of your time worrying about what servers and bartenders do you should spend a little more time on personal growth and take a look at your own values and morals to see if you are a good person or not.”

I am willing to bet you didn’t wait until marriage to have intercourse like I did? I HAVE MORALS. I am willing to be you’ve had one night stands even? You act like I don’t have morals, when it’s probably YOU who doesn’t. If you have had sexual intercourse before marriage, you have done something IMMORAL. So if you have done that, then you should take a LONG look in the MIRROR ******BEFORE******* you tell me something like that.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

Read this from this person's blog:

"1.) You're a friggin' waitress...could you give me a damn refill and then remove the kitchen full of shit we have stacked on our teeny tiny table? I was a waitress once upon a time, I know how it is - it sucks most of the time. But I pride myself on being a good customer and a good tipper but you, Miss Thang, you're really testing me here..."


1:23 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

“its really unfair of you to over-generalize and call all servers lazy and unapologetic.”

I NEVER said “ALL” servers are lazy and unapologetic. A LOT of times I get my condiments forgotten I am NOT RUDE, I just say “I ordered such-n-such.” They don’t end up saying they are sorry. I DON’T get that? They don’t understand that the condiments for me make the meal. Without the mayo and mustard, my burger is dry and nasty. The fries taste better with the ranch. If the server didn’t remember to bring them, they could apologize for me having to wait to eat my food the way I enjoy it.

I just get a LOT of servers that ARE lazy and DON’T apologize.

“but to yell and scream at complete strangers about things that don't necessarily apply to them is just harsh.”

WHERE the heck do you get that I “scream or yell?” I NEVER, EVER, EVER, have done that. WHY are you accusing me of doing that? I couldn’t FATHOM being that mean to someone.

“for you to assume that i'm mean & lazy & don't care if you get your food or if its wrong... thats pessimism at its finest. and it honestly hurts my feelings.”

I’m sorry if I have hurt your feelings, but I am NOT calling “ALL” servers lazy. I am saying YOU in the minority of servers. I feel that most servers don’t care, because it’s like the MOST OBVIOUS things on my plate are wrong or the check has an extra item on it which took me 5 seconds literally to see, but for some reason, they can’t take the 5 seconds to make sure they didn’t charge me for an extra item. Can you blame me for thinking most servers don’t care when my food is wrong so many times as far as OBVIOUS mistakes go and that we have gotten overcharged 21 times since 2001? We’ve also gotten undercharged WAY more times than that. Mostly soft drinks are what servers leave off the bill. Sometimes it may not be a mistake, but more to get a higher tip. A server that took my order and wrote it down, took the appetizer to us we had just ordered and I added 2 sides of ranch to it. The server didn’t apologize and I reminded him of it. It’s like I TRULY DON’T get why SOME SERVERS do that. They take the food out, but DON’T even VERIFY ANYTHING. He could have at least apologized; his tip would have been a bit higher if he would have. I’ve had cheese fries from the SAME server that took the order brought to me without the ranch that’s ON THE MENU and we had no alterations to the order. I’ve had that happen twice at least at 2 different restaurants. At Denny’s it happened one of those times and there’s even a picture of the item by the salt-n-pepper shakers that had the side of ranch with the cheese fries, but the server didn’t even bother to check the plate or apologize. I’ve maybe have gotten apologies for missing condiments once or twice out of the MANY, MANY, MANY times my condiments are missing. I am NOT mean about it, so don’t you dare think I am. I just tell them for instance if I ordered a burger: “I ordered 2 sides of mayonnaise, 1 side of mustard, and 1 side of ranch.” I just basically REPEAT my condiment order. I don’t yell or be mean. They COULD have apologized though, which I even have told them “thank you” when they brought it, but still no apology. It’s almost like some servers seem to be made of stone. Some servers just don’t care.

“childishly yell at people that are just trying to get you to see their point of view.”

I DON’T YELL AT THEM! Just because I type things on here DOESN’T have ANYTHING to do with how I treat servers. I keep my comments to myself. I also couldn’t fathom yelling at someone.

“all i ask is that you take some consideration about other people's situations before you blame them for things they didn't do.”

I can figure out WHOSE at fault for 99% of the situations. If food is raw, that’s NOT the server’s fault. If my check is overcharged, THAT IS the server’s fault NO MATTER what type of overcharge it is, because even with wrong prices in the computer, the server should tell their manager about that so it DOESN’T get to the point of reaching the customer. The customer shouldn’t have to be making sure the prices match the menu on their check. WE aren’t getting paid anything to do this, but the servers ARE. If I have a wrong side dish, wrong entrée, or anything is missing I know I can blame my server if they take my food to me. If there’s a pickle under a bun they can’t see without lifting the bun, I will assume the cooks messed up my order UNLESS the server admits fault. You have to be able to SEE the mistake without touching someone’s food in order for you to know something is missing or wrong with the food. If the food runner brings me the wrong entrée, I can blame the food runner IF the ticket was printed correctly. If my soft drink is wrong, I can blame my server, because restaurants normally have soft drink stations that are separate from the bar. If my condiments are missing, even if a food runner takes me my food, I know I’ve had 5 servers VOLUNTEER to bring me my condiments BEFORE my meal REGARDLESS of WHO took me my entrée. Therefore, condiments are ALWAYS in the server’s control, because they don’t need any cooking. So you are WRONG in that I KNOW and DO BLAME the RIGHT PEOPLE!

“i would want someone to treat me that way if i were the customer.”

You are VERY RARE. MOST servers DON’T act as if “THEY” were the customer. If they did, they’d try harder to make sure the food is correct. I shouldn’t have 3 or 4 obvious mistakes in my entrée order if the SAME server takes my food to me as got my order. Some servers don’t bother to verify the plate, so that shows me they aren’t thinking of the situation as if it were “THEM” getting their food delivered wrong. Also, when they don’t apologize and/or fix the situation immediately, it shows they don’t think that way even more so. It’s like you forgot something, but decide to buss a table instead. THAT would be mean and uncaring.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

“but when i caught my husband CHEATING on me i had to fend for myself. i wasn't done with college and i have been working my ASS off for bitches like you to make it through school.”

Sorry to hear that, but WHY do you assume I’m a bitch? Just look at your blog how BITCHY it is. “over heard people say don't worry about it the server can clean that up.” That’s pretty bitchy acting as if customers are supposed to clean up after themselves. They don’t have to clean squat. Don’t act like we do. THAT IS JUST ONE THING THAT IS BITCHY about your blog. ““i.e. i'm at your table and you ask for extra dressing i go to my other table and walk back by your table on the way to the kitchen DO NOT stop me and say 'my extra dressing' while pointing at your salad, your eyebrows raised and that odd looking contorted 'smile' on your face. i didn't forget i just haven't been to the kitchen.” You expect us not to feel we have to keep reminding the server; well DON’T go get someone else’s request BEFORE the person that requested an item FIRST. Meaning, you act like we aren’t supposed to be bitchy, but then act as if you weren’t the bitch FIRST by letting a customer CUT in front of someone else’s order making them wait just THAT MUCH LONGER for what they ordered. HOW IS THAT NICE, TELL ME THAT, HUH? You say: “rule : treat others the way you want to be treated” well then WHY do you act like you shouldn’t take the SAME ADVICE, that somehow you don’t have to do the SAME? If you don’t like people CUTTING in front of you, THEN DON’T DO IT TO SOMEONE ELSE! It’s called “TREATING PEOPLE THE WAY YOU’D LIKE TO BE TREATED.” You don’t seem to do that, so HOW IN THE HELL CAN YOU EXPECT SOMEONE TO TREAT YOU THAT WAY IF YOU DON’T TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT?

“your idea how we shouldn't check on any other table if someone asks for something. it's not out of laziness trust me i generally have done my share of the work plus half the staffs work.”

I DIDN’T say it was out of “Laziness”, it’s out of being UNCARING. Letting someone cut in front of someone else is MEAN. If some customers flag their server down as they past by that’s understandable that you have to listen to their request, but it shouldn’t mean you should get their request before the person that ordered first or that you should DECIDE to go to see how a party at a table is doing if they didn’t flag you down.

“the cook time on meals usually gives about 5 minutes lee-way for busy nights like the time you pointed out it was 3-4 minutes before your server put the order in."

Well gee, that's a total of 9 minutes if it ended up being 4 minutes before my server put in my order, don't you GET THAT? In other words, the LONGER the server takes the put in the order, the LONGER the food takes to get the customers. If you put the order in 4 minutes sooner, we will get it 4 minutes sooner no matter if the cook waits or not, because it's not like you watch every move the cooks make. If they cook things in order of inputting the orders, then if an order was put in at the bar for food in that 4 minutes, then just think, my food is that much MORE DELAYED. Also, think if I order mozzarella sticks and someone at the bar orders the SAME THING, the SAME EXACT WAY. The person at the bar will get their appetizer FIRST, because you would have delayed putting in the order 3-4 minutes because you decided to ask how a party of 5 was doing. Don’t you get that? It’s YOU that was being bitchy to customers through letting people cut in front of other people’s orders. That’s VERY INCONSIDERATE!

"but if a server were to go to your table you ask for dressing i bring it to you immediately then you ask me for a second item and i have to run and get that by that time the table that had sat down right before you asked for dressing has gotten pissed cause no one has been to them and are on the brink of leaving. that's why we go to the next table. no one has CUT in on your turn."

In this particular situation, NO, NO one would be cutting, because if you truly did get the ranch instead of greeting the table that just got seated, you would have let that customer cut in front of the people that just got seated. In other words, I am talking about if let's say I asked for a refill. If you go to another table to ask if they need anything, THAT would be cutting, because I asked for my refill BEFORE they requested whatever at that table as well as the SERVER is letting those customers cut in front of my refill I just ordered. Do you understand it's all about who or what came first? If let's say you are at Jane Doe's table, which you just delivered their food and they asked for a side of ranch. You shouldn't go to our table to ask if we need anything, you should be going to get Jane Doe's ranch, then come back to see if we need anything. If let's say we asked to order several things(which we have done already) like 2 refills(each of us) and a margarita. So, if you get the 2 refills and put in the margarita refill into the computer before getting Jane Doe's ranch, you have just made Jane Doe wait that much LONGER when she shouldn't have. You would have probably had gotten the 2 refills, put in the order for the margarita, and brought the ranch all at once. That actually IS letting US CUT in front of Jane Doe's ranch that was requested *****BEFORE****** we ordered those refills. Do you understand that YES, sometimes it IS CUTTING. In the example you made, no, it would not be cutting, because those people got seated(meaning it was THEIR TURN) BEFORE I asked for a second item?

Another example would be if Joe Schmoe requested his check and then you decided ALL ON YOUR OWN(meaning the customer didn't ask for you to come their way) to see if they needed anything and they said they wanted to order a dessert. Then they start to ask you(which is VERY TYPICAL of a LOT of customers) what KIND of desserts does the restaurant have. So then you have to take up more time telling them what kinds of desserts. Then some people may ask their server's opinion about what is the best. My point is, by then, Joe Schome could have already gotten his payment method out and read his bill in that amount of time considering he did ask for his check **********************BEFORE******************** that other table. THAT WOULD BE LETTING CUSTOMERS CUT. Now let's say if those customers would have asked for you without you going to them, well then, that can't be helped, but you CAN help if you VOLUNTARILY decide to go to see how they are doing. Do you understand there is a difference between if a customer is waiting to be greeted and a customer that is already seated? There are HUGE differences in the 2.

Now if you "forgot" ANYTHING, all turns on are the backburner and TOP PRIORITY should be to take care the customer that had the forgotten item or even if the cook messed up the order such as an undercooked steak, those types of things should be taken care of as soon as possible leaving "turns" on the backburner until the mistakes are resolved even if "YOU" didn't actually have ANY part in causing the mistakes. Think if you had a mistake with your order, would you want the REST of your food to end up getting cold? So if your answer is no, then you understand ANY mistakes takes priority over some that is supposed to be "next" no matter if the customers are waiting 8-10 mins to get greeted. My husband and I one time at Chili's waited 8 mins to get greeted and I SAW the waiter was VERY BUSY with a large party, so I didn't take off for it. Do you understand if there's a "reason", the server should tell the customers WHY it took so long as well as apologize just as the Chili's waiter did. Mistakes are completely different from a regular situation.

“the point is you and every one else get serviced QUICKER when we wait on all of our tables at the same time. i'm just taking care of everything at once. it's called being efficent, getting the job done and multitasking which means everything gets done in a timely manner. if i can bring out your refill, the second tables dressing and the third tables mayo all at the same time it got done a lot faster than running back and forth then EVERYONE gets good service not just YOU."

NO, it's called NOT being "FAIR." Ok, maybe if you are busy with requests(meaning not even pre-bussing) EVERY second we're there, then it would be "faster" of the amount of time you have to do those things, but that doesn't mean "ALL" customers benefit from it. As I have in my other blog, "Serve Me Please", I talked about how at Outback, a waiter greeted us at exactly 5:00p.m.literally. He had got triple sat. We only ordered 2 soft drinks(no appetizers or bar drinks). He went to greet the second table of 4-5 people(can't remember if it was 4 or 5), then the 3rd table that was I think only 2 people. It took him already 3 minutes to greet us, so that's where that 3 minutes went to. By the time he got all 3 table's orders, we waited until literally 5:10p.m., because as you say "more efficient" to do that, but literally it's NOT for "EVERY CUSTOMER" it is. All it did was help out the 3rd table to get their drinks quicker. We had to wait the LONGEST amount of time from ordering. That's NOT RIGHT OR FAIR. It should be the 3rd table that should have waited the longest. He also had the gall to hand a lady at the 2nd table hers BEFORE OURS. Boy I was some PISSED to see that shit happen. At least HAND drinks in the order of arrival I feel at the VERY LEAST. Anyway, he did the same thing after everyone gave their food orders. That amount of time(at least 5 mins or more) to get the other 2 table's food orders took just that much longer for the cook to either start cooking or it to be next on the list. Also in that amount of time, another order could have been put in from the bartender or another server, meaning, those people would have received their food quicker that they COULD have. That’s NOT FAIR OR RIGHT! In other words, the people that got things faster, were the people at the 3rd table, UNFAIRLY so. I feel he should have gone to get our 2 soft drinks and BEFORE we could have even gotten a chance to order our food, he should have said "I'll be right back" as he was handing the drinks to us. He didn’t do that. He went just to get the drink orders from all 3 table’s first. Also, the waiter could have said right from the start that he was triple sat, that he will get all the drink orders first to the customers then he would get the food orders after. My point is, our drinks and food took LONGER than what it should have and the second table even had to wait longer than the third table. The ONLY way things would be "more faster" (not for everyone though, but just FASTER in general) is if you didn't have time to pick up a dirty plate or glass even and was just constantly non-stop getting things for customers. I've seen a quite a bit of servers worry about dirty dishes over people that are patiently waiting for things they asked for. Cleaning up can wait. Customer requests come first!
"you must be a selfish human being to think that no one else deserves service until you've gotten your service."

WHERE the HELL you get that from? I just said above that if someone else asked for something BEFORE I did, you should ONLY be concerned with getting THEIR stuff, NOT MINE. HOW THE HECK IS WANTING TO "WAIT MY TURN" BEING "SELFISH?"

“i wasn't meaning apologizing for your servers mistake apologize for interrupting”

Interrupting WHAT? I have EVERY RIGHT to be pissed at the server when they come to the table with some that is VERY OBVIOUS is wrong or missing. Therefore, I should ONLY be REPEATING my order, NOT apologizing. It’s not like they are talking to me mid-sentence and I interrupt them or something. They brought me the food; I tell them what they forgot. WHERE’S THERE AN INTERRUPTION TO APOLOGIZE FOR?

“in case you're assuming they've forgotten.”

It’s NOT an “ASSUMPTION” unless it is something like when they have to change the soda syrup out, then if my server comes to my table without the refill, I shouldn’t assume they forgot. The server needs to immediately tell you it’s out. If you wait, I will assume you forgot, because you don’t have it with you, but you have extra napkins I asked for let’s say. If I see your hands are full and you don’t tell me anything, I will assume you forgot unless you TELL ME that you are coming back with the item.

“in actuality you CAN get sick from spit and things going into your food. you can get certain strains of herpes and hepititis from spit and loogies etc. not to mention the common cold or flu. maybe you should go back to school and take biology. or better yet just go back to your middle school health class.”

If you actually **READ** what I said I said THIS: “it’s that it truly doesn’t really “DO” ANYTHING if the person doesn’t get sick.” Meaning if I didn’t get SICK, it wouldn’t do me anything DON’T YOU GET THAT? Next time actually READ BEFORE you act like a know-it-all.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

“that's like me telling an office manager how to do their job.”

NO, it's not. If you are on the "OTHER SIDE of the situation" you see what should be improved by the people that serve you. For instance, getting delivered a wrong entrée to my table is an example of me NOT having to “DO THEIR JOB” to know not to bring an entrée that’s wrong to a table. Getting overcharged is an example of knowing to verify the check BEFORE handing it to the customer. SO, NO, it’s “NOT” like being an office manager, because normally people don’t have bunches of mistakes(NORMALLY) if they are going to an office to get service such as an insurance agency or a drs. office. You usually DON’T have service issues with these people in general or if you do, it’s a RARITY. When you go eat out, it’s a VERY COMMON to have mistakes in a dining experience though. My point is, in an office, you would have to be an office manager to know how to do their job, but with being a server, I found I KNOW MORE than some of the servers I get at times. Servers should think about when they go out to eat how “THEY” feel in a certain situation. Just like overcharges. I see that a server can verify the check. I DON’T NEED TO BE A WAITRESS TO KNOW TO DO THIS. It’s truly a bit of COMMON SENSE. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO EVERY JOB TO UNDERSTAND WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN!

"i've never done it so how can i have the nerve to even attempt it?"

Because NOT EVERYTHING needs to be done in order to know MORE about something than someone else. Example: Getting a wrong entree from the SAME server that wrote down the order. I would KNOW MORE about the job to "VERIFY THE WRITTEN ORDER ***BEFORE*** I WOULD EVER ATTEMPT TO TAKE IT TO THE CUSTOMER COMPLETELY WRONG. SOME of the servers that do HAVE experience know LESS than I do, because I AM ON THE "OTHER SIDE" of the situation to see how "I" feel as a customer getting the wrong entree delivered. Think about that. Some of these servers may not eat out much or they may not have these issues happen to them as I have. When I lived with my parents, I didn't really know much about these issues because they either never happened ever or if something did happen like this, it was extremely rare. My point is, if you hardly EVER or NEVER had a certain mistake happen in a dining experience, you couldn’t possibly UNDERSTAND what it’s like to have it happen lots of times like it has for my husband and me.

“i'm generally a very nice person but don't tell me how to do my job if you've never spent one day waiting tables. in training you're told wait on your tables as one table."

That's the problem, WE ARE NOT ONE TABLE! We are INDIVIDUAL customers, with INDIVIDUAL wants, so WHY NOT TREAT US AS SUCH? It’s NOT ALWAYS FASTER FOR EVERYONE. Read the rest of this, because you will see what I mean. The managers want you to do that, because all they care about is MORE SALES, so they could care LESS about people’s time. They just want to seat people faster instead of caring about people’s waits that are already seated. Don’t you get that why they want to do things unfairly? It’s a business, so it’s all about the MONEY. No feelings are considered in this.

“If someone asks for something it's not adding that much more time to you getting the item if i slip by my other two and simply ask 'is everything going ok?”


"i won't walk over to the table i'll just go get the refill while i'm getting the other table's items."

WHY wouldn't you find out first? NOT EVERYONE WANTS A REFILL OR THE SAME DRINK FOR THAT MATTER? I’ve switched soft drinks at Red Lobster one time and a waiter had to go all the way back to get coke instead of a dr. pepper all because he was TOO LAZY AND UNCARING to FIND OUT FIRST. I switch soft drinks sometimes, because I get tired of the same drink. Are you that uncaring and lazy to ASK your customers? What if they decline it? Wouldn't you feel you wasted your time and THEIRS as well? Wouldn’t it be frustrating? WHY NOT WALK OVER THERE? Maybe you could SAVE TIME BY NOT HAVING TO GO GET A REFILL IN THE FIRST PLACE. Did you ever THINK of that?

“generally the only thing we get ourselves (depending on the restaurant) will be the drinks.”

Actually you didn’t think about SOME OTHER things. The check, the check being rung up, napkins and sometimes the server ends up getting utensils, because the host or hostess didn’t get any. Also, just like in one of your examples, a person drops their utensils on the floor, so you’d have to go to get some utensils. So if let’s say table 4 just asked for their check, you shouldn’t VOLUNTARILY go to table 8 to ask if they need anything UNLESS they flag you down. In other words, the check is SOLEY done by the server, therefore, you CAN ***DECIDE**** to go get the customer’s check BEFORE going to another table to ask if they need anything to be FAIR. Now, let’s say table 8 flagged you down right after table 4 asked for the check, you can write their refill order down, but you should still get table 4’s check FIRST, because it was REQUESTED FIRST. You shouldn’t get table 8’s refill BEFORE the check. Do you SEE what I am getting at?

Let’s make it more complicated. Table 5 just ordered 2 refills first. Table 9 flagged you down and orders a dessert as well as asks for their check second. Table 3 also flags you down as you pass by and asks for some extra napkins. Table 7(forth) also calls for you and asks for a cup of coffee as their after dinner drink, but doesn’t ask for their check yet, because someone is still eating at the table, so they don’t know if they want to share a dessert yet or not. To be FAIR, I would get the 2 refills FIRST for table 5, then put in the order for the customer’s dessert for table 9 as well as deliver their check before the dessert came out, then I would bring Table 3’s napkins and go to check on table 9 to see if they got their dessert yet or end up delivering the dessert or let’s say they did get their dessert and are eating it, if they have their payment ready to ring up the check, so I’d go ring up their check while they were eating the dessert. THEN, I’d go get table 7’s coffee.

If this was YOU, I am willing to bet you would have gotten the 2 refills and the coffee all in the same trip and picked up napkins. Meanwhile table 3 would have been waiting just THAT MUCH LONGER to get their dessert put into the computer, therefore, they would have had a MUCH LONGER WAIT for their dessert than they should have had. They also would have waited longer for their check than necessary. You also probably would have just given their check along with their dessert if you brought out the check or would have given it during the customers eating the dessert. You also didn’t think about that if the customer’s you serve in incorrect order end up ordering or asking for more things, you end up making the first couple of customers at the tables wait just that much LONGER than necessary, because you gave them an opportunity to order something else, because you came to the table to deliver the requests out of order. That’s being even MORE UNFAIR to the customers that ordered FIRST.

“as far as extra dressing or condiments we have to wait on the line cooks to hand these items to us.”

You can still “put the order IN for them just THAT MUCH SOONER.” Don’t you realize that? Sure it may take a few minutes to put dressings into little containers, but by you going to another table BEFORE even putting the request in, is truly UNFAIR and NOT RIGHT of you. Do you UNDERSTAND THAT?

“so no it's not cutting in from of someone or adding time to how quick you get something if i slip by the other tables and ask as i walk by 'everything ok?' also if they've just sat down i have to get to them with in 30seconds to greet them. i don't have to take drink orders but i have to acknowledge them.”

That’s fine and VERY understandable if you tell the customers: “I’ll be right with y’all in a moment.” That’s fine, just don’t go take their order for their drinks or appetizers or even possibly for everything just as sometimes we HAVE done before when we got greeted that we were ready to FULLY order when we got greeted usually due to a long wait for a table because we looked at the menu while we waited for a table. If let’s say someone just requested to get their check, you would go get their check BEFORE greeting that table. You would print out the check and go hand it to the customers and THEN would fully greet the next table. That, would be the FAIR way to do things.

“so i HAVE to walk to that table at times when someone has asked me for something. example sally asks for ketchup for little billy's chicken. i glance over and see that bob at table 2 looks like he needs something. i walk by and ask bob if he needs something and he says yeah i could use some a-1 and a glass of water. that added maybe 2 seconds to the time it takes sally to get little billy's ketchup. i immediately go to the kitchen ask the line for ketchup set a tray out set the a-1 on it and get a glass of water, when i get back to the window the line cook is handing me the ketchup. i set all items on the tray and walk back to the dining room with everyone's items on my tray. i drop off billy's ketchup and drop off bob's a-1 and water and head back to the kitchen to run food or anything else that's needed.”

Little billy’s ketchup was delayed a LOT MORE than 2 seconds, don’t you SEE that? You went to fill a glass with water and ice. You also ended up having bob tell you he needed a-1 and a glass of water. That’s MORE than 2 seconds also. Also, ketchup and a-1 is usually in bottles in most restaurants, so therefore, the cook or even YOU could have grabbed a bottle real quickly. Also, when you went to the kitchen area, let’s say the condiment billy wanted was ranch instead of ketchup which isn’t normally in a bottle, so the line cook has to fill a little container with some. You could have put in the order for the ranch, went back to bob’s table. Then he would have asked for a-1 and the glass of water. While you were getting the ranch that would have been ready by then, you ordered the a-1 from the cook(he’s busy so it takes a few moments to get the a-1), so you end up taking billy’s ranch to him. Then you go back to fill your glass with water and grab the a-1. Then you deliver bob’s glass of water and his a-1. Little billy had BEEN already had his ranch by then. YOUR method would be making poor little billy wait LONGER for his ranch. Sure, the entire situation may have taken longer over all my method, BUT, little billy would have had his ranch delivered EARLIER instead of it being delayed some and bob would have got we he deserved a little longer wait than billy did instead of bob ending up getting his a-1 and a glass of water with not having to wait as long for his request as billy did. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE WAY YOU DO THINGS ISN’T “FAIR?” Also, even if it’s “quicker” overall, it’s not always the case you have every solitary second of request, meaning after billy asked for his a-1, there wasn’t a request for a minute let’s say, so you bring dishes to the kitchen area. So, billy ended up waiting longer for NO REAL REASON. It’s not like you have a request every single second and even if you do, WHY make the FIRST customer wait LONGER than the second and third customers? That’s just NOT RIGHT, it’s just NOT!

“or if i'm sat at my third table i can greet them with out making bob wait until i'm done greeting them to see what he needs.”

You wouldn’t have to, because you could just say “I’ll be with you in just a moment” to that table you need to greet and still could have asked bob if he needed anything BEFORE you greeted the next table.

“had i went to sally then ran to the kitchen waited for the ketchup then ran out after waiting for it and dropped off little billy's ketchup i would have had to ignore the fact bob looks like he needs something to go greet the table that was sat while i was waiting on the ketchup. i go greet the third and in that time bob is annoyed because he really wants a glass of water to go with his soda and some a-1 for his steak. so bob gets the short end of the stick while sally and little billy are the only ones that are satisfied.”

I wouldn’t EXPECT you to just sit there and “WAIT”, don’t you get that? At the very least, you can put the order in the kitchen for the condiment. You wouldn’t have “ignored” bob, you would have made him wait HIS TURN as he SHOULD have waited.

“so really is two seconds that serious of a thing?”

It’s NOT just “two seconds.” You seem NOT to truly UNDERSTAND THAT! Sometimes it’s SEVERAL MINUTES. The Outback situation I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I waited 7 minutes from being greeted to receive 2 cokes and 10 minutes from being seated. That’s QUITE A BIT MORE THEN JUST “2 SECONDS.” All because he got *ALL* 3 table’s drinks at once as well as got those drink orders to in that amount of time and who knows what else like maybe people ordered appetizers at those other tables. He even handed a lady at the second table hers before ours, which was even RUDER. So YOU HAVE NO CLUE OF WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THAT IT’S ONLY 2 SECONDS! WHY CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?

“it can be to a server less than it is to the guest.”

NO, it’s more important to the customer. YOU’VE GOT IT ALL WRONG.

“if i check on all tables at one time then i CAN get it all in a timely manner.”

For YOU, but not for ALL CUSTOMERS YOU CAN’T DO IT “YOUR” way.

“in another instance rob is on lunch break and table number 2 birtha is in no hurry and at table 3 jane, sue, and loly are taking there time and look like they're ready to order desert. i go check on rob he needs a knife, he dropped his. so i assess the situation, birtha's tea is about half down and the three ladies are looking at the desert menu. i'm not heading to the three ladies i'm running by birtha tell her i'll be right out with her drink. she may need some dressing or ketchup as i tell her i'm bringing her drink she can tell me that. i head to the kitchen tell the line i need a side of sauce for her because she asked for it. i go to dish and get a knife i roll it in a napkin and fill a glass of tea and as i walk by the window i pick up the sauce.”

WHY couldn’t you just get a knife at the host or hostess’s stand instead of going to the kitchen unless it was a certain kind of knife they didn’t have at the host or hostess’s stand? Meanwhile, poor rob is waiting for only a knife for you not only to put in a condiment order, but also to fill a glass with tea and ice, before he can eat a bite of his steak, while it’s getting COOLER by every second. What an UNFAIR person you are. I would have gone to get rob’s knife first since HE actually ASKED for something first. Also WHY would you tell her you are bringing her another tea instead of just “ASKING” HER? She may not want another tea. You CAN’T read her mind, so that is WHY you **ASK** first. Let the CUSTOMER do the ordering. WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO ORDER FOR A CUSTOMER UNLESS THEY GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO? So rob gets the short end of the deal and ends up waiting let’s say 2 minutes instead of 30 seconds or less doing it your method. That’s WRONG, just plain WRONG! I couldn’t FATHOM treating people like that so UNFAIRLY.

“another example of that two seconds not mattering. after i drop off the knife and tea and sauce then i know i can go take the time that the three ladies deserve with their questions about desert. if i had run and gotten the knife, rolled it, then took it out then went to tell birtha i'm getting her tea then she's also needing sauce i STILL have to ignor the three ladies who WERE looking at the desert menu and are now sitting there knowing what they want.”

NO, you WOULDN’T have “IGNORED” the three ladies, you would have let them waited for their turn when it would have been time for THEIR TURN, which it WASN’T at those times. It’s ONLY FAIR they wait the LONGEST, since their request was after those other requests came.

“(not to mention birtha's tea is now completely empty and has nothing to drink) i then go to get birtha's tea and sauce and bring it out by the time i get to the three ladies who WERE looking at the menu have now decided they don't even want desert because it took me too long to get to them. see the difference there?”

NO, because they shouldn’t be pissy about “HOW LONG” they waited if they see you are getting other customers things that ordered BEFORE they did. Also, you don’t see that rob didn’t like his steak very much, because he waited 2 more minutes than necessary to get to eat it, so it was cooler than what it could have been due to the air conditioning on a hot day in july. See you can’t think of the first customer feelings and time, CAN YOU?

“it's not cutting in on someone's 'turn' you aren't in line or anything you just happen to be sitting at the table i came to check on first.”

It IS “CUTTING” and it sure DOESN’T have to be a “physical line” to be cutting. Even when you are on hold on the phone with a business, usually they go in the order the calls came in, meaning, if joe schmoe called before me, then his call will be answered before mine. It’s just like a “line”, but the difference is it’s NOT a “line”, but they still go in the order people came in.

“in my visual walk through i see table one was close to having some empty dishes, table two was drinking kinda fast, table three looked like their salad was getting low. i come back the second time, pick up table one's empty dishes, they ask for their check, i go by table two and say i'll be right back with drink refills, i get the empty salad bowl from table 3 and ask if they want some more. they do. i go to the compri, i put in the salad refill. i then print out table 1's check. i then put the check in a binder slide it in my pouch walk to the kitchen grab the salad and refills. i then drop off the check, drop off the refills, drop off the salad. usually other things can be done in the time it takes to get an item that was asked for. that's why it's not cutting in line or cutting someone's turn. it takes the same amount of time for me to get it to you the only difference is i'm multitasking and getting the other items too. instead of just standing in the window to wait for and item from the line i can be getting refills on drinks or someones check or any number of things.”

YOU ARE SO WRONG! For one thing, it DOESN’T take “the same amount of time.” You just made table one wait 3-5 minutes for their check, which is RIDICULOUS when you could have just waited to get the dishes and went to get their check in the matter of 30 seconds literally. THEN I would have grabbed their dishes to bring them to the kitchen. Table two wanted 2 refills. I would have gotten those refills for table two and then went back to table one to ring up their check as well as delivered their change or credit card to those customers. I would then have ordered table 3’s more salad they requested. This method is the FAIR method and table one had already LEFT by the time table 3 got their salad order put into the computer. THAT is what I call CARING SERVICE. Making table one wait for you to put away dishes is WRONG, when you could have left them there an extra 10 seconds and printed their check out instead. THEN, you could have handed them their check and grabbed those dishes. THEN, you could have taken those dishes to the kitchen area. Don’t you understand you made people wait to LEAVE and HOW IRRITATING THAT IS WHEN SERVERS DO THAT? Usually when people want their check, they do NOT want to see you do other things, especially when those things are things like bussing another table for instance, basically things that CAN WAIT. Most customers would rather have what they asked for just that much SOONER than for dirty dishes to be removed.

When you said you put the check in the binder slide, you should have went to deliver that check, NOT had gone to the TOTAL OPPOSITE DIRECTION to the kitchen area to grab the salad and refills. That’s extra TIME poor table one was waiting to LEAVE. That’s TRULY UNFAIR and you act like I’m the bitch. Just look how you have treated customers that ordered first. Even the second person with the refills shouldn’t have had to wait to have a salad order put into the computer. The only person that ends up winning in the situation is the last person. The first person ends up waiting the longest in EVERY situation you mentioned. That’s UNFAIR and YOU KNOW IT! My method would have been better for you in that table one could have left faster, so if the restaurant had a wait for a table, another party could have been seated that much quicker in your section, meaning, more customers, possibly more tips you could have made. I bet you didn’t think of that, did you? WHY should table one wait for dishes to be put in the kitchen(which is truly something that can WAIT, because dishes don’t have legs and they don’t tip you, customers do), 2 refills(filling up 2 glasses with ice and liquid) and putting an order for a salad refill in? All those requests CUTTED in front of table one. Considering all table one wanted was the check, so they should have been handed their check first so they could LEAVE. When you would have done all of that your method, you made those people at table one just sit there and watch you work instead, they could have been paid and left already. Literally, I am willing to bet all of those requests took around 5 minutes.

“i act like a know it all on this subject because i was a server and a damn good one.”

That’s to one’s opinion. I wouldn’t have been happy with waiting 5 minutes for a check when it COULD have taken you under 30 seconds to hand me it. Also, think about that if you would have waited just to give the check, that’s more than 5 minutes by the time you would have rung it up. Just think about this. The around 5 minutes isn’t even counting the ringing up the check.

“you have NEVER been one. so yes i can act like a know it all towards you. because you actually know nothing other than what you THINK you are seeing when you are going out to eat. there is a lot more to it than just getting things and taking orders. you have to learn timesaving tricks like realizing if i check on them all at once i can get it in the same amount of time because of the fact i have to wait for salad if they want salad i have to wait for the extra sauce i have to wait for most of the things i am asked for. so why not get the refills while i'm waiting on any number of items? why not refill all of my tables drinks at one time?”

Getting the check is SOLEY the SERVER doing this, therefore, there’s NEVER a reason to make a customer wait for the check UNLESS some other customer ordered something BEFORE that person. I don’t have to be a server to KNOW things, don’t you get that? NO, as I mentioned, it’s NOT the “SAME AMOUNT OF TIME.” Poor table one waited probably a good 3-5 minutes just to receive the check, not even for it to be rung up even doing it your method. It’s the TRUTH!

“running back and forth does nothing but piss the second two tables off, especially the third one.”

The first table gets pissed off then doing it your method. Waiting 5 minutes or longer for the entire check process to be finished is ridiculous in MOST situations. Sure, there are situations like if a customer has something wrong with their food, that situation takes priority over getting someone’s check and ringing it up or if a customer’s food or drink order is ready which means they ordered BEFORE the request for the check was given, but in MOST situations, the total check process should take 3 minutes at the most with getting the check and ringing it up.

“that's all i'm saying. i really think you should pick up a serving job for about a month to get a real clue on what it's like and what goes on. then feel free to say whatever you want to. until you've done the job, don't tell anyone how to do theirs.”


Example of a STUPID server: My husband and I went to Chevy’s Fresh Mex , which we only got drinks and a dessert. We both ordered margaritas that were not only on the drink menu on the table that had prices on it, but also they were listed on the regular menu as well with the prices. We’ve only been there once before in 2001, which this happened 2006. Back in 2001, I didn’t order fancy margaritas back then, nor would I remember too much about it. Anyway, the waitress overcharged us big time. One was $5.95 and the other was $6.95. She had charged us $9.95 for both margaritas. We both had NEVER ordered these drinks before. She claimed we ordered the “bigger ones”, when we didn’t, because we went off of what the menu stated and she never offered us any bigger sizes, so we had no idea these glasses were the “bigger ones.” Anyway, the manager fixed the overcharge. This waitress told us she had been there for only 3 weeks. Well, gee, we had literally ONLY been to a Chevy’s Fresh Mex literally approx. 2 hours if you count the 2001 experience and a little under an hour for this particular experience. I think that’s sad and PATHETIC that a server knows LESS than a customer knows that hadn’t even been to that restaurant very long. I feel this situation should have been COMMON SENSE in that she normally goes by a menu at let’s say McDonald’s or at any restaurant, so WHY wouldn’t she go by a menu when she charged people? She had claimed this was her first time serving those margaritas, but I am thinking in my head “SO”, that’s NO reason to not make sure the price on the check matches the computer price. I didn’t tell her that, but that’s what I was thinking.

“she even made a mistake on our bill (she charged me for two teas and two kids drinks there was only one adult at the table, me, honest mistake on her part not a screw up or something to get angry over)”

That’s because you haven’t been overcharged 21 times LITERALLY like we have, so OF COURSE it’s nothing to get angry over according to you. Also, it may NOT have been an “HONEST’ mistake. I’ve had servers that padded the bill before and we’ve had servers that rung up another table on both my husband and I’s credit cards before without ANY apology and it was a LOT money. One time it was almost $11 at Applebee’s and one time was $21.50 at Chili’s. You think people won’t do it on purpose, you are VERY naïve. It may have been a mistake, but she WAS UNCARING AND TOO LAZY ASS TO “VERIFY” WHAT SHE HANDED TO YOU. You also may not get overcharged at stores a lot, which I HAVE. QUITE a number of times I have been overcharged at Wal-Mart and other stores. The price on the shelf doesn’t match what I get charged. Those situations are different in that those prices change weekly and they have thousands of items. A menu has approx. around 100 items and those prices change maybe every year or so. So, I don’t feel the cashier is at fault for not charging me correctly, but my server IS, because they have a menu to compare the prices with, but a cashier would have to go to every shelf to make sure the price would be correct, which would be insane and very time consuming. I feel that since there is a menu to compare the check to and the prices don’t change very often, the server is responsible for telling the manager if a price in the computer doesn’t match the menu BEFORE it gets to the customer. With your situation, the server was completely at fault all the way around in that she didn’t catch her mistake that she pressed the button too many times for tea. If feel she COULD have “LOOKED OVER” the check ***BEFORE**** she handed it to you. It’s just like bringing a wrong side dish to someone if you took the order, same difference. VERIFY BEFORE YOU HAND THINGS TO PEOPLE is what it’s all about.

“it sounds like you look at your servers as people who are beneath you.”

Some servers are truly idiots. I mean, really, that waitress at Chevy’s Fresh Mex really was STUPID. We even pointed at the pictures on the menu when we ordered the margaritas and it was slow. She even had time to sit at a booth(which I NEVER see that happen) for about 3 minutes or so, meaning she had TIME to VERIFY what she was charging me. I think it’s pretty STUPID when you can’t relate when “YOU are the customer” when YOU end up buying something at a restaurant you go according to a menu normally, to treat others in that same manner. I can maybe see if it would have been her first day or first week even, but 3 weeks and she still didn’t know that the margarita prices were listed on the menu was pretty bad if you ask me. I don’t care if she never served them before. The fact is the prices were in 2 places in the restaurant.

“try to remember they are human beings.”

That’s why you need to make dishes last and CUSTOMER REQUEST FIRST. If you care about “human beings” you would go in the order of request and wouldn’t make dishes more important than people’s time. You would also not make the first person wait the longest if you felt that we are supposed to treat you like a human being. You AREN’T treating us that way by going out of order.

"like when i said GENERALLY try to do their best and you go on a rant about how some server that sucked didn't. that's why i said GENERALLY because it's not always the case and i'm aware of that."

But it's A LOT of times it's the case, that's MY POINT! WHY can't severs VERIFY the correct side dishes are there, the correct entree is there, and there isn't anything missing? I understand they are rushing, but if they have to make an extra trip, was that rush really worth it? NO, it wasn't. Especially for their tip sake.

"actually if a table stops me and asks for something i helped my fellow server out and if i didn't have time to get the item i made sure it got to them somehow even if i had to ask a manager to take it to the table. because it may not be my table that night but it might be next week and they'll remember that. so in the end it does help me out to help that server out."

You may not get it back, seriously. I had gotten delivered our food from a food runner at a pasta chain called "Semolina's and I ordered a refill of dr. pepper. She said "Your server will get it." SHE NEVER TOLD HIM, THE LAZY AND UNCARING BITCH! He actually came up to our table, so she NEVER EVEN TOLD HIM. THAT IS HOW A LOT OF SERVERS ARE. If it's NOT "THEIR TABLE" even though they did actually "SERVE" my table, they still may not get it for the customer. Technically, I feel if you serve ANYTHING to my table, you are PART of my service, therefore, if I ask you for something even though you aren't my main server, you SHOULD get it for me.

“you've NEVER sat at my table you know nothing about how i treated anyone's time”

I do in the way you are describing these examples of how you would treat people.

"seriously the most BITCHY thing you said to me and also the most insensitive being that for all you knew i had kids with my husband who died. no it wasn't that severe of a situation for me, but it was bad enough."

Now you say your husband "died", so was it both "cheating and he died?" As far as assuming you were a single mom, yes, I do apologize for that. I assumed that, because most people aren’t like us, they are rare that wait until marriage. A lot of people I know have kids with not being married. I am truly sorry I assumed that. I know you may not believe me, but since this issue is not about restaurant service and is personal, I can understand you life was tuff raising 2 kids by yourself all because your husband either cheated or died or both. I SHOULDN’T have assumed that about you. I am sorry about that. That is the only thing I will apologize for because I do feel you aren’t nice that you put the FIRST person that asks for something LAST. You end up making them wait the longest. There’s no TRUE reason for that. That is why I came to you as “bitchy” sounding, because you don’t feel you should treat people fairly. I think someone that is unfair is bitchy. You know it’s like how dare someone take up “MY” time when I asked for my check BEFORE the next table asked for their refills. That’s just RUDE and WRONG! You know it’s NOT the NICE way of doing things. Can’t you AT THE VERY LEAST just admit that?

"you can't write something down if you are carrying something in your hands when someone stops and asks for something."

If you put the stuff down on a table near by that's empty or just put it down somewhere, you SURE CAN! I've had times such as one time when a waitress at Chili's took a white russian order while she was grabbing the plates we had. Instead of putting them right back down and writing it down, she TOTALLY got the order completely WRONG! She brought me a mudslide that was frozen of all things. I NEVER SAID "mudslide", I said "A white russian made with Kahlua and grey goose vodka." It's all because she DIDN'T WRITE THE ORDER DOWN IN THE FIRST PLACE that she got it wrong. You CAN TRULY put down whatever you are holding SOMEWHERE and write the order down. That's just an excuse that you say you can't. It's called just putting the stuff down, whether it's on the table and you would say "I am putting this down for a moment so I can write this down." THAT'S ALL IT TAKES TO WRITE EVERY SINGLE THING DOWN! WHY DO YOU THINK YOU CAN'T DO THAT, HUH? That waitress very well COULD have put our dishes BACK down and wrote down the drink order.

"i never went by memory when it came to orders"

You admitted you SOMETIMES DID that you just mentioned you "couldn't" write the orders down if you were carrying something. WHY would you mention that if you didn’t actually DO IT SOMETIMES, HUH?

"not all servers are smart not all guests are either"

I AGREE 100% with that. Some customers will be surprised when their order is brought they had something in it they didn't want all because they were too stupid to "READ THE MENU DESCRIPTION of the item they ordered." Also, some customers think their servers can magically read their minds like if they want a refill. The server should ask or the customer should ask. I have read that some customers feel they shouldn't have to ask, but then HOW will the server know 100% for sure it's wanted unless SOME TYPE of COMMUNICATION is involved?

9:08 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"hmmm. so you now know that you are yelling at people. you know that you are being a horrible mean person, who earlier said "I couldn’t FATHOM being that mean to someone." ...weird, i guess you CAN fathom it after all."

Don't you get it that "SHE" is being the mean person "FIRST" by making the first person wait the longest when that's truly NOT the "right thing" to do? Morally it's WRONG to let someone "CUT" in front of someone else's turn. I would go in order of arrival as much as I possibly could and I always did when I worked at the donut shop. If the drive-thru beeped first, the person that just walked in would have to wait for me to let's say put a donut in a bag, get a coffee in a to-go cup and get the money from the person in drive-thru BEFORE I would serve the next person. I would NOT put someone else's turn ahead of someone else. My point is, SHE is an inconsiderate person, so WHY I can't be mean towards her since she is being mean to innocent people. Like she is the type of person that would buss a table(meaning worrying about the people waiting to be seated) instead of getting someone's check they just requested or whatever. One time at Chili's a waitress came after we finished eating our entrees to ask if we'd like anything else. We both wanted refills on our soft drinks and I ordered a margarita also. This INCONSIDERATE waitress takes our plates and goes directly across us to pill up those plates as well and started to buss the table, meanwhile making us wait to get more soft drink that SHE could have easily gotten and also I could have gotten my margarita quicker by her at the very least going to put the order into the computer. There wasn't a wait at the time, because it was around 10:45p.m. at night, so it wasn't even like people were waiting for a table or anything. My point is, that's just RUDE and MEAN. It's VERY INCONSIDERATE of someone's time. I am willing to bet exserver would do the SAME THING. I COULDN'T fathom doing that to someone. I would have just taken the customer's dishes and put them on the dirty table with the other people's dishes. Then I would have gone to put in the order for the margarita and I would have gone to get the refills as quickly as possibly. I would have thought of the "CUSTOMER'S WAITS" instead of cleaning up. I could always wait to get those dishes afterwards. The dishes wouldn't be tipping me and clean up work is something that can wait(obviously unless it's vomit or something like that.) So what if the dishes sit there for an extra 3 minutes. Like that's not going to make roaches come around just letting it sit for a few extra minutes and there wasn't even people waiting to get seated. I would have thought of people's time, because I am thoughtful and she is mean and doesn't think of the person that was first that their time is not important. Let's say my husband and I would be at a third table. I shouldn't get my stuff as quickly as the first or second tables. It's just NOT FAIR. She actually makes the third person wait the least amount of time. THAT'S MEAN. So I have EVERY RIGHT to be mean to someone that is mean to me. That's mean to me in that she shows her inconsideration for the first and second people that asks for something and only thinks of the last table that asked for something. The first person gets to wait twice as long for NO REAL REASON. Like the example with the guy that all he wanted was a knife. He had to wait quite a while for a knife considering he asked for that knife WAY BEFORE those other people asked for their things. Same thing in the example with the person that asked for their check. They had to wait around 5 minutes just to get a check that could have been gotten in 30 seconds or less. All they wanted to do was leave and she would have been basically like "holding them hostage", because until they can pay, they are stuck sitting there. It's not like the person that asked for their check asked for it last. They asked for it FIRST. My point is, she's mean to people, so WHY shouldn't I have a right to get mad back at her? She's NOT a considerate person. She's being mean, so I have EVERY RIGHT to feel mean back to her. She's not thinking of the first person that asked for something. She's only thinking of the third person's time, when it should be the third person that waits the longest to be fair just as when you are in line at a grocery store. Let's say I have 40 items. The person behind me has 30 items. The person behind that person has only 5 items. Sure, sometimes even I have let a person in front of me if they only had one item if they were directly behind me, but it would be rude of me if I would ask the third person to get ahead of me, because I wouldn't be considering the feelings second person in line. Also if the cashier would ask the third person to cut ahead of us, that would be rude to our time. Especially if we had to wait for a cashier to get change or something for a while beforehand. My point is, she was rude to customers that ordered first to put their turn last, so I have EVERY RIGHT to be mad at her. What kind of person does that? I couldn't fathom making the first person wait the longest if it was something that was in my control such as a refill or simply putting an order into the computer, or getting the check, or getting utensils, or getting extra napkins, etc. Can you honestly say truthfully she sounds "thoughtful" of people's time that asked for something first? If you say yes, then you are not nice also.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

“no we can't set DIRTY dishes down on a nearby CLEAN table. that's nasty. plus we don't know if the hostess is about to seat that clean table."

I was talking about setting dirty dishes on an already dirty table, NOT a clean one. OF COURSE I wouldn't expect you to set dirty anything on top of a clean table people will be eating on eventually. As far as you putting down the dishes, did you put them down some place close or did you make them wait for you to go all the way to the kitchen to put them away?

"for the record the salads didn't take 3-5 minutes it took maybe a minute because all that had to be done with them was to put dressing and croutons on them."

That is different than 99% of the places. At Outback, a manager told me they make the salads "TO ORDER" meaning, whenever I have ordered salads, it DID take a good 5 minutes or so, especially if the server went to greet another table first or did something else first. EVERYTIME I've gotten a salad except ONCE, it's been a decent wait like 5 minutes or more. The one time it wasn't, it was because the waiter bussed butt and went in order of arrival. I went to the restroom real quick, when I got out, my salad arrived. 99.9% of the times I get salads, which I tend to get a LOT because I LOVE ranch, it takes a good 5 minutes normally at the very least, sometimes more, so that was a TRUE **RARE** occurrence.

Also, Friday of last week we went to Outback. The appetizer came BEFORE my salad, which I expected something that doesn't need to cooking to get to the table BEFORE the appetizer. My husband wanted the bloomin´ onion, I happen to not want that, because I had bad heartburn when I ate it last time. So you are SOOO WRONG that salads normally don't take more than just a minute. I seriously doubt where you worked it was less than 3-5 minutes when it was packed. Especially when the first person gets the raw end of the deal with you, so they waited longer for their salad than a third table if you were triple sat let's say.

"like when they burnt one side of the chicken and put it on the dish burnt side down. i don't touch people's food because that's gross so i had no clue that one side was burnt when i realized it was i was rather pissed off at the kitchen."

That is something COMPLETELY 100% out of your control. I would hope you wouldn't touch someone's food, which is nasty.

"i have eaten out a lot and i have gotten overcharged before. but to me it's not the end of the world if a mistake is made."

What if you could tell it was done "INTENTIONALLY?” Would you still think "theft" is not a “BIG DEAL”? We've had it done intentionally a few times and there's no doubt in my mind those times were, because not to even get ONE sorry for almost $5, $5.25, almost $11, and $21.50, proves it's intentional when those things happened.. One waitress at Bennigan’s said "It's the computer" when I told her my credit card slip was wrong and NEVER apologized. This happened ALL because I called the manager on her. She had NO RIGHT to commit a CRIME by ringing up my credit card almost $5 more than the bill amount just because I called the manager on her poor service. Also, the almost $11 overcharge was a waiter at Applebee's that when I went up to him at another table to tell him it was wrong, he ignored me and I didn’t get ANY APOLOGY either. I agree when there's no mistake, a person should not EVER interrupt someone else's dining experience, but when there's a mistake like that major, an interruption SHOULD be done. The $21.50 overcharge was because after 10 minutes of waiting to get the check rung up and seeing the waiter pass by, but not grab it, my husband went up to him(the waiter wasn’t with any customers at the time) to ask why he never took our check with the credit card. He came back with the credit card overcharged $21.50, which was intentional in my opinion by ringing up the wrong table on my husband’s credit card. You can't just commit a crime because you are mad at someone. The $5.25, the waiter said "I didn't know what you ordered." I was thinking, BS, you padded the bill, because we only got drinks. This was intentional in my opinion. Seriously, HOW would you feel if you “KNEW” in you heart that it was truly “Intentional?” Would you still tip the person for them stealing from you? I stiffed those servers that those overcharges I listed, because those overcharges WERE TRULY INTENTIONAL.

"there are people dying and starving in other countries. i'm lucky to live somewhere that has clean water and where i don't have to worry about insurgents running into my house every night. i'm thankful for the life i have and every blessing i have so to me little things just aren't that serious of a matter to throw a fit and get bitchy about."

Ok, see, this has NOTHING to do with service, so I don't care about all that, just my service. I am thankful for my life, but things still get me pissed off. It’s like I don’t think of none of that when I’m pissed.

"i went out to eat today actually and my ribs were burnt to a crisp on the bottom. i just nicely pointed it out and they brought me out more. when they brought out the new set it had the wrong sauce (spicey instead of regular) instead of saying something else i just ate them and was happy with it. there is too much going on in this world today to take up my time being petty."

I would NOT have been happy with spicy sauce and my mother would have definitely not have eaten it. She hates spicy food. You feel it’s “Petty”, well I feel that’s VERY MAJOR to possibly get heartburn or problems later in the bathroom if you know what I am saying. A lot of times I have kept food not to take the time to send it back, but then I was miserable, because my food didn’t taste the way I ordered it. You may be “happy”, but I’m not happy when my food is wrong. The burnt ribs, considering it was on the bottom, would NOT be the fault of the server, because the server would have had to TOUCH the food to *SEE* the problem. The spicy sauce might have been and probably was because she may have not relayed the correct sauce to the cook. I would have asked for the correct sauce if I would have been the customer since that was something that wouldn’t have taken much time. It’s not like cooking something over again, which means at least 5-10 min wait or so.

"as far as switching drinks on the server that's retarded! you're just tryin to make extra work and trying to confuse your server."

NO, I even have in our refrigerator a coke 2-liter open and a dr. pepper 2-liter open. I LOVE BOTH and sometimes want to change. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME MY TASTE IS RETARDED? As far as “confusing my server” HOW would that be possible? If someone wants to order a certain drink, WHY is that so damn “confusing?” It’s not like asking for 10 different things, it’s just switching soft drinks. If you can’t handle that, you have a problem. NO, I am NOT trying to make more work for my server. I get TIRED of drinking the SAME drink every time. Sometimes I feel like drinking something different. The ONLY soft drinks I have switched before was from either coke to dr. pepper or dr. pepper to coke. WHY do you think it’s INTENTIONAL for me to try to make extra work, when it’s ONLY extra work if the server is too LAZY to come to FIND OUT FIRST and ends up “ASSUMING” I want a refill of the same drink, so they end up bringing me a refill I NEVER ORDERED? HOW IS IT “EXTRA WORK” if you come to find out first? It’s the SAME AMOUNT OF WORK. If anything, if you just bring a refill without knowing if the customer wants a refill, that’s TOTALLY ON ***YOU*** that made the extra work on YOURSELF! So you would have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF all because you **ASSUMED** the customer wanted more of the same, by ordering a refill of the same for them. So if anything, it’s the SERVER making “MORE WORK” for themselves by not “ASKING” first. HOW DARE YOU BLAME THIS ON THE CUSTOMER! It’s NOT “RETARDED” it’s truly “RETARDED” to get drinks without knowing if they are wanted. It’s RETARDED to WASTE YOUR OWN TIME getting unwanted items. THAT is what’s “retarded.” I happen to like to switch once in a while. I have EVERY RIGHT TO and you have admitted OTHER PEOPLE HAVE switched drinks as well. So, if other people have switched drinks, WHY is it not “OK” for me to?

"Complimentary refills on:
Diet Coke
Dr Pepper
See how they list what get refils. When you fill a glass, according to the DEFINITION of "REFILL", it DOESN'T **HAVE** TO BE THE "SAME" FLAVOR. wse/refill

"1. to fill again.
A product packaged to replace the used contents of a container.
A second or subsequent filling.
a replacement in a cavity of removed liquid or other material or a substitution (as of gas) for such material
fill something that had previously been emptied; "refill my glass, please"

I don't see ANYTHING about it has to be the *SAME* LIQUID OR CONTENTS. One even has a "SUBSTIUTION" SUCH AS A GAS for a liquid. Also, the one where it says "Refill my glass", it DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING ABOUT THE SAME EXACT DRINK. A CATEGORY IS WHAT I AM GETTING A REFILL FOR. So when a menu states "FOUNTAIN DRINKS" they mean *ANY* and *ALL* FOUNTAIN DRINKS. Do you see ***ANYWHERE*** it states you "HAVE TO GET THE **FIRST** SOFT DRINK YOU ORDER IN ORDER TO GET IT "FREE?" I didn't think so.

"a lot of restaurants have started charging for both drinks in this situation because it's just irritating for everyone."

NO, they can't "LEGALLY" do that, because when you buy a "FOUNTAIN DRINK", it's ******************************ANY**************************** of them. Refill a glass with one liquid, then another liquid of the SAME EXACT “CATEGORY” that is the SAME EXACT PRICE.

This menu says "FOUNNTAIN DRINKS", another example of a "CATEGORY", NOT ONE specific fountain drink, BUT **ANY**. I can technically get one coke, one sprite, one dr. pepper if I wanted to and ONLY PAY for ONE *FOUNTAIN DRINK*, because there's NOTHING ON THE MENU ABOUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE FIRST FOUNTAIN DRINK YOU ORDER ONLY AS FREE.

It doesn't state that *IT HAS TO BE ON THE FIRST SOFT DRINK FLAVOR YOU DECIDE ON DOES IT? It DOES state on *WHATEVER SOFT DRINK YOU WANT, because it's LISTED IN A CATEGORY, NOT one by one like the example below I made up. See, in this example, the menu has prices by EACH INDIVIDUAL item. At MOST restaurants, the price is listed in a “CATEGORY” such as “soft drinks” or “fountain drinks” and then the menu lists the price.

Also, if there are bottled items such as some “Root Beers”, those usually have NO free refills, because it’s NOT a “fountain drink.” The menu will specifically have that as a totally separate item from the category of “fountain drinks.”

For example of a list of fountain drinks that are NOT categorized for each price, that they are individually priced.:

Let's say this is restaurant A's menu.

coke......$1.99(free refills)
diet coke......$1.99(free refills)
dr. pepper......$1.99(free refills)
sprite......$1.99(NO free refills)
root beer......$1.99(NO free refills)

See, this menu SPECIFICALLY states that no refills are on 2 of the soft drinks. They are EXACTLY BY EACH ITEM. So technically I can switch from coke to dr. pepper for free, but not from coke to sprite. Don't you get this? All it is, is switching which “FLAVOR” of fountain drink I decide to order. If so happens, a menu was made like this, then I couldn’t switch sprite flavor with any of the flavors without being charged nor could I get a refill of sprite. On normal menus, the soft drinks are categorized so if I switch flavors, it’s TRULY ON SWITCHING “FLAVORS OF “FOUNTAIN DRINKS”, NOT SWITCHING one menu item to another, because it’s the ********************SAME**************** menu item, because BOTH are “Fountain drinks.” It’s not like switching from coke to bottled water. Bottled water is not free, therefore, it is listed as a different menu item on the menu. It is NOT a “fountain drink.” Now for things such as switching drinks that have free refills, but are different prices such as from coffee to coke, the price of the coke should only be charged, NOT for both, because they BOTH have “free refills”, so the higher priced item should be charged, which is the soft drink.

See with Red Lobster, it lists the drinks that get complimentary refills as a ****GROUP****, NOT AN INDIVIDUAL DRINK. WHERE DOES IT STATE IT HAS TO ONLY BE ON THE FIRST SOFT DRINK YOU ORDER? CAN'T PROVE IT,CAN YOU? You CAN’T “Legally” be charged for switching a fountain drink if the restaurant has free refills on fountain drinks. I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, been charged for switching soft drinks. It’s because the servers KNOW I ordered from a “CATEGORY”, NOT a “SPECIFIC ITEM” that has a price listed on the menu. Coke, at Red Lobster and at Chili’s for instance, does NOT have a price listed ONLY for “Coke.” It has a price listed for ***ALL **** the fountain drinks as a WHOLE UNIT or some menus list it as a “soft drink” category or along with tea. Even if I switched from tea to coke, legally they CAN’T charge me if the price is the same price if they have free refills.

"common sense if i were to tell someone i'm coming back with a refill and they don't want the same thing all they have to do is say can you bring me a coke instead of a dr pepper? i've had people say that. or some will ask to have a water instead. and if i bring it and they change their mind then i apologize and go get what they want. it's not that serious. i'm not lazy so that one extra trip wouldn't kill me."

It's lazy when you don't find out FIRST by going to the table and ASK them. Also, if you had people that said that, then WHY are you saying “switching drinks on the server that's retarded” if people have DONE this BEFORE to you? You said you didn’t “COME BACK” to their table that you went and just got it. This is the PROOF that this is what you stated “if it's something that i can physically see i.e. a drink is only half full i won't walk over to the table i'll just go get the refill while i'm getting the other table's items.” See, YOU DIDN’T ASK THE CUSTOMERS SOMETIMES IF THEY WANTED A REFILL, DID YOU? So I DON’T get WHY you act like you did all the time, when you DIDN’T? That’s my point that you ORDERED for your customers, which is NOT your right to do that, when you weren’t 100% SURE they wanted a refill or that particular drink. If you weren’t that “LAZY”, WHY did you NOT “GO TO THE TABLE” to ***ASK*** if they would like a refill? To me, that DOES SHOW YOU WERE TOO LAZY TO GO TO “FIND OUT FIRST, because it would have been an “EXTRA TRIP”(extra work as you called it) to ask, because it’s more WALKING, which is MORE WORK.

“once they declined desert i laid the check. that way it kills two birds with one stone and the check was there when they were ready.”

Actually, just because someone declines the “dessert” offer, DOESN’T mean they want the check. I have ordered a mixed drink quite a number of times AFTER my husband and I have had dessert or even times when we didn’t order a dessert; due to the fact I was still drinking a mixed drink at the time. My husband and I, 3 times, have been prematurely given the check. One time at Outback, we were in the middle of sharing a piece of cheesecake when the STUPID server decides to lay the check down. I was still drinking my margarita at the time, so that is why I didn’t order my last mixed drink when I ordered the dessert. His tip got shot down some for that “ASSUMPTION.” It’s NOT “HIS” call to make if I want the check, it’s OURS. I couldn’t say anything at that moment, because my mouth was full of cheesecake, so I waited until he decided to come back to the table and I ordered my mixed drink as well as asked for the check. I bet he felt STUPID “ASSUMING” we were done. What an idiot not to “attempt” to make his tip higher, because the bill would have been higher! Another time was at Chili’s. This waitress even MORE prematurely gave the check. We ordered a dessert and along with the dessert, we were given the check. I had to tell her I was going to order another mixed drink and that I wasn’t ready to order another, because I was still on the one I was drinking. That was IRRITATING to see people DON’T want to simply “FIND OUT FIRST” by ASKING, because they want to ASSUME and that was one less trip for her to make if she brought the check as well as the dessert at the same time instead of thinking “What did the CUSTOMER want, NOT what SHE wanted to give us?” Her tip went down some also for that. Another time was at a restaurant called “Fox and Hound”, which is another chain restaurant. The STUPID waiter didn’t even “OFFER” us dessert and just put the check on the table. We happened to not want a dessert, but to just bring the check without “KNOWING” 100% FOR SURE we are done is just not only hurting us, but hurting himself by not attempting to offer to sell something else to boost his tip from the higher check amount. His tip went down even more than those other people, because I feel a GROWN person should know when “THEY” are dining out that “THEY” get offered a dessert when “THEY” eat out, so WHY would it be ANY DIFFERENT when it’s “THEM” serving someone else? It seems servers don’t think about all the possibilities that can occur by just ASSUMING things. YOU, yourself, are admitting that by saying “it kills to birds with one stone”, well NO, NOT IN **EVERY** CASE! WHY ASSUME ANYTHING? Without communication you WON’T KNOW.

One time, my husband and I ordered 2 different appetizers because both of us didn’t agree on the appetizer we wanted and we figured the leftovers could be brought home. The waiter “ASSUMED” I wanted mine with my meal all because I ordered second and my husband ordered first. We wanted BOTH as what the “MENU” states it is, which they were both “APPETIZERS”, meaning UNLESS I would have stated I wanted it with my meal which I NEVER, EVER, EVER, SAID, it should ALWAYS be brought out as what the menu states as an “APPETIZER.” Well, we finally told him after waiting quite a while for mine, which my husband has his which I was eating part of because it was taking so long and we asked him could he take it off the bill, which he said he would and he lied. I ended up getting my appetizer from a food runner 2 minutes LITERALLY BEFORE my food arrives. It didn’t even get taken off the bill. BOY WAS I PISSED OFF, ALL BECAUSE OF AN “ASSUMPTION.” I NEVER thought I would have to say “I want the appetizer as an “appetizer.” It NEVER occurred in my mind to have to tell a server that, when it’s on the MENU that way. Just because we ordered 2 appetizers SHOULDN’T mean you should ASSUME one is going to be shared and the other is going to be served with the customer’s meal. I know 99% of the time appetizers are shared, but you can’t just “ASSUME” that it will be, because you DON’T KNOW THAT. That is just one reason why I truly HATE ****ANY***** ASSUMPTIONS. MOST of the time, servers are WRONG. I don’t want that refill, I’m not ready for that check, I wanted that appetizer as my appetizer, and just recently, I wanted my salad as when it normally would come, NOT waiting longer than an appetizer would take. The waiter at Outback ASSUMED we were going to share the appetizer, so my salad didn’t even show up when the appetizer was ready. I didn’t think I would have to say “I want my side salad before my appetizer, when a side salad doesn’t need ANY COOKING, so a NORMAL PERSON would think they’d get their salad in the normal amount of time that they usually do if an appetizer is not ordered. I don’t feel at fault for not telling him I wanted it as an appetizer, because the waiter shouldn’t have “ASSUMED” we were going to “share” the appetizer. He should have ASKED. I didn’t KNOW I wasn’t going to get my salad until after my husband’s appetizer. I HATE ASSUMPTIONS! WHATEVER HAPPENED TO “COMMUNICATION?” I feel if the server is in doubt, they should ***ASK*** the customer. I’ve even been asked one time if I wanted a salad with an “appetizer ordered as my entrée” and at that time, I was going to share another appetizer that we ordered as an appetizer, so I told the waitress I wanted the salad with my entrée. See, that waitress was SMART. She DIDN’T “ASSUME” I wanted my salad with my meal, she ******ASKED******! Usually I do want my salad before my meal, but since I knew I was going to be sharing part of the appetizer we ordered, I felt 2 things at once would have been too much, but she still didn’t “ASSUME” that I felt that way, she TRIED TO FIND OUT. THAT IS A GOOD SERVER and EXTREMELY SMART! Preventing an assumption from happening by having some COMMUNICATION is the way things should be.

“we were actually supposed to lay the check on our first check back to the table. i chose not to do it that way because i didn't want the guests to feel rushed and i also found that desert got ordered a lot less when it's done that way.”

The ONLY way I feel it’s appropriate to lay the check down is if the server states something like “I am leaving this here for your convenience, but feel free to order something else if you’d like.” THAT way, I don’t feel they are “ASSUMING” I am totally done and I don’t feel rushed. Also, you’ve just ADMITTED you didn’t listen to your boss, because you knew it affected the amount of money you made. Isn’t that something, hmmm?

“going from being a normal man to someone who wasn't so normal anymore and to have people treat you like you were less than them just because you made a mistake”

If the mistake is COSTLY like a major overcharge, WHO WOULDN’T BE MAD? Even my husband who is more easier going than I am was FURIOUS at the waiter that overcharged his credit card $21.50. WHO WOULDN’T BE PISSED AT THAT? Maybe just you.

"always had time to help out because of the way i served all tables as one. so obviously it didn't take up more time."

HOW can you say it didn't? Truthfully, it DID, for ALL the tables that you served that were waiting on **YOU*** to serve them whatever they asked for. This is a flat out LIE UNLESS, you didn't have *ANY* request at all or people waiting to request something. Don't you get that?

"i got the tables turned fast"

NOT if you did what you said in your scenario that wanted their check. Table one wanted their check which you went up to THAT table FIRST, but you decided to put dishes away, get drink refills, take the empty salad bowl, put the extra salad order into the computer, went even get the salad out the kitchen and even filled the glasses for the refills ALL BEFORE DROPPING OFF the check even, which in that amount of time, with MY method, those customers would have had their check rung up, probably GONE, and the next people would have been seated sooner, which IS TURNING THE TABLES “THAT MUCH FASTER” THAN YOUR METHOD! It’s the TRUTH! By the time table one would have gotten their check rung up would have LITERALLY been about 5-7 minutes later than when they asked for their check doing it YOUR UNFAIR method. MY method, I would have IMMEDIATELY went to print the check, then grabbed the dishes to go put them in the kitchen and if they would have already had their payment method out when I would have came back from dropping off the dirty dishes in the kitchen, I would have IMMEDIATELY RUNG UP THEIR CHECK TO GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF THEIR, MAKING MY TABLES TURN “THAT MUCH FASTER” if I got their check and rung it up so the NEXT PARTY could be seated that MUCH QUICKER. DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT? Your method would have made those people wait longer to leave at table one and let’s say people were waiting to get seated, that’s LONGER that table was their waiting for a busser to come buss it to become available for “ANOTHER PARTY” to get seated there that MUCH QUICKER. You DON’T UNDERSTAND what “turning tables faster” truly means do you? I would have then gotten table 2’s refills, then went to table 3 to get their salad refill into the computer. Then, whenever the salad refill was ready, went to deliver that. That’s the FAIR way of doing things to make the THIRD table wait the longest, NOT EVER the FIRST TABLE. As I said before, I would have had ANOTHER PARTY seated in the amount of time you took to get table one’s check to them, NOT even counting the time you would have taken to get it rung up their check.

"I probably would have made half that doing it your way because people would have gotten pissed off things would have taken a lot longer to get done and then no one would have truly been satisfied with their service."

The FIRST and SECOND tables would have were the ones not truly getting things in a timely fashion as they SHOULD have. Just because they paid you well doesn't mean they weren’t pissed off. Some people tip out of obligation as if they feel they HAVE to tip at least 15%. I KNOW, I read online opinions about tipping. Some people tip NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, just because they are “suppose to”. Poor table one had to wait ALL THAT TIME for ALL THOSE REQUESTS to “CUT” IN FRONT OF THEIR CHECK REQUEST JUST TO BE ABLE TO LEAVE. It’s NOT just “retrieving the check” that counts, it’s also how LONG the server takes to RING up the check also.

“i'm serious when i say you should go be a server for a month.”

I DON’T NEED to be a server for a month to understand things. It WOULDN’T change my point of view on this subject at ALL. I would NEVER want to be last if my request was placed first in ANY type of situation.

"i'm much happier at my lower paying job and in turn my kids are happier. i'm grateful for the fact i will never have to serve again. eventually i'll be making more than what i was when serving. but for now i'm making less and i honestly don't care and will never miss serving because of people like you who think they know everything about serving."

I don't blame you. I hated working at the donut shop that I worked for a little over 2 yrs more due to irresponsible workers that wouldn't show up or call-in in enough time to get someone else to work. Also, I had customers that would gripe about ANYTHING; even honk the horn at the drive-thru when the glaze donuts weren't "hot", even though they had a line of people before them, so the donuts got cooler in that few minutes. I had some customers that wanted things for free and expected that it was ok to short my register, even though if it was short over $3 at the end of my shift, I would have to pay $3 and whatever cents, meaning, I wasn't about to short my register in case if I did make a mistake giving change that I would owe just that much more money out of my check. I made $6 plus tips. I actually started at $5.15/hr and a month and a half later went up to $5.50, so that is how GOOD of a worker I was. Sure, I wasn’t a “waitress”, but I did do SOME duties that waitresses do like I went to take booth orders(we had 2 booths), which I had to refill drinks, bring food to the table, get condiments, sometimes give the check if they decided not to come to the register to pay, etc. This place rarely gave raises and even SOME people that were there longer than me made less than me, which shows how great of a worker I was. Sure, I made mistakes, just as anyone. It was more because of rushing I made them just as anyone. My point is, it was hard and employers don't truly appreciate their workers nor do a lot of customers. One time I worked instead of 2p.m.-10p.m shift as I sometimes would work, I came in for 11a.m. because someone asked me if I could come in early. Little did I know that I would be there till a little after 6a.m. due to a first week newbie that decided to quit, so they didn’t call me or show up, so I had to work the next shift, I was stuck there. Meaning, I worked a little over 19hrs in a row. This place is open 24hrs. I also have had other times when I worked from 6a.m.-10p.m., times like that. Life sucked more because of those co-workers that just wanted the money, but didn't want to WORK for it. I actually have had perfect attendance in all of my jobs I've EVER had. I have been late at times, but not many. I NEVER was late except once at the donut shop due to a car accident that wasn't my fault. My point is, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND NOT wanting to do this line of work. I am pretty sure you had workers that didn’t work as a team and/or didn’t show up or on time, so you had to work just that much HARDER. WHY do you think I don’t want to be a waitress? Crummy schedules, usually not off on most holidays, no breaks to be able to go to the bathroom, bitchy customers, customers that don’t believe in tipping no matter how well you treat them, and it’s an UNSTABLE amount of money each month coming in. That’s NOT a job I desire to have. I LIKE my office job because I work 40hrs a week M-F ONLY, NO WEEKENDS, PAID HOLIDAYS, PAID VACATION DAYS, PAID SICK DAYS, 9-5:30p.m.(meaning not come in for 1-3, then come back from 7-11 crap like my sister-n-law had to do when she was a waitress)(a set schedule is NICE). So I truly don’t blame you for not wanting to do this type of work anymore. It’s VERY stressful and HARD.

"majority feels the way i did my job was the best and most efficient way."

Then WHY a LOT of complaints are about "HOW LONG" something took then? The first people wait last in all of your situations. Can't you see that's not "MORALLY" RIGHT of you?
“15 minutes later she returned with the drinks” “Approximately 20 min. later she returned with our salads.” “After about 5 min. we gave up the rolls and went ahead eating our salads.” After 5 minutes was too long even. “About 10 min. more passed and she came out with our steaks.”

Think about the 15 minutes waiting for drinks for 4 drinks which were: 1 diet cola, 1 root beer, 1 lemonade and 1 child's lemonade. I am REALLY willing to bet you this server didn’t just go to the soda station to get these people’s drinks, because it wouldn’t take NO 15 whole minutes. I would have taken at the most 3 minutes to get them their drinks. See what GOING OUT OF ORDER DOES? You see, if she would have GONE IN “ORDER OF ARRIVAL” these people would have NOT WAITED FREAKIN 15 minutes for only 4 drinks that weren’t “bar” drinks, so these drinks were totally in the SERVER’S control.

“We ordered 2 unsweeted ice teas and placed our food orders at the same time( he took the food order on a cocktail napkin.)After 20 minutes we received our tea.” 20 minutes for only 2 teas tells me he did more than just put the order into the computer and got those teas in that amount of time. He let others CUT in front of these 2 people’s turn.

Just look at the complaints about time in just the FIRST LETTER even. So, NO, majority feels they should get what they asked for as SOON as they can receive it, no matter what it is. Whether it’s the check or drinks or refills on the drinks or their food or whatever.

“as far as the few here and there like you, i honestly couldn't take the time to care because it really doesn't matter what a server does you will obviously have something to complain about.”

“my suggestion is to stop eating out because no one is ever going to serve you the way you want to be served. if they do it will be so rare it's not even worth it and all you are doing is making every server miserable that has to wait on you.”

NO, we’ve MANY OF TIMES TIPPED 25% due to WONDERFUL SERVICE. My drinks were delivered in a timely fashion when I tipped that high. They 99.9% of the time went in order of arrival; they got my order COMPLETELY 100% correct as far as things they can SEE without having to touch my food, etc. when I tipped that high. Sure, sometimes a server would go to another table to ask if they needed anything, but if they only did it ONCE in the whole time I was there, I wouldn’t take off if EVERYTHING ELSE was perfect. It’s when I see my stuff taking MANY extra minutes just as you would have done for table one that I’d get pretty pissed if I was at table one. All I would have wanted at table one was the check and if I had to sit 5 minutes for dirty dishes, other people’s requests that came AFTER mine, YOUR TIP WOULD receive a dent in it. I don’t mind ONE table being visited if it’s NOT a LONG visit, but 2 or 3 tables definitely is making ME, the FIRST person that ordered let’s say in this scenario, have to wait WAY LONGER than I should be to treat me fair. For instance, there’s a HUGE DIFFERENCE between if let’s say my server just got our soft drink orders and appetizer order(but haven’t gone to get the soft drinks yet or rung up the appetizer order), then goes to the next table to ask if they need anything else, that’s not so bad just one table, I’ll be a little lenient, but if my server decides to not only go to that table, go to pick up dirty dishes at another table(which means making a trip to the kitchen instead of the soda station just as Chili’s has a soda station by the bathrooms), go to another table to get another request from another table which is let’s say 1 side of ranch and a side of bbq sauce, then by the TIME we get our soft drinks and by the time the server ends up putting the order in for our appetizer, it’s been QUITE A WHILE. Do you SEE a “DIFFERENCE” in “HOW LONG” someone SHOULD wait to treat someone FAIRLY? It’s one thing if it’s a short stop to another table, but doing many other things BEFORE the FIRST person that asked for something punishes the FIRST person. WHY do you feel that’s justified? Just as the waiter at Outback did to us that I wrote about in my blog. He was triple sat. He greeted US first(my husband and I ONLY), which we ordered only 2 cokes(diet coke and a regular coke) at 5:03p.m., but had been seated since 5:00p.m. exactly, which I KNOW 100% for sure, because I looked at my watch. Then, he went to the second table to get their drink orders, which could have been with possible appetizer orders as well. They were a party of 5 at the most, maybe 4. Then, he went to the third table and got their drink orders, which I think was only a party of 2. By the time we received our ONLY 2 soft drinks, it was 5:10p.m. literally. Sorry, but that’s WRONG! I also mentioned that he had the GALL to hand a lady at the second table hers BEFORE ours, which PISSED ME OFF even MORE SO. Now, if he would have gone in ORDER OF ARRIVAL, he could have easily got 2 soft drinks, told us as he was handing the soft drinks(meaning BEFORE we could say we were ready to order) that he would be “RIGHT BACK”, THEN he would have taken the second table’s soft drink orders or any drink orders or appetizer orders. He may have had to put in bar drink orders or/and an appetizer order into the computer and then went to get the drinks. He could have told the third table he would be with him shortly and that he got triple sat. Then he could have brought the drinks he could bring out if there were any and BEFORE he could let the people at the second table say they were ready to order, he could have said “I’ll be right back.” Then have gone to get table 3’s order. Done the same thing with table 3 and then said “I’ll be right back” and gone to get our entrée orders the same method. You may say “What if table 3 was ready to order completely by the time the waiter would have come to the third table?” Well, the only thing to do is to take the drink and food orders all at once at table 3. Then he would have gone to put the orders in and gotten the third tables drinks. Then he would have gone back to our table to get our food orders and then gone to put the order into the computer RIGHT AFTER, then the second table’s food order would be taken and then put into the computer. If in between then, any mixed drinks would have been ready, then they would have been brought some time between getting the other things done. You may say by the time we would have got to order our entrées it would have been a LONG while, well it WAS a LONG WHILE by the time we actually got to order our entrées. Think about it, his method(which would be your method to get everything at once), he was STILL HANDING OUT DRINKS at 5:10p.m., which he handed out altogether about 9 drinks. So honestly, by the time we got to order our food, probably was 5:12p.m. since he seemed to hand drinks some one at a time like he did for that lady at the second table. By the time our entrée order probably reached the computer terminal was probably about 5:17p.m.. The reason I say this, is because after we told our waiter our entrée orders, he went to get the entrée orders for the second table, then the third table BEFORE he *EVER* went to the computer terminal to put ANY of the orders in. Our drinks and food would have been FASTER if **MY** METHOD WOULD HAVE BEEN USED, even if the third table would have ordered their entrées all at once, because our drink orders would have been brought to us by at LEAST 5:06p.m. and our entrée orders would have been put into the computer by at least 5:13p.m. We didn’t order any appetizers. Anyway, you also don’t think of the delay of a mixed drink or the food by waiting to put the orders into the computer all at ONE TIME, it makes the first person wait the LONGEST for their stuff to get on the list to be NEXT to be made. Even if it’s just a margarita, that’s just that extra couple of minutes just at ONE table, not to mention, 2 other tables.

Let’s hypothetically say, if my husband and I would have ordered both margaritas and no soft drinks or tea or water. By doing it your method and the waiter’s method, he would have went to 2 other tables greeting them, taking up at least 3-4 minutes that the margaritas could have been put into the computer system to get started either being made or get next on the list to be made. Do you UNDERSTAND THIS? You treated people UNFAIRLY. The third table got the best deal, when they waited the least amount of time. That is just NOT FAIR!

Do you get that it’s not the “1 minute” delay that makes me angry it’s the MANY MINUTES that get delayed by a server being UNFAIR to “OUR” TURN? It’s one thing if a sever goes to another table to ask ONE THING, but to get SEVERAL THINGS and even hand things in the wrong order is just plain WRONG and EXTREMELY UNFAIR!

“try being thankful for the fact you even have the luxury of going out to eat. or the luxury of having a car to drive or air conditioning or clean water.”

I AM VERY THANKFUL, but I still am MAD when servers think that “CUTTING” is OK to do to their customers.

“he would comp the meals. i haven't bothered to return even with the promise of a free dinner.”

I DON’T BLAME YOU. I didn’t use a free appetizer card from Bennigan’s since Oct. 2004 and I finally decided in 2006 to give the restaurant some more tries. The service sucks still and I even got a waitress FIRED, because she was RUDE to me. I don’t think I will EVER step foot in a Bennigan’s again, at least the one in this area. Their service is mostly crappy. It was because of the manager mostly why I decided not to use the card that long. What happened is, the time I got overcharged on my credit card almost $5 was at Bennigan’s in July of 2004. We ended up having the manager give us $20 off our next visit. I am NOT sure if it was the SAME EXACT MANAGER, but the manager took off $18.57 or something cents(can’t remember the exact cents, but it wasn’t the $20 off). I was SOME PISSED that a MANAGER OVERCHARGED ME as well as the STUPID IDIOTIC WAITRESS took the piece of paper that had the $20 off, but didn’t bother to VERIFY it was correct. They corrected it with $20.57 off, which I don’t get WHY a restaurant would piss a customer off just not to give them 57 cents for free if they couldn’t take exactly 20 dollars off. Anyway, we NEVER came back until late last year and the service still sinks. The main thing is, the manager was an asshole to STEAL from a customer. The manager didn’t even know about the first overcharge in July of 2004, because I had called him over before I received the check even. I did report this incident to the corporate office though on their website and even spoke to someone from corporate, which is how I got 2 free appetizer cards. One of them I got, I used in Oct. 2004 and the second one I never used until 2006. I am just truly FINISHED with Bennigan’s CRAPPY SERVICE. That “FREE” thing is NOT WORTH ME BEING PISSED OFF! There are plenty other restaurants that have better trained servers that do way the hell better. So I TOTALLY understand why you never returned just to get something for free. It’s NOT worth the HELL you have to go through to get it. I was lucky, the time we used the extra appetizer card, we had decent service. The next couple of times, it was bad. The last time, was awful.

“but nit picking over every little thing is different.”

I don’t nit pick over EVERYTHING if 99% of the things were great and it depends on if it’s LITTLE.

if you return to the same restaurants and you were difficult the servers remember that and aren't as attentive because they don't want to have to deal with you.”

You know what though, that’s THEIR LOST ALSO. The servers there KNOW if I am a “regular” there, that even if I never had them before, they KNOW if they TRY THEIR HARDEST by getting things done right and in a timely fashion, their tip WILL be WORTH IT.

If that truly was the case, then I would have terrible service mostly all the time at these places we frequent like Chili’s, Outback, etc., which truthfully, a LOT of the times, it’s pretty decent, sometimes wonderful enough that I tip 25% and higher. In other words, 70% of the times the service is wonderful or at least GOOD, where as 10% is awful, and 20% is in the middle like giving 12% tip. What I am trying to say is, MOST of the times service is a least decent. If I had terrible service most of the times I’d go out to eat, I probably wouldn’t go out to eat very often.

“if they did tip it was maybe a dollar or two between them. so eventually the servers wouldn't give them as good of service because they knew they weren't going to make any money off of them no matter if they got good service or bad.”

That’s NOT ME. I tip well when the service is great, so you CAN’T COMPARE ME TO THIS ASSHOLE that doesn’t believe in appreciating the GOOD ONES out there that DO CARE about their customers. These types of people NEVER tip well and are truly cheapskates no matter what happens. THAT IS *********NOT************ ME!

“it may be mean but servers will not waste their time on a guest who won't tip”

WE hardly EVER have stiffed before and when we did, it was DESERVED. Those servers KNOW, because there was usually a complaint to a manager or corporate office or it’s just a “DUH” situation like getting a wrong entrée and not seeming to care or overcharging me with no apology. They KNOW WHY they got stiffed. They KNOW it’s NOT because I would be a cheap person, because I am NOT.

“on top of not tipping leave you a huge mess and are difficult.”

Leaving a huge mess is stuff that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the actual “SERVICE” the customer received. Don’t you get that?

"it still blows my minds that people let their kids make a huge mess in public when they know at home they wouldn't let the kids do that. my kids know better or they will clean it up before we leave the restaurant. just like at home. you make a mess you clean the mess. and if it's the type of mess i can't really clean then i add to the tip. it's just common curtousy. if more people had it the world would be a better place to live."

See, I TOTALLY DISAGREE on this issue. The tip is for something that is during your "SERVICE" NOT "AFTER" you have left, therefore, if there's a huge mess, that's the server's or busser’s job to clean it up. They are getting that $2.13/hr for a few reasons, which one of them is cleaning up. Tips are for "SERVICE" NOT for cleaning up. Also, if kids make a mess, WHY you think the server shouldn't have to clean it? It's THEIR JOB and they are getting paid for it. This statement shows the "LAZINESS" in you that you don't want to WORK HARD. Common courtesy would be letting the SERVER do their work and thinking of the "CUSTOMER'S TIME" that ISN'T WORKING at that time. THAT is what common courtesy would be. Common courtesy would be not expecting a tip for the cleaning up that would occur AFTER the customers have left. I am FOR SURE NOT going to give more tip for something that is done when I am NOT EVEN AROUND to SEE it being done. Does that truly make sense to pay for something you aren't receiving that ISN'T benefiting you, that it’s only benefiting the restaurant? The RESTAURANT and the NEXT CUSTOMERS are the ones that are benefiting from you cleaning up the huge mess some kids leave at the table, NOT those particular customers that left the mess. WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? TIPS ARE FOR SERVICES "RECEIVED", NOT cleaning up after customers have already left the premises. It’s NOT the same as like having common courtesy in a bathroom let’s say by wiping up urine from a seat. The reason, the staff doesn’t wipe the toilet seat after EACH person arrives, but the staff DOES wipe down a table when EACH customer is seated. Do you SEE the difference? One is, the bathroom is probably cleaned once a shift, where as a table is bussed several times a shift BEFORE a NEW customer is seated at that table. So if you KNOW the person is going to clean up after you, WHY should you do that when they have a JOB to do? I personally DO pile up my dishes to make it easier for the server, but I DON’T get this “TIP MORE” crap for cleaning up messes AFTER people have left. That’s just RIDICULOUS for someone to tip for “NO MORE SERVICE”, because they would have left by the time you would be cleaning it up. Don’t you get that? TIPPING IS FOR **************************SERVICE******************************* A CUSTOMER RECEIVES, NOT FOR SERVICE THAT THE RESTAURANT RECEIVES.

It blows my mind to see servers thinking they can get tipped more on things that happen AFTER people have already LEFT the restaurant. That’s just NUTS! You have got to be KIDDING ME! There’s NO WAY I tip on that or that ANYONE REALLY DOES. People tip on the service THEY receive, not what happens AFTER they have already left the restaurant, GET REAL!

12:28 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"you're just a naive bitch"


"just say shit because you had a bad dining experience."

I have had PLENTY bad dining experiences, NOT JUST ONE.

"if you're going to lower someone's tip because they do what they are trained to do"

HOW WOULD I KNOW "WHAT THEY ARE TRAINED TO DO?" Bringing me a refill without asking DOES NOT HAPPEN WITH MOST SERVERs, because they DON'T WANT to make a trip possibly for NOTHING if the refill is declined, which I don't blame them. The servers that find out first by asking or being asked by their customers CARE if their customers WANT what they bring to the table. As far as free bread goes, at Outback for instance, MOST servers DON'T greet with bread and they bring the bread with the drinks, therefore have EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO ***ASK**** the customers if bread is wanted. I DON'T LOWER THE TIP FOR THEM BRINGING ME FREE BREAD OR FREE CHIPS AND SALSA, GET THAT? WHERE DO YOU GET OFF ACCUSING ME THAT I WOULD TAKE OFF FOR THINGS SERVERS ARE TRAINED TO DO?

"because i'm so sick of you bitching about people forgetting your ranch dressing, just bring a bottle with you everywhere. my god get a clue."

NO, that's NOT AN OPTION. I go to these restaurants I go to because they HAVE good ranch. If I wanted ranch out the bottle, I'd eat at HOME, GET A CLUE!

6:28 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"so that must mean you're fat."

NO, because I do a "BINGE" type of diet WITHOUT throwing up, I reduce my calorie intake during the week and eat a lot on the weekend. Like one of the days I will eat less than 500 calories so I CAN eat a lot and not get fat on the weekends. I am 5'0" and keep my weight between 90lbs-92lbs, and once in a big while, I get to 93lbs. SO YOU ARE WRONG BITCH! YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS! YOU MUST BE THE ONE THAT IS FAT, OTHERWISE, YOU WOULDN'T BE SAYING MEAN THINGS!

6:48 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"oh i see now. so you're not fat, you're just anorexic. i got it."

NO, it's just "BINGE EATING WITHOUT THROWING UP, but instead suffering through HUNGER to be able to eat a lot on the weekends and drink alcohol friday and saturday nights. Anorexia is getting lowering than your weight, which I STAY AT THE SAME WEIGHT WITHIN ONE OR TWO POUNDS EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY WEEKEND! Anorexia is being so thin that you don't eat period and you end up wasting away. I just diet during the week for the most part and the weekend I eat a lot of high calorie foods and drink alcohol during friday and saturdays. I eat a lot more on Sundays than I do during the week for any day of the week. I control my eating and I weigh myself AFTER I have gone to the bathroom EVERY MORNING at the SAME TIME. I see EXACTLY HOW MUCH I WEIGH WITHOUT CLOTHES, which is truly how much a person weighs. I don't care about health, I care about NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, being fat, because 2 people have said something to me at a donut shop I worked at just because I ONLY GAINED FUCKING 3 lbs from 94lb to 97lbs and will NEVER, EVER, FORGET THAT. I NEVER WANT TO BE MORE THAN 100lbs at 5'0" tall, unless I am pregnant, because according to the calorie guide, 94-100lbs is the normal weight for a small build like me. So beyond that is OVERWEIGHT and that IS NOT GOING TO EVER HAPPEN. If I ever become pregnant, I may loose the kid, because I NEVER WANT TO BE FAT, so therefore, starve myself at times to not be fat. ANYTHING, EXCEPT FOR THROWING UP, WHICH I'D RATHER BE FAT THAN TO FEEL THAT HORRIBLE, I WILL DO NOT TO EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, BE FAT! It just looks so HORRIBLE, that when I look at someone that gained 15-20lbs I think to myself "Gosh you look SOOOO MUCH BETTER BEFORE", because it's the TRUTH. FAT IS NOT GOOD LOOKING and if my husband dies or divorces me, I'd have at least a HALF-CHANCE to get someone else that because I look good still at 30 yrs old. WHO can say at 30yrs old they can fit some dress since they were in 9th grade, which was 1991? I CAN!

I just don't want to be FAT. WTF is WRONG WITH THAT? NO, I am NOT EVER willing to throw up, but I CAN LIVE without eating junk food during the week if I want to indulge on the weekend though.

If I would end up being pregnant one day, I would have to change my eating habits, but at the same time, I wouldn't be drinking alcohol, so I wouldn't be consuming as much calories there for sure. I just want to STAY THE SIZE I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL which I weighed 92lbs-93lbs, which is what I weigh by the time Monday morning comes around. I was 106lbs at the most in my lifetime. I would do almost ANYTHING NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, to be fat. It's just NOT GOOD LOOKING PERIOD! It's GROSS LOOKING ON ANYONE! Being too skinny is too, but believe me, I have a fat ass for my size and fat legs, even at 88lbs on Fridays. I am only 5'0" tall, so I would like NEVER to go BEYOND 98lbs-100lbs EVER unless I would be pregnant. I probably would kill a baby not on purpose, because I'd be so afraid of gaining weight. I just NEVER, EVER, want to be fat. I NEVER HAVE and I NEVER WANT TO BE FAT. So unless it involves throwing up or something that keeps you in the bathroom a lot, I would NOT do it.

All I want is to look good. I keep getting carded at 30yrs old even. Doesn't that tell you that I look young and GOOD for my age. WTF, it's actually IRRITATING, because it makes me feel like they think I am really that young, when I turned 21 in MARCH of 1998. So for me, it's a HASSLE to get that ID out. Maybe when I'm 40, I will appeciate it, but now, it sucks. People think I am freaking under 21, that's INSANE,when that's almost 10 freaking years ago.

I don't smoke and don't go in the sun too much, so maybe that's why my skin looks young as well as my height. I just HATE being carded.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

“How about you wait tables for at least a week before you post blogs on the internet for millions of hard-working servers to see and bitch you out about. Apparantly, you've never had a real waitressing job.”

Apparently you AREN’T a customer EVERY WEEKEND, so whether or not I actually would be a server or not could NEVER, EVER, EVER, CHANGE my point of view, because I KNOW HOW IT FEELS to have things happen to you such as getting your food obviously wrong brought to you by the same server that took your order or getting overcharged or waiting 30 minutes for a margarita or a server admitting he forgot to put your appetizer order into the computer system, which made you have a 30 minute wait for an appetizer, etc. I DO NOT HAVE TO BE A WAITRESS TO SEE WHAT GOES WRONG! It’s all about COMMON SENSE! It’s like I’ve had some servers write down our appetizer order and also bring it WITHOUT the ranch I said I wanted with it. NOW, come on, COMMON SENSE is if you want a GOOD TIP, CHECK THE COOK’S WORK. Also, WHY would ANYONE be that STUPID to have to make another trip to the kitchen to get the forgotten item? That’s more work for the server and they will get less tip, because they FORGOT. It was all caused by the server being TOO LAZY ASS AND UNCARING TO **REREAD** WHAT THEY WROTE DOWN and COMPARE IT TO THE PLATE OF FOOD. I would NEVER see it differently, EVER, because I did work at a donut shop for a little over 2 yrs, which we sold regular food like burgers, sandwiches, biscuits, etc., so I KNOW what it’s like to deal with customers that bitch at you and complain about things. I know it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT than being a waitress, but you know what, I don’t smoke, so I did WORK for my money, unlike YOUR LAZY ASS that has to take smoke breaks. I DID have to take food to the customers at the counter, the 2 booths they had, and the little tables they had, which I DID take notice when the food came at the window wrong BEFORE I brought it to the customer. I also DIDN’T OVERCHARGE ANYONE EITHER EVER!

Read my other blog, because THOSE are the rules I think are the BEST I have EVER WRITTEN.


“So. Here are OUR rules, bitch.”


All I do is bring you your fucking dinner. I'm not delivering your child or performing open-heart surgery on you. So stop acting like your entire life is ruined because I didn't bring out more ranch."

If you are TOO STUPID AND LAZY ASS to compare the written order with the plate you are taking out as well as the menu, then look at yourself for what you deserve, not at us customers for being pissed off at you because you don't care if we are happy! If I told you specifically I wanted *2* sides of ranch and you only have *1*, then you are STUPID for taking me the food out to me without taking NOTICE of something is missing that is OBVOUSLY NOT ON THE PLATE. It’s like DUH!

I'm gonna give you your food when it's ready. I don't give a fuck if you're not finished with your appetizer. I want it out of my way so I can move on to other tables, or, more importantly, have a smoke break.”

The good servers DON'T even have the TIME to go to the bathroom at times; much less have time for a smoke break. If I would see you playing around instead of serving me when I want something, you will get an AUTOMATIC STIFF! You get what you give. You don't do your job, WHY should you get paid well or at all? You don't care about my wait for things, WHY THE HELL SHOULD I CARE ABOUT YOUR TIP? You are at WORK, so that means you are supposed to be doing your "WORK", NOT DOING OTHER THINGS unless it would be going to the bathroom. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!

Don't act like it's my fault that your steak is undercooked. You think I'm the one that's monitoring it on the grill? No. They give it to me, I run it. You wanna bitch, I'll bring out Juan and Mario. You can talk to them.”

I will give you this, that 99% of the time, it's the cook's fault, but it CAN be the SERVER'S fault if you think about it logically. If the waitress pressed the wrong button would it be the fault of the server. What I am saying is, there is a *POSSIBILITY* that the waitress can be at fault. Like if I say medium well, but you press the button medium rare, who's fault is it? IT'S YOURS in that case. I will say 99.9% of the time, it's the cook's fault for a steak being undercooked, but in this case, it would be YOUR FAULT 100%. Also, let's say I order the steak well done and you bring it out with it RARE, which you can plainly see it doesn't look black and it has some blood showing on it, come on now, it's YOUR FAULT in that situation that you brought it out wrong even if the cook undercooked it, because you could tell the cook IN THE KITCHEN that the steak isn't cooked well done. When it's one extreme to another, YES, if you were to bring out a rare steak instead of a well done steak, it's YOUR FAULT 100% for bringing it to me wrong. Bringing out the wrong food that is OBVIOUSLY wrong is a mistake within itself. In that case, you'd be able to SEE that the steak wasn't black and that it had some red to it. Also, consider HOW LONG I have been waiting for my well done steak. If you write down the time you put the order into the computer, you will see the time. If my steak is out in 10 minutes when the restaurant is packed with customers, should tell you something. It's like DUH, it's not going to be well done in just 10 minutes with a lot of customers and there was a wait to be seated even. So that's ANOTHER thing to that can be the SERVER'S FAULT when it comes to steaks being cooked as ordered. I am willing to bet you NEVER even "THOUGHT" about these possibilities, DID YOU?

I bring out refills when you don't ask for them so I don't have to hear you whine about it later.”

Well don't be pissed off at me when I refuse the refill or tell you I want something else that you just WASTED TIME FOR ME, THE OTHER CUSTOMERS, AND YOURSELF! What a STUPID CONCEPT of getting refills that you DO NOT have ANY CLUE if they are wanted or not. If you waste my time getting me something I don't want, your tip WILL be lowered DESERVABLY SO for ORDERING FOR ME and wasting valuable TIME. CUSTOMERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO ORDER FOR THEMSELVES! WHERE the hell do you get off ordering for your customers, HUH? That is NOT YOUR PLACE and YOU KNOW IT! When a person orders a soft drink, that's what they order, NOT REFILLS OF IT! They will either tell you or you can ASK if they want more drink. Customer service is supposed to be providing the service the "CUSTOMER" wants, NOT what their "SERVER" wants to give them.

Tell me before hand if you want the check split. I can't read your mind, although, sometimes, you expect me to.”

I have common courtesy so I, the few times I have had separate checks, I told the server WHEN I WAS GREETED BEFORE I EVEN TOLD HIM OR HER WHAT I WANTED TO DRINK! Unlike you, I think of people's feelings, not just about my money. If you can't read my mind, WHY are you getting refills without them being ORDERED? YOU ARE TRYING TO READ PEOPLE MINDS. I DON’T EXPECT ANYONE TO READ MY MIND. That is why I want to get to order for myself.

You come in for dinner, I'm here to keep dinner on the table.”

That's good then. I have no problem with this one either.

Honestly, you're just another customer that we needa feed and get out the door so we can seat more tables and make more money. We don't care about your life story, why you're in here, who you're meeting, or why you're day was so stressful.”

Honestly, you're just another server and I truly don't give a shit about your personal life either. I could CARE LESS! I also don't care if you do a shitty job that I won't be giving you any tip, because you deserve it if you sucked. You deserve what you end up getting.

All I care about is getting your money. So I'm gonna upsell my ass off. So grin and bear it. Or, give us a break and pay the extra dollar for the "Mucho" margarita.”

Getting the upsell DOESN'T mean more money always. The waitress that tried to sell me the "The Top Shelf Margarita" AFTER I had already placed my order which was the "El Guapo margarita" got 10% for wasting my time and IRRITATING ME. I said what I wanted, but she didn't ****LISTEN**** DID SHE? I was nice to her back to avoid conflict and I just said "I'd rather have the "El Guapo margarita." I wish I would have told her off though for trying to change my mind. Like hell would I let a stranger try to tell me what they think **I** like! FUCK THAT! Imagine placing your order at McDonald’s by telling them you want a chicken sandwich combo and they would try to sell you a burger combo, wouldn’t that be a bit IRRITATING to you? At McDonald’s you can expect to get upselled on the SAME product, which the 2 margaritas were TOTALLY DIFFERENT margaritas. One was a frozen one that they sold and the other one was on the rocks. Like at McDonald’s, they may ask you do you want to up your combo meal, which at McDonald’s that’s expected, but when you go to a restaurant, a customer expects to be able to place their order WITHOUT ANY HELP from their server UNLESS THE CUSTOMER ASKS for their help. My point is, it’s a bit IRRITATING when I tell the server “I would like such-n-such” and they give you their OPINION on what they think YOU want to eat or drink. It’s truly NOT “THEIR” place to do that. At McDonald’s though, it’s expected to place your order, and then get upselled, but at a non-fast food restaurant, it’s NOT expected and it’s truly a RARITY that it happens. I KNOW, because I’ve only been upselled AFTER I placed my order about 5 times in my entire lifetime. My husband and I go out to eat every Friday and Saturday night and have been doing this since 2001, so obviously I have had LOTS of EXPERIENCE with going out to eat.

If you're oh-so-high standards repeatidly are not met, why are you still coming back? If our service sucks the first time, chances are it's gonna suck the next time. And the next.
And finally...”

That’s SOOOOOOO WRONG. I keep coming back because the ***FOOD*** is GOOD. Also, I have times when I have had bad service and the next time good service or even the first time I went had great service, then the next time had bad service. If I would go by what you are saying not to come back to the restaurant, I wouldn’t be going back to **ANY** restaurant if that was the case, because ALL non-upscale restaurants have BAD SERVERS. There are many times when I had bad service and many times when I had good service at Chili’s, Outback, Red Lobster, and TGIFridays. I just tell the hostess or host I don’t want certain servers BEFORE I get seated, which MOST of the time helps me get better service. I keep the receipts in a bag so that way I can remember all those people’s names that are good and those that suck.

I handle your food. I touch your food. I can put foreign objects in your food that you, my manager, or the health department can never prove was there. So don't piss me off.”


"I hope I speak for all servers when I say IT'S JUST FOOD. GET THE FUCK OVER IT, OR GET THE FUCK"

I hope I speak for ALL customers in that when I say it's "JUST A BAD TIP OR NO TIP!" GET THE FUCK OVER IT OR GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT JOB, YOU IDIOT! I hope you get your order completely fucked up 2 or 3 times in one sitting and you will see if it’s “JUST FOOD.” I am willing to bet you’d get frustrated yourself, that. It’s just MONEY, GET OVER IT!

Also, writing this is like writing your own blog on my blog, which I don't get, because you aren't arguing the points I made on my blog. Some of these are STUPID. Like putting the dinner will be there and stuff that's common courtesy that I DON'T DO like waiting until the end to say I want to split the check. YOU ARE THE BITCH for acting as if you aren't at fault for things and acting like I am inconsiderate. THIS IS NOT YOUR BLOG, so WHY SHOULD YOU GET TO WRITE THIS LIST OF THINGS? Some of these things you listed have NOTHING to do with my blog at ALL.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"If you're so damned set on having flawless service every time, maybe you should go to something other than a chain restaurant like Chili's or Outback. 5 star restaurants cater to bitches like you; you can sit there as long as you like, your order will be perfect, and you'd better believe that if the manager received a complaint like the ones you leave on this bitchfest of a blog, they would be fired."

Actually, that's NOT ALWAYS TRUE. I have had "PERFECT" service MANY, MANY, of times at Chili's and Outback. You can also go to a fine dining restaurant and get your order wrong as well, it all depends on the SERVER. 2 years ago, we literally waited 10 minutes to get greeted at a fancy, upscale restaurant for me and my husband's anniversary dinner. It didn't go "PERFECT", but we did get a couple of free desserts to make up for it from the maitra de. We didn't even complain to the maitra de, he just decided to that for us since we had made reservations even a week in advance to have to have waited 10 minutes to get service as if we were at Chili's or a chain restaurant like that. Honestly, we have NEVER had to wait 10 minutes at Chili's or Outback to get greeted. We have at some other restaurants, but NEVER those to be PERFECTLY HONEST with you.

"Jason is right, we do intentionally rush cows like you out of our sections at chain restaurants, because a) we are trained to turn tables as quickly as possible while also satisfying our guests, and b) we don't like your sorry ass and listening to someone bitch instead of understanding that not everyone can be oh so fucking perfect like you obviously must be."

I keep my weight at 90-92lbs, so that's NOT a "COW" by ANY MEANS at 5'0" tall. YOU must be the overweight bitch. As far as being "PERFECT" goes, even YOU wouldn't want to have mistakes in your dining experiences, so SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH!! You act as if YOU, YOURSELF, would actually want mistakes. If you would, then you only want something for free then. WHO in their right mind wants MISTAKES at ALL in their dining experiences? WTF GO OUT if the food is going to be wrong or you server forgets to put your appetizer order into the computer? NO ONE GOES OUT TO GET THOSE TYPE OF THINGS HAPPEN TO THEM< EVEN YOU!! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH!!!

"I'm frankly shocked that you found a man that will go out with you as often as you say, because I have no earthly idea why someone would enjoy listening to you BITCH the whole time!"

For one thing, MOST of the time things go pretty well, so there's no bitching. When there is, it's normally NOT the entire time. MOST of the time, it's only when the mistake or mistakes happen.

I am pretty sure ANYONE gets a little pissed off when their order is completely wrong or forgotten about. Even YOU would be a little irritated, come on, you know I am telling you the truth? You'd at least be a tiny bit disappointed if your food was wrong, but everyone else's food was correct, wouldn't you be? Don't LIE now.

"Oh, and if you really want to make a statement about how horrible your service was, DON'T GO BACK. It's that simple."

Then I would NEVER go out to eat then, because ALL restaurants have their bad servers, ALL OF THEM, NO MATTER WHAT RESTAURANT YOU GO TO. It's NOT that simple when you love the food and drinks to not go back. I tried that situation with Corky's Bbq by the first time having horrible service to not going back since 2001, which we just recently started to go back last year. ALL of those years that I could have had their good potato salad and burgers all because of that ONE STUPID WAITER. HOW STUPID WAS THAT, you know? I actually punished myself and my husband in a sense. Not going back doesn't solve ANYTHING unless you ALWAYS get bad service every single time you go, such as Bennigan's. We have completely stopped going back there due to EVERYTIME it's really bad service. If I tried to stop going back when EVERY SINGLE TIME I have bad service, I wouldn't go back to ANY restaurants if I had that attitude. It's NOT that simple when you REALLY ENJOY the food HOT, NOT cold if you were to get take-out. I also enjoy getting a drink at that particular restaurant such as the Presidente' Margarita at Chili's for instance. If I would have stopped going there because of some really bad experiences, I would miss out on some REALLY GOOD ONES, with GOOD SERVERS. I will NOT stop going to EVERY RESTAURANT. That's just punishing myself and my husband for no real reason.

"Because as servers, even if we don't have you the second time around, we remember you, and whether you bitch to the new server or not, you WILL get shitty service and you WILL find some cleverly concealed spit in your food. And we will laugh."

That's actually NOT TRUE. We have had a server we stiffed and the next time, she gave us pretty decent service, which we tipped her 22%. Also, spitting in someone's food does NOTHING if the server isn't sick. So WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK if you SPIT. You ain't sick, so SO FUCKING WHAT!!! You can laugh, but you will get your day when you get spit in your food and the person IS sick. It's called KARMA BITCH!!

"You have NO RIGHT to say things like "uncaring" in reference to your servers. Why you ask? Because you are a cold-hearted, UNCARING BITCH. Servers are human too."

I have EVERY RIGHT to. WHY? Because a LOT of servers out there are NOT CARING. WHY can't I HEAR a "SORRY" when my husband was very polite about telling our waitress about his forgotten baked potato when SHE WROTE DOWN the order and BROUGHT out the food? It's because today A LOT of servers DON'T HAVE FEELINGS. THEY ARE FUCKING COLD-HEARTED BITCHES such as that bitch. She got 8 or 9 percent, MOSTLY, because she NEVER ONCE APOLOGIZED. I don't fucking care if the order was put in correctly. The fact is, it's HER FAULT she didn't VERIFY the TRAY she was bringing out that SOMETHING WAS MISSING. She could have said ONE SORRY. So FUCK THOSE PEOPLE!!

I HAVE EVERY RIGHT to act like they don't seem like HUMAN, because LOOK at HOW we get treated. All he did was remind her about he ordered a baked potato, VERY NICELY. All she did was look on the ticket on the tray she brought out and left. Then, when she brought it, STILL NOT SORRY. I am like, WHAT A UNCARING EXCUSE for a HUMAN BEING. I HAVE EVERY FUCKING RIGHT TO SAY THIS, YOU BITCH!!! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TELL ME OTHERWISE?

11:54 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I've have never heard such ignorant comments about something you know obviously very little about."


'The biggest problem with the food service industry is not the people who work in it, but is the fact that people don't know how to go out and dine in a civilized way (which is obviously your problem)."

It's quite the OPPOSITE. My husband NICELY stated his side dish was missing, EXTREMLEY NICELY. The waitress NEVER, EVER, ONCED APOLOGIZED FOR NOT NOTICING IT WASN'T ON THETRAY WHEN SHE BROUGHT IT OUT. You've got it 1 MILLION PERCENT WRONG. It's the SERVER'S OUT THERE that are UNCARING that don't know how to SERVE. I have even said "Thank you" when a server has forgotten something, the LEAST, the VERY LEAST they could do is say "Sorry", but MOST of the times I DON'T EVER HEAR THAT, when all I do is REPEAT MY ORDER in a NICELY MANNER.

"I don't make up rules about how you should do your job so i would appreciate if you did not do it for mine."

Maybe, just maybe, YOU personally, do your job very well, but 80% of the servers out there DON'T, therefore, they need COMMON SENSE TRAINING 101. It's common sense not to CHARGE something on someone's bill they didn't order, but yet, we've had that happen QUITE A NUMBER OF TIMES during the years since late 2000. It's COMMON SENSE if YOU took the order that YOU should LOOK at the food considering you are ONLY BRINGING OUT 2 ENTREES, which a few servers we have had DIDN'T. We have had ONE appetizer had been forgotten ONE side of ranch that came WITH the appetizer TWICE from the MENU, THE MENU, THE MENU. That's RIDICULOUS a CUSTOMER KNOWS THE MENU BETTER, BETTER, THAN THE CUSTOMERS!!!

It's common sense, people want to have utensils, their food correct, their check correct, their drinks in a timely manner, their check and food in a timely fashion as much as the server can possibly control, and anything else that is under the server's control, so SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

I didn't "MAKE-UP" RULES, it's COMMON SENSE RULES that even YOU, YOURSELF, would want to get treated as such when YOU, YOURSELF, GO OUT TO EAT. Just please admit that?

"You might have better luck with your service if you were not such an obviously, obnoxious and rude individual."

Rude is NOT saying "Thank you" for things or saying NICELY "I ordered such-n-such." I do NOT KNOW HOW YOU CAN SAY THAT IS RUDE?

"Looking forward to never seeing you in my restaurant."


1:35 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Are you really this uptight and picky with how you want your food served and what not?"

By you even questioning my pickiness PROVES you don't want to work for your money and want to be LAZY. WHY is it a problem if I am picky with my food, huh? I have paid servers 25%-30% MANY of times seriously, when servers have actually done a very good job and CARED unlike people like you that don't. I pay EXTRA for the EXTRA work unless the service is not good. I am FAIR to the server.

"Servers are trained to "upsell", if they don't do it, they aren't doing their job. I don't care if 90% of servers don't do it... Most restaurants require it."

If you actually READ what I said it wasn't that I was against the server upselling ******BEFORE********* I place my order such as when they greet me or offer me a dessert by listing different ones. This was ONLY about upselling AFTER the order has been said. It's literally only happened like not even 5 times even. Think of how it's RUDE for your server to do such a thing. Once, I ordered a margarita that was called the "El Guapo Margarita" which was normally served on the rocks(not frozen, probably could order it frozen if I wanted to). Anyway, the irritating waitress goes "Would you like a Top Shelf Margarita for only $7" which is their frozen one they have in a machine pre-made. Anyway, I told her NICELY "I'd rather have the El Guapo." Anyway, took her tip down. WHY? If she wanted to sell that margarita, she could have easily done it at the time of GREETING instead of trying to change MY MINE about what ***I**** want, NOT what the hell she wants. You can upsell me BEFORE I place my order, NOT AFTER. This has only happened very few times in all the years I have eaten out, which is just about every weekend since late 2000, sometimes 2-3 times a weekend.

Don't you see HOW it was a TIME WASTER and VERY IRRITATING? I would have loved to have said to her "NO, I already said what I wanted", which I didn't, because I am a NICE person. If you want me to buy a certain margarita, ASK ME AHEAD OF TIME, NOT when I have already MADE UP MY MIND. 99.9% of the time, customers don't change their mind from STRANGERS input unless they ASKED for it, which I NEVER ONCE DID. I liked that particular margarita for one, because since it's not frozen, no brain freeze, and the main reason the TASTE, which was an orange flavored margarita compared to the top shelf. It's was a TOTALLY DIFFERENT margarita even. HOW can you not find it's "RUDE?" I would like to know WHY you think "CUSTOMER SERVICE" has to do with the SERVER telling the customer what THEY WANT? Customer service is getting ONLY what the customer wants. Think about it like this such as if you were in the mood for a burger, but the server asked if you wanted a chicken sandwich, you don't find that ANNOYING in ANY WAY? Don't you think the customer KNOWS what they want if they tell you they are ready to order and they aren't ASKING for your help?

Another time, at Red Lobster, I had ordered their classic margarita. The IRRITATING waitress goes "Would you like the Top Shelf instead?" I was like "No, I don't really care for grand marnier." Now I shouldn't have had to say that. I can READ the MENU FOR MYSELF!!! Neither situation did the servers succeed in selling me what THEY wanted. Think about the TIME WASTED for the customer. Think about how it's IRRITATING to have a TOTAL STRANGER try to CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT WHAT ******YOU**** WANT. I don't really care to hear the specials and upselling before, but I know it's required so I don't penalize the servers for the BEFORE upselling, but AFTER upselling will always be penalized, because MOST people with COMMON SENSE KNOW NOT TO OVERSTEP like that to try to change someone's mind after they have already made up their mind already. It's one thing if the customer asks, it's quite another if the customer KNOWS 100% FOR SURE WHAT THEY WANT!! It's INTERRUPTING THE ORDERING PROCESS FOR NO REAL REASON!!

Sure, once I did take up on someone's offer. I still thought it was irritating, especially the way she did it. Once, at Lonestar, I had ordered a half-rack of ribs. The waitress kept trying to convince me to get the whole rack by saying "Come on" stuff like that. So I decided to get the entire rack. Yes, I was glad I took her up on it, BUT, I could have had a dessert, but didn't, because I ate the entire rack so I was full. I also could have brought it back to the house(back then I was engaged in 2001), but I didn't want to. So what, she happened to be right? She was so fucking irritating and personally I would have rathered just order for myself than to have a irritating waitress try to change my order. This waitress was very bad throughout the service and we had a very long time before she came back without any drinks saying that the bartender was MIA to us. A CARING, GOOD waitress would have come back in a decent amount of time to see if we were ready to order. It was like close to 15 minutes before she came back even. My point is, upselling before is just plain RUDE and WRONG! I go to places like Chili's all the time and at Chili's, they do their upselling WHEN THEY GREET US by saying "Would you like to start off with a Presidente Margarita or Southwestern Eggrolls?" They do it RIGHT.


"I'm sorry if you can't deal with people suggesting specific items to you... if that drops a tip, that is ridiculous."

HOW? You are being RUDE as all hell to do it AFTER I have already made up MY, that's right, MY MIND!! It's NOT YOU eating the food, so if a customer says they are ready to order and aren't asking you ANY questions, you just take down the order as well as ask any questions if you are confused, but that's it. Don't try to change their order!! It's NOT RIDICULOUS!!

Once, a waitress had us a few times at a local restaurant that is now closed. Anyway, she tried to convince my husband to get a dessert by saying "Come on, you did last time." WHAT THE FUCK? You don't think that's OUT OF LINE AND RUDE? My husband had originally said "NO." I HATE SERVERS THAT CANNOT TAKE "NO" for an answer. ARE THEY DEAF? I mean seriously. My husband ended up getting a dessert. Her tip went down, because she was so PUSHY about it. You don't act like you are dining with me or something. That's the way she acted to me. This is OVERSTEPPING, because if the customer said "NO", well don't try to do that, because it will only make your tip bad for AGGREVATING the customer.

What's "RIDICULOUS" is that there are servers like that that will say such as the one at Lonestar and this other restaurant that I just mentioned above "Come on" as if THEY are eating it. Up the bill, lower the tip with being RUDE and OUT OF LINE LIKE THAT!!!

If you think it's ridiculous that I lower the tip for these situations, especially the ones with the extra convincing, well it's YOU that's the ASSHOLE HERE, NOT ME!! LOOK IN THE MIRROR!! I would NEVER OVERSTEP like that if I were a server, NEVER!! I would ALWAYS do as my customer wanted. I would NEVER upsell after, only before. Upselling after is for fast food places such as "Do you want to upsize that?" When you in a non-fast food restaurant, upselling AFTER doesn’t truly happen often at all.

"make sure we are suggesting specific items"

Suggest BEFORE I order, NOT AFTER!! An example once, a waitress couldn't greet us in a decent time due to a spill, so the manager came to greet us. Anyway, the manager told us about the "peach bellinis" and other drinks that were on special as well as certain foods. That's fine, she did it BEFORE we ordered and didn't once try to change our mind. Isn't that something that a MANAGER NEVER ONCE OVERSTEPPED?

"You are by far the pickiest person/customer I have ever come across... and hope to never serve anyone like you."


WHY should it matter if I am picky? Is it because it's more WORK? If so, that's proving how LAZY you are and VERY UNCARING unlike what you have said.

"If you have not served tables, I hope that you oneday are forced to and have to experience what people are like."

I already know what people are like. I worked over 2yrs at a donut shop/diner, so I have dealt with CUSTOMERS before. I had to serve people inside, people to-go, and drive-thru. You act like I have never encountered customers that were mean.

"Things aren't going to always go your way."

Sometimes, they actually do. That's when I have tipped like 25%-30%, when I DO get that service, which has been PLENTY of times.

"I am seriously the most caring person and always take care of my customers."

If that were truly true you wouldn't have said this: "You are by far the pickiest person/customer I have ever come across... and hope to never serve anyone like you."

If you were "CARING" wouldn't care if I have a lot of work for you to do or not. You would be GLAD to serve me that I would pay you EXTRA for the extra work if you did a good job.

So what you say is BULL SHIT!!

"I am complaining about people like you who say that servers don't care about other people. Really? If I didn't care about people I would be working in a cubicle somewhere avoiding people. I care about people so that is why I basically act like their slave.
Uhhh... I just can't stand inconsiderate assholes like you."

Read my other blog as to WHY I say this:

If these servers "CARED" so much, they wouldn't be bringing us completely wrong food without verifying what was in their hands when we are only 2 people in the party and they would ****APOLOGIZE******. I have still said "THANK YOU" when they forgot something, but still no apology, when I was NICE about the mistakes by saying "I ordered a side of ranch." They could say "Oh sorry, I'll be right back." They'd go get it, then say "Sorry about that." See, that's how I would be, because I am a NICE person, 80% of them out there AREN'T. NO SORRY.

If you run other server's food, do you say you are sorry if a mistake is made such as a missing side of ranch or the wrong side dish? If you don't, LOOK IN THE MIRROR WHO'S THE ASSHOLE here. It's NOT ME.

Once, a waitress forgot my husband's baked potato(she took the order and brought out our food). My husband just simply told her that he ordered a baked potato VERY NICELY. Guess what? NO FUCKING APOLOGY at ALL, NOT EVEN when she brought it to my husband. It's HER FAULT she **FORGOT** to BRING IT FROM THE KITCHEN REGARDLESS of if the kitchen staff did or didn't plate the food correctly. She wasn't blind. Instead of saying she was sorry, NO, she looks at the ticket on the tray, then goes to the kitchen. I couldn't believe she didn't say ONE sorry, NOT ONE!!

I cannot stand ASSHOLES like that waitress that cannot admit when they are at fault. Instead of the 9% tip she got, if she would have said she was "SO SORRY" which is a bigger sorry than just "sorry", she would have received 15% or so. She was mean, so we were mean back in the tip. You act like you don't care, WTF should I? It was 100% HER FAULT since she BROUGHT us our food that it wasn't on the tray. That was 100% HER RESPONSIBILITY to notice an ENTIRE SIDE DISH was missing, NOT US and NOT the kitchen staff since they aren't getting tipped.

"And please don't even bother commenting back, I don't want to read any more of your shitty opinions."

You've got shitty opinions yourself. I can comment back if I please. This is MY BLOG, NOT YOURS, so I can do what the HELL I WANT TO BITCH!!

7:57 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"This person is in clear need of psychiatric help."

So telling servers the TRUTH means someone needs psychiatric help? Wanting the best possible service that you are PAYING for with YOUR HARD EARNED money is somehow weird to you? Wanting things to go well when you dine out is somehow makes a person crazy to you?

I am normal just as anyone is that isn't truly mentally ill.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Instead of whining about a subject which you know absolutely nothing about, you should get a job as a server or bartender in a chain restaurant."

Actually, I know MUCH MORE than some of these DUMB SERVERS that bring us OBVIOUS, DUH mistakes. Since when should a CUSTOMER BE MORE KNOWLEDGABLE about a menu when they don't even WORK THERE than their server?

I know A LOT more than most servers honestly.

I know how to PREVENT MOST mistakes that happen and how MOST servers don't COMPARE their written orders to the plates of food BEFORE bringing it from the kitchen to the table.

There are some servers that are DUMB as a rock by not only putting in an order wrong into the computer, but then actually BRINGING that wrong food to our table. You talk about LAZY SERVERS out there that do that type of thing. If you cannot tell the difference of one plate of food to another, you must need glasses. It's not a mistake if you don't TRY to compare the WRITTEN ORDER to what is IN YOUR HANDS YOU ARE BRINGING ME, is it? That's just pure LAZINESS not to make sure the food is the correct food.

If anything, I have encountered servers not knowing names of alcohol, not knowing what descriptions the menu has when they bring out the wrong item or it made wrong, etc. You don't go be a server and not know WHAT you are serving me. I know a HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN SOME OF THESE IDIOTS THAT HAVE SERVED US COMPLETELY WRONG THINGS and some of these things, the server had ONLY ONE ITEM in their hands which they STILL couldn't get it obviously correct. It's sad if it's ONE ITEM and you have SEVERAL OBVIOUS mistakes on one plate or glass. I had one stupid waitress that had brought me a glass with chocolate syrup lining when I ordered a strawberry shortcake martini that THE MENU stated it was supposed to have a CRUSTED RIM, which that was missing and the menu description said NOTHING ABOUT chocolate, nor would ANY strawberry shortcake would normally have CHOCOLATE in it. Some servers are just so stupid. They aren't even TRYING to bring you the correct things. She only brought me that one drink, which it was the wrong drink to begin with. On top of that, as I said before, the chocolate syrup and the crust was missing from the rim. That was no "MISTAKE", that was her being LAZY AND UNCARING about her job. She NEVER ONCE took the drink menu and COMPARED it to the glass. Also, she didn't think about that a strawberry shortcake normally doesn't have chocolate in it, does it? I shouldn't know the menu BETTER than she does. She was only there 2 months the hostess stated, but I haven't WORKED AT THAT RESTAURANT EVER. Just shows how KNOWLEDGABLE I am about RESTAURANT SERVICE THAN SHE IS AND THE MENU!! At Denny's once, my husband and I got delivered the cheese fries that came with ranch WITHOUT the ranch, which my husband ordered it "AS IS" from the menu. You talk about STUPID these servers are not to compare the menu to the plate of food BEFORE DELIVERING IT. I know a HELL of A LOT MORE THAN THESE MORONS that have done stupid shit like that. You don't know how much I know. I know more than you think. Eating out so often has taught me A LOT about what to do and what not to do as far as being a server goes.

"You certainly have way too much time on your hands to write all of this nonsense."

You certaintly are wasting your own time READING IT, so obviously it's YOU that has SOOO MUCH DAMN TIME ON YOUR HANDS TO WASTE!! Obviously, you are BORED to tears yourself reading my blog. What an idiot you are telling me I am wasting my time when you are spending time RESPONDING to my blog yourself.

"Watch out some server doesn't vomit on you and your BBQ Ribs someday!!:"

They will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if that happens.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"When I read your comments, I see a fat girl who is angry because people see her as a fat girl."

I am FAR AWAY from being fat. It must be YOU that's the fat person here. I weighed myself this morning like I do EVERY SINGLE MORNING, which I weighed 91 and half pounds. I am 5'0". The normal weight for a woman that height, which I am 32yrs old btw, is between 96lbs-100lbs. That means I am UNDERWEIGHT YOU DUMBASS!

I DIET during the week to be able to eat all of that ranch and mozzarella sticks that you mentioned you MORON! Eating less than 500 calories 2-3 days out the week actually DOES WORK to LOSE WEIGHT! Go ahead, try it. Eat less than 500 calories in a day, see if your weight doesn’t go down a couple of pounds at least.

Do you honestly think I eat that way EVERYDAY? Of COURSE NOT! Not only would I be fat, but I would feel horrible heartburn eating that stuff everyday. I would also have a heart attack at this age even if I did that. My cholesterol would be through the roof, which every time I have checked it with the home test about a year ago was the last time, it's always been around 160 or sometimes less.

I eat spinach, carrots, broccoli, apples, cereal, 94% fat free popcorn, turkey sandwiches, water(a little DIET soft drink once in a while during the week, but NO regular soft drinks) etc. Things of that nature I eat during the week. Do you honestly think I eat fast food everyday or something? You obviously think I eat that way everyday or something? Friday and Saturdays we go out to eat. That's the days I eat a lot of greasy, fattening foods. The rest of the week I don't.

"The job of the server is defined to serve you, not to slave over you and your grueling inconsiderate demands."

It's not "INCONSIDERATE" to ask what you want for the MONEY you are willing to pay. It's "INCONSIDERATE" of you to care ONLY about your bills you have to pay, but not OUR SERVICE. Your job is to serve us as you said, NOT to act like it's a crime to ask for extras. If you have to get 7 condiment containers, well, that's your job you LAZY ASS! If you do a very good job, you will get more than 20%. That's all up to you if you want to get up off your LAZY ASS and do EXACT WHAT THE CUSTOMER SAYS TO DO! The customer states they want 2 ranches and 2 mayos, that's your job to get that.

An inconsiderate demand would be asking you to do as a woman at the donut shop I worked for around 10yrs ago did, which was to wet some napkin for her kid so she could wash her kid's mess off she had on her hands or face. I refused, because that's NOT MY JOB! My job was to serve the food, condiments, drinks, plates, bags, utensils, etc. things of that nature. THAT was INCONSIDERATE! She could have easily waited for the bathroom to been empty since it was a 1 person bathroom and done that. That was HER JOB since she was probably the mother more than likely or even if she wasn't, she was responsible for that kid.

Do you understand what the difference between "INCONSIDERATE DEMANDS" and what "YOUR JOB" is? Obviously, you don't. Your job is to get all of the customer's food items. If they want extra ranch, that's your job. If they want an extra plate, that's your job. If they want extra napkins, that's your job. If they need utensils, that's your job. If they need refills, that's your job. If their food isn't cooked correctly, that's your job to take it back to get it fixed by the kitchen staff. It's not inconsiderate to ask for extras. That's getting what you have PAID FOR by tipping for the extras.

Let me ask you this: What is so inconsiderate about asking for extra condiments? How is that an inconsiderate demand if you are going to PAY someone to do that action? It's not like I am asking this, then not tip(unless the service is horrible, which then they have no one to blame but themselves. You get payment for it, so WHY act like it's a horrible sin to ask for extra stuff? Are you that FUCKING LAZY and UNCARING about other people that you consider asking for extras as being inconsiderate? I think that lady that asked for something that was HER JOB was inconsiderate at the donut shop.

Your job IS to get EVERY FUCKING THING we ask for within reason, meaning not something that's not your job such as the lady at the donut shop that asked to wet her a napkin, because she was too impatient and lazy to do herself considering that was HER JOB, NOT MINE. Obviously, you don't get what your job truly IS! You are at the customer's MERCY! You are there to make money from THEM, NOT the restaurant, so it's up to YOU to get their every food, drink, check, napkins, utensils, etc., just anything within reason they ask for. That's IS YOUR JOB!

If a customer ask to warm their baby's bottle in the microwave, THAT would be an UNREASONABLE, INCONSIDERATE, and RUDE DEMAND! That's another example of something NOT your job. What is your job is to get the food, condiments, drinks, check, etc. to the customer as correctly as you can possibly notice, meaning at least TRY to get things right. Your job is not to trust the other co-workers by just handing things out without verifying the final results as far as obvious mistakes are concerned.

Now do you realize what a "DEMAND" is and what is "YOUR JOB?" Do you not have COMMON SENSE OR WHAT? Are you that STUPID or what?

"Firstly, you are not the only patron they must attend to and secondly, there is a limit to how much food can be placed in your pig trough, before the rest of the patrons point and laugh at you."

Again, I am NOT FAT! People even tell me I can stand to GAIN a few pounds even. I can fit a dress I wore in 1992 in 9th grade even. I bet you cannot say you can fit clothes STILL since that long ago, can you? I bet it's YOU that's the BIG FAT OVERWEIGHT PERSON and that you are JEALOUS I look GOOD! I look good in a bikini!

"a 25% tip on a bill from Chili's or Red Lobster, is not what anyone by any means should consider huge."

It depends on the bill amount. Usually, at Chili's, our bill is around $60 or more. So yeah, that's a pretty big amount. $15 on a $60 check, I think that's a pretty big amount to give. We have even tipped 30% before a few times as well.

If you don't want it, maybe people should give you a big fat zero. I bet you'd rather have $15 than $10, wouldn't you?

If you don't consider that huge, then take a look at people that tip 10%-15%. There are A LOT of people that do that still, because there wouldn’t be blogs and blogs all over the internet COMPLAINING about the 10 percent tippers as well as the non-tippers. If all people tipped 25%, do you think servers would be bitching? Seriously, 25% is huge in this economy especially with people losing their jobs all around the country and are probably tipping less because of it. How come I see all over the internet "If you cannot afford to tip, you cannot afford to eat out"? Which I agree with, but would servers being complaining if people would be tipping 25%? You probably wouldn't hear many complaints about tips, just about customers.

This post has so many variations ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Just look up parts of the sentences such as in quotes "children, the little devils". ALL OVER from message boards to blogs. If customers tipped 18% at least, WHY would people keep REPOSTING this?

Those are just some examples that if servers were getting paid 25% every single time, they wouldn't be complaing about the non-tippers and the 10 percent tippers, now would they? So SHUT THE FUCK UP that 25% isn't a lot, because it IS compared to MOST people. MOST people tip 15%-20% and there a PLENTY of people that tip 10% just because they are cheap, not because anything went wrong.

I think 25%-30% is appropriate for the fact that I ask for more things, therefore, I should pay my server more if they do a good job. It's only fair and the right thing to do. I ask more than the average person, therefore since I made more work for them to do, if they did a good job, they DESERVE extra. 5% more is extra. That helps some. It may not be a 50% tip, but normal people don't tip that unless they are either drunk or had a free meal or are good friends with the person that served them. Actually, a lot of times, people that get stuff for free, I see a lot of servers on the internet complain about people tipping on the discounted amount instead of on the original bill even. So think about that before you knock down a decent person that is willing to PAY MORE for MORE WORK, which is PLAYING FAIR! At least I am a decent person unlike the likes of you! I do the right thing. I treat my server in the tip the way they treated me throughout my service.

"By all best guess, I would wager you have never eaten in a fine dining establishment, because anyone with your attitude would be dismissed. your 20-30 dollars isn't worth the amount of work it takes for the restaurant to host you, they make to small a profit off someone who demand constant refills, wants extra "free servings" because your serving was too small, and who demands constant attention from a server whom they are paying hourly to service your inconsiderate needs."

We do once, sometimes twice a year eat there. It's not the money, it's the more the fact I think the food TASTE BETTER at the cheaper places. I even rather Jose Cuervo tequila than Patron. That's just an example of that I like some cheaper things. I think even a Wendy's hamburger taste better than a steak. I also rather spread my money out and go 2-3 times the amount of time and get more for your money than to eat once $200 or so down the drain. The mixed drinks are WAY THE HELL BETTER at chain restaurants. Margaritas at fine dining restaurants SUCK. They have crappy sour mixes. I like that I can get specialty drinks at chain restaurants, which I cannot get at fine dining restaurants. They sometimes have martinis, but I am not a huge fan of those. They are too strong and I think they don't taste that great. I have gotten sick on martinis, because they were too damn strong. Especially, I don't even weigh 100lbs, so drinking a bunch of them will definitely make me sick. As far as wine or beer goes, don't care for beer too much(it's ok) and wine, I still rather have ANY DAY a margarita over a glass of wine.

"You are a shun in the restaurant world, and should you patron a restaurant I was in attendance at. I would ask the owner, host, manager, to remove you and your indignant behavior and attitude for being disruptive and disturbing my moment of peace, people pay to have an enjoyable time in a restaurant."

I don't disrupt ANYONE! I have no clue WHERE you get that from?

You could ask all you wanted to, but they would want my business. So you would be shit out of luck there. We have gotten freebies from managers BECAUSE we are REGULARS at different restaurants. We didn't ask, they offered. Doesn't that say they LIKE US? I mean seriously.

"I suggest this to you. 1. go on a diet no one needs four cups of ranch dressing to go on a side salad, and eating it with deep fried cheese isn't clarifies that you feel your attitude shows people you don't care what they think, and that you don't care how they look at you, In fact, your attitude really shows people you are so insecure, that you feel being rude will divert their attention away from your physical problems."

I diet EVERY WEEK, so I don't need to go on one, when I do it every week, now do I? Have you ever eaten less than 500 calories in a day? I can lose 2lbs in one day by doing this. Do you realize that I am the same size I was in high school? I bet you cannot say that unless you are in high school or just go out of high school, now can you? The dr. in November which I have kept my weight the same, told me I was under weight.

5'0" 104-115lbs This is just an example of a weight chart. Some are different, but in the same range basically. My point is, even at 100lbs, I would not be considered fat.

Why should I care if they think of me a certain way? If I am happy, WHO THE FUCK CARES? Obviously, you are a person that is shallow and cares about everyone else. You must not be happy to be concerned about what everyone thinks of you all the time. I don’t care if they think I am gross or if they hate they have to do their job, which IS getting what I have asked for, because they are going to get PAID for doing it and I don't give a FLYING FUCK WHAT THE FUCK THEY THINK! I care about what makes ME happy, then I will make THEM happy when it comes tip time. It's called CARING, which is supposed to be a 2-WAY street. If you care about me, I'll care about your tip. If you don't, I won't care much about your tip. What goes around, comes around. Treat people as YOU'D like to be treated as if that were YOU in the customer's seat.

What "PHYSICAL PROBLEMS?" I don't even weigh 100lbs even, so HOW can I have physical problems. The most I have EVER been was 106lbs in 1999. I lost the weight by reducing the AMOUNT I ate. For instance, back then I ate 2 eggo waffles for breakfast, went down to 1 without butter or syrup. That's just an example. Even at 106lbs, that wasn't fat.

"2. Cook at home. If you are so much better at service, and so particular about service, then do the world a favor and lock yourself in your house, and drink your gallons of ranch dressing, in the privacy of your own home, where people who are paying, and are nigger whipping their servers, are trying to enjoy their evening."

I don't like cooking and don't know how to cook home made dishes. I know more about baking than cooking. I don't want to learn though, because its' NOT just about the food. It's about being out of the house. You may say do something else, but I LOVE going out to eat. It's my FAVORITE thing to look forward to.

I like just being out at a restaurant when the service is good. Even when the service isn't good, I can still enjoy the food and drinks. I cannot make the same margaritas at home unless I had the specific sour mixes from the restaurants. Some restaurants won't let you take home liquor. Some will in the state of Louisiana which I live in, but not all do.

Why stay home if I have fun going out to eat? If people stayed home to cook all the time, servers wouldn't make any tips if there weren't any customers to make tips from, now would they?

"3. Do an honest days work, stop collecting from disability, and welfare, take your fat ass to a restaurant, and try putting yourself into a server position. I would wager you would either be fired immediately or you would die of exhaustion less than a scant hour into your shift."

You are fucking stupid! I work 40hrs a week you DUMBASS! I am NOT fat. I am UNDERWEIGHT! I wouldn't be fired, because I wouldn't EVER feel what any customer asked for within reason(not to wet a napkin) but to actually get them condiments or refills, would be a "inconsiderate demand." That would be MY JOB! I am not lazy like you are. I am not UNCARING like you are either. I would ask if the customers would mind if I would bring out the condiments ahead of time as more than 10 servers have done for me without me asking them. They wanted to make 100% sure they didn't forget or another server didn't forget about them so I would be happy. In other words, I would make extra work for myself to make sure my customers had their stuff they asked for, because that would be MY JOB! You wouldn't offer to bring them ahead of time, because you don't care and are TOO LAZY ASS to get up off your LAZY BEHIND to do it!

I have had the job I have currently for over 3 yrs. I had other jobs as well. The reasons why most didn't work out are because I got laid off. One was due to hurricane Katrina. That wasn't something I did. Another was due to the company had gone under. I have been working since I was 21 yrs old, except when I was either looking for a job or in college.

I am not disabled. If I were, I would go nuts being at home. I don't want to retire ever. It would be too boring to stay at home all day. NO WAY I want that life. I don’t have kids. My husband and I BOTH work. We wouldn't even be able to get welfare, because we both make too much. I wouldn't be on welfare anyways. I think it's so wrong for tax payer dollars to go to lazy ass people that cannot get their butts out of bed and go to work.

There is NO WAY I ever would want to be a housewife. That's why I don't have kids as well. I don't want to be home and have all that crap. I want to have my freedom to be able to work full time and still have time for myself.

I have gotten raises at just about every job I have ever been at, because I am an "honest" worker as you say "do an honest days work."

I would be a wonderful server. I would make mistakes just as every does, because no one is perfect, but I would try my VERY BEST unlike your lazy ass that wouldn't and don't. If you would, you wouldn't think asking for extras are demands. You would think of it as **PART OF YOUR JOB**!!

"You comments are nothing more than Vapid, self-centered, uncouth demonstrations of your blatant lack of any class, and you are completely undeserved of better treatment from anyone, because you clearly do not treat them with any dignity."

You aren't a caring person. Look at YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR! It's YOU that's not a nice person to act like it's terrible sin to ask for extra condiments.

"People won't always apologize to you, and they won't always dote on you, particularly when you have walked all over them.
your $6.00-%10.00 isn't worth them losing their dignity as a human being to bend to your every inconsiderate whim."

Then WHY are they there then? It's not for their health. They are ONLY there to MAKE MONEY, so if they feel that way, why don't they just go VOLUNTEER somewhere if they don’t care about the money?

If they don't want to work, WHY have a job that depends solely on customers then?

If they want forgiveness in the tip, a SMART server would fake it to get the money. A stupid server wouldn't apologize for their mistakes, because they obviously love doing work for nothing or for a low tip. Any decent server would act like it would be THEM as the customer by being nice by apologizing, just as they would expect how a server would treat them in that exact same situation. It's still nice to hear a sorry. It does help, because you do get more flies with honey than with vinegar. Be smart, even if it's not your fault, apologize. I bet your tip will be better than if you didn't. Any SMART server would rather be able to buy more things and pay more bills than to have their silly pride or dignity when that customer will be gone, but the bills still need to get paid you know.

I am not the person starting the meaniness here. If they cannot be nice, they will have their not niceness shown in their low to non-existant tip. What goes around, comes around.

"Do everyone a favor...Keep eating your deep fried cheese and Milk-fat dressing, let your arteries harden, and drop dead. You aren't a prize winning pig, you are simply a dirty swine."

HOW am I am pig if I am not even 100lbs at 5'0"? I mean seriously, I bet you are fat yourself and not even looking in the mirror? Tell me your truthful weight and height. Even if you are a normal weight, what does that have to do with offending someone else when they aren't fat?

8:50 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Do you expect excellent service at Walmart? No, you go their for good prices in a warehouse like atmosphere."

You are comparing apples to oranges here. Ask yourself ARE WE **PAYING** for the cashier's service? We aren't tipping anyone there, so WHY would ANYONE EXPECT EXCELLENT SERVICE?


HOW can you possibly COMPARE THE TWO? Wal-Mart I am not tipping for my service if I have shitty service, so they cashiers don't give a fuck. However, if I am in a non-fast food restaurant that I am getting table service, I AM TIPPING FOR THAT SERVICE.

It's kind of like asking me if I expect excellent service at fucking McDonald's. We AIN'T TIPPING THESE PEOPLE TO GIVE A FUCK!! They aren't getting their income from US CUSTOMERS so they don't give a shit.


You are IGNORANT to COMPARE THESE 2!! You cannot compare the 2, because one is the CUSTOMER PAYING FOR THE SERVICE THE OTHER ISN'T!! HUGE DIFFERENCE HERE!! I don't expect the Taco Bell cashier to care if they overcharge me or hand me the wrong food, but I sure do expect my SERVER that I will be tipping to CARE since it's up to ME, THE CUSTOMER, IF AND WHAT I PAY THEM!! You are at the CUSTOMER'S MERCY WHEN YOU ARE SERVER!! When you work at Wal-Mart or McDonald's, you are getting paid no matter WTF you mess up. Get the difference here?

YOU ARE STUPID!! IT'S TRULY APPLES TO ORANGES YOU ARE COMPARING!! You cannot compare the 2. I DON'T EXPECT EXCELLENT SERVICE WHERE I AM NOT PAYING FOR IT!! I expect when I go to McDonald's to get my food wrong, because it's people that are getting paid from their employer, NOT from ME.

"Do not then expect more from corporate chain restaurants."

WHY? I have had BETTER service before MANY of times at chain restaurants than some fine dining restaurants even.

Had a time where I was in a party of 4 at a fine dining restaurant $246 was the bill and the stupid waiter was terrible. 2 of us ordered a refillable drink(tea and a coke). The waiter didn't bring the coke or tea before the wine and he didn't apologize for not even bringing it with the wine. We had to remind him again after we saw him do other things and by the time then, it was around 15 minutes or so. NO APOLOGY even. I asked for a side of ranch with the bread. Another server comes out with the bread without the ranch, JUST LIKE THE FUCKING CHAINS AND OTHER RESTAURANTS THAT AREN'T FINE DINING!! The waiter didn't apologize and he didn't even try to get it out before the bread since HE was supposed to EARN his tip, NOT that other server that brought the waters and bread.

My point is, it ALL DEPENDS ON THE ***SERVER***, NOT THE RESTAURANT!! He received 9%, which this was another person tipping, but we would have left about that too. We waited OVER an hour literally for our food and NO letting us know WHY from the waiter as if he never was a customer before or something.

You act like that servers are PERFECT at fine dining restaurants. They can mess up to just as ANYONE and have no common sense just as the uncaring, unfeeling, and lazy ass waiter did.
Continued next post:

6:43 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I know when you want your cola replaced without asking"


I have changed drinks before. Just recently, I changed from tea for my first drink, then coke, and then a dr. pepper. My husband has changed from 2 diet cokes, then a water for his third glass of drink. He had also changed from one cup of coffee to a diet coke.

YOU AREN'T PSYCHIC!! YOU CANNOT READ SOMEONE'S MIND TO AS YOU SAID **KNOW** UNLESS YOU HAVE COMMUNICATION OF SOME SORT!! Without communication, you are GUESSING, which it can be WRONG!! Once, a waiter at Red Lobster stupidly brought me another dr. pepper(2nd refill) when I wanted a coke. He didn't give me a CHANCE to PLACE MY OWN FUCKING ORDER FOR MYSELF!!

I AM THE CUSTOMER, NOT THE SERVER!! I GET TO SAY WHAT I WANT OR DON'T WANT NEXT, NOT YOU, A STRANGER OF ALL PEOPLE!! I don't even let my husband order for me, much less my servers.

You can ask the customers if they want refills without being asked throughout their service at the time you greet them if they order a free refillable drink. They may not want to.

You don't know if I want more cola or something else. You don't know if I want more or not. You aren't me and I am not you. We all are different and should be treated as if we all are.


Read Ashley's comment:
"Ashley November 29, 2008 at 11:38 pm I too am a server and as part of training in the restaurant I work at, I was taught to ask before bringing a refill, because although they will drink it if it’s in front of them, some people dont actually want that whole other glass of pop, they might actually want water or an alcoholic beverage… so in asking you always make sure the customer is getting what they want. :)"

She's a SMART server that wants to make 100% SURE she doesn't waste her time, her current customer's time, and her other customer's time as well. See, she's a server that probably has been through customers that HAVE CHANGED drinks before even. Isn't that a concept, that the CUSTOMER of all people gets to decide what THEY personally want? How about that, a CARING, NON-LAZY SERVER that makes trips to the customer's table to find out what **THEY** actually want?

Obviously, she has been through this to say they might want water or an alcoholic beverage to not just ASSUME what the customer wants. Sometimes people don't want refills at all. It's the truth. It's not up to YOU to decide what I want.
In this server's training, she said that she was taught to ask before bringing a refill. Think of the waste you could prevent by asking. Not only time, but money for the drink and glass that has to get cleaned. Time is money in a sense as well, because you could be getting something someone actually DOES want instead of wasting time getting things that are unwanted.

Famous said: "I’m the type of iced tea lover who’s extremely picky about the teas I drink. When in restaurants, I hate when the waitress refills my iced-tea glass without asking-completely disturbing my perfect tea/sugar ratio."

Hijinks saids: "Usually if they ask, I'll say I'd like to switch to water please - I'm only drinking full flavor pop while pregnant, to avoid aspartame - because I don't need all of that sugar. So bringing me another Coke without asking is mildly annoying, but I'll still drink it LOL"

See how you can be WRONG by GUESSING?
Continued next post:

6:44 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"if you are looking for a guide and a friend during your meal, I also know to be chatty and warm."

By doing that, you can cause SOMEONE ELSE'S SERVICE to get delayed. I have had that happen before to us where a waiter we had at Applebee's went to hug someone and chit-chatted instead of GOING TO GET MY FUCKING REFILL!! That's just WRONG!! You want a good tip, you do your WORK!! If you are finished with your work that's fine to chat, but don't DELAY MY FUCKING STUFF FOR YOU TO CHIT-CHAT!! Think of if that were **YOU** WAITING for something you asked for such as your check(you are ready to leave) or a refill when you are eating something spicy or just plain thirsty.

"No matter where you live there are always non chain locally owned restaurants at all price points that do not have the benefit of a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to bring in business. Those places have to rely on food quality and SERVICE to survive. Go there!"

We HAVE, some of those restaurants sometimes have bad service as well, because of the certain servers.

One in particular, which the restaurant has closed down since then, the stupid waitress overcharged me a side salad without an entrée even though I ordered one, when there was only one other couple in the place that she was serving and one person at the bar. This was our VERY FIRST time we were there and I knew more about the menu than she did, because when I asked her why the side salad was $3.50, she responded: "It's whatever is in the computer", which then I had to SHOW HER PROOF ON THE MENU it was $1.99 added to an entrée. She didn't even apologize until AFTERWARDS, a tiny sorry of all things, not even a "SO SORRY" as should have since the overcharge was $1.51 as well as extra tip she would have made and extra taxes the government would have made off of the overcharge. It's VERY SAD when the servers know LESS about the MENUS than the customer does, it really is. This wasn't a chain.

It's the SERVERS that make the difference. It doesn't matter WHERE you go as far as non-fast food restaurants go, if you have a good, nice server, you can get wonderful service.

Your job is NOT to chat. Your job is to ****SERVE***, NOT TO PLAY AROUND UNLESS YOU HAVE TIME!! If someone just asked for something, that is just morally wrong to delay what they have asked for.

Chit chatting is for bars.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"This is the most rediculous blog I have ever seen."


It's "RIDICULOUS", NOT "REDICULOUS", STUPID!! You cannot even get the FIRST sentence right.

This is the most STUPIDEST COMMENT I have EVER SEEN!!

"Servers are trained to do what they do, most of the time by professionals."

NO, most of the time they are trained by other servers, NOT professionals. They aren't trained by managers most of the time, it's mostly other servers, which usually aren't professionals YET.

"You have to understand that you are not the only table in the restaurant, at my restaurant I serve atleast 5 tables at a time and sometimes up to 7 including parties of 10 or more."

I already know this, stupid. I am not dumb. I have a set of EYES, so I can see I am NOT the only customer 99.9% of the time. We have already been the only customers twice at odd times of the day(not near closing, just odd times at non-chain restaurants).

What does this have to do with ANYTHING? You are still supposed to care about ALL you customers, not just some.

"You get asked for dessert before your finished because it takes time to prepare."

Out of the thousands of restaurant visits since late 2000, my husband and I have only had ONE server ask if we wanted a dessert before we finished our food, so you don't know WHAT THE HELL you are talking about.

Secondly, it doesn't matter if it takes time to prepare a dessert, because WHO THE FUCK doesn't want their food to go down before the next course? I hate it when you just finished your salad or appetizer, then the entrée comes. I want a buffer 4-5 minutes at least to let my food settle, I mean GEESH, this is NOT a RACE here. WHO the fuck goes to the restaurant to act like it's a fucking race? I want my things in a timely manner, but to rush me through eating my entrée is wrong. Let me see if I will be HUNGRY to even consider wanting a dessert, I mean for real, you INCONSIDERATE BITCH!!

Thirdly, just because desserts take time to prepare has NOTHING to do with KNOWING if you will be HUNGRY ENOUGH for a DESSERT until you a completely FINISHED YOU MORON!! I don't know if I want a dessert until I am finished just like anyone else.

6:13 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"You dont get asked if you want a refill all the time because that is something that goes without asking, you should always have a full drink. You are not obligated to drink it all."

It doesn’t go without asking, because WE GET A MENU for a REASON, which is that ***WE THE CUSTOMER*** GET TO PICK AND CHOOSE IF AND WHAT WE WANT, NOT OUR SERVERS!! Just because I am not obligated to drink it doesn’t mean you should WASTE MY FUCKING TIME getting me something I don't want you FUCKING RETARD!! You want to risk wasting time when you could FIND OUT first? WHY? YOU ARE REALLY STUPID!!

It NEVER goes without saying, because that's an assumption, which assumptions can be WRONG at times. Not everyone always wants a full drink, meaning, they may have enough with one glass of soft drink or tea. Not everyone wants to stick with the same drink either. You are OVERSTEPPING by ORDERING for your customers. You should ask at the greeting if they want refills without being asked, because obviously, the customers that want that type of service aren't going to tell you as they should be, by THEM ordering the automatic refills, which since they don't, it's up to you to ASK them.

I have sent servers back because I wanted a different drink. They wasted MY TIME, THEIR TIME, and OTHER CUSTOMER'S TIME getting something I didn't ORDER. It's my server that should be asking me, not them ASSUMING what I want or don't want by ORDERING for me.

Just because I order a coke doesn’t mean I want another one. You have NO RIGHT to ORDER FOR SOMEONE ELSE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION!!

You aren't supposed to RISK WASTING TIME getting an unwanted item. You are VERY INCONSIDERATE to say "You are not obligated to drink it all." I am not obligated to keep it at my table at all, because ***I NEVER FUCKING ORDERED IT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!*** You cannot OVERSTEP like that!! That's NOT YOUR PLACE!!

ASK your customers if they want refills without being asked at the greeting time instead of overstepping like that. It's not YOUR RIGHT to place an order for someone else and you know it!! The CUSTOMER is drinking the drink, NOT YOU, so WHY do you think YOU get to decide IF OR WHAT I WANT OR DON'T WANT, HUH?

WHY do you think it's NICE to waste someone's time getting something not wanted, huh? That's not very considerate, is it? It wastes time for other customers as well.

6:14 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"UPSELLING is how we make money, and how the restaurant makes money. Atleast 40% of my sells are from upselling. We are told to ask about SPECIFIC food for a reason, it makes costumers aware of whats available and is simply the rules."

"Customers" is the way you spell this, NOT "COSTOMERS!!" Your spelling makes you look like you need to go back to elementary school. I may not have the best grammar, but at least I don't spell as lousy as you do. "AT LEAST" is TWO WORDS, NOT ONE WORD!!

As far as upselling goes, there's a HUGE DIFFERENCE between upselling BEFORE I order and upselling AFTER I order. NO ONE WANTS THEIR SERVER'S OPINION UNLESS THEY ASK FOR IT, meaning, if someone asks for a half-rack of ribs, don't try to make them want a whole rack. They KNOW WHAT AMOUNT they want, so LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE and let them place their order. Don't try to order for them. Now, you can upsell BEFOREHAND by saying "Would you all like to start off with Mozzarella sticks" for instance. Now, once they state what they want, don't try to change their mind. THAT is what I am saying. It's ANNOYING!! Think about it, if I say I want the check, which some servers have said "You don't want a dessert", which we were like "just the check." Points off the tip for being FUCKING PUSHY!! If we ask for the check, don't fucking do ANYTHING ELSE!! You aren't going to convince us to get a fucking dessert if we want the check, get what I am saying? You are just HURTING your tip, NOT HELPING IT!!

If you ask if we want a dessert and we say "no", don't keep trying to convince us to get a dessert. Think of how ANNOYING that is and how your server doesn’t respect your wants.

A good example was when I was asked if I wanted the "Top Shelf Margarita", which is the first thing I have on my blog. If someone orders a specific one, WTF QUESTION THEM on trying to change their mind when they FUCKING KNOW WTF THEY WANT? She received 10% instead of the 25% I usually would have given, all because she wanted to be the BOSS of telling me WHAT "I" WANTED!! Normally, it is EXTREMELY RARE that a server does that. They usually let you just order. This has happened very rarely is what I am saying.

There's a difference between upselling ***BEFORE**** and upselling ***AFTER THE PERSON HAS ORDERED***!!! So you don't see it ANNOYING if you wanted let's say a regular margarita, then the waitress would WASTE YOUR TIME saying "Would you like to try our top shelf margarita" when you ALREADY had made up your mind already? Now, it's no big deal if the server would have done it BEFORE I ordered, but AFTER, it's like the server is trying to ***CHANGE MY ORDER FOR ME, which that's a "NO, NO", because ***I**** AM THE CUSTOMER, NOT MY SERVER to decide WTF **I** WANT!! I get a MENU SO *****I**** CAN PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT ****I**** WANT OR DON'T WANT!!

Get what I am complaining about here? It's the PUSHY upselling ****AFTER**** you already ordered.

I would rather not have any of the upselling, because I usually know what I want, so I don't really care about the specials, so it would be nice and *CONSIDERATE* if the server would not waste the customer's time by ASKING if they want to hear the specials. If they do, then go ahead and if they don't, then RESPECT that is what I am saying. It's not upselling if the customer doesn’t care wtf you are saying, is it and interrupts you, is it?

6:16 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Get over yourself, what we do works for everyone but you."

If it worked for most people, don't you think they would never have customers complaining? It doesn't work for most, that's the point.

Read,, and and search for certain restaurants such as Outback. Read the complaint letters vs. the praise letters. Not as many praise letters, are there?

Do you realize how many customers complain? Do you realize how many comps are given for complaints? It doesn't work for most, obviously, because then just about no one would complain, now would they?

So, NO, you are wrong. It doesn't work for A LOT OF PEOPLE!!

You get over YOURSELF, because you are the one that is MEAN and SELFISH to ASSUME things as well as be VERY INCONSIDREATE of the individual customer's wants. It's the CUSTOMER'S that run the show, NOT THE SERVER!! WE SAY WHAT GOES WHEN AND WHERE, NOT OUR SERVERS!!

6:17 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

You can upsell just by suggesting "APPETIZER" without saying a specific one honestly. You don't have to say a specific one. That's still upselling. People don't want to listen to things they don't want to order, so think about that before you waste more time than necessary to HURT your tip instead of help it. If they choose to not take the specific appetizer order, you have already hurt your tip some by wasting time. You don't want the customer to have to sit there and listen to the stupid specials when they want to just order. Think about it from a CUSTOMER'S POINT OF VIEW!! You are the ORDERTAKER, NOT a person that gives ADVICE, unless the customer asks for your advice that is.

Think if you only want a certain appetizer and a certain entrée, then you don't want your server to waste your time when you could be telling your order, would you? Be CONSIDERATE is what I am saying.

If you upsell after I have said what I wanted, you are rude to do such a thing. Think about it, if I just said I wanted a half-rack of ribs, I know what I want, so leave me alone and just take down WTF I say. Don't try to change my mind. That is WASTING MY TIME AND REALLY LOWERING YOUR TIP for being a control freak. You aren't the customer, so you have NO SAY SO of what I want to eat or drink.

"Everything you complained about is what we are told to do, its how we make money."

NO, you make your money by satisfying customers, not yourself!! You satisfy your customer by pleasing THEM, not assuming things. You satisfy your customer by not telling them what you think they may want by just letting them order for themselves without giving your opinion.

Complaining about a server not noticing I don't have utensils is something that should be common sense to not serve food without them.
Complaining about making comments about what a person orders should be common sense not to do that.
Complaining about giving all change back should be common sense you aren't supposed to STEAL your tip beforehand.
Complaining about not being asked or told that drinks are 2-for-1 is common sense that you should *ASK* what the customer wants if they want both at the same time or not. It's called being CONSIDREATE, which you aren't.
Complaining about dipping sauces is important, because that's how people eat the food, so without the sauces, they cannot eat their food they want they want to.
Complaining about the server not writing down my order is a VALID thing as well, because most people cannot remember every single detail.

"You are simply just another one of the mean, hard to deal with costumers that everyone tries to get rid of and doesnt want to serve."

I have PLENTY of servers that want to serve us and NO, I am NOT MEAN, I am NICE!! MOST of the servers such as you are mean. I bet you don't even say you are sorry when you forget something or mess up something, do you? That's mean if you don't say you are sorry, even for a small mistake.

You are hard to deal with server that would want to ORDER for their customers and CONTROL the entire dining experience when it's supposed to be the ***CUSTOMER** doing that, NOT THEIR SERVER!!

You still don’t know how to spell customers, do you? You don't know how to write contractions, do you? I know I may not spell every word correctly, but you didn’t even PROOFREAD this post and you call yourself smart. It makes you look ignorant.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Get over yourself, you dont know anything about serving."


I know A LOT more than MOST servers know, especially about the menu.

How could I not know when we go out to eat EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND?

Have you ever gotten your food delivered OBVIOUSLY wrong as customer?

Have you ever been overcharged at a restaurant?

Have you ever had a server ASSUME when you wanted an appetizer just because you ordered 2 of them?

Have you had HUNDREDS of servers forget your condiments you ordered?

WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH ALL THESE THINGS!! WE KNOW MORE THAN YOU!! When it's YOUR FOOD, YOUR DRINKS, and YOUR WAIT TIME, it's a different story as to how you would do things if that were YOU serving.

I couldn't fathom not apologizing for forgetting someone's ranch, yet, MOST don't apologize no matter how nice you are about the mistake.

Even huge mistakes, servers don't apologize for sometimes.

"We weren't trained by eachother we were required to take a training class,"

I wouldn't even need a class, that's how STUPID you are that you NEED a CLASS to serve. It's COMMON SENSE on how to serve.

I know some people ARE trained by other servers, because WE HAVE EXPERIENCED getting served by TRAINEES that were with their TRAINERS BEFORE.



At Applebee's once, we had a trainer and our waitress serving us. Our waitress told us she was training her.

Think before you write, because what you have written, DOESN'T PERTAIN TO ALL RESTAURANTS!!

"The only reason you picked out my spelling is because you have nothing to say that you havent already said over and over and over and over again."

I picked at your spelling and lack of knowing how to write contractions, because you seem to act so SMART, when you can't even WRITE SIMPLE words like "REDICULOUS" you spelled it as when EVERYONE KNOWS it's spelled "RIDICULOUS." YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!

5:20 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"because why would I take my time on someone like you?"


You decided to REPLY, so that is taking YOUR TIME up, so obviously, you did it TWICE, so you are proving yourself to be STUPID to say this.

You obviously took the time TWICE, so you obviously thought I was worth the TIME and EFFORT!!! WHAT AN IDIOT TO PROVE HERSELF WRONG IN HER OWN POST!!! IDIOT!!!

"I feel sorry for your husband and family"

I feel sorry for ANY customers you have to serve, because you are an UNCARING BITCH!! Anyone that's caring would AGREE that it's annoying to change someone's order AFTER they said it, even you would if it was YOUR FOOD OR DRINK you were ordering.

Everyone gets a menu to pick and choose IF and WHAT they want next, NOT their servers. Not everyone wants a full glass and some want something else instead.

Read Ashley's comment:
"Ashley November 29, 2008 at 11:38 pm I too am a server and as part of training in the restaurant I work at, I was taught to ask before bringing a refill, because although they will drink it if it’s in front of them, some people dont actually want that whole other glass of pop, they might actually want water or an alcoholic beverage… so in asking you always make sure the customer is getting what they want. :)"

See, in HER TRAINING, they told her NOT to give refills without asking or being asked to. SEE, how TRAINING DIFFERS? You shouldn't get something without asking first by asking at the GREETING TIME if the customers want that type of service or not since customers don't ask for that type of service.

NOT EVERYONE WANTS A FULL DRINK ALL THE TIME OR THE SAME DRINK!! I have sent servers back before to change drinks.

"No one cares if you have had a bad time at a restaurant when they take a second look at you."

NO ONE cares if you get paid well or not when they have a stupid server like you that thinks she knows-it-all, because she took some training classes.

NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR FUCKING TIP, UNLESS THEY GET GOOD SERVICE, even then, some people are cheap and won't tip or tip 10% or less. You know that is the truth!!

5:21 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"because why would I take my time on someone like you?"

When you just posted, you are TAKING YOUR TIME ON ME, IDIOT!! You just CONTRACDICTED YOURSELF DUMMY!!!

It's funny how you don't have ANY COME BACKS for what I said, because I am RIGHT and YOU ARE WRONG!!!

I have even PROVEN you wrong with REAL LIFE SITUATIONS AND EVEN REAL SERVER'S OPINIONS!! How does it feel to know LESS than someone that isn't a server, huh? I KNOW MORE THAN YOU ABOUT SERVING!!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"bringing a fresh drink out without asking."

If it's "SO REQUIRED" WHY don't MOST servers DO IT, HUH? WHY don't I see them be FIRED to the restaurants I frequent, HUH? It's not "REQUIRED", because if it was, the servers that don't do it would get fired.

It's NOT "REQUIRED" not to ask at the greeting "Would you all like refills without being asked throughout your service?" THIS IS NOT REQUIRED THAT YOU CANNOT ASK QUESTIONS!! Then, you will know if they want that type of service or not, because NOT EVERYONE DOES, since EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT in this world and likes DIFFERENT THINGS.

WHY couldn't you ask if they would like that type of service? I know I would, because I would satisfy THEM, NOT ME, THEM is the KEY to my tip and to making them happy as from a one person to another.

"As for the dessert, at my store we are told to ask halfway through the meal to try to help you think about it so you will save room."

We have only been asked maybe 2 or 3 times since Nov. 2000 about that out of the hundreds of times we have gone out to eat since then. It's NOT REQUIRED AT ALL!! THAT IS BULLSHIT!! MOST SERVERS KNOW BETTER THAN TO DAMAGE THEIR TIP BY RUSHING PEOPLE!! If the people want to be rushed, they would ask for the check when they order their entrées. People most of the time don't know if they will be HUNGRY for a dessert or not. I don't go to a restaurant knowing I want dessert unless I am going just to get drinks and a dessert.

"The doughnut store is not a serving job,"

Then WHY did a manager at Outback told me that it's something similiar, because he KNEW where I use to work at? I even told him I wasn't a waitress before, but he still told me that it was similar due to we had a waitress that started out her very first week that didn't act like she ever was a customer before or something. She tried to cover up that she put in our appetizer order wrong. We were in a party of 4, so there were more things to order than we normally have.

Anyway, I didn't just serve donuts, we SERVED REAL FOOD like BURGERS, BISCUITS, CROISSANTS, CHICKEN SANDWICHES, PORK CHOP SANDWICHES, CHICKEN TENDRS, BBQ BEEF SANDWICH, ETC. While it was on a VERY SMALLER scale, it still has SOME SIMILARITIES of a waitress. I got people's food to the tables, counter, and booths. I got them their drinks, refills on their drinks, condiments, sometimes their check/or change depending on if they wanted to pay upfront like Denny's or Waffle House does.

While it's not being a waitress in a big or even a regular sized restaurant, it's sort of like being a waitress in a very small restaurant.

7:46 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Just how old are you? I really think that this blog sounds like someone just out of High School or someone who got knocked up at the age of 12 and had a shotgun wedding."

32yrs old, how old are you?

You sound like a lazy, uncaring person. You also sound like someone that has no common sense to speak of.

As far as getting "knocked up", I have NEVER been pregnant before and I waited for intercourse until I was 25yrs old, the day I got married in 2002 for your information.

"because of all the people that treat us like shit when we make one honest mistake and wind up taking it out of our pay."

Sometimes it's not a mistake though such as servers admitting not comparing the written orders to the plates of food, when it's only a party of 2 99.9% of the times we go out to eat, so it's not rocket science to verify 2 people's food items, yet some servers ADMITTED they didn't by the things they said such as one waitress at a Chili's said "So what did you order" when she brought out VERY OBVIOUS errors. Another time, a waiter at a seafood restaurant said he grabbed the wrong entrée from the kitchen and he also I saw with my own 2 eyes, DIDN'T compare the written orders to the plates he was handing out off the tray(he was handing another table's entrées out as well as ours).

One waitress said "I don't add it up" when we had an overcharge with prices that was $1.50(which the entrée was $21.99 and adding crawfish was another $4.99, which the final price was one price on the check.). A Second or Third grader even could round that and see that it wasn't 28 dollars and something it was 22 + 5 = 27.

Another waitress said it wasn't her fault the overcharge happened, yet I watched her print the check out and NEVER ONCE COMPARE the MENU to our check, NOT ONCE!!

See, when it's a "REAL MISTAKE", that means the server took ****************EFFORT************ in their job, not NONE!! A mistake is when you tried and failed, NOT when you never once tried your best.

You cannot call it a mistake if you didn't TRY, can you? That's called LAZINESS!!

You can call a mistake a mistake when you really truly TRIED your best, NOT when you come to my table and NEVER ONCE TOOK THE EFFORT TO FIND A MISTAKE. My server's job is to be a mistake finder as far as things that they can find in their control that they wouldn't have to touch someone's food. Customers are PAYING servers for the service they provide, so if that service has mistakes, COULD have the server prevented the mistakes if they would have ***TAKEN SOME EFFORT*** instead of none? The answer is most of the time, they probably could have, but were too lazy ass and uncaring to verify anything that was in their control that they didn't have to touch the food to notice the mistake.

Do you realize that servers usually don't ever compare the menu to the check? That means it's not a mistake, it's A LACK OF EFFORT AND LAZINESS!! It's not a mistake then, is it, if they haven't even TRIED to charge the customer correctly? How can it be a mistake?

7:04 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"No it's not. Plain and simple my job is to serve you drink and food. End of story. There is nothing in my job description that says I have to be a "mistake finder." If a mistake is made then it's my job to find a way to correct it to the best of my abilities. But a "mistake finder," no. Believe me I looked through all my training material that I still have from when I was trained over 12 years ago. I even looked through the new material that I was issued for being a trainer, and there is no "mistake finder" in my job description."

WHY be so UNCARING and LAZY as well as not want to EARN your way to a BETTER tip to try to PREVENT the mistake from getting to the customer? Shouldn't that be a goal for all servers? A way to get a bad tip is to make mistakes and most people have common sense to know what mistakes are in the server's control and what aren't. It's your fault if you could have seen the mistake before the customer did if it's something you didn't have to touch the food to notice the mistake such as a missing side of ranch(which that one is your mistake even if you don't bring out the food unless the customer refuses an offer to bring it out ahead of time) or an overcharge of ANY kind(unless my server doesn't hand me my check), or if my server brings me the completely wrong food or completely wrong drinks, etc.

Jenettycakes76: "AS A FORMER OUTBACK SERVER (many moons ago).... YES - it is the responsibility of the front of the house (server) AND back of the house (kitchen) to serve/prepare the correct meal. When the server gets the table's food (usually from the Manager), a carbon copy of what he/she wrote down comes with it (this is to ensure the order of the food is placed on the tray accordingly - like seat A - F, position 1 - 6). If you request no pickles, regardless of where they are served on the plate, then you should have received no pickles. Again this is a combo of the kitchen & server to make sure you do not receive them. Which it seems wasn't followed through in your case.."

She stating it is HER responsiblity to bring the LAST result to your table obviously correctly. Isn't that something, she was a "MISTAKE FINDER", which is what I have been saying that servers are. Isn't that something, she agrees with me and she was server? She was stating she was supposed to find the pickles on the plate before she delivered it. She did not say she would have just trusted the kitchen staff and just brought out the plate without verifying the plate for obvious errors. She said it was a COMBO of the kitchen and her, which if there were pickles on the plate, she would have refused to deliver it unlike you, because you said you aren't a "MISTAKE FINDER."

While I know she also states refills without request and to get one when your refill is half-way empty, she never once said she couldn't ASK THE CUSTOMER if they would like a refill. All she states is that the CUSTOMER is not supposed to have to ask for a refill. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between the server asking and the customer asking for something.

Continued next post:

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Blogger Springs1 said...

"No it's not. Plain and simple my job is to serve you drink and food. End of story. There is nothing in my job description that says I have to be a "mistake finder." If a mistake is made then it's my job to find a way to correct it to the best of my abilities. But a "mistake finder," no. Believe me I looked through all my training material that I still have from when I was trained over 12 years ago. I even looked through the new material that I was issued for being a trainer, and there is no "mistake finder" in my job description."

"Absolutely right. As a waiter, it was ultimately my responsibility to ensure that EVERYTHING was correct with your food. Cooks would plate up entrees and the expediter would "build tickets" by collecting the correct entrees, adding the side items, and placing the plates on a tray to complete the order. (at least that's how it worked just about everywhere I have been). At that point, the waiter SHOULD check each plate to see that the order is correct to include having the correct side items. Waiter should also make sure that the food is still hot and didn't "die in the window" while waiting for the order to be filled. Lastly, a waiter who actually knows what he is doing can simply look at your steak and tell with some accuracy whether it is cooked correctly or not. (There are of course exceptions where steaks are "borderline", like right between medium rare and medium, or between medium and mid well.)I have had any number of cooks yell at me because I told them to recook a steak before I even took it to the table. It doesn't take a genius to see a somewhat burnt steak sitting on a plate and to figure out that it ISN'T medium rare as ordered.) The funny thing is, if waiters took the time to pay attention to the little details like the one's Spring mentioned, they would actually have MORE time on their hands to take care of customers. Afterall, it takes maybe 30 seconds to check over an order and make sure it's correct. Failure to do so means that you now have to go all the way back to the kitchen, argue with a cook, get a replacement side item, then carry it back out to the table. That time could have been better spent taking care of other tables instead."

Isn't that something, a FORMER WAITER said it was HIS JOB to ensure the EVERYTHING was correct with your food as far as obvious mistakes go if he took the order and brought out the food that is of course.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

"No it's not. Plain and simple my job is to serve you drink and food. End of story. There is nothing in my job description that says I have to be a "mistake finder." If a mistake is made then it's my job to find a way to correct it to the best of my abilities. But a "mistake finder," no. Believe me I looked through all my training material that I still have from when I was trained over 12 years ago. I even looked through the new material that I was issued for being a trainer, and there is no "mistake finder" in my job description."

BuckeyeSandy said:
"but it is the wait staffer that is the final check before serving."

Jenny said "However, she's the last person that sees the food prior to handing it to us. It's up to her to see that there are no pickles on the plate. If there are, she should've taken it back to the kitchen to be remedied. The kitchen may make a mistake but it's also up to her to use her eyes and notice if something is wrong and take care of it before the customer even sees it."

Even this customer agrees that the server is supposed to be a mistake finder BEFOREHAND, NOT fixing the mistake AFTER if they want a GOOD TIP. YOU **EARN** YOUR TIP, it's not a RIGHT just because you hand us food. If it's obviously correct or not is what matters the very most out of anything honestly.

"About the tea refill...I believe a good server will keep an eye on the drink levels and refill on their own. In fact, while dining out all week, (and even at home) I rarely have to ASK for a refill. They simply bring a new one in and I tell them thank you. But had she come back to check on us occasionally, then perhaps we would've had the opportunity to ask."

While I understand she likes the refills without asking or being asked, she happens to want a refill and the same drink, so of course she wants that. Her server could have simply ASKED her at the time of greeting so she could have gotten the service she wanted with that aspect at least. Also, as a customer, she could have told the server that her server didn't have to ask as far as refills go to just give her some automatically. Customers don't want to communicate therefore it's up to the server to find out who likes what. Customers that don't want refills without asking shouldn't have to tell their servers to not order for them, because they aren't supposed to be without the customer's permission to do so and it also doesn't happen a lot of the time, only sometimes, so why bother wasting time ASSUMING that my server will assume? The server shouldn't be assuming you want ANYTHING, even a refill, they should find out first before risking wasting time.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

"No it's not. Plain and simple my job is to serve you drink and food. End of story. There is nothing in my job description that says I have to be a "mistake finder." If a mistake is made then it's my job to find a way to correct it to the best of my abilities. But a "mistake finder," no. Believe me I looked through all my training material that I still have from when I was trained over 12 years ago. I even looked through the new material that I was issued for being a trainer, and there is no "mistake finder" in my job description."

aka Sasha said:

"As a former waitress, I always looked at everything before it went out -- unless of course, a food runner took it for me and in that case he would look at the ticket and verify everything."

KatyLouWho said

"I don't care if the manager is supposed to check plates. A good server does that."

"Too many people out there refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and love to blame others."

SO TRUE that the action of let's say in Jenny's case if it was HER server that brought out the plate with the pickles and not another server, that it was through her server's actions why Jenny received that mistake at her table. It wasn't because of the expo. It was because of her server that didn't take ANY EFFORT into comparing the written order with the plate of food BEFORE bringing it to the customer's table.

If it's the server's responsiblity to fix the mistake afterwards, it's also the server's responsiblity to fix the mistake beforehand as well if they want a good tip. You have to EARN your pay. It's not like you just get money just because you brought me food, drinks, napkins, check, etc. It's because you *****CARED**** about if my food and drinks were obviously correct or not as well as if the check was correct or not. If you don't care about your customer's orders being right, WTF SHOULD THEY CARE MUCH ABOUT YOUR FUCKING TIP? KARMA, WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!! Your job IS to find the mistake BEFORE it gets to me as far as things that are in your control that you don't have to cut open or touch or taste the food to notice the mistake. You can tell if my bacon is crispy if it's not covered up by anything as well. Your job is a mistake finder, because you are at the CUSTOMER'S MERCY as to WHAT YOUR PAY WILL BE OR NOT!! You are VERY UNCARING person!! A CARING server would be a mistake finder and would have taken the EFFORT to not have brought out a plate with pickles for instance or to have not have brought my husband the completely wrong food(fried shrimp w/fries instead of crawfish au gratin w/baked potato).

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Blogger Springs1 said...

"No I am not. That is not a part of my job description."

While it may not be part of your "job description", it is COMMON SENSE that YOU MAKE YOUR OWN TIP(whether good or bad) for the most part, meaning if you know I said I wanted a side of ranch with mozzarella sticks and you bring me my food, even if the kitchen staff didn't plate it(let's say you put the order in correctly), in order to get a good tip, you have to get things right, otherwise people will take points off in general. I didn't say everyone will, but some people do.

I feel WHY have our servers in the picture then if they are just "DELIVERY PEOPLE" per say? I might as well grab my shit from the kitchen and leave you the FUCKING HELL OUT OF MY ORDER, because you don't *******CARE********* about MY TIME YOU ARE WASTING BRING ME THE WRONG THING OR IF YOU FORGOT SOMETHING, not because you actually tried, it's because you didn't even TRY to make sure that written order you wrote down matched the items on the plate(as far as you can see without having to touch the food(such as a pickle under a bun that you can't see I wouldn't take off for unless you admitted putting in the order wrong).

Tell me this: "WHY WRITE DOWN THE ORDERS IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO CARE WHAT THE FINAL RESULT OBVIOUSLY LOOKS LIKE?" You can write down everything correctly, but it can come out wrong or parts of it wrong.

A good example was the Chili's waitress that I helped get fired due to her being rude to me. What happened with my food is that the manager had told me she put in the order right. I know she wrote down the order, because I saw her writing my order down. When *SHE* brought out the food, major things were wrong. I had ordered baby back ribs(which back the menu had it came with a BOWL of cinnamon apples and fries. I ordered it just like this: "Baby Back ribs, substitute extra fries for the cinnamon apples, 2 sides of bbq sauce, 1 side of ranch, and 1 side of mayo. She brought out a BIG BOWL of cinnamon apples, the baby back ribs, a regular amount of fries, and 1 side of ranch. She had the AUDACITY to ASK ME "So what did you order", which I repeated my order again for her. See, she WROTE IT DOWN, right? So WTF was the point of her writing it down if the final result didn't come out OBVIOUSLY correct. I didn't have to touch ANYTHING to notice all of those mistakes. She asked me this when she put the food in front of me, so she didn't even leave the table yet when she asked what did I order. Any person with COMMON SENSE would know their TIP depends on DUH mistakes like that and that they would have not made the customer do work again by telling their order again at the time of the food being ready. I can understand repeating the order(even 3 times) during the time you actually order, but not afterwards, that's ridiculous. Especially not when the food is ready. Do you want your server not to care and just hand you anything?

Anyway, while it may not be in your job description, you have to make your OWN MONEY and decide for YOURSELF what tip you will make or not. It's kind of like studying for a test, you decide to study longer, you probably will make a better grade than if you don't study as long. Same thing with tipping that the more *EFFORT* you put in, the more money you SHOULD make if everyone would be fair when they tipped, which some people aren't. The less effort you put into studying, the more likely your grade won't be as good.

Continued next post:

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Blogger Springs1 said...

"No I am not. That is not a part of my job description."

Don't you think if she would have made her DESTINY with her tip, she would have gotten ALL those mistakes corrected BEFORE she decided to WASTE A TRIP AND TIME for EVERYONE she served bringing out things wrong as well as making 2 more trips, which one was the bring the condiments and the other was to bring the fries when they were ready? You decide to make your own money. You want good money, you be a MISTAKE CATCHER, otherwise don’t complain when your tip is shit and you KNEW it was IN YOUR CONTROL to have caught that mistake, but didn't. Then, no one you can blame except YOURSELF for your LACK OF **EFFORT**!!

For instance, before a 30 cent price overcharge on my ribs at Outback, the waitress was going to get 20%. Because she was uncaring and too lazy ass to CARE about our money, WE SHOWED HER THE SAME EXACT THING BACK, by giving her 8%. She deserved it for being too lazy ass and uncaring to COMPARE the menu prices to the check and getting it fixed from her manager***SO WE DIDN'T HAVE THAT CRAP OF HAVING TO FIND IT FOR **HER****, so she got her tip she deserved for being too a lazy ass to care about our money. You want us to care about your sob stories; you are showing us you don't give a flying fuck about our money to be a MISTAKE CATCHER. Your job is to make your own tip. You can decide if you want to be lazy, which it will show in the tip we give. I can't say that for the cheapskates, but for us, we tip fairly.

"If I were to be sat 3 tables I would go to all three in the order sat get the drinks then reverse the order so the first table gets their drinks last but gets their order in first. It makes sense in a business to work this way."

It isn't FAIR to the first or second party to do that. A FAIR server would hand the drinks out in the order in which they were taken in. You want people to tip for flipping a cap, yet, you are letting people CUT in front of other people's turns. Also, you said sometimes you grab a beer from the person that ordered second before fixing the first person's mixed drink, so you are unfair there too, but expect us to show we care, look at how YOU are BEING UNFAIR TO US CUSTOMERS!!!

The first table that would get their drinks last waited UNFAIRLY for you to take THEIR TIME up giving the first and second tables their drinks. That's just wrong, it really is MORALLY WRONG to let the other 2 tables CUT in front of the first person's table.

If I would have 3 table's things on a tray, I'd hand them in the order in which they came in and right AWAY as I was handing them their drinks that "I'll be right back." The first table would get their drinks FIRST, then the SECOND, and then the THIRD. That's the MORALLY RIGHT THING TO DO NOT TO LET ANYONE CUT IN FRONT OF SOMEONE ELSE'S TURN!! You know that's the truth!!

7:13 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"It saves everyone time and looks good to everyone around that the server is busting their ass for all of these people at once."

It doesn’t save time for everyone. How can you honestly say that, because it's 100% a LIE? It doesn't save time for the FIRST table. You cannot possibly do it "ALL AT ONCE", because time is time. Minutes go by and it takes MINUTES to get people's orders and fill the drinks. There's no such thing as "ALL AT ONCE", because it's not all at once. A good example is the Outback situation I wrote about on my "Serve Me Please" blog.

This is what I wrote:

"Outback waiter got triple sat. We got seated at 5:00p.m. exactly. He took my husband and I's soft drink order at 5:03p.m.(which is average greeting time), then proceeded to go the second table and get their drink order. Then the third table. The second table had around 5 people. I don't know how many the third table had. Anyway, he gets ALL the drinks for ALL 3 tables. He actually had the GALL to hand a drink to a lady at the SECOND table, instead of us which we ordered FIRST. Anyway, we didn't get our drinks until 5:10p.m. and still didn't get to order at 5:10p.m., because he was distributing the 2 other table's drinks. My point is, we waited 7 minutes for ONLY 2 soft drinks from the time we ordered our soft drinks and 10 minutes from the time we were seated. That's just RIDICULOUS for ONLY 2 soft drinks. If he would have gone IN ORDER, our drinks would have arrived probably 5:06p.m. at the LATEST, probably sooner. If he would have gone in order, he would could have said "Ill be right back" as he was handing us the soft drinks and went to get the second table's drink order, then the third table's drink order. This way ONLY the THIRD table would have waited the whole 10 minutes, NOT ALL 3 tables. "

See, it didn't save us TIME at ALL. We had to wait until the other 2 tables got their food orders taken too, to get our food orders into the computer, which that second table had like 4 or 5 people at it. Think of the delays in getting our food when WE were first.

The waiter didn't hand the third table their's first, he handed ONE lady at the second table hers, then ours, then the rest of them to the other tables. I was mad that he handed ONE lady hers at another table even, because that's just UNFAIR and WRONG considering we had to WAIT FOR A TABLE TOO, NOT JUST THEM.

It does NOT "SAVE TIME" for EVERYONE. It only saves time for the third table honestly and somewhat the second table. The first table GETS TO WAIT THE LONGEST UNFAIRLY SO!!

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Blogger Springs1 said...

This is what I wrote to cassandra_nicole, which I would like to post it again to make you realize that it's UNFAIR to treat all 3 tables as one big table:

"Even with that, if I was triple sat, assuming none of the 3 tables would want to completely order their entrées, I would take the drink/appetizer orders of the first table and at least ring them into the computer. Then, I would take the 2nd table's order just as did the first one by RIGHT after I took it, put the order into the computer. Then, the third, do the same. Then, get all drinks for the first table and say right away (I would be right back) BEFORE they would have a chance to say they were ready to order, same thing for the second and third tables. Then, I get the entrée orders for the first table and then go put the orders into the computer. Then, the same thing for the second, then the third. I wouldn't make the first people wait the longest as we have had happen to us. It's called BEING FAIR and doing the right thing. Once, we were the first table out of 3 at Outback(our table party of 2, 2nd table party of like 4 or 5, and 3rd table party of 2). It took 3 minutes just to get greeted even. It took 10-11 minutes just to receive our 2 cokes, because he wanted to do things all at once by getting all the orders first and all the drinks on one tray. He also delayed our food, by not putting it into the computer right after by getting all 3 table's food orders at once into the computer."

"Do you understand that you are letting people CUT in front of someone else's turn by serving your way? If you agree that it's UNFAIR of a customer to interrupt a server to ask them let's say to get them a refill while they are taking another table's order that it's that other table's turn at that point, then you can see we ALL have to TAKE TURNS. When it's our turn it's ours, when it's theirs, it theirs. If there's a problem, a turn should be interrupted to fix a mistake. We all take turns!!! You want people to not interrupt you when you are taking someone's order, treat them the same way when you are taking their order by getting things done in a timely manner."

Do you see that you take the FIRST table's time up to be UNFAIR to them when probably waited for a table too?

HOW could you FATHOM handing the drinks out in the wrong order off a tray? I understand why due to that you don't want the last table to start to order, but if you are smart, you will say RIGHT as you are getting to their table and handing out the drinks that you would be right back. If they would say they are ready to order, you would tell them that since you would be triple sat, that you need to take the first table out the groups order first. THAT IS THE ONLY FAIR WAY TO DO IT AND THE ONLY WAY THAT YOU DON'T MAKE THE *FIRST* TABLE WAIT THE LONGEST. Do you honestly think we should have had to wait 10 minutes to get 2 cokes? 2 cokes, I am sorry, but that's not the way it's supposed to be either. A manager at Chili's agreed with me when we once waited 16 minutes to get 2 cokes from being seated and waited 5 minutes just to get greeted. She said the soft drinks should be there within 5 minutes at the longest. I can give or take 5-7 minutes, but 10 minutes is ridiculous at 5:00p.m. of all things especially.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

setron -Continued from last post:

A waitress at Applebee's did the same type of situation. We ordered a tea, a diet pepsi(that's my husband's drink) and I ordered a perfect margarita(which she wasted time telling me "GOOD CHOICE" as if her opinion really mattered.) I had already had that drink a bunch of times before, so I already knew what it tasted like. Anyway, she was triple sat. We were first out the group again. She had 2 other parties of 2 and we were a party of 2. She gets all the drink orders and then gets all the drinks. Then, she handed them out OUT OF ORDER. She had the GALL to hand the THIRD table their drinks first off the tray. Sorry, but that's SO FUCKING RUDE!! You don't let them CUT in front of OUR TURN. The second table got theirs second just as if we would have gotten ours. Then, we got ours. Then she took order entrée orders. Instead of going to put the orders into the computer, NO she took up OUR TIME to HOLD our orders in her hand to take the other 2 table's orders. Then, she put all the orders in. Guess what? She messed up BIG TIME, all because she wanted to do it all in shot. She put into the computer baby back ribs when my husband ordered a burger. Another server ran the ribs, but our waitress admitted fault and there was a void on our check as well for the ribs.

Anyway, my point is, that wouldn't have probably had happened if she would have put EACH table's order into the computer RIGHT AFTER each other. Especially, I could SEE the computer from where we were sitting, it wasn't far at all, NOT at all, VERY close to us. No comp, just a sorry. I also got up to eventually get utensils before the food arrived, which the poor second table that ended up getting their food before ours without utensils due to the ribs more than likely as to why our food got delayed(not necessarily, but it's probable). They had to ask for utensils. NON-OBSERVANT server she was. Anyway, she got stiffed. WHY? LOOK at how UNFAIRLY she treated us, how UNOBSERVANT she was, and most importantly, how she didn't get a comp or pay for one soft drink or tea HERSELF to make-up for her MAJOR mess up. I almost was finished mine when my husband's burger arrived. She was terrible throughout the whole ordeal. She had to state her opinion when what SHE likes doesn't mean anything when the customer doesn't want to know their server's opinion. She didn't notice we nor did she notice another table that didn't have utensils(which see I am not lazy, I went to get some instead of made her do it). She delayed our food and drinks by taking orders without putting orders into the computer, which I could have gotten my margarita faster if she would have went to the computer RIGHT AFTER taking my order. She could have handed out the drinks in the order in which they were taken in to be FAIR and SQUARE. I feel you want people to be fair to you as far as to pay you for your work, be fair to US. You want to treat us like shit, we will treat you just the same, like crap as she treated us. While I didn't count that the other table needed utensils, because that wasn't our service, just the fact that it's sad that servers DO NOT ACT LIKE CUSTOMERS!! They act like they NEVER go out to eat EVER and don't know what it's like to get food in front of them.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

"The whole idea of getting 3 tables at the same time" "You have to look at those 3 tables as one large group of people and work accordingly."

But you cannot POSSIBLY do that. One is first, the other is second, and the other is third. The first people get to wait the very longest and it's honestly not fair. You cannot possibly get to the tables all at once, that's why it's called getting "TRIPLE SAT" instead of "ONE LARGE PARTY", because we AREN'T one large party, we are INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS, with INDIVIDUAL TURNS.

The whole idea is that the hostess or host shouldn't seat back to back like that and should make the customers wait at least 3-5 minutes so the server can get orders taken in a timely manner and the first people don't have to suffer for the LAST people. The last people should still be in that lobby waiting. We waited for a table in both situations(the Outback and the Applebee's one). If we waited for a table, that means we are next if we are next. If we are third, that means we have to wait longer and FAIRLY so.

Don't you agree that if you are taking a party of 5's food orders and I am at another table of yours, then I go tap you on your shoulder that I need a refill that it would be MORALLY WRONG to CUT in front of the party you are taking their food order from? PLEASE ANSWER THIS!!

If you feel it's morally wrong to do that, then WHY when the server let's a table CUT in front of ours that we can't feel the same way, huh? Cutting is cutting whether it is me rudely going up to you while you are in the middle of taking someone's order to ask you if I can get a refill or whether it's you handing out drinks out of order off your tray. There's NO DIFFERENCE IN CUTTING HERE, NONE!! They are both CUTTING in front of someone else's turn. Don't tell me there aren't turns, because if I was to ask you to get a refill while you were taking another party's order, you would tell that party you'd be right back and get my refill if it wasn't their turn. Of course that's rude to do that, so WHY you don't see it's RUDE as ALL HELL to hand things off of a tray OUT OF ORDER? If we waited for a table too, we should get our drinks BEFORE the second and third tables out of the 3 tables.

"If we did that then it would take twice as long for EVERY one in our sections or bars to get served and the industry would inevitably fail."

That's VERY UNTRUE, because as I said, we would get our drinks in the order in which it was taken in. We could have gotten our 2 cokes by 6-7 minutes instead of 10 at the longest. We would have gotten our tea/diet pepsi from the Applebee's waitress off the tray 15-20 seconds faster. The thing is, when you are thirsty, those seconds are important. Also, it's not as much about the seconds difference as it is about the PRINCIPLE of it that we were FIRST, so it's not fair that the THIRD table gets theirs first, it just isn't. It's MEAN and RUDE. It's very inconsiderate as well. I couldn't fathom doing that to someone on purpose like that, I really couldn't.

It takes longer to get my white russian if you get someone's beer that ordered after me, so it doesn't help the FIRST person. The first person gets to wait the longest. It's really unfair, it really is.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"You can't possibly think it's like standing in line for fast food or concert tickets because it's all about CONSOLIDATION."

You can't possibly think that customers want to tip well UNFAIR servers. They don't want to be served in the wrong order by the third table getting their drinks first. That's just plain RUDE as all hell to do that to ANYONE.

You don't understand that it doesn't have to be a "PHYSICAL LINE" to be FAIR by handing things off of a tray in the order in which someone ordered something. You can be still fair. WHY do you feel the first table should have to wait the very longest? Handing 3 table's drinks off a tray should be handed in the order in which they came in. That IS how it would be 100% fair and you KNOW IT!! Just tell the customers you'd be right back as servers have done to us when they didn't get our food orders when they brought drinks out. Servers have done that to us.

"To see things from a different perspective. Because you will never do that you CANNOT possibly know everything that there is to being a server."

I NEVER said I know "EVERYTHING", because OF COURSE I don't. I said I know A LOT MORE than MOST servers know, especially about menus. I am more educated with menus I find than a lot of servers. Not even always restaurants we frequent. Even times when we went to some for the first time or second time even, we knew more than them about the menu.

As far as seeing things from a "server's perspective" the tip is all about seeing things from the "customer's perspective", that's why the server is at the customer's mercy when it comes to tipping. You want to please the CUSTOMER. The customer should always be nice to their server unless their server wasn't nice to them. The customer should not lie about their order or yell or be mean. The server should apologize if they mess up or if the customer messes up by forgetting to order something(which I have apologized when I have forgot something), they should apologize.

I see things from the server's perspective that I wouldn't treat a server like shit unless they treated me like shit. Sometimes they treat me like shit, because they aren't being a mistake finder and are just being LAZY as well as UNCARING like you. You show me you don't give a shit, what do you expect me to do you back? I have many of times still said "Thank you" when servers forgot things, YET, most don't say they are sorry, no matter how nice you are about the mistake. I DO see things from a server's perspective, otherwise, WHY would I tell them "Thank you" when they bring me things and ask NICELY for things. WHY would I tell them "Thank you" without hearing a sorry when they messed up? Obviously, I am thinking about it as if that were ME as the server, don't you see that?

8:10 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Plain and simple, unless you do the job, you will never know how the job is to be done."

HOW is that possible when I see A LOT OF TIMES when I get the wrong food from MY SERVER or MY SERVER forgetting my condiments or MY SERVER overcharging me or MY SERVER bringing me ONE drink from the bar that is obviously wrong, etc.?

I know a lot more than MOST servers do. I wouldn't be so stupid and lazy ass as to trust ANY of the co-workers(even management) for my money if I didn't have to, which most things you don't have to trust those people did things correctly.

If I had to do that job to know what to do, I wouldn't be seeing things that our servers should and COULD have easily done that brought us VERY OBVIOUS mistakes to the table or even admitted they didn't compare the written orders to the food or compare the menus to the check. WHY can't you understand that?

"but I implore you to try it out and see for yourself just how frustrating it can be to wait on a table like yourself."

If I were to wait on a customer just like me, yes it would be a lot more work than someone who wants their food "as is" from the menu, but I would still try my VERY BEST to make sure they'd have what they asked for by bringing the condiments out ahead of time as long as it's ok with them of course, things like that I would do to ENSURE good service with the things that would be in my control.

"I do my best to treat everyone as I would like to be treated"


You don't do your best, because you admitted right here:

"Plain and simple my job is to serve you drink and food. End of story. There is nothing in my job description that says I have to be a "mistake finder."

If that were so, you would make sure that the customer didn't get an obvious mistake with their food if you brought them their food if you were their server or give them their check with a wrong price on it all because you didn't compare the menu to the check.

You would want to be treated with no problems, because WHO THE FUCK WANTS PROBLEMS WHEN THEY GO OUT TO EAT? You don't, why can't you admit that, so WHY treat customers as if WE want the problems that you could easily PREVENT by being a mistake finder?

You don't try your best, because you said you aren't a mistake finder. A person that truly tries their best IS a mistake finder as far as things that are in our server's control go.


It doesn't work, because you aren't treating people how YOU'D like to get treated by not having problems yourself. As if you really would want to get overcharged or get a wrong entrée? YEAH RIGHT, when pigs fly!!

8:12 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"And just tell me how you personally know I am "uncaring?"

When you said this:

"No it's not. Plain and simple my job is to serve you drink and food. End of story. There is nothing in my job description that says I have to be a "mistake finder.""

You ARE PROVING without any doubts you are VERY UNCARING, because ANY CARING server would make sure EVERY SINGLE thing that they would bring to the table would be correct as far as at least giving it a GOOD OLE TRY, which you REFUSE to be a "MISTAKE FINDER."

If you were caring, you would CARE to find an obvious mistake with someone's food, drink, or check. It's true, because an uncaring and lazy server just brings out what they give them instead of checking things over themselves before handing things over to the customer, which ends up making the CUSTOMER be the mistake finder, which no customers are. We are there to PAY YOU, NOT the other way around, so it's not OUR JOBS to BABY-SIT YOUR ASSES when it comes to TRYING to find an obvious mistake. I can understand if you tried and failed, but not to try at all is just plain UNCARING, MEAN, and LAZY.

To admit to not TRYING your VERY, VERY, VERY BEST to not bring an obvious mistake to the customer's table VERY MUCH shows that you are VERY UNCARING about your customers. Any caring server would do what they could to make sure that what things they can find that are wrong that is in their control, was found and corrected BEFORE the customer RECEIVED the HASSLE of a mistake. NO SERVERS want bad tips, so WHY be the UNCARING and LAZY KIND by not trying to FIND mistakes that your co-workers make?

Continued next post:

7:06 PM  
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setron - Continued:

An easy example, a waitress at Outback took the drink orders for me and my husband. She wrote things down. I ordered down under rita with salt on the rocks and a dr. pepper. My husband ordered a diet coke. Anyway, she stupidly doesn't even LOOK at the rim of the glass and instantly I reminded her that I ordered it with salt(not mean, just simply reminded her). She takes it back. Now, it wasn't even 5 seconds at my table and I knew it wasn't right, now WHY we couldn't have gotten a CARING server that would have COMPARED her WRITTEN ORDER to the drink and told the bartender "The lady wanted salt" instead of BRINGING out what they make by depending her tip on other people when it was 100% in HER control to notice this, because she wasn't blind. Anyway, this is what she said "He didn't put it on there" as if she was BLIND as a bat or something. Of course, she didn't apologize for it before or afterwards. Now, this was a MINOR mistake, but it cost her part of her tip.

Why you may say?

1. No apology
2. Blamed it on the bartender
3. Could have TRIED to look at ONE FUCKING ASS DRINK at the VERY LEAST to get that right.

The main reasons though were the first 2. If she would have done the first 2, wouldn't have taken off NEARLY as much, possibly not at all if she was really nice about it.

My example of this is to show you how UNCARING servers are at times. I am not saying ALL, because they are A LOT of servers that do very much care and are wonderful servers, but a lot of them out there are LAZY and UNCARING like that bitch waitress.

You don't ask me "He didn't put it on there" when you come to the table and I see the salt not there, like DUH, DUH, DUH, any fucking IDIOT could have noticed that on ONE GLASS of drink. The thing was, by her blaming the bartender, she was really admitting "I didn't compare my written order with the drink BEFORE I decided to bring it to my customer." If she would have, she probably would have apologized.

Just thought I would show that it's VERY UNCARING to not be a MISTAKE FINDER. My server's job is to find the mistakes, because that's WHY we tip them. It's not just to bring us anything. What is the point of the tip then? We might as well have higher prices and no tipping, because there's no incentive to TRY YOUR VERY, VERY BEST to BRING IT OUT OBVIOUSLY CORRECT THE **FIRST** TIME AROUND!!

It's one thing if the server actually tries, then I will be more forgiving, because it would be a REAL mistake. You, on the other hand, don't try your best, because you said you aren't a "mistake finder." Mistake finders try their best to prevent mistakes from getting to the customers as much as what is in their control to catch. The waitress could have VERY easily caught the no salt on the rim of ONE glass, but only cared about her tip and was too lazy to check the drink over. It's not like she didn't hear me that I wanted salt, she admitted that she didn't check over the order by saying "He didn't put it on there."


7:07 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"honestly you know shit about this industry and probably you never leave a good tip and only complain about everything. so to be quick, just shoot yourselve!"

First off, that's right, I DO KNOW SHIT about the service industry.

Secondly, we leave good tips many of times, 20%-25%, sometimes more even.

Thirdly, you should shoot yourSELF, because you can't SPELL OR WRITE A SENTENCE CORRECTLY!!

Forthly, I don't complain about every thing, just some things. If people would do their job correctly and be caring, there wouldn't be any complaints to speak of, but more and more, there are LAZY AND UNCARING servers out there who don't try their best.

7:19 PM  
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"who needs 4 sides of ranch?"

Someone that likes ranch. Just because you probably like ketchup for example, doesn't mean I like, I HATE ketchup. My point is, no one is the same and every single person on this earth likes different things. Some people may like SOME of the same things, but everyone has things they don't like.

You act like we are supposed to be the same people on this Earth. We all like different things and we all are VERY DIFFERENT people. I think it's weird people like ketchup, because just the smell makes me gag. That doesn't mean I would tell someone something if they would want a cup of it. If that's what they like, that's what they like, SO WHAT? How is that so terrible?

7:17 PM  
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"this is the most ill-informed thing i've ever read."

WHY? It is all true. Be a customer a lot and see what happens when YOU personally experience bad service.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"what happened to you to make you think that the wait staff at a shitty 1 to 3 star restaurant should bend over and let you ass-rape them with a 12 inch strap-on every time you show up?"

Because they want that money at the end, so you better do what the customer wants, otherwise, what do you expect to get paid at the end?

Tipping is an INCENTIVE to get things as correctly as the server can notice without having to touch the food to notice the mistake if my server is the one that brings out the food and for condiments, my server can always bring those out ahead of time.

"the world hates you, and people like you."

No, a lot of servers like me. Why would they make personal chit-chat with me then if they hated me?

The world hates lazy ass servers, people like YOU!!

"i wish you had the balls to actually wait on someone like yourself just one fucking time."

WHY? I am a HARD WORKER AND WOULD ***EARN*** MY MONEY!! I am not lazy ass like you are!!

I would be doing what the customer asked and try my very best.

I would verify the things I would bring out for obvious errors and offer to bring condiments out BEFORE the food came out to AVOID anyone forgetting them.

"how old are you anyway?"

33yrs old, I bet you are 20 or so, am I right? You sound like a child to say all of this selfish and lazy stuff.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I've had several tables that i could care what they tip i just want them out of my station."

WHY are you there then? Isn't the point to RACK of the money? If you can make more money to pay your bills and have fun, WHY NOT?

"This happens after you have left"

You are STUPID. I see these servers time and time AGAIN when I GO BACK bunches of times during the years you idiot.

"We dont always run our own food if you dont notice its not always your server that brings you your food"

I know, but even if you aren't my server, you can compare the food with the ticket, so as long as the ticket is right, then the food should be obviously right.

My point is, you can still check the food even if you aren't my server, that's the point you lazy idiot.

Also, with condiments served on the side(whether in bottles or containers), my server can bring those out ahead of time not depending on another server I am not tipping to give a shit if it's right or wrong. YOU EARN YOUR OWN TIP FOR THINGS 100% IN YOUR CONTROL!!

"Six words Burger King have it your way!"


I should be able to get what **I** personally want for my money just as you should, just as anyone should, so if someone wants their food a certain way, if the restaurant can do it, it's up to you to make it happen. Condiments are YOUR responsibility if you are my server. That's not under the kitchen staff's control to bring that out to my table, it's YOURS!!

You sound VERY LAZY to say "Burger King", because tipping has to do with pleasing the ***CUSTOMER****, NOT YOUR TIRED FEET, YOU IDIOT!! You are there at MY MERCY, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, IDIOT!!

5:55 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"As for giving the check after dessert, the faster you turn tables the more money you make."

As for service being what YOU want it to be, it is NOT, it's only what the CUSTOMER wants it to be at that table. It's not your place or choice to do that. WHY not just as when you ask about dessert "Will that be all this evening" for example? This way they will tell you "not sure" or "I may get something else" if they don't want their check or if they do, they will say that is all, the check please. WHY ASSUME WHEN YOU CAN SIMPLY ASK, HUH?

Consider if they want to make the check higher, which will improve your money, don't you get that you idiot? The more you sell, the more higher the tip can be. We once had the check given and the check went up $15 around from 2 bar drinks and a dessert. That's a lot, even if it's only a $5 drink. For every $5 more on the check, when a person tips at 20%, it's an extra dollar more per tip difference between not getting something of $5 vs. getting something of $5 more.

So, NOT always is it more money to give the check after the dessert YOU MISS-KNOW-IT-ALL!!

To talk about more money you can make shows how SELFISH and SELF-CENTERED you are about your money.

"You seem like a nightmare customer."

WHY? Because I want what I want for MY MONEY?

"Upselling is a good thing in the resturant business. Alot more people get desserts or drinks if you suggest them"

That's fine, do it BEFORE I order, not AFTER, otherwise it is considered very rude to try to change someone's order.

"If you sit for 3 hours, even if you leave a good tip, I could have made tripple that, and wouldn't have to deal with your rudeness."

I am VERY NICE and NOT RUDE!! I don't know WHERE you get this from? I tell the servers "Thank you" and ask nicely for things.

Once again, it's YOU, YOU YOU with the money. You are so selfish!!!

"Servers are people too."

Customers are people too!! All you look at us is DOLLAR SIGNS, not as people the way you talk about money.

"You should want to brighten someones day, not ruin it."

I brighten servers days that don't ruin ours. I ruin theirs if they ruin ours. Get what I am saying here?

7:41 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"calling it stealing? May I suggest that you have way too much time on your hands?"

NO, YOU DO!! Let's say if you would go into store or a fast food restaurant which the cashier doesn't give you your coins back, you wouldn't feel it's stealing?

WHY just because someone makes tips that gives them rights to not return someone's change?

IT IS STEALING!! You can't just not return someone's money that they are owed. THAT IS THEFT!!

I don't see any cashiers keeping my coins when I buy something at a store or fast food restaurant without my permission, so WHY would I feel this situation should be treated *ANY* differently just because the person that serves you in a restaurant makes tips?

I am willing to bet you'd think it's stealing if all cashiers decided to keep your coin change at stores and fast food restaurants? If you would, WHY do you view this situation as not stealing then, huh?


If you don't return a penny to me, that's MY MONEY, not yours to just keep for yourself. I don't care if you make tips or not. That's MY MONEY, NOT YOURS!! So if you don't return my change, that is STEALING if you decide to keep it without my permission. SO SHUT UP, because you have NO CLUE OF WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!

9:55 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"If you don't see utensils on you table why you don't tell to the hostess to bring utensils? use common sense. Or you gonna eat with you hands?"



I usually don't notice it at first if I am looking at the menu, like DUH!!

Even if I did, I am paying YOU, NOT the hostess, so I don't have to say anything to them.

"You are so rude you pay with 2 gift certificates and the bill was 34.69 the rest is not e been the 15%. If you are paying with gifts certificates we not need to bring you the change. We make you another gift certificate with the rest."

What is rude? I paid with (2) $20 gift certificates. It was ((HIS)) FUCKING ASS CHOICE TO BRING BACK A $5 bill and not have given a gift certificate with the owed money.

They do NOT!! Our waiter brought change, just not the coins.

"And in case the server do not bring you all you pennys, subtracts the rest from the pennys."

NO, you get your change at EVERY FUCKING OTHER PLACE, WHY just because you make tips, you think it's your god damn right to STEAL and be TOO LAZY ASS to either bring coins on you or get the change from the bar or a manager?

If you take MY pennies, you get a stiff for stealing just as you stole from me. It's not the pennies, it's the fact that you STOLE is what it's all about.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"If you have such a big problem with eating out maybe you should stay at home?"

Maybe if you want a good tip, maybe YOU should LOOK FOR ANOTHER LINE OF WORK, UNCARING, LAZY BITCH!!

"Waiters/waitresses have rules to follow,"


"most people don't get as upset like you do about such small things."

Most people don't order modified orders and don't go out as much as we do. The issues that you may seem big to you may be small to me, visa versa. Everyone sees things differently.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Dahlia Scene
"I wm 110% glad that I will never ever have the pleasure of serving you."

Why? Because you are uncaring and too lazy to, huh?

"I am known as one of the best waitresses in every restaurant"

That's people's OPINIONS, NOT A FACT, OPINIONS!! If you didn't get 20% or more every single time, then that really shows that's not true or if you have any complaints against you that shows that's not truly true. What a conceded, uncaring lazy ass bitch you are.

"You're asking that I repeat your order, but you're also telling me that you can read. I'm going to give you what the order says it is unless you ask for it otherwise. The only way I'm repeating your order to you is if you have several changes you want to make, and I want to make sure I heard all the substitutions."

So are you that lazy and stupid to think they you JUST MIGHT NOT **HEAR** something I said possibly due to a loud restaurant, huh?

The main things were modified orders, but even non-modified orders should be repeated. WHY? You may think someone ordered one thing and they meant another or maybe you just didn't hear them right. What is your problem here that you are being so uncaring, RIDICULOUS, and VERY INCONSIDERATE, huh?

"I also am going to try and upsell you at least to some extent, because that is part of our job."

That's fine, the thing is, if I say I want a certain margarita, don't try upsell me AFTER, UPSELL ME **BEFORE** I order the item just as most servers do such as when they greet you they say "Would you like to start off with southwestern eggrolls or a top shelf margarita" for example. Upsell me BEFORE, NOT AFTER changing my order. As long as you aren't trying to change my mind, I don't mind the upselling since I know it's part of your job that is required.

"a server has to tip out her bus boys and kitchen staff based on her overall ticket price for the evening."

WHY are you telling me shit I already know you idiot? LIKE DUH, I wasn't born under a rock.

"but when someone like you with unreal expectations sits down at the table"

How is it so "unreal" when I have many servers give us this type of service, huh? Also, what do you feel is "unreal" about what I expect, huh? By you saying this, PROVES you are an UNCARING, VERY LAZY ASS BITCH!! There isn't ANYTHING that is unreasonable about getting what ***I*** want for ****MY*** money, just as your money you want what *YOU* want for **YOUR** money, don't ya?

"gives them next to nothing they may end up paying out more than they actually made."

Next to nothing is only when they have done a piss poor job. We have given 25%-30% tips and even more at times. We have given 2 servers 20 bucks just for christmas even. We aren't cheap. You just have to BUST ASS for you money and let US RULE THE SHOW, NOT YOU!

Continued next posts:

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Blogger Springs1 said...

Dahlia Scene
"Please take a minute to think about how you do their job if it were you doing it."

THIS ****IS******* EXACTLY WHAT I DO. I wouldn't give the check without knowing if someone was ready. I wouldn't order for someone. I would repeat orders in case I missed something. I wouldn't be pushy with upselling, etc.

I always think about "I would have done that instead" for EVERY DETAIL of my dining experience.

For example, someone asked for their check, I would get their check BEFORE picking up their dirty dishes and just come back for the clean up work right after getting the check to be considerate of the customer's time. Some servers pick up all the dishes first making you wait longer to leave. LIKE DUH, have some consideration for their time.

"Also, if you order coke, and I bring you a new one yet you wanted water or an alcoholic beverage instead I'm not really out anything. I'd rather bring you a refill you didn't want than let you have an empty glass sitting on your table so you could obviously complain about that."

You take the cake, really. You complain about repeating orders and then you want to take EFFORT, TRIPS, AND TIME WASTED if I send you back with the thing you ORDERED for me. That really takes the cake, it really does.

WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ***ORDERING*** FOR ME, HUH? CONTROL FREAK ASSHOLE!! It's NOT **YOUR** CHOICE, it's ****OUR CHOICE*** if we want something since **WE** ARE *********PAYING****** YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. You aren't paying us, remember that or drinking the drink. WE ARE OUT THE TIME YOU WASTED BY GETTING AN UNWANTED ITEM. Your other customers are out of their time they could have been getting their wanted refill or check or whatever, so you ARE LOSING TIME, which means tip wise too for those other tables by wasting time fixing the drink for nothing and trips to the table for nothing. So you are out something. Not only would you get points taken off for ASSUMING wrong, but also for other customers that needed you, but you weren't there for them faster. Never thought about that, did you?

A full glass doesn't mean anything if that's truly what I don't want, does it? So what you brought me another coke, now I want water? So I have to take it because you decided for me, WELL FUCK YOU BITCH, FUCK YOU!!

5:33 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Dahlia Scene
"I'd rather bring you a refill you didn't want than let you have an empty glass sitting on your table so you could obviously complain about that."

What makes you feel it's somehow "YOUR" choice about what **I** want in **MY** service that **I** am **PAYING YOU*** for, huh?

It's not, so don't make that choice unless you ask permission first.

I would complain about that you wasted my time getting me something I didn't want, so why does it matter if it's empty or not if I don't want the drink, then I don't want that particular drink. I have every right to want what (**********I************) want for *****MY***** MONEY.

Why do you feel you want to "control" what the customer gets, huh?

"unreal expectations"

I would really like to know how anything is unrealistic that I have mentioned here, huh? NOTHING IS. It's YOU that's unrealistic to think you should deserve a good tip for doing a poor job.

"I'm going to give you what the order says it is unless you ask for it otherwise."

You don't know if you HEARD me correctly, that's why REPEATING is so useful. Do you realize we have had side salads, a bisque, appetizers, and side dishes forgotten by our servers? Some of these things had no modifications or if they did, it wasn't much.

Why you don't want to take an extra 30 seconds or so per order to repeat it, but yet you are willing to do more work for nothing by getting an unwanted drink and an extra trip to my table for nothing, huh?

5:52 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"probably weight 400lbs with your "4 sides of ranch"."

NO, I weigh 98lbs at 5'0" tall.

"Get a fucking hobby instead of eating at Applebees every night and bitching because the servers have to wait on your fat ass."

I am not fat and I go out to eat ONLY on the weekends(once or twice a weekend, that's it)!!

6:30 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I bet servers who see you coming in the door beg not to get your table. What a bitch!"

NO, if anything, we are good friends with some of the regular servers I request and pay them very well. 2 of them this past christmas we gave 20 dollars to just for christmas, because they are hard workers and are very nice people unlike the likes of you.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"however my food never seems to get messed up."

Where do you go eat first of all?

Secondly, how often do you eat out?

I really want to know if you eat out as much as we do?

"Perhaps its because I clearly explain what I want"

I clearly explain what I want. The menu explains what the items are automatically supposed to come with.

For example, I order a burger medium well with only cheddar cheese, bacon-extra crispy, lettuce, and onions only. I add 2 sides of mayo(at least, sometimes 3 if I know the restaurant gives small containers), 1 side of mustard, 1 side of ranch, sometimes order 1 side of tartar sauce, sometimes order also 1 side of bbq sauce. Fries not overdone, no seasoning or salt.

Do you order that many modifications and if you do, you honestly NEVER have issues EVER, even when ANOTHER SERVER BRINGS YOU YOUR FOOD?

In other words, how picky are you? Are you as picky as I am?

"when it is correct I leave a 40% tip, which is actually a good tip when you are that particular about your needs an wants,"

That's great, but I don't agree with leaving double the tip even if everything went wonderful, because 30% is the highest we have gone normally, unless we got something for free such as soft drinks or something like that.

While we have given extra $20 around christmas time to those who did that well bunches of times for us, to tip that high is just nuts.

I feel 20%-25% is the normal range that should be earned.

I feel if you don't have any modifications or even want much refills, then you aren't really doing much for your money to begin with.

"I leave 20% for average service, and 10% for poor."

Poor service should get nothing if it's really poor.

20% isn't for average service and never has been.

Even restaurants I have never been to before out of state even I have gotten bad service. Did they know how we tipped? OF COURSE NOT, so tipping that high means NOTHING!! It isn't going to make your server check your food for obvious errors or your check if they are lazy.

"Maybe if you would like extremely attentive service you should tip extremely well!"

We do, we just left $15 on a $61 and something cent check. That IS a OVER THE NORM TIP for good service.

Paying them well isn't going to make them work hard or give a care about their customers.

As I said before, going to restaurants OUT OF STATE I have had issues.

A good example, gone to an Applebee's in Opryland in TN(we live in Louisiana) and NEVER have been to that Applebee's before in our lives. The service was horrible. The server that ran the food didn't get the condiments or say he was sorry for forgetting them nor did my server offer to bring them out ahead of time to avoid this from happening. The other server brought me the food without the fries it had on the menu and they argued with me that it wasn't in that section, YET, the menu had "All sandwiches included fries."

Anyway, my point is, they didn't know me from adam. I get bad service at times. It's lazy people that serve you a lot of times. Especially, if it's another server, they aren't making the tip to care if the plate appears correct or not by comparing the TICKETS to the food.

You just maybe either don't eat out a lot or don't have as many modifications as I do or you really get lucky. I don't know? I have problems and I am VERY NICE to the server always telling them "Thank you" when they bring me things as well as ask NICELY for things.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"My god you are such a needy bitch."

Obviously to say that PROVES you are SUCH A LAZY SOB! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!

What an UNCARING excuse for a human being you are!!

That's the way I order EVERYWHERE I GO, even fast food I get cashiers to fill cups with sauces like tartar sauce, special sauce(for the big mac), mayo, and mustard. That's the way I like my food. I don't want to eat it if doesn't have the sauces. It's yucky.

You are so lazy that you wouldn't be willing to **EARN** your money.

You are so uncaring that you wouldn't be willing to make someone happy so they can make YOU happy at the end with the nice, big tip.

"I think you're doing this for attention, does your husband have a small penis? Probably. And your probably the last person he fucks anyway, you dumb cunt."

Sex has ZERO to do with this subject.

You are dumb that you don't know what a server's job really is. It's to get things that the customer wants to their table. That's why it's called "SERVING", not "sitting on your lazy ass."

"Take your 15 sides and extra crispy this and go fuck yourself."

Take your lazy ass and work for free, because you wouldn't get a tip, be reported to the manager and corporate, which I could get you fired if you were a server. I have gotten 3 servers fired. Want to try me, go ahead, I don't put up with lazy, rude, and uncaring assholes like you!! I am proud to say I put them in their place. They fucked me over, I fucked them over. I treated the EXACT WAY they treated me, like shit!!

You sound SO LAZY it's UNREAL to tell me to take my 15 sides(which it's only around 8 or so) and go fuck myself, well that PROVES how UNCARING AND LAZY YOU ARE!!

WORK is work, it's not supposed to be all fun. Whoever said it was?

You want my money, WORK FOR IT!

You act like I want to order that way. I don't like the food that way. Even at home, I'll add things to my food. I have eaten for example, a bbq hot pocket dip it in mayo. I don't like the food without the condiments. It's not good. It sucks.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"self entitled cunt."

If you are server, you feel entitled to that tip, so why shouldn't I feel entitled to good service if I am willing and DO PAY FOR IT, HUH? Don't you want what YOU want for YOUR MONEY?

7:38 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"You're a fucking bitch."

You are an uncaring asshole. FUCK OFF ASSHOLE!! You have no caring parts of you in you, so go fuck off!!

"Not only because you are a horrible person,"

I am a good, nice person, you aren't to call a stranger a bitch right off the bat. You don't know me.

"but also because servers are trained to do most of the things that you are bitching about."

If that's soooo true, WHY don't most servers do it and STILL keep their jobs, huh? I would really like to know? I still see the same servers at the restaurants I frequent that don't give me refills without asking that come to me to just ask me what I want to drink(basically not upsell me), etc.

"Stop being a control freak,"

You stop being a control freak about what I want with FOR MY MONEY. I have EVERY RIGHT to get things the way (((I)))) want them for my money just as you do.

I am not the one being the control freak, some of the servers are by deciding to order a refill for me without asking, to bring the check without asking, etc.

That's THEM controlling my service.

You got it the other way around, control freak!!

"stop being an asshole,"

I am nice. I only treat people the way they treat me.

"learn how to treat people with respect."

I do respect them by telling them "Thank you" even times when they didn't say they were sorry for forgetting my ranch or messing up an obvious problem with my food. I call that EXTRA, SPECIAL RESPECT more than you probably would ever do even.

To even thanked them when they aren't nice enough to apologize for my delay in the food mistake they caused(such as forgetting my ranch) should say how NICE I am and how MEAN, UNCARING ASSHOLES THEY ARE. You can't see that? Sometimes the servers remember at the table without me even reminding them and they STILL don't say they are sorry even. I can be nice as pie and still no sorry. Yet, you think I'm the asshole. That's so wrong and YOU KNOW IT!!

7:27 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Luz Del Alba
"we are supposed to bring refills when your glass is half way down"

Not without **PERMISSION** you aren't. You can ask when you *GREET* the customers if they would like refills without asking. Obviously, it's NOT required, because I went to Outback last night and this waitress didn't refill our glasses without asking. She's been there at least a year and didn't do it the first time either. Obviously, it's NOT SOOOO REQUIRED, is it?

How come I can go to restaurants(chain restaurants) and get servers that don't give me refills without asking first? Obviously, it's not required that they STILL WORK THERE, IS IT?

If the customer doesn't want it, it's not required.


"suggest specific drinks or appetizers when greeting the table."

Then why do most servers don't, huh and STILL WORK THERE, HUH? I still see the same workers working and they don't upsell me at all.

Most honestly don't upsell you.

"feel free to ask the managers at the establishments u are dining in."

It doesn't matter, because the **********CUSTOMER********** IS PAYING ********YOU****** to do as *********THEY********* want, NOT what the manager wants. That means if they would not like to hear the specials or interrupt you upselling, they have a right not to have to listen to it. GO AHEAD, ASK a manager if it's SOOO REQUIRED? If the customer doesn't want to hear it, they don't have to sit through that crap.

"the server with your rudeness"

I am VERY NICE, NOT RUDE, most of the servers are the ones that are rude not apologizing when they mess up.

I say "Thank you" when they bring things and ask NICELY for things. I am NOT RUDE. I don't know how you come up with rudeness from?

"all the work you want to receive princess."


Also, shouldn't you get what **YOU** want for ********YOUR******** money?

Why should you be treated like princess in the tip if you didn't treat me like one? I treat you the EXACT WAY you treat me.

"but if we get caught ..yeah we get in trouble."

Obviously not that the servers STILL WORK THERE. Places where I am regular at they don't even bother to upsell me. They know what I normally order. They don't waste my time and they don't get fired for it.

Even places where I had never been before or places I had gone to once don't.

The waiter that I had a couple of months ago at Texas Roadhouse just asked what we wanted to drink, that's it. He didn't upsell us.

"I have a lot more to say"

Like WHAT?

9:01 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Luz Del Alba
"we are supposed to bring refills when your glass is half way down"

Here is proof that you are wrong from a server at Chili's:

JT said: "Obviously if a customer says they don’t want one, I am not expected to bring one"

This PROVES it's not required, so GO FUCK YOURSELF CONTROL FREAK!!

It's NOT ****YOUR****** CHOICE, it's *****OURS******* as to what we want to drink.

9:06 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...


That shows how LAZY, LAZY you are to say such a thing.

"A bitch AS hard TO please AS you."

I am not a bitch and I am not hard to please.

Do you realize how many times we have given 25% and over tips? A LOT, I am not hard to please at all.

An uncaring asshole like you, I'd be surprised if you were married yourself.


Then why do servers like me then, huh and even come to talk to me even if I am not at their table even, huh? Yeah, they really hate me if they are risking lowering their tip over me, right?

What a mean, uncaring person you are. GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

6:41 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I cannot believe 2 months later I get a notification that you're still bitching about this shit."

Is anyone making you read it stupid asshole? For real, if you don't like it, don't come to my blog idiot!! YOU ARE STUPID TO DO THAT IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, DUHHH!!

7:52 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"all the people you talk about are made up"

NO, this stuff is REAL experiences.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you were a sociopath"

NO, I am normal. Even though I never have gone to a dr. for this, I know I am OCD, for sure. I think a lot of people have some form of OCD whether it's watching a show they are hooked on or spending time on a hobby a lot of hours.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"1. Just wasted MY time READING that
2. No one cares"

If you don't like what you read, WHY bother responding even stupid ass?

"3. Get over yourself"

Get over yourself.

"4. You try serving snobby people"

I have before at a donut shop.

"5. Hope everyone who has served you ends up making more money than you do."

WHO CARES, we probably with both of our salaries have MORE money than you do to go out to eat every weekend, so you are just JEALOUS of our lifestyle apparently that's the way you act?

7:57 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"No one gives a shit about your life or personal details, I don't know why you offer them, stupid troll."

YOU do, by you posting here, you are PROVING YOU DO CARE, otherwise, you wouldn't be posting here, now would you?

I am not a troll, I believe in getting good service and paying well the servers that bust ass for you. The ones that aren't hard workers, WHY should they get paid well? It's only fair to pay for what kind of service was given.

7:59 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"What ever ignorant person wrote this ridiculous list is purely uninformed and has clearly never worked in the food service industry. Its never a good idea to comment about something you obviously know nothing about. So, unless you are knowledgeable about the topic you are discussing, then please keep your wasteful comments to yourself because you are so wrong and uneducated its sad."

If you are that smart, you would TELL ME WHAT ones YOU feel I am wrong about?

There's NOTHING that I am wrong about. HOW can you say giving uncaring and lazy service is somehow a GOOD thing?

I KNOW WAYYY the HELL MORE THAN YOU, because I have EXPERIENCED many times bad service where I saw where the server COULD have prevented the mistake, but didn't.

Also, the thing about making comments about what someone orders, that's a personal decision. I remember when I was a teenager wanted to weirdly try ranch with a Caesar salad. I am glad the waiter didn't try to talk me out of it, because while it wasn't good, I wanted to TRY it for MYSELF. Also, times that I have had things before that for some reason, they think is odd, but they have to have something to say as if THEY were paying me, when **I** am paying them.

That's just ONE of the things that get on my nerves. If you are taking an order, STFU and TAKE MY ORDER. Don't tell me how YOU think I will feel about it or how YOU feel about, just take my order and STFU!! It's YOUR OPINION for example that it's a small salad. That's what 2 servers said when I ordered 4 sides and the other time 5 sides of ranch. Just take the order. I don't want your input.

If I wanted your opinion, I'd ASK.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I'm offended that you wasted MY time"


"Why can't you be CARING and limit yourself to 200 words when belittling men and women who are just trying making a living for themselves."

Why can't you be CARING enough to work your ass off for your money instead of being a lazy ass, uncaring, bitch?

It's my blog, I can write it HOW I WANT TO!!

"Every single complaint you have is petty and immature."

That's YOUR OPINION!! I want what I want for MY MONEY!!

Also, it's not **YOU** in the customer's seat it seems like, otherwise those issues would be important to you and you know that is the TRUTH!!

"I'm assuming that you have never made a mistake at your place of employment EVER because I'm sure if you had then you would realize that, yes, on occasion humans make mistakes."

You don't get it's not the "mistakes", it's the LAZINESS and LACK OF **EFFORT** on the job. For example, if you don't compare your written order to the food you bring me if you were my server for any obvious errors you could catch such as I don't have my side of ranch or I have mac n' cheese when I ordered a baked potato(THESE ISSUES REALLY DID HAPPEN), then it's not a mistake if you didn't **TRY** is it?

NOW you get what I getting at?

Not real mistakes, but lacks of effort. Being lazy on the job is unacceptable!!

"I'm a big fan of "walking in someone's shoes" before I judge them. You have no experience in the restaurant industry"

Just last week a manager thought I was a server before, FOR REAL, that's how much I know MORE THAN a lot of servers even. I am NOT making this up either. I told him about a bunch of service issues and that's when he said that "It seems like you have been a server before."

I have also had in 2005 had a manager tell me "You sure know a lot about restaurants."

I also had a manager that wanted to hire me, but I do have a job that I like already.

Don't you get that when **YOU** personally have your order wrong or get overcharged or wait 30 minutes for a margarita, YOU KNOW HOW TO SERVE SINCE YOU PERSONALLY HAVE EXPERIENCE THESE ISSUES UNLIKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT DON'T SEEM TO GO OUT TO EAT MUCH OR JUST PLAIN DON'T HAVE BAD SERVICE?

Do you realize that I know 95% of the time WHO is at fault for issues? For example, like DUHH if you were my server that brought me fries when I ordered a baked potato even if you put in the order correctly, YOU STUPIDLY BROUGHT OUT THE WRONG ITEM TO MY TABLE IDIOT!! How can the kitchen staff be at fault for YOU leaving one room, then going into another with the wrong item that's not covered up by anything and YOU were my server?

I KNOW MORE THAN WHAT YOU THINK I KNOW!! I know more than most servers about the menus even. That's how stupid and VERY LAZY most servers are.

"Are you a 15 year old girl?"

NO, 34yrs old. Have gone out to eat just about every single weekend 2-3 times a weekend since Nov. 2000. My husband and I have had many experiences, the good and the bad. I bet you can't say you have eaten out that much, can you to KNOW HOW TO SERVE?

6:20 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I bet you're fat as shit and sit in front of your computer all day writing this shit. I am a server and I have noticed that it's usually the enormously fat people that are so picky about their food and how it is prepared."

NOPE, 98lbs 5'0". WHAT AN IDIOT YOU ARE!! Weight has NOTHING to do with this.

YOU are the one that must be fat.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"if we said appetizer everytime we walked up to a table it wouldnt generate much buzz but if we say cheesy mozzerella sticks, sounds more appealing huh? if you dont agree your just trying to stay on ur arguement..for example if i said would you like a tripple choclate meltdown instead of would you like a dessert i would probably get more sales..."

You don't seem to get what bothers me, do you?

You come to the table to say "Would you like start out with Southwestern eggrolls?" That's fine, I understand that.

What bothers me is let's say you just ask if I want an appetizer, so I say "I would like the mozzarella sticks." Then you tell me, "Would you like the triple dipper for $2 more" for example.

THAT shit I hate.

This is happened in some scenarios that was very few times this has happened over the years.

One time we were greeted and were asked "Would you like to start off with something to drink?" I told her I wanted an "El Guapo margarita on the rocks with salt." That was one of the margaritas on their menu. Instead of GREETING me with "Would you like to start off with a top shelf margarita", she didn't. So she asks me instead of just taking down my order like 99% of the rest of the normal server do, even at this restaurant that we have been going to since early 2005(this was probably late 2006 or 2007), so we had many servers that never did that nor still don't do that to the current day that we do still frequent this restaurant around once every month or 2. Anyway, she goes to say "WOULD YOU LIKE THE TOP SHELF MARGARITA FOR A DOLLAR MORE."

First off, their top shelf is frozen. Second off, the margarita I ordered was an ORANGE flavored, the top shelf wasn't. The entire point is the entire product was completely different she was CHANGING my order completely.

To be nice, I just said I'd rather the El Guapo, but I really wanted to tell her "DID YOU FUCKING AS LISTEN TO ME?" Seriously, ALL the other servers do it when GREETED, NOT AFTER asking what you wanted. What was the fucking point of asking me if you didn't give a flying fuck about what I wanted?

Do all upselling **********BEFORE******* hand, unless it is something to ADD to the item and then that's when the server may say "Would you like to add guacamole and sour cream" for example.

I am talking about that mostly all servers didn't try to CHANGE my order entirely to a TOTALLY DIFFERENT ITEM.

I mean if I order a big mac at McDonald's, I don't expect them to ask me if I want a quarter pounder just because both are burgers. NOW do you get it?

The waitress would have been fine if she would have just said "Would you both like to start off with a top shelf margarita", for example.

THAT I would have been completely fine with. It's once she asked, I said and then try to fucking change my mind.

That's just like a couple of servers we had over the years that once we said we didn't want dessert, they kept on asking. I mean, respect what the customer says.

Another example would be if I would say I wanted a brownie and you told me "would you like the cheesecake." Do you see how that could be annoying at all?

6:46 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...


"Don't refill my water? You do know it's free, right?"

First off, if we are ********PAYING*********** OUR SERVER, that means, they should get ONLY what ********WE********** desire.

Secondly, WHY should you waste valuable time for you, the customer that doesn't want a water to begin with or even lemon even(wasting the bartender's time cutting these lemons), other customers time, huh?

WHY not just simply **********ASKS********* so you don't do things for absolutely nothing YOU MORON, HUH?


Are you too afraid to asks questions?

I mean, seriously, since every person at each table has different likes and dislikes WHY treat them the exact same, huh?

You get an INDIVIDUALIZED tip, WHY shouldn't you get individualized service then, huh?

Why should our server care about others when they are serving us, huh?

We are paying for the service, not you, so WHY should YOUR OPINION matter unless you were PAYING US? You aren't even drinking it so why should it matter to you if someone wants water or not, huh?

"Don't recommend items? We work there, EVERY day and know what's good and what dishes have been problematic."

What is good is in the eye of the beholder. Your opinions don't mean anything unless they are asked for, so STFU and just take my order. I could care less about if *YOU* like a certain item. WHO GIVES A FUCK, I don't know you from ADAM TO GIVE A FLYING FUCK.

"What's next? "Don't say hello to me, unless I ask you to say hello to me"? You're an idiot"

Honestly, idiot, if you are a stranger, I don't expect you to say hello. I expect you to ask me what I want to drink and eat with what other things I want at my table, that's it. You aren't my friend unless I see that you gave a care about me as a person in my service, otherwise, I may not want you again the next time around, so WHY should I want to say hi to you if you sucked, huh? Just say your name and take my order. HOW is that so hard to grasps, huh?

6:56 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I might make a joke about getting 4 sides of ranch or something like that because it is supposed to be FUNNY and if you didn't have raging PMS and could take a god damn f*cking joke every now and than."

You are making FUN of someone. THAT IS NOT NICE, IS IT?

I had 2 servers ask if I was "taste testing", because I changed up margaritas.

I had a server make a face when I said I wanted tartar sauce for fries and agree with me that it is weird instead of being nice about it.

It's a JOKE THAT CATERS TO YOU AND YOU ONLY!! Making fun of people is not cool.

That's making fun of their way of doing things and that's just not nice.

Read the first posts. Do you think it was nice of the waiter to say ""So how is it?? Not breaking out in hives yet, are we??"?

This person was allergic and they were making fun of them. That's not cool, that's just plain MEAN.

People that have food allergies can sometimes go to the hospital, it's serious.

I honestly truthfully don't think servers should *******EVER************* say ONE THING wrong with what a customer orders or make an opinionated comment good or bad unless the customer specifically asks for your opinion on something.

SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR ORDER should be your motto and you will make MUCH BETTER TIPS if you quit being NOSY into other people's business. Not all customers want to chit-chat with their servers. I like to chit chat with servers I know that are good, but if they are a stranger, I tend to not want to chit chat with them much until I get to see if they are a good, caring server or not. Would you like to chit chat with customers that leave you 10% or nothing? I bet you wouldn't, would you?

My point is, it's not a joke, it's being mean and making fun of what they like. If you do it while they are giving you their order, you are being even more inconsiderate to waste their time.

You are a mean person. If I were a server, I wouldn't say anything that could be considered mean.

Some people I have read online talked about that they didn't even like when their servers said things like "You must have been hungry", which I can see why that it may them feel like a pig that they ate the entire meal and/or ate quickly.

Servers shouldn't comment ANYTHING about the customer. They should be asking how they are doing with their meals, drinks, etc. If you want to talk about yourself you can, but don't make them feel like they are weird or different. Let them be themselves.

I couldn't fathom making a comment to a customer if I were a server. Just TAKE THE CUSTOMER'S ORDER!! If they want to know your opinion, THAT'S when you may give it, but don't make fun of them.

Most of the people on that link above agree that it was rude. You don't try to make a joke at the customer's expense. If I would have been allergic, I would have flat out stiffed the waiter and reported him to a manager. Food allergies are very serious.

The people that didn't agree most likely haven't been around anyone that has food allergies and/or definitely don't obviously have any themselves.

I think it's mean to tell the customer a comment of ANY SORT about what or how much they are ordering. JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR ORDERS!! Your tips WILL BE MUCH BETTER IF YOU JUST DO YOUR JOB!! BE NICE AND DON'T MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE!!

6:34 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I sometimes forget the one extra side, or even though I write down the order and repeat it by the time I get to the computer I have been hit by at least 4 other tables so when I start typing in the computer my "server memory" just like muscle memory sees what it sees and it types in the computer the "average" order."

Do you not have common sense enough to know that "PUTTING IN THE ORDER" is ONLY THE ***FIRST**** PART of getting the order correct?

If anything, the *******FINAL RESULT******** of WHAT YOU BRING OUT is what truly counts, unless of course it is something that needs to be redone, then the time factor comes into play that it would be your fault if you put in the order wrong, but for something simple like let's say a side of ranch, that can be brought out AHEAD OF TIME and/or you can also check the food *****BEFORE****** you leave the kitchen with it if you bring out the food that is.

Are you voluntarily going to those other tables or they calling you over? If they call you over, just make a separation line on the page for the next table with the table number for each table.

If you are going to them voluntarily without them calling you over when it's not something you are delivering to the table such as if someone asked for something BEFORE the order you just took. If you don't have any tasks pending that need your immediate delivery if you go voluntarily to ask how the customers are doing, that's YOU being unfair, because if you have an order to put into the computer, those current customers are waiting WAYYYY THE HELL LONGER than they should be for their order to be put into the computer.

I have missed things on my grocery lists before a number of times even though I wrote it down. I didn't say anyone was perfect. I am saying most servers don't compare their written orders or tickets(if it's another server assuming the ticket is correct of course) to the food for obvious errors like a side of ranch not being there. Also, I have a lot of servers who choose to be lazy to not write things down and then forget things.

"There are some servers out there that don't care but they are the rarity."

Do you not go out to eat much? It's a VERY COMMON thing for servers to be lazy and uncaring. I have had servers blame the old menus, the computer, it's a misprint excuse, etc. on wrong prices because they were too lazy to compare the menu to our check like we did. I have had other servers not even relay the message we need a refill or if we had something wrong that they didn't fix it nor did they tell our server about it.

Most servers don't compare the food to the written orders/tickets. THAT IS THE TRUTH!!

Most servers will make the first person wait the longest even if they have something on a tray, they will hand it out of order.

Most servers don't care. They'd rather get 15%, think they were owed 20%, but not want to do the WORK it takes to make the money.

"The problem is when you walk in the door and sit down you have no idea what we just went through. I run a 9 table station. most of the time I have just been sat 5 tables at a time and although it may not look that busy to you I am just coming off a crazy situation, and damn it I care if you are taken care of, it is my job."

Each customer though cares about themselves. You do too when you go out to eat. You aren't tipping based on other people's service. NO ONE DOES!!


I am not, but side work will be done whether I am there or not. It's not something you tip on, because it's not service.

Side work is something for the upkeep of the restaurant, not for a SPECIFIC customer. So no one counts that in their service since it's not part of someone's service.

Continued next posts:

6:17 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"But here is the major difference. I CARE!"

Do you compare your written order or if you are delivering another server's table's food, to the food for any obvious errors, EACH DETAIL that's on the plate such as sides of ranch or mayo or side dishes or even details like if bacon is not covered up that it appears crispy or not?

If you do not do that, you don't care honestly.

Do you apologize for your mistakes? If you don't, you DEFINITELY DON'T CARE!!

Do you compare your customer's check to the menu prices to make sure they aren't getting overcharged?

If you don't do that, you don't care about your customer's money, just your own.

"I hope you don't treat people as bad as you write about them.

I am VERY NICE person, even nicer than most servers are to me that they don't apologize most of the time when mistakes happen that are their fault and I still say "thank you" when they fix the problem.

I hope you check the food for obvious errors that you don't think your job is just to put the order into the computer and hope for the best? Your job is to verify all the details you can notice without touching the food.

If someone orders ribs without bbq sauce, bbq sauce on the side, does it appear that way? That's just one example.

"We are by default, human."

Yes, but the majority of the time, the mistakes are due to being too lazy to check over the final result for obvious errors.

We had a waiter that handed my husband off the tray on the tray jack the wrong entrée all due to we saw our waiter not getting his pad of paper out to see which entrée went with which table. He could have caught his mistake if he wasn't so lazy and in a rush as it this was fast food or something.

THAT is the type of stuff I get pissed at. There is a HUGE difference between a real mistake and someone actually being lazy. You don't agree?

6:18 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"your ignorance."

I know more than most servers do.


There's ways to do it without being annoying such as suggesting something *BEFORE* the customer orders. If you do it after the customer orders, you have just basically decided to try to change their mind on what they asked for.

I know they HAVE to upsell. The difference is, I wouldn't do it in an annoying manner. I'd do something like say "Would you like to start off will Southwestern Eggrools or a Top Shelp Margarita?"


Nobody is making you not ask me if I want refills without being asked at the GREETING, are they?

"butting in your so fucking important conversation to clarify an order"

WHY should you have to come back to clarify an order if they aren't out of something and they can make the item?

Most of the time, it's servers that are too LAZY to WRITE THE ORDERS DOWN, then have to come back to say "Did you say lettuce and tomatoes" as one waiter did when he CHOSE not to write down my order.

Also, some servers I have seen do NOT write down ALL the things in the order such as some servers don't write down if you want condiments as if it's not important, yet, they'd rather make more trips, I don't get that I really don't?

GOOD servers don't have to come back to clarify an order if they aren't out of something or they CAN make the item as it was ordered, because they would have been ****RESPONSIBLE*** to WRITE ALL the DETAILS DOWN and **REPEAT** the order to the customer slowly.

If you have to come back to clarify my order when you didn't write it down, HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BLAME ME? YOU ARE THE LAZY ONE THAT DIDN'T WRITE IT DOWN.

If you did write it down, did you write NEATLY or scribble scratch and did you write down EVERYTHING I said?

Did you actually take the EFFORT to REREAD the written order BEFORE coming to my table?

"If you want amazing service, stop eating at these shit hole corporate restaurants and judging the servers who are basically little puppets for people up in corporate. They're the ones who really only care about the money."

See, this is where you don't know WTH you are talking about. Fine dining has been some of the WORST service and I have had BETTER service at some of these corporate restaurants, believe it or not.

It doesn't matter where you dine, because the *PERSON* serving you is the one that has to be not lazy and caring.

We had a wrong price on our check at a FINE DINING RESTAURANT and the waiter said it was a misprint instead of being RESPONSIBLE for WHAT was in his hands. You see, you don't have to be at a low end restaurant to get shitty service.

"We really don't give a flying fuck, but the thing is, our managers rate our performance on these things."

Nobody wants to be upselled either, but we know we have to endure it, the thing is, most servers know how to do it without trying to change someone's order once they have placed their order. It's one thing to ask if we want to add something I am OK with that, it's another to change the entire item, that I am not OK with, most people aren't.

Continued next posts:

7:37 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"You are the horrible customer that EVERY server talks about behind your back"

HOW am I a horrible customer? I tip well when I get good service. Is it because you are too LAZY ASS to do the **WORK** for the money?

So what if they talk about me, I am talking about them to their manager and/or corporate. I have gotten 3 servers fired, want to try me?

I am a good customer. I tell them "thank you" even when they messed up when they don't give me a "sorry" when they messed up, which that means I am MORE POLITE than they were to me. I present the problem nicely 99.9% of time and even sometimes they just remember at the table without me having to remind them and still MOST servers do NOT apologize. WHY is that if you want our money, you don't say you are sorry if you messed up, huh? If you do, then that question wasn't pertaining to you, but I bet you don't apologize with your mean and uncaring attitude, do you?

7:37 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"You don't have to drink what they bring. It doesn't do anyone any good to get angry when they are trying to anticipate your needs."

I shouldn't have to have my *TIME WASTED* is my point IDIOT. It's not about just the drink. Also, I don't want the extra glass if I am at a small table either. That's taking up room I don't want.

You shouldn't be trying to ORDER for me. That's not *YOUR RIGHT* MS. CONTROL FREAK 101. Where do you get off thinking you could ORDER for me, huh? I didn't give you my permission to do so. It's *MY* money I am paying you for MY SERVICE. So *I* get to say what goes, NOT YOU!!

"Don't be left without a drink at any time? Me personally, as a customer I get more annoyed with a server who wants to leave tons of dishes on the table."

Why don't you STACK THEM UP LIKE I DO, huh? Are you that LAZY. Also, WHY don't you ask for a BIGGER TABLE? I ASK for 4 - 6 seater booths for my party of 2 so I have plenty enough room for extra dishes. Why don't you try that, huh?

Why let something annoy you that isn't in your way, huh? That makes no sense. If it annoys you that much, *YOU* REQUESTS THE DISHES TO BE TAKEN just as if you were asking for a refill or something like that.

"but I have to agree more with everyone else who observed that you have probably never worked in food service."

What does doing the job have to do with knowing more when I have proven to servers, even MANAGERS even the MENU items *BETTER* than they knew, huh? Also, I see how to do the job better than most servers do. Getting refills without knowing and get sent back is WASTING TIME. That's how IGNORANT YOU ARE that's it's no efficient to do that. It's also not your choice to order for a stranger without their permission. We get a menu for a real reason and that's to let *US* ORDER for ourselves.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Girl-chama, one more thing:

You say this:

"You don't have to drink what they bring. It doesn't do anyone any good to get angry when they are trying to anticipate your needs."


"Me personally, as a customer I get more annoyed with a server who wants to leave tons of dishes on the table."

You don't see how you are CONTRADICTING YOUR OWN LOGIC HERE, huh? You don't want the extra dishes, yet I have to take a refill I don't want at my table that's taking up my room on my table IDIOT.

8:57 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Tiffany Chan
"Take your 4 sides of ranch dressing and go fuck yourself with it. Seriously?"


"You are the scum of this planet."

HOW, because I want good service that makes me "scum?"

"We forget, we make mistakes, we screw up,"

But I am not talking about mistakes, I am talking about servers that don't compare their written orders to the food. I am talking about servers that depend on other servers that aren't seeing a tip to *CARE* if the order is correct so the condiments are missing that MY SERVER COULD HAVE *EARNED THEIR OWN TIP* BY PREVENTING THAT TO BRING THOSE OUT AHEAD OF TIME.

"But if it was minuscule like bringing you a refill without you asking for it, just let it go man."



"Why get so worked up and deduct a tip for a server who is literally busting their asses to please 5-6 tables at a time."

They aren't busting their asses most of the time and you KNOW that is the GOD'S TRUTH. Do you compare the written orders to the food for obvious errors? Do you go to the table to *ASK* if the customers want refills BEFORE risking wasting time, huh? Do you compare the menu prices to the check prices to see if they have any overcharges?

If you don't do those things, you aren't busting your ass, you are lazy and uncaring.

"It's not being lazy at all, it's being thoughtful."


"on behalf of all the servers that probably posted on this blog, "FUCK YOU.""


6:36 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Tiffany Chan
"If they bring you a refill can't you just politely refuse? "Sorry, I don't need another one" or "No thank you, I'd prefer a water" Is that too hard for your fucking ignorant ass to say?"

WTF? Let me get this straight, you want *******ME******* TO APOLOGIZE WHEN IT SHOULD BE ********THEM*********** TO APOLOGIZE?


WHY do you think service is about the server and what the server wants to drink, huh? YOU AREN'T DRINKING IT, WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RULE SOMEONE ELSE'S SERVICE WHEN YOU WANT THEIR MONEY YOU SHOULD DO WHAT *THEY* WANT, NOT WHAT *YOU* WANT. It's not up to you get a refill in my service, it's up to ME ONLY!!


"You're the one that is mean and uncaring"


"Like I've said your server is a HUMAN BEING, do you forget that?"


"It would've taken the same amount of time to ask"

NO, it wouldn't have if I don't want the refill STUPID ASS. When I sent a waiter back at Red Lobster that did this, he brought the dr. pepper to our table for nothing, had to go back to throw away the refill, had to fill up a new glass with ice and coke, and then come back.


"then you would've probably been pissed that a server interrupted your precious eating time."


" I'm sure you're 5'0 at 100 lbs"

I'm not, I was 97 and half pounds this morning. I don't eat that way EVERYDAY STUPID. I eat out once or twice a week on the *WEEKEND*. M-F I eat normal amounts of food STUPID ASS!!

"You're over the internet bitch without a picture so in reality we're gonna multiply that weight by 3. Have fun with your obesity issues."

YOU MUST BE FAT AND ARE JUST *************JEALOUS****************, aren't you?

I have NEVER BEEN ABOVE 106lbs in my LIFETIME, NEVER. I was 87lbs back in 2005 even.

I haven't seen over 102lbs since 1999.


5:27 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Tiffany Chan
"If they bring you a refill can't you just politely refuse?"


WHY should my server do that when they want *MY MONEY*, huh?


"Is that too hard for your fucking ignorant ass to say?"

You don't get that it's not about that. It's about that they made a decision for you that wasn't theirs and that your *******TIME********* HAS BEEN *******WASTED********** when they could have been at your table SOONER to *ASK* instead of at the soda station getting an unwanted item STUPID!! YOU ARE STUPID TO WASTE TIME WHEN YOU COULD JUST ASK AT THE ***GREETING*** "Would you all like refills without being asked throughout your service?"


5:32 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Tiffany Chan
"No, bitch. You're the one that is mean and uncaring."

I really want to know, how is it nice to waste people's time huh?

5:39 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"You really are an ignorant slut."

HOW when I have only had intercourse with my husband *EVER*, huh?

"Why people waste time commenting on your stupid, ignorant, time wasting useless blog is beyond me."

LOOK IN THE MIRROR, because *YOU* are doing it yourself STUPID **************HYPOCRITE**************************************!!

"Try eating at a fast food place where service is not an isssue."

What you think, because someone can't tip that means service won't be an issue? You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

"try to eat the food as presented without 300 sides of sauce to cover up what you ordered or go to a restaurant where everything comes in little plastic sachets."

How about *I* get what *I* want for *MY* money and you SHUT THE HELL UP NOSY, UNCARING ASSHOLE!!

"That way you could get your FUCKING RANCH DRESSING without ruining everyones day."

NO, I have problems at fast food places as well, EVERYWHERE. I just recently had to send back the McDonald's cashier to fill up my mac sauce sundae lid which I asked for it to be filled *ALL THE WAY UP*.

"And finally 20% of $6.95 for you and your mozzarella sticks with sides and an attitude is still only $1.40."

Usually my check is NEVER that low even if eat out by myself it would be usually around $12-$14 and if the service is really good they will get $4-$5, much more than 20%. If the service is not so good, they will only get $2.50 or $2 or so.

"i would rather quit than wait on you."

That's because you are too ***********LAZY************** to do the job correctly. DON'T BE A SERVER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DO THE **********************AMOUNT OF WORK****************** FOR THE MONEY IDIOT!!

"In the words of Bill Murray: SHUTUP JANE YOU IGNORANT SLUT "

NO, I am a SMART, NON-SLUT. I waited until I was 25yrs old until I got MARRIED to have sexual intercourse. I bet you can't say that IGNORANT SLUT, CAN YOU? I am 35yrs old, I bet you can't say you had intercourse with just ONE PERSON, can you?

6:46 PM  
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Amanda Troup
"You sound like the kind of customer who comes to a restaurant looking to be critical of every detail in order to reinforce your feeling of superiority over service staff."

NO, I just want things to go well, that's all. I don't want the PROBLEMS, THE SHITTY SERVICE type of thing.

When servers do things that are common sense, it makes the customer feel smarter in terms of COMMON SENSE. I don't want to feel smarter. I want NOTHING TO GO WRONG. DON'T YOU GET THAT OR WHAT? If it does, I want an apology just as I am nice enough to say "THANK YOU" and ask NICELY for the things I want.

You sound like an UNCARING, LAZY ASS, and VERY ********VERY********** INEXPERIENCED DINER AND WORKER********!!

"These guests typically come in with their own stick with which to stir the pot. Error or not, a nasty attitude is definitely in play from the start."

NOPE, NEVER BEEN MEAN TO A SERVER UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN MEAN TO ME AND THAT IS ONLY A FEW TIMES *********ONLY*********** WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN MEAN TO ME AND ********ONLY********* A FEW TIMES THEY HAVE PUSHED ME TOO FAR! As I said, that's when they were mean first. I have had some mean servers before. Not many, rarely, but I have had some mean ones.

You don't know WTF you are talking about!

"And your clear lack of knowledge shows itself when I consider that there are millions of different restaurant, each with their own service guidelines."


WHY should the restaurant rule ***MY*** MONEY, HUH?

So actually ANYWHERE I can get the service I desire. I may end up being brought things I don't want, but I don't HAVE to take them such as water(at fine dining they usually have a water boy/girl that brings you water without ordering it) or bread, etc.

"Your preferences for dining at Applebees would not be appropriate at other establishments and for other clientele."

Actual it would in that I get what *********I************* WANT FOR MY MONEY STUPID IGNORANT CONTROLLING BITCH!!

"You are a short-sighted nit-picker."

You are a stupid idiot that let's people RIDE ALL OVER THEM instead of getting what *YOU* want out of the service, you let them do what *THEY* want. WHY is that, huh?

"I hope someone condescends about the way you do your job tomorrow at work."

I hope honestly they do, because I would rather do it the "RIGHT" and "FASTER" way than to do it wrong.

I hope you get a DINGY server like we have. We have some DINGY servers, SERIOUSLY, VERY DINGY.

"This piece was clearly written by the kind of short-sighted nit-picker that comes into a restaurant looking for a reason to treat someone (the service staff) like dirt."

NO, I treat the servers LIKE GOLD, MUCH NICER THAN THEY ARE TO ME. WHY is it when they forget something such as even when times when they remember right when they bring me my food such as my side of ranch is not there, they STILL do NOT say they are sorry most of the time, huh? YET, I SAY "THANK YOU", doesn't that sound like you have NO FUCKING ASS CLUE OF WTF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, HUH? I AM SOOO NICE, I EVEN APOLOGIZE AT TIMES FOR MY MANY MODIFICATIONS, SERIOUSLY, I DO. I NICELY ASK FOR THINGS. YOU ARE DUMB!!


Continued next posts:

7:50 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Amanda Troup

I have EVERY RIGHT to feel that way, because I know more than most servers do, it's the truth, even MANAGERS I have known the MENU, SIGNS, and COUPONS THAT I HAVE WON BATTLES WITH PRICING AND MENU DESCRIPTIONS BECAUSE THE MANAGERS AND SERVERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE MENU. They can't *READ* apparently and even at times it was my first time there even.

I just had a waitress charge me because I substituted cheddar cheese for pepper jack by charging me for an extra cheese I didn't order. She was SO DINGY saying it had to do with inventory, I was like "I ordered 2 cheeses, not 3, so why are you charging me for something I didn't order?" Seriously, if the SHOE FITS, DINGY IS WHAT YOU ARE!! I mean ANY IDIOT WOULD KNOW DON'T CHARGE YOU FOR SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T ORDER, YET, servers are too stupid to understand that just because they ringing up stuff that maybe they don't have a button or they don't know how, they think they can just ring you up for anything. I mean, I told the manager about it, he 100% agreed that I shouldn't be charged extra since it was a substitution. It wasn't also like I had fat free cheese which cost more. I didn't have anything that would cost more to charge more nor do I EVER get charge, even at that restaurant in the past. This waitress was STUPID AND DINGY. WHY should you have to explain that you shouldn't charge someone something they didn't order, huh?

Then you wonder WHY I am condescending, GEE, LOOK AT HOW STUPID THEY ARE THAT THEY KNOW LESS THAN ME AND THEY HAVE THE EXPERIENCE AS A SERVER LONGER THAN I HAVE, because I have none as a server, but I have had experience ringing up things at a donut shop/diner, which I knew that we had buttons for certain things that you can do it certain ways that would overcharge a customer. I knew the ways not to such as 12 kastleburgers (6 without cheese, 6 with cheese). Well on our register we had a dozen burgers with cheese button, a dozen burgers without cheese, 1/2 dozen burgers with cheese, 1/2 dozen burgers without cheese, and we also had a button where you can press 6 times which cheese you chose on another menu. Well, if someone ordered half dozen with cheese half without cheese, if I were to charge 2 half dozens(1 with cheese, 1 without) I would have OVERCHARGED the customer. It was actually MORE than if someone ordered a whole dozen with cheese button. What I did instead was press the dozen without cheese button and pressed the add cheese button 6 times. This way, it didn't charge the customer incorrectly. Back then I was in my early 20's, which I am 35 now. My point is, I was smart enough to know how to ring someone up and I have NEVER been a server before, but I had enough ****COMMON SENSE TO ACT LIKE A **CUSTOMER***, such as you wouldn't want to be billed for showtime and HBO if you didn't order those, right? Well, DUH, I have had this happen again with another waitress back in 2008 or so.

We had a waitress at Red Lobster(2008 or so) charge me for Bacardi in a pina colada. I had ONLY ordered the pina colada "AS IS" OFF THE drink MENU. We received the bill, it had "pina colada" and .50 for Bacardi. I had told her rum comes in the pina colada and I never ordered Bacardi, so I shouldn't be charged for it. She told me "I had to put in something into the computer and that was the lowest rum." She also said "I would have to tell my server if I wanted the well brand." I was like "It's listed on the menu it comes with rum" and showed it to her(FOR REAL I KNEW MORE THAN HER ABOUT THE DRINK MENU). Anyway, the manager AGREED completely with me, which he told me he asked her if I ordered Bacardi, which I didn't. The menu stated rum in the pina colada, otherwise, if it wouldn't have been listed, it would have been a virgin pina colada.

Continued next posts:

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Blogger Springs1 said...

Amanda Troup Continued:


Don't you see how DINGY, FOR REAL, DINGY THIS WAITRESS WAS TO CHARGE ME FOR SOMETHING I DIDN'T ORDER just because she didn't know how to ring it up and then expected a tip. WE STIFFED THE UNCARING BITCH!! If you don't care about my money, WTF should I care about yours? Personally, I would have taken 55 cents(assuming that's around the taxes I'd owe as well) and just give it to the customer rather than doing all of that BS. Seriously, that way I'd have a nice tip instead of making the customer do all of that.

Now just with only those 2 examples, I have a BUNCH MORE, you don't see how I can feel condescending when I know MORE about how to do the job than them that they don't have any *****************COMMON SENSE**************** TO SPEAK OF THAT THEY AREN'T ACTING LIKE A CUSTOMER THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO BE BILLED FOR SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T ORDER, SO WHY DO IT TO SOMEONE ELSE, HUH? NO ONE HAS TO "TRAIN" ME FOR THAT, IT'S COMMON SENSE!! ANYONE THAT DOES THIS SHIT LIKE THOSE 2 WAITRESSES IS DINGY! They may be more book smart than me, but they have NO COMMON SENSE to speak of to do those things.

Other things like this one waitress gave me cold marinara from the REFRIGERATOR and told me that they serve it like that. I was thinking no other place does that and we have been eating out(at that time probably 10 yrs or so every single weekend almost just about 2-3 times a weekend). I wouldn’t have done that to a customer. I would have either asked to get it warmed or would have warmed it myself. I couldn’t fathom giving someone COLD marinara sauce with mozzarella sticks. THAT’S DINGY! I didn’t expect her to touch the sauce, but she knew when I had asked her that she said they serve it cold and that she could feel the OUTSIDE of the container that it was cold like a refrigerator, unlike it just being cool, it was COLD. That to me is the equivalent of giving someone spaghetti sauce cold on top their spaghetti. WHO would do that? Seriously, that’s INHUMANE.

I have many other stories as well of DUMB, LAZY, and UNFEELING, UNCARING SERVERS!!

"and rude,"


"impossible to please,"

NOPE, you should see all our credit card receipts and even extra cash tips we have left 25%-30% and upwards.

"these guests are seeking an outlet for hostility and the restaurant is their target."


I don't want hostility. I want to hear "SORRY about that" when my server forgets something just as I do when I have forgotten to ask for something. I want my server to *CARE* about me if they want us to *CARE* about them.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Amanda Troup
Here's another story how I knew more than a bartender and a manager:

For example, a plaque outside of the lounge of a local chain restaurant we have here had on it half priced martins 4-7p.m M-F. They also had just recently changed the prices the bartender said on their menu lowering the prices on most of the martinis. They also had a menu holder that had an advertisement in it saying “$5 martinis” during happy hour.

So when we were charged, I had to point out to the **BARTENDER AND THE STUPID IGNORANT MANAGER THAT HAD THIS ON HIS BUILDING(the half priced martini's). The manager had no problem giving it to me. The thing is, I hadn’t been there since March, this was July and I had only been to that location about 3-5 times if that ever even. I KNEW MORE ABOUT THE JOB THAN THE MANAGER AND THE BARTENDER.


I think whoever was the owner or manager who put a plaque there with pricing was DUMB as a rock. You NEVER put pricing on a permanent fixture. That's common sense.

I am even SMARTER than the owners and managers of the restaurant even that I would have enough COMMON SENSE not to put a permanent sign stating pricing, because pricing changes.

You don't agree that's pretty bad that *I* a customer, noticed this which I hadn't been there since March, this was July 4th, huh? I know we all miss things, but still, if you bill someone, *YOU* are just as responsible as the owner or managers for doing what is advertised if you want someone's voluntary money at the end called a tip.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Amanda Troup

We had gone to a restaurant called Mugshots. I ordered the Tucker's Pulled Pork Sandwich, which the menu had "Served with a heaping helping of Kayla's coleslaw."

"All of our gourmet sandwiches are served on toasted sourdough bread and served with Brew City’s
very own beer battered fries"

I had told the waitress I didn't want the coleslaw that I didn't like coleslaw. I ordered my fries without seasoning or salt, not overdone. So I mentioned fries when I ordered.

When the bill came, it had "Substitute fries 50 cents." I questioned her, she was like "That sandwich only has one side." I was like "All of our gourmet sandwiches are served with brew city’s beer battered fries …" I cannot believe she *ARGUED* with ***********EXACT WORDING ON THE MENU*********. That's just unbelievable. There's no physical proof she's right, there is physical proof I was right though.

I LITERALLY HAD TO READ THIS TO HER 2-3 TIMES for the STUPID ASS BITCH to get it through her thick skull that I was *PAYING* for the damn fries in the price of the item. "I even told her "ALL" like that even, REPEATING ********ALL GOURMET SANDWICHES ARE SERVED WITH FRIES, ALL GOURMET SANDWICHES ARE SERVED WITH FRIES.... I should have said "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE WORD *ALL* MEANS IN THE DICTIONARY, I MEAN SERIOUSLY?

Even the manager on duty was so stupid and I even proved him wrong even. He finally admitted I was right, because I was. At first, he said I was wrong, then I proved him wrong with the menu. How about that one for ya and I had *NEVER* gone there in my *LIFETIME* even. HOW ABOUT THAT ONE FOR YA, huh?

We stiffed her. She didn't ONCE say she was sorry when she was in the wrong. That was my first and ONLY time we have *EVER* gone there even. I shouldn't have had to explain exact WORDING to her like she couldn't *READ* or something. She was a DITSY STUPID ASS WAITRESS and the manager was even dumber not to know the menu *BETTER* than the servers even.

I had gone by the menu when ordering and the menu stated "ALL SANDWICHES ARE SERVED WITH FRIES."

I got fries without a problem, because I mentioned my certain modifications for my fries as to why I didn't know about it before bill time. See if I would have ordered it saying "No coleslaw" and not mentioned fries cooked and prepared a certain way I would have only received the sandwich. THERE I would have been some pissed. I *READ* the *MENU* and it stated I would get fries.

I talked to managers since and they agreed with me, because you cannot disprove WRITTEN PROOF, you just can't.

She was telling me that this sandwich only had one, but that's *NOT* what the menu states. The menu states *ALL* sandwiches are served with fries and it's even under the same section even.

I KNEW MORE than the stupid staff members. YES I did.

Continued next posts:

8:20 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Amanda Troup

We stiffed, because she was a bitch about it. You don't argue *EVER* with a customer period even if they would maybe be wrong. Since I was right, I cannot understand for the *LIFE* of me why she tried to argue with me about 50 cents. Costs her entire tip for 50 cents. If I would have been the server and the customer would have been wrong about something, I'd rather take 55 cents(tax I would include) and just forfeit 55 cents of MY OWN MONEY so I could get a nice tip instead. This was STUPID to ARGUE with me over 50 cents and being she was 100% wrong, which she KNEW THAT IS WHAT THE WRITTEN ADVERTISED LAW PROOF WAS. What an IDIOT!! She was VERY STUPID, SHE REALLY WAS. Can't argue with *WRITTEN PROOF* on a menu.



According to the menu, it comes with 2 side dishes, the coleslaw and fries. ANY IDIOT CAN READ AND UNDERSTAND THAT EXCEPT FOR THE DUMB WAITRESS AND THE MANAGER I FIRST TALKED TOO! NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I KNOW MORE AND WHY THEY AREN'T PREVENTING PROBLEMS AS THEIR JOBS ARE, HUH? I wouldn't have served it without the 2 side dishes if I were the server, even if I had to PAY for it out of my own pocket to do the morally right thing by not stealing from a customer. The advertised menu states it comes with 2 side dishes, that's what the customer gets for their money.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Learn to cook bitch!"

WOW, what a MEAN PERSON YOU ARE!! FUCK YOU BITCH!! I can do WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!! This is a FREE COUNTRY BITCH!! FUCK YOU!! If it wasn't for people like us, servers wouldn't have jobs, because there would be no customers coming in if everyone cooked IDIOT!!

"This is an utterly insane posting - I have never read, heard, seen anyone so incapable of empathy in my entire life."

You have incapable empathy, quite the opposite mean bitch!!

"If your orders are so complicated and veer so far from the menu, why do you even go out to eat?"

Because I rather restaurant food and I like going out to eat, just not the service all the time.

WHY NOT go out to eat, huh? Seriously, WHY NOT?

"The entire point of eating out is to try food as the cook intended -"


I don't go out to eat to try foods, because I usually get my same-ole things. I hardly EVER try something new and when I do usually I hate it, then wished I would have gotten my regular thing.

The entire point of going out to eat is to EAT DELICIOUS FOOD THE WAY *****************YOU*************************** PERSONALLY WANT IT, because you are PAYING FOR THE FOOD AND THE SERVICE, SO YOU GET IT ***********ONLY YOUR WAY************* UP TO ********YOUR STANDARDS**********, NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S STANDARDS, YOURS SINCE IT'S "YOUR MONEY", you should be able to get it HOW YOU WANT IT, NOT HOW SOMEONE ELSE WANTS IT, unless the chef wants to pay for my food.

What does this have to do with service, huh? Taste has NOTHING to do with service. You are WAYYYY OFF TOPIC HERE!!

"what else do you think differentiates a good cook from a great chef?"

I could care less honestly.

"It is their chosen ingredients, technique, and presentation - you are mucking that all up."

NO, I am making it PERFECT FOR ME, NOT FOR THE CHEF. It's not his taste buds, it's MY OPINION THAT COUNTS SINCE I AM PAYING FOR THE ITEM DUMMY!! When *YOU* pay my tip and for my food, then you can have it your way, GOT IT ********CONTROL FREAK BITCH***********, HUH?

"Yes, its an experience to try new food as intended."


What if I don't want to try new foods?

I order ranch with the free bread at fine dining restaurants even. I don't want things "YOUR CONTROLLING WAY!"



5:57 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"You are an absolute, self-righteous idiot with way too much time on your hands."

If I am such an idiot, why have I proven servers and even MANAGERS wrong about the menu and how to do the job, huh? Obviously, I am not an idiot.

I have every right to be self-righteous, because I am much nicer and not lazy like most servers are. I have morals, most servers don't.

"I cannot or the life of me understand why you continue to do so"

Because I like the FOOD and sometimes the service, DUHHHHHHH, YOU IGNORANT FOOL. WHO IS THE IDIOT NOW, HUH? Obviously, if I hated the taste of the food, I wouldn't go, would I STUPID?

"shut the hell up."

You are just ********MADDD******** I PROVED YOU THE FUCK WRONG!! Most servers are lazy asses like yourself and that don't care about no one else but themselves.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...


"Springs1, your angry comments are kind of hilarious."


"I have enough service experience that legitimately crazy patrons don't bother me."

That's good, I am not one of them.

"It's the people that go out to eat to enjoy new food, and a good experience that matter to servers."


They could care less as long as they get *******PAID******* a decent amount!!

"I think you need some counseling to help work through your apparently deep seeded issues with service and the restaurant industy"

NO, I don't. I think *YOU* need somebody to show you ******CARING******* FROM THE **HEART***, because you don't have ANY!!

7:03 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

The Grim Optimist
"I really think you should upgrade the style of restaurant that you go to. If you are going to the diner around the corner, don't expect michelin star service. If you are picking at these tiny things, that really don't affect your night unless you are looking for it, then it may suggest that you need to start paying to get the more bang for your buck."

NO, we have gone to fine dining restaurants and have had some BAD SERVICE.

Just because you pay $89 for a steak in 2010(that's where we had bad service), doesn't mean you will get good service. The waiter forgot my margarita from the bar, NO APOLOGY, NO COMP unlike some of the chain restaurants servers or local restaurant servers HAVE GOTTEN US. I waited 8-10 minutes to get my first coke and waited 8-10 minutes to get a refill. At other restaurants that are not fine dining, we have gotten our soft drinks under a minute at times or 2 minutes at most. Our bill just for the 2 of us was $293 I believe. The maître d'didn't give us no comp for that.

We went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse with a party of 7 recently and the waitress FORGOT my refill. SHE FORGOT, YES, NO PLACE IS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER JUST BECAUSE the person that was paying paid $41 just for my steak alone.

She also got my dessert wrong. I said I wanted BLUEBERRIES, she brings me mashed ones. She didn't say it was a SAUCE. She got that wrong too. She didn't apologize for that getting it wrong.

You think because something is expensive that automatically means the server is flawless that can't mess up and that they aren't lazy because of the prices? NO, YOU ARE DUMB AS A ROCK TO SAY THAT!!

We have had other times at restaurants where it was bad as well.

We had for the 2 of us $140 check around and the waiter overcharged us on a PRICE $10 on the menu for the margarita I ordered as it came, $12 on our check. He even was rude saying that it was a misprint. WTF??? NO COMP EITHER.

Also, at fine dining restaurants, a lot of times they will give you water and I don't want that. I want what *I* want for *MY* money, NOT what the owner wants me to have.


4:55 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"Springs1 we have a company policy of "full hands in full hands out" meaning everytime you enter the kitchen you need dishes in your hands from pre bussing, no matter what whether from your section or other servers sections."

I already know this already, but that doesn't mean you have to take loads of dishes. Take the ones that is at the customer's table that is EATING or when no one has asked for something that you need to go into the kitchen for, because not everything you need to. Some things like the check at a lot of restaurants the server can get that in the dining area to print them. Extra napkin request, even some places have soda stations not in the kitchen that don't require you to go to the kitchen itself as well.

"Then when you step out of the kitchen you have to carry a tray of food out to whoevers food is up, again whether it is in your section or not."

That doesn't mean you do things in the wrong order either. For example, let's say you know you put in an order right before some other server. That means if one of your orders is up and another server's order is up, you can still hand the one that was ordered first, understand off the tray? Do you understand what I am saying that you can hand things off a tray in the correct order in which they came in.

"All the coworkers are trained to serve as a team,"

But they don't. Several instances where I asked for refills from another server or food runner, they didn't get them and some even said "Your server will get them for you", then not even tell them even.

Another time, I had a waitress that wasn't our waitress bring out 3 DUH obvious mistakes on my plate which were missing extra crispy bacon on an OPEN-FACED burger, pickles on the side of the plate when I ordered no pickles, and missing ranch. I know our server didn't put in the order that wrong most likely so I didn't say it nicely and told her what was wrong in a mean way. She said I quote "I"M NOT YOUR SERVER!"

They may be trained to work as a team, but most are like that.

Most servers that aren't your server read the tickets or computer screen orders and compare them with the food *BEFORE* leaving the kitchen and you know it.

Most servers don't offer refills if it's not their table or anything else and you know it.

"so as everyone else is saying, it is not fair to take out your frustration or "moral corruption" you think we are committing on us when you have no idea what our company policies are."

I already know. The thing is, not all companies are like that.

It isn't fair to the customer to make them wait unnecessarily. I wouldn't and couldn't live with myself to work for a manager that wants to make customers wait longer for objects rather than people's time and feelings.

I have a right to in that *YOU* control your tip. If your manager isn't watching you that moment(they aren't there every second watching JUST YOU), you can do the morally right thing and you know it.

7:30 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...


"Most servers that aren't your server read the tickets or computer screen orders and compare them with the food *BEFORE* leaving the kitchen and you know it."



7:32 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"but if I want to check that my tables food comes out on time and right then I do need to go to the kitchen consistently"

My point was not for everything. For example, at Chili's, Applebee's, or Red Lobster, the computers are in the dining area, so if let's say I ask for my check and you have no previously asked for items at that exact time I ask you, then you can go to the computer that is the DINING AREA and print it, hand it to me IMMEDIATELY(UNLESS OF COURSE THERE ARE OTHER FOOD ORDERS THAT WERE READY OR BAR DRINKS or any other request that came before mine, but I am saying there are none in this example).

I have had servers before when we asked for the check, the server bussed a table and this was AT restaurants where they had open computers with no one at them.

I have a question, what if I asked for 2 refills(let's say you have to go into the kitchen to get them, there are no soda stations), you go to pick up lots of dishes and start to buss the table. In the middle of that, I ask you "Can you please go get our refills please?"

What would you do? Would you STOP IMMEDIATELY to do what I asked and not grab any dishes or would you at least grab one dish(that's not so bad) or would you continue to make us wait while you continued to buss the table? If you would, I would stiff you for that. It's RUDE and I don't think you are truly allowed to disobey the customer like that. You want a good tip, tell your manager what happened or even ask what to do in that situation?

I have thought about going up to the server when that shit happens and it HAS happened before a couple of times at least or so.

This really happened:

At Chili's once, there was no wait for a table at the time(closes at 12a.m., this was 11p.m. when we were finished our entrées, which our waitress came to ask if we wanted any dessert, we didn't but we wanted 2 more refills and I wanted another margarita. She goes instead of going to put the order in, which YEAH, she could have done that in the dining area, she went to this large booth that can fit 6-8 people and started stacking dishes and wiping the table down. Both me and my husband BOTH agreed about it that she should have gone to put the order in and get our drinks, we were thirsty.

What if that would have been you? Would you have STOPPED IMMEDIATELY if I would have gone up to you at the table to ask if we could get our drinks would you have gone to put my order in for my margarita so the bartender can get started on my drink or at least next on the list and gotten our soft drinks(at the time this Chili's a soda station not in the kitchen area, but let's say in this example they didn't)?

Would you stop and do what the customer asked?

For example, what if a customer wanted their check, but let's say at your restaurant the computer is in the kitchen. Let's say it's really slow and no one needs anything or has any previously orders or request to be gotten out the kitchen or anything, anywhere.(in other words everyone else has been checked on right beforehand). Let's say there is a table to buss, when you are bussing it, let's say this customer comes to you and ask "We are in a hurry, can you please get our check please?"

WOULD YOU GET THEIR CHECK AND NOT GRAB ANY DISHES? If not, why? Would you grab one dish and bring it to not risk getting in trouble?

If you wouldn't, do you realize you are hurting your income to where you may have to PAY to serve someone? I would seriously talk to your manager about how it feels to be that customer waiting to leave. Just maybe he might be OK with when there is no wait for a table. Think about it. If you get someone's whatever check, refill whatever, does it matter if those dirty dishes sit for an extra minute or two or does it matter if the *CUSTOMER* sits for that extra minute or two.

Continued next posts:

5:36 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

kittykat - Continued:

"take a few plates from table 3 I can drop off your refills, then Table 1's food at the same time..everyone is happy"

I would hope you would give table 1's food first since they ordered well before me that food. It's only fair.

I also wouldn't fill up glasses to refill if there was food sitting one second more than necessary also. I wouldn't bring out both at the same time either, because it takes some time to put that on the tray and that's time that your customers that ordered their food are waiting for their food. Especially if there were like 5 glasses or more.

You can't do it at the "SAME" time, it's IMPOSSIBLE.

You may have more than one thing on a tray, but that was delaying the first party's request if you put the second people's stuff on the tray as well, understand? Just the simple act of taking 5-10 seconds to put the drinks on the tray is time and if you actually FILLED those glasses while the food sat HOT AND READY, SHAME ON YOU!!

So NO, table 1 isn't happy their food is taking longer than it should because *YOU* decided to take party's request on the tray that asked for what they asked for AFTER table 1's request, like way after.

If I were the server, let's say the food was ready, but I just got the customer's request to get refills. I would ignore the refills and bring out the hot food first since they did ORDER first.

Let's say the food was ready after I had fixed let's say 4 refills. I would just leave the refills sit on a tray in the kitchen and bring JUST the food. It's safer that way that I wouldn't drop the food(let's say I am bringing 2 entrées out that's it). It's also saves time for table 1's food that truly was ORDERED FIRST. If I take 5-10 seconds to put drinks on a tray as well, I am taking up my first table's time UNFAIRLY SO. You don't see that?

WHY do you servers say "AT THE SAME TIME" when you aren't doing anything at the same time?

Seconds DO COUNT!!

Understand what I am saying?

Multitask at each table rather than multiple tables to be *FAIR* is my point. If you take time to put things on a tray and even more so to fix something for another table while you are there, you are taking up the 1st table's time that asked for something, understand? That's CUTTING!!

"I agree with"

At least you have a heart to agree with my logic. No customers want to wait longer for what they asked for unless they have stated so. Nobody likes waiting that I know of.

" but multitask to make all tables including yourself happy"

No, multitask to each table such as let's say table 3 wants 4 things, you can do those 4 things or at least put them into the computer to get them. You shouldn't be doing more than one table at a time by taking up other table's time to do it that were first. It's UNFAIR!!

5:36 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"And at my restaurant we do actually work as a team."

Are you *PAYING* them to do so out of your tips?

If not, you should since they are helping your tip out visa versa when they help your table out.

5:41 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Let's say table 1's food I just brought and left table 2's refills in the kitchen. Table 1 asks for 2 refills as well. I am going to make a trip to bring the refills I already fixed to table 2 and go back to the kitchen to refill 2 refills for table 1. It's ONLY *FAIR* to do it like that. While it may take more time to fix each thing, the time you are taking isn't altered for each customer meaning table 1 got their food as soon as they could as well as their drinks. Table 2 got their drinks as in a FAIR MANNER as soon as they could.

Also, would you if you had a tray table 1's food and table 2's drinks all on the same tray, would you hand table 1's food first to them as you should? I sure HOPE you would, otherwise, that's REALLY RUDE. I left someone $1 by doing that type of thing.

What happened was my husband and I were at Red Lobster. Our waitress had our entrées on the tray we waited literally 40-45 minutes for as well as 2 side salads for a couple that wasn't even THERE when we ordered. This was at around 12p.m. by the time our food came out(we came in around 11:15a.m.). She decided to hand the couple their side salads first. I was SOME FUMING I SAW THAT SHIT!! Not only did she probably leave our food sit while she made the side salads(servers make the side salads at Red Lobster at Manager told me) or if she didn't, she took time to put the 2 side salads on the tray as well as took time to hand them to the couple first rather than OUR FOOD that we had *****BEENNNNNNN******** ORDERED.

Do you do things like that? Do you actually purposely HAND things off a tray in the wrong order? If you do, you are MEAN HUMAN BEING!! If you do the right thing, continue to do that by not putting on the tray multiple table's items.

6:18 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"No i take the food which just came up or at least make sure the food expo got the order right while taking your refills."

That's my MAIN POINT, you SHOULDN'T BE!! You shouldn't be bringing out BOTH party's items at the same time. You should be taking ONE table at a time's things out the kitchen.

"you wouldnt even have enough time to ask me a second time,"

HELL I WOULDN'T, I have pulled servers over when I have seen them, that's BS and you know it!!

I have asked servers when they were on their way for something even if they didn't look my way, we called them over. What you think, people don't do that, huh? I have seen that happen with us, even MANY of times before.

"I'd already be on my way. Prebussing to me means clearing off the 1st or 2cd course dishes to make room for the next...not to bus a whole table before any requests you have."

Then WHY did some servers do that to us, huh?

" And yes our tip out is 2% to the bussers 1 and a half to the bartenders and 1% for the food expo so everyone has something to lose if you are not satisfied. "

NO, because they tip *YOU* IDIOT whether you get NOTHING or 20% or more. You ****STILL*** Have to TIP OUT THOSE PEOPLE THE ******************************SAME**************************** AMOUNT REGARDLESS OF THEIR PERFORMANCE, UNDERSTAND?

So NO, it's not like that. Also, what if *YOU* do something wrong and the tip was based on tips itself, is that fair the others get less of a tip, because let's say *YOU* forgot to put their order into the computer? NO, it's not, is it?

" Hence why everyone works as a team, I win they win."

NO, they don't. I saw it today even. I was at a chain restaurant, which I was sitting at the bar area, the waiter brought out the food, NO OFFER for ANYTHING, just "SERVE 'N RUN" type of attitude that it's "NOT MY TABLE, NOT MY MONEY" ATTITUDE!!

As I said, there's no tip line on the credit card or people tipping the other servers or food runners that run the food that I have EVER seen. You tip your *SERVER* and ******YOUR SERVER*********** IS THE PERSON PAYING THE BARTENDER, BUSSERS, AND HOSTESS OR HOST.

"but you just pick apart every thing"

Because it's shitty at times, so I have EVERY RIGHT TO BE PISSED.

"Have just a little faith in your service maybe someone will prove themselves to you. I mean again like I said just because I experience some bad customers does not mean I take out my frustration on every table."

You are in that you are taking out refills WITH hot food. You should **************NEVER**************** DO that *************EVER********** bring out refills with hot food. Either if you forgot it that long, then if the refill was ordered first, you should bring that out and leave the hot food there if it's been 20-30 minutes they are waiting for their refill. If the hot food is first which is much more likely, you should *ONLY* bring out the food first, NOT the refills. It's NOT FAIR if you bring out both on the same tray. YOU DON'T ************SEE****************** THAT HUH?

Continued next posts:

4:54 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

kittykat continued:

"but I'm not saving Table 2 any time if I leave their refills sitting at the station, even if I ask for another servers help or the food expo to run the food after I've verified It's correct, then take your refills, then I did just save Table 2 time for my multitasking."

WHY are you FUCKING (******CARING**********) about table 2 when you have TABLE 1's ORDER that asked for something first, huh? That's not how turns are supposed to go. This isn't the ER. FUCK YOU CUTTER!

But the 2nd table as you said is **********************SECOND**************************************, NOT FIRST IDIOT!!


Do you care if the 2nd person in line at store gets what they want when *YOU* are first? I would like your HONEST ANSWER NOW.

What I am saying is, you aren't saving time for the ******************************FIRST TABLE THAT WAS FIRST YOU ASSHOLE***********, FUCK YOU CUTTER!! FUCK YOU!!

Do you think about the people behind you's time when *YOU* are in line? I doubt that unless you have like a zillion items compared to them, but if you have like 2 things and they have 2 things, you don't, do you? BE HONEST NOW!!

WHY ARE YOU NOT ******************************FAIR****************************** that WHO IS *******************************************FIRST************************ GOES FIRST BITCH, HUH? YOU ARE AN UNFAIR BITCH TO EVEN FATHOM ******************THINKING ABOUT THE 2ND PERSON'S TURN.

If the first person that asked for their food was first, WHY do you take even *SECONDS* to put on a tray their stuff, huh? ARE YOU THAT LAZY ASS OR WHAT?

WHY think about the 2nd person's time when the first person is waiting for their stuff FIRST huh? That's NOT FAIR, it's NOT, it's TRULY****************** CUTTING***********************!

You should ONLY multitask on *****************EACH TABLE********************* as to if they want 2-20 things or more, get those things you can or put into the computer, but you shouldn't be worrying about what the next table asked for until *************AFTER***************you get what the first table asked for as long as you can do them at least put them into the computer if you can't get them such as a food order or bar drink, understand?

"I said I would get the first tables foods first before giving you your refills, doesnt mean I can't retrieve them at the same time, not make two seperate trips "

You are NOT understanding, it's ***********************IMPOSSIBLE******************* to do them at the same time.

If the food comes up while you are getting let's say 3 of the 4 refills you need, I would IMMEDIATELY STOP what I was doing, bring the food, if obviously they asked for something else that would be after the refills. I would bring the food first, leave the refills in the kitchen. THEN, come back for the refills to finish those. Bring those, then obviously if those people or other tables asked for something, their request would be after the first people that asked for things. So let's say I just brought the food, I'd go to the kitchen, finish getting the 4 refills, bring them along with anything else that table asked for, THEN make a separate trip to bring any other tables that asked for what they wanted after this table. Now obviously, if let's say another table's food order came before I finished those 4 refills I was in the middle of doing, I would leave those refills again, because that table placed their food order WELL BEFORE those refill orders. Those refills would just have to wait their turn as it should be.

You aren't understanding that it's truly IMPOSSIBLE to get something at the same time, either you are getting refills or bringing food. You can't do both at the same second. That's impossible, because you only have 2 hands and 2 arms. You aren't an octopus.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"but I'm not saving Table 2 any time if I leave their refills sitting at the station,"


5:00 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

I meant the 2nd person's turn. I pressed the caps lock on accident.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

You should not even THINK about the 2nd party's request if the first person's request is ready to be brought out, understand? Any seconds of you doing ANYTHING with the 2nd table's request is CUTTING, understand? It's not at the same time. Seconds count, so if you take time to fix drinks, you are VERY MUCH SO taking time that that hot food SITS while the first table waits for their food. If you are just finishing refilling let's say 4 refills for table 2 that asked for 4 refills, but hot food comes up ready, you shouldn't take *ANY* time to put those 4 drinks on a tray and EVEN MORE SO shouldn't *DARE* be giving those soft drinks before hot food.

You should be *ONLY* bringing out the kitchen on that trip, the hot food for table 1 if it's the only one that has their order up as in this scenario. Obviously, let's say in another scenario, if table 5 had ordered a cup of soup *BEFORE* table 1's order, obviously, you should make a *SEPARATE trip to bring that soup *BEFORE* bringing table 1's order. More than likely table 1 ordered first, but let's say there was some mess up somewhere and they actually did order 40 minutes ago, well, yeah, you should go bring them their cup of soup first *BEFORE* bringing out table 1's food, understand where I am coming from?


5:07 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

One more thing:

Imagine you are fixing 3 refills, "Order for table 1's food is up." You go to get the food. If you put the drinks on the tray for the other table you are serving, you are cutting, taking time that the first table is waiting for their food. It's not at the same time, you are taking seconds of the first table's time up by putting these drinks on the tray and if you hand them off the tray first, you are even more of a mean morally wrong person.

What you should do is if the food is up while you just finished filling up the drinks, leave the drinks in the kitchen by stopping IMMEDIATELY to go get the food and not even touch the drinks until you finish delivering the food. If the person's food if they immediately let's say have an issue with their food such as something obvious like they got the wrong side dish and you realized you brought the customer mashed potatoes instead of potato salad let's say, you should be going to the expo to fix that mistake first(most likely I am assuming if it's potato salad, they may have some in bowls already or that maybe you would be able to just scoop some into a bowl or give it to them to do. If you have to make them do it, then obviously you would have time to bring the refills, but if they already have it made or you can do it yourself, you should fix the mistake *BEFORE* giving the refills since it is a mistake being that they did truly order that potato salad BEFORE the refills.

Anyway, you just don't understand that by putting drinks on a tray for the 2nd table you are cutting. You aren't supposed to be thinking about the 2nd table's time.


12:04 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

bacon tryit
“Personally I love that you bring up turns like you are at a deli counter and your ticket number has come up. Restaurants do not function on "turns".”

Personally, I love how you *IGNORE* that turns are waiting for a table as WELL YOU MORON as long as the customers don’t have any special request like a booth, table or certain server or that it isn’t impossible such as let’s say a party of 2 is behind your party of 8, well if there is a 2-seater booth available with a server that can serve that booth, of course that couple will get to go in front of you only because it’s *IMPOSSIBLE* to seat you in that 2-seater booth. If there are none of those issues, if you and another person are in front of me and my husband, you get to go first, because you were ***********FIRST*********** IN LINE WAITING FOR A TABLE MORON!


“It what makes your blog such a joke to all restaurant workers.”

Because you are just TOO *******LAZY AND AN UNFAIR PERSON TO GO IN THE CORRECT ORDER!! It’s not a joke cutting, it’s serious!! You want respect AS FAR AS A GOOD TIP, you have to *GIVE* respect to who was first IDIOT in order to get that.

“And proves how little you know.”

That’s you since you didn’t realize that waiting for a table is waiting in the order in which customers came in(not counting obviously if someone can’t possibly sit or special request of course.

“What you see happening may not be the whole picture in anyway.”

I know what’s going on. I watch my server, because I ********CARE*********** about WHERE OUR MONEY IS GOING IDIOT!!

“Accomplishing one thing at a time is a waste of time.”

I NEVER ONCE said to do that. I said get everything for ONE TABLE at a time MORON! Also, it’s waste of the customer’s time if you go out of order. EVER THINK ABOUT THAT? What if you were first, how would *YOU* feel if you saw your server CUT?

“Service it all about multi tasking and time management.”

It’s about satisfying the customer in order for them to want to pay you IDIOT! Multitasking you can do for EACH TABLE such as let’s say I ask for a box, a check, a bag, and 3 containers for my ranches. You can do all of that in one trip.

Continued next posts:

7:05 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

bacon tryit
“Let me pose a situation to you. Table A has just ordered drinks, table B has an over done steak , Table C has dropped their soup spoon, Table D has finished their food and requires their plates to be cleared. By your little rant A should get their drinks first, then B's steak will go back to the kitchen, then C will finally get a soup spoon although the soup is probably luke warm, and then D will have their plates cleared which have been sitting in front of them for some time.”

First off, table B’s overdone steak was ordered WAYYYYY THE HELL BEFORE someone that just asked for their drinks like probably around 30-40 minutes ago at least thereabouts, so table B ordered first you MORON! Table C if they drop their spoon, did they ask you for another? If they did, *WHEN*, was it BEFORE table A asked for their drinks or was it AFTER? That will determine what order you go in between the spoons and the drinks. The steak was first, because it was *********************ORDERED FIRST*********************************, MORON!! Table D, well if you didn’t get to them yet, they can sit and wait their turn MORON! You just had the steak that you had to send back which was first, then let’s say the drinks were asked for and as you pass by to get them, table C asked for another spoon. You would go get the drinks and bring them, THEN get the spoon. Go back to check on the steak to see how it’s doing since you had it sent back. THEN check on table D.

The person’s soup that is luke warm moron, is the fault of the *CUSTOMER* so you go in order. This isn’t like the staff messed up. This was the customer, so the customer should wait their turn since ***********THEY************* FUCKED UP IDIOT just like when I have before forgot condiments, I had to *WAIT* for my server to come back, then wait to get them. SAME DIFFERENCE IF I FUCKED UP, I FUCKED UP, so I **********DESERVE************ TO WAIT TO EAT MY FOOD MORON IF ****I******* FORGOT TO ORDER THEM IDIOT!!

“In the real world most servers would drop what they're doing to take the steak back dropping a spoon off back on they to apologize to the guest and tell them the wait time (yes we apologize for things wether they are our fault or not)”

Yes they should since the customer’s food was ordered FIRST, because it was a mistake with the order as well. FIRST is the key in this in that this steak was ordered **************************A LONG TIME AGO, so if it’s not right, it’s still that person’s turn, understand?

7:06 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

bacon tryit
“grab the empty plates off table D and then bring your drinks to you.”

NO FUCKING WAY YOU SHOULD *******************************EVER******************************* PUT OBJECTS AHEAD OF HUMAN BEINGS!! THAT IS ************************REALLY CUTTING*******************, because Table A asked for their drinks first, you should be sending back the steak and *THEN* getting the drinks MORON! YOU ARE A UNFAIR CUTTER!

WHY should Table A’s time be **********************************CUT IN FRONT OF**************** SO YOU CAN TAKE SOMETHING THAT WASN’T EVEN ASKED FOR EVEN, HUH? Asking comes first before things that aren’t asked for. I would get the customer’s drinks to think of their **********************************THIRST********************************* SINCE THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN GETTING RID OF DIRTY DISHES THAT CAN SIT FOR A MINUTE LONGER AND NOT BOTHER ANYBODY. SERIOUSLY, IT’S NO BIG DEAL IF I HAVE DIRTY DISHES. I stack up my dishes anyways so I get them out of my way anyways. Even if I was at Table D, I would hope my server would think of someone’s THIRST BEFORE OBJECTS. YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE TO PICK “THINGS” OVER PEOPLE THAT ARE THIRSTY. I mean obviously if Table D actually ASKED you first to pick up their dishes before Table A asked for their drinks, then OF COURSE you should get the dirty dishes first, but that’s not what happens in the real world. No one normally asks their server to pick up dirty dishes usually.

“This will have largely cut down the time all parties involved have had to wait. Its about logic.”

NO, LOGIC and *FAIRNESS* is that you don’t think about the people NEXT in line. You think of the people that are (IN) SERVICE ALREADY, NOT ABOUT PEOPLE THAT AREN’T! YOU ARE A CUTTER!! FUCK YOU!! I HOPE 20 people cut in front of you and see how *YOU* feel ASSHOLE!

It doesn’t matter how long they had to wait. I would rather wait *MY* TURN* so when it is finally my turn, I can get my FULL AND COMPLETE TURN WITHOUT CUTTING!! Do you think I haven’t ever waited for a table? Of course we have anywhere from 5 minutes – ONE HOUR even. I’d rather wait in the waiting area than for them to seat me if they aren’t ready for me.

“Not all people want their drink the minute they sit or before looking at a drink menu, not all people want to order within 10 minutes of sitting due to the fact that the order the same thing anywhere they go.”

I NEVER ONCE SAID THEY DID! That’s why you *ASK* MORON! That’s why you don’t *ASSUME* as I have always said. That’s also why you shouldn’t worry about dirty dishes being before request because those people aren’t in such a hurry, are they as you have said? The people that are seated ARE if they have asked for something.

“Most people go out to enjoy themselves in a relaxed manner.”

So DO I!

“They want a servers suggestion (crazy as it sounds”

I have and when I have, I ************ASK**************** rather them waste my time VOLUNTEERING when none is wanted. I’d rather be able to *ASK* and so would everyone else that knows what they want already. Even if I don’t know, I would rather *ASK* than to be FORCED into listening to that even if I would have ending up asking, they gave me that option as it is supposed to be ran by *ME* NOT THEM because *I* am ***PAYING*** NOT THEM!!

“Leaving all the side duties till the end of an evening would never happen unless the place was getting railed so hard there was no time.”

You only should do the side work when you don’t have *ANY* request. It is rude to cut!

“Cutlery gets done and polished as it comes up.”

If you have request you shouldn’t be putting OBJECTS OVER HUMAN BEINGS YOU MEAN UNCARING ASSHOLE!!

“"how it's not working like you thought it would"”

It sure would, because some servers actually do the right thing, you don’t!!

7:06 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

bacon tryit Edited(TYPO)
"This will have largely cut down the time all parties involved have had to wait."

Another thing, WHY you are you letting others CUT in front of the people that are already seated, huh?

The people were seated asked for something first, *THAT* is the MORALLY RIGHT THING TO DO TO GET WHAT THEY ASKED FOR ********BEFORE******** WORRYING ABOUT DIRTY DISHES.

When I worked at a donut shop/diner back in 1998-2002 off and on a little over 2yrs worth, my boss would PRAISE me for putting customers first before dishes. Do you think the customers that wanted something to go wanted me to worry about cleaning one of the 2 booths they had or the counter? NO, they cared about getting their shit and leaving.

Do you think my regular customers would have appreciated me worrying about dirty dishes instead of getting their coffee? NO THEY WOULDN'T HAVE *UNLESS* THEY WANTED TO SIT AT THAT EXACT SPOT, but otherwise, they sure the fuck wouldn't have liked that.

I would NEVER and HAVE NEVER made cleaning up or side work(as long as I didn't need it for the customer's order) before a customer.

Even when I was coming onto a shift at 2p.m. at times, the co-worker let's say I remember one time they didn't fill the ice bin. A customer walked in wanting a soft drink. I only put in a tiny bit in the bucket. I didn't DARE make my customer wait for me to put 2 and a half buckets worth of ice holding them up. *YOU* would YOU ASSHOLE!


7:18 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

bacon tryit
"then D will have their plates cleared which have been sitting in front of them for some time.”

They will wait their turn as it should be, LAST since they didn't ask for that. It's not a request, so it's last in the bunch of asked for things.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

bacon tryit
"D will have their plates cleared which have been sitting in front of them for some time.”

The people that have asked for something *BEAT* Table D's turn to the punch by asking for what they wanted first. That's how turns go.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Jonna McIntyre
" seem to hate everything servers do."

NO, I like and LOVE what some servers do, which is what ***********I*************** WANT, NOT WHAT ANYONE ELSE WANTS! GOT IT?

I want what I want for *MY* TIP MONEY, isn't that a concept, huh?

"Here's a thought, stay home and cook!"

NO, I won't and I don't cook.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Renee Wright
"You may not be fat but you are an idiot."

HOW, because I want "GOOD" service with a *HARD* and *CARING* worker, huh?

YOU ARE AN IDIOT! I am SMART and you know it!

You sound like you are a VERY LAZY WORKER, AREN'T YOU?

"Seriously if you care this much go to a 5 star restaurant. You're gonna complain about service at Denny' s?"

I have been to fine dining where the cheapest steak was $89 back in 2011. The service was bad. Our waiter forgot to get my margarita from the bar and didn't even say he was sorry even. The first coke took 8-10 minutes, the refill took 8-10 minutes as well. For an almost $300 meal between me and my husband, I beg to differ that the "PRICES" have to do with ANYTHING with service.

We have had 25% service at IHOP for example. It's all about ***********WHO************* SERVES YOU, NOT "HOW MUCH" SOMETHING COST OR HOW FANCY THE RESTAURANT IS IDIOT! YOU ARE THE IDIOT!

At Ruth's Chris this year we went with my husband's family, which our waitress forgot my refill and she got my dessert partially wrong. I ordered blueberries with my cheesecake, she assumes I want blueberry SAUCE. I wanted BLUEBERRIES, NOT SAUCE. She didn't even say she was sorry even. We were in a party of 6 at Ruth's Chris. The steak I got was $41.


YOU ARE THE IDIOT! Have you ever eaten at fine dining restaurants? If you haven't, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE ROOM TO TALK, HUH?

At least I have PROOF with my experiences.

5 star restaurants don't mean anything. It's the *PERSON* that serves you if they are a HARD WORKER, CARING, CONSIDERATE, THOUGHTFUL, ETC.

Everyone forgets no matter *WHERE* you got STUPID ASS! So everyone is perfect because they work at a fine dining restaurant that they don't make mistakes? YOU ARE DUMB, YOU REALLY ARE!

Some of these people didn't make mistakes, they were just lazy and didn't care about what they were doing.

"People go there and pay in change."

I can go and pay change at a fine dining restaurant as well if I want to. No one stopping me.

What does that have to do with the PERSON that serves you if they are lazy or not, huh?

"When I go to places like that I tip at least 20% and never less than $5 because of people like you."

So you pay for things that you don't receive? HOW *******STUPID**********ARE YOU IDIOT?


If everyone would tip like us, the servers would ***HAVE**** TO BUST ASS, they'd have no choice because they wouldn't make any money. People like you is what *CAUSES* the bad service. I am not talking about real mistakes, I am talking about lazy servers that think that we OWE them 20% or more just for standing there. I don't get my paycheck for just coming to work. I have to ***********WORK HARD********** FOR IT just as servers should do for their tips!

WHY do you feel a problem with wanting good service, huh? I don't get this attitude at all? Is it because you are lazy too, so you want them to be lazy? That's the only thing I can think of.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"you reference that time your husband was served shrimp instead of crabmeat au gratin. That was back in 2005! Fucking get over it!!"

NO, 2007 and NO I won't *EVER* go over it, because it's LAZY AND UNCARING of the waiter to do something like that. This isn't McDonald's.

"You can't possibly know how many tasks a server needs to complete and in which order they were requested."

But I *WATCH* what is going on. I *WATCH* my server's moves. I *SEE* *WHO* asked for *WHAT* FIRST IDIOT!

You obviously don't care about your tip money, do you? I *CARE* about where my tip money goes to an uncaring person or to a caring person. To a fair person or to an unfair person.

" There ARE other customers in the restaurant, maybe they asked for something BEFORE you asked for your dessert!"

But I can *HEAR AND *SEE* what's going on if they did or not. You are DUMB! I *************WATCH**************** MY SERVER'S MOVES! YOU ARE STUPID!

The times that happens, I know it if I am getting something out of order in my favor.

A good example:

I was dining alone since my husband had to work(one weekend a year he works). Anyway, my waitress greeted a party of 2(2 women). As she left, she asked me if I wanted a refill, which I said yes. Instead of her getting just the 2 drinks for them or at least handing theirs first, NO, she hands mine first. She got a bigger tip for giving me mine first, but it was 100% TOTALLY UNFAIR! She shouldn't have handed the drinks in the wrong order nor should she have even fixed mine before theirs.

NOW do you understand that I KNOW most of the times who asked for what first now, huh?


".NOBODY agrees with you!!"

Read and weep STUPID BITCH:

Just today someone agrees with me:

Stacy Nelson:

"As a server, I must say all this is good information. I have to say, at the same time, we are human, and do make mistakes. Multitasking is sometimes difficult for me. Yet what you said about stealing, and being really rude was on point. I would NEVER do those things. Maybe one day you can visit me at my restaurant ( I work at Olive Garden in Panama City Florida) and you can rate my performance for me. -Stacy"


”As a server, I want to say that I appreciate your post. I know it is several years old but I plan on printing off this blog and showing it to the servers that I work with. You bring up some very excellent points about service and what a guest expects from their servers. I first read this run down about a year ago and began implementing some of these thoughts into my service. I have noticed that I have become a better server because of it. Thanks! August 3, 2012 9:59 PM”

Douglas said: "You guys are being kind of harsh. I work nights as a waiter and I think springs1's tips are very good ones. I actually printed them out and I am going to refer to them during service tonight to keep me on the straight and narrow. Thank you, springs1."

Continued next post:

7:11 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...



Read her response:

"In my opinion, MT, once an order is taken, it should be put into the computer IMMEDIATELY. Once my guests place their order with me, the clock begins to tick. They should be getting their apps 5-10 minutes after they PLACE their order, and their entrees should take between 20-30 minutes (where I work). You really should not start off a new table with an appetizer or dinner order on hold.
The guests who just placed their order (who are hungry) are watching you approach another table. You then have to build your rapport, go over the specials, and possibly answer questions. This can potentially be very time consuming and your guests are not going to appreciate the delay in your service. There are other times when it is acceptable to work all your tables together, but when you have a food order you shouldn’t be doing this.
The correct way to handle this is to approach the table (with the other tables’ menus in hand) and acknowledge their presence, and tell them YOU WILL BE RIGHT BACK. Then you ring in the order, go back to the table, and then you can do your greeting, go over specials, answer questions, etc. Now you can take your time with the new table cause you know that your other tables’ food is getting worked on by the kitchen. I know that this can be time-consuming but it really is worth it. Waste no time getting food orders in.”
August 5, 2011 12:05 PM"

I have even more too. SO HA HA STUPID IDIOT!


"And no one believes that you worked in a donut shop."

I did.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...


Read and weep stupid bitch:

We went to this place called Mugshots:

I ordered the Tucker's Pulled Pork Sandwich, which the menu inside actually had "Served with a heaping helping of Kayla's coleslaw."

Ok, being that I read the TO-GO MENU:

It didn't state anything about the coleslaw. It does however on the non-to-go menu and the inside menu:

Click on the tuckers pork sandwich, you will see where it has coleslaw. Well, anyway, when I got there, I was surprised the coleslaw came with the sandwich(was only going by the to-go menu when I had looked on line what I might want at this restaurant). I had told the waitress I didn't want the coleslaw that I didn't like coleslaw. I ordered my fries without seasoning or salt, not overdone. So I mentioned fries when I ordered.

When the bill came, it had "Substitute fries 50 cents." I questioned her, she was like "That sandwich only has one side." I was like "All of our gourmet sandwiches are served with brew city’s beer battered fries …" I cannot believe she *ARGUED* with ***EXACT WORDING ON THE MENU****. That's just unbelievable. There's no physical proof she's right, there is physical proof I was right though.

I LITERALLY HAD TO READ THIS TO HER 2-3 TIMES for the STUPID ASS BITCH to get it through her thick skull that I was *PAYING* for the damn fries in the price of the item. "I even told her "ALL" like that even, REPEATING ********ALL GOURMET SANDWICHES ARE SERVED WITH FRIES, ALL GOURMET SANDWICHES ARE SERVED WITH FRIES.... I should have said "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE WORD *ALL* MEANS IN THE DICTIONARY, I MEAN SERIOUSLY?

Even the manager on duty was so stupid and I even proved him wrong even. He finally admitted I was right, because I was. At first, he said I was wrong, then I proved him wrong with the menu. How about that one for ya and I had *NEVER* gone there in my *LIFETIME* even. HOW ABOUT THAT ONE FOR YA, huh?

We stiffed her. She didn't ONCE say she was sorry when she was in the wrong. That was my first and ONLY time we have *EVER* gone there even. I shouldn't have had to explain exact WORDING to her like she couldn't *READ* or something. She was a DITSY STUPID ASS WAITRESS and the manager was even dumber not to know the menu *BETTER* than the servers even.

I had gone by the menu when ordering and the menu stated "ALL SANDWICHES ARE SERVED WITH FRIES." That means what it states.

I got fries without a problem, because I mentioned my certain modifications for my fries as to why I didn't know about it before bill time. See if I would have ordered it saying "No coleslaw" and not mentioned fries cooked and prepared a certain way I would have only received the sandwich. THERE I would have been some pissed. I *READ* the *MENU* and it stated I would get fries. Understand how you have to *KNOW* the menu to get things correct, huh?

My point is, I *READ* the **************WORDS ON THE MENU THAT I GOT *FRIES* for my money in the price of the item(any of those sandwiches).

It is strange, but this restaurant charges you for substituting side dishes unlike most restaurants.

I talked to managers since and they agreed with me, because you cannot disprove WRITTEN PROOF, you just can't.

That sandwich according to the menu(inside and the one that isn't the to-go menu on the website)includes two side dishes. That's what the menu has. She was telling me that this sandwich only had one, but that's *NOT* what the menu states. The menu states *ALL* sandwiches are served with fries and it's even under the same section even.

I KNEW MORE than the stupid staff members. YES I did.

Continued next post:

1:40 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

sassypants -CONTINUED:

We stiffed, because she was a bitch about it. You don't argue with a customer period even if they would maybe be wrong. Since I was right, I cannot understand for the life of me why she tried to argue with me about 50 cents. Costs her entire tip for 50 cents. If I would have been the server and the customer would have been wrong about something, I'd rather take 55 cents(tax I would include) and just forfeit 55 cents of MY OWN MONEY so I could get a nice tip instead. This was STUPID to ARGUE with me over 50 cents and she was 100% wrong. What an IDIOT!! She was VERY STUPID, SHE REALLY WAS. Can't argue with *WRITTEN PROOF* on a menu.

Another story:

My husband and I went to a restaurant’s lounge area that we hadn’t been to since March(towards the end of the month back in 2009 I believe), this was July 4th. They had recently decreased their flavored martini prices. They had been having this plaque at the front of the lounge when you walk in that always had half-priced martinis. They also had a menu holder advertisement that had $5 martinis. Some of the martinis had lowered prices on the menu. So what happened, I showed the bartender. He didn’t realize this and even the FREAKIN MANAGER DIDN’T NOTICE. He was on the phone telling someone they need to remove the plaque.

Now don’t you think that’s a bit on the *RIDICULOUS* side that *I* KNEW MORE THAN THE WORKERS AND I HADN’T SET FOOT IN THE PLACE SINCE MARCH, HUH?


Another story:

I have experience as a customer that has had their orders wrong and many other things that have gone wrong throughout my dining experience.

For example, a waiter we had brought out another table’s food and our food, then put the tray on top the tray jack. He aimlessly handed out entrées, which he put in front of my husband fried shrimp w/fries when my husband ordered crawfish au gratin w/baked potato. We had seen him handing out these entrées and NOT *ONCE* had gone back to his *WRITTEN ORDER* to compare the plates of food to which table had which entrée. Turns out, he admitted he grabbed the wrong one from the kitchen. The thing is, he could have easily *CAUGHT* his mistake by doing a simply GLANCE at which table had which plate of food, it’s not time consuming to do that, it’s like 3-5 second glance at his paper is all it would have taken, but he was too lazy and uncaring to do that as well as I guess he did it too to act like this was fast food when it’s not that he didn’t have to rush like that.

I truly believe he most likely also didn’t compare his written orders to the plates of food in the kitchen as well. The main thing though is that he could have caught his mistake and didn’t *TRY HIS ****BEST***** to get it correct to our table. He looked like an IDIOT handing our table(ONLY ME AND MY HUSBAND) a completely wrong item.

Continued next post:

1:43 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

sassypants CONTINUED:

Another restaurant experience at another restaurant also where I had ordered bbq chicken nachos as my meal. Our waiter brought out food out. He tried to hand us quesdillas. Turns out, he eventually(after I had to get up to ask where my food was), admitted he pressed the wrong button, but he was TOO STUPID, UNCARING, AND VERY LAZY to compare his written order to the food, then could have easily noticed his mistake so then he wouldn’t have wasted the time he took to bring that quesdillas to us or ask us about it even. He didn’t ask for a comp as I would have. He didn’t profusely apologize like say “SO” sorry as I would have, because I would have felt bad I ruin people’s outings.

Another experience at another restaurant, we had a waitress that brought my husband a cup of bisque when he ordered a bowl. You know what a bowl and a cup looks like with NOTHING in it.

That's just some more stories, I have more even to prove I know how to do the job better. A SERVER IS A MISTAKE PREVENTER FOR MOST ISSUES, because they can get *MOST* things corrected ****************BEFORE************** they bring them to you.

So I am no hypocrite, in fact, I am much more of a HARD WORKER, CARING WORKER, and SMARTER than those DITSY DUMBASS IDIOT PEOPLE THAT AREN'T EVEN ********TRYING********* TO DO THE JOB CORRECTLY!!

Continued next post:

1:44 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

sassypants CONTINUED:

The entire point of this story that happened to us was that our waitress didn't compare the *MENU* to *THE COMPUTER* to make sure she was ringing up the correct items:

My husband and I had gone to try a certain Mexican restaurant for our first time. I ordered the nachos with shredded chicken for the appetizer nachos. Look at this on the menu:

“NACHOS DE LA CASA – Choice of ground beef
or shredded chicken, topped w/lettuce, pico de gallo,
sour cream, jalapenos and beans……………………………………………..7.25
w/Steak ……………………………………………………………………………………8.25
w/Shrimp ……………………………………………………………………………….9.25”

This is from the internet menu and it is just like this on the menu inside the restaurant. I didn’t specially order something not on the menu. We received grilled chicken from our waitress that you can *SEE* it wasn’t right, but I didn’t know since I don’t work there you know. Our waitress should KNOW what shredded chicken LOOKS like since SHE WORKS THERE, WE DON’T on the NACHOS she BROUGHT OUT!! It was our FIRST time there, so we didn’t know what it was supposed to look like(I should have though, but didn’t think about what shredded is supposed to look like, now I feel stupid about that I didn’t know just by looking at it the first second it hit the table) . Since nachos you can SEE the chicken, at least some pieces that aren’t covered up without TOUCHING anything, she should and could have caught her error for ringing it up wrong by her WRITTEN ORDER as well as the menu comparing that plate of food to the MENU noticing that there wasn’t an option nor did the customer say “GRILLED” anything. An option not on the menu even I DID NOT ORDER., HOW PATHETIC can you get, you don’t agree?

My chimchunga I specifically said shredded chicken. I didn’t think it looked right when I broke it open, but I didn’t know how they shred the chicken they served.

When we got our check, we were overcharged on TWO items. One was the nachos charging us $8.25(grilled chicken) when there isn’t even an *OPTION* on the menu(notice above from the internet menu) for that and I didn’t ask for something not on the menu. That was a dollar overcharge. Then, the grilled chicken is 50 cents more than what I ordered. $9.25 I was supposed to be charged, which I was charged $9.75.

I presented the problems to her nicely; she didn’t say she was SORRY even. I would have said I was SO SORRY and asked a manager if they can take off a least a soft drink for messing up if I were the server in that situation. It wasn’t just 2 overcharges, but she messed up 2 food orders as well by ringing them up wrong(at least the nachos for sure were rung up wrong) and SERVING the nachos wrong since it was obvious.

When I told her about there wasn’t even an option for the grilled chicken on the menu she said “It was an accident”, which I told her, which is SO TRUE, she didn’t even “TRY”. She didn’t: A. BRING out the nachos OBVIOUSLY correct by comparing the written order and menu to the food B. Compared what she was RINGING UP to the menu and the written order C. Compared the check to the menu prices to what we ordered BEFORE she handed us. How can TWO mistakes on a check be an “ACCIDENT” when you had times where you could have caught the mistakes since the restaurant was almost empty( like one other table of 2 or 3 people at it and 2 or 3 people at the bar? All that time we ate, she could have CAUGHT her mistake, for REAL. Our check times were 1:34p.m., then the credit card receipt was 2:14pm., so in all that time, since the place was almost empty, she couldn’t have caught those errors? GET REAL!! That was pure laziness and lack of EFFORT to TRY to get things right.

Continued next posts:

1:45 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

sassypants CONTINUED:

So try to tell me HOW can I not *KNOW* how to do the job when I see this kind of UNCARING SHIT from a server, huh? If anything, that has TAUGHT ME what grilled chicken looks like compared to shredded chicken, that I knew the MENU *BETTER* than SHE DID, that she put in the order wrong for the chimchunga I am assuming since we got overcharged on that as well, she put in the order wrong most likely for the nachos since we got overcharged on that item as well. I couldn’t FATHOM doing **ANY*** of these things she did that *SHE* ALONE CAUSED OUR PROBLEMS at our table. See how I would be a BETTER, NON-LAZY, and MORE CARING server than she was, huh?

A good, caring server would have:

1. Since she wrote down what I asked for “shredded chicken” if she didn’t know the menu, she should have compared the menu while ringing up the items so she would have known “DUH NO GRILLED CHICKEN OPTION ON THE MENU EVEN AND THE FACT THAT I DIDN’T SAY “GRILLED” so she should have compared the written order to the computer screen she was ringing up.)

2. Before she brought it out, let’s say she put the order in correctly. She should have known how they shredded their chicken since she worked there to decide not to bring it out since you could clearly see it wasn’t shredded chicken on top the nachos.

3. When she put the order in for the chimichunga, assuming she most likely didn’t put it in correctly that she overcharged me on that, so she could have compared the menu to that item she was ringing up.

4. When she got ready to bring the check, she should have compared the menu prices to the check as well as the written order and found the errors, got them fixed from the manager BEFORE giving us our check.

So that’s just one of MANY stories that’s proof. We stiffed her. she deserved it. She was VERY UNCARING and VERY, VERY, VERY LAZY. She could have caught everything except for the chicken inside my chimichunga since she would have had to cut that open. Everything else though was 100% HER FAULT. I really think though since my chimichunga was overcharged she rung it up wrong initially that she didn’t change it before she handed us the check.

See how *I* KNOW *******************A FUCK TON, A FUCK TON, A FUCK TON************* A ******************LOT********************* MORE THAN MOST SERVERS DO IDIOT? YOU DON'T **********SEE************* THAT AS PROOF THAT I KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW TO DO THE JOB *AND* THE *MENU*, HUH?

1:46 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

Da Local Chef
"I understand your points, and can understand why they may frustrate you. But taking it out on the waiter, who is only doing what has been dictated to them by management(excluding the ignorant comments, and the straws/cutlery which drive me insane as well) makes about as much sense as yelling at a cop because you don't agree with the speed limit. Just let the servers do their job. Please."

Their job is to do what *******THE CUSTOMER*********** WANTS FOR THEIR ********TIP MONEY********** IDIOT, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP CONTROLLING ASSHOLE! FUCK YOU!!


4:37 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"You are literally high if you believe that your salad comes out first solely because it’s faster to make. We don't ring in food all at the same time and then bring it up as it is prepared? You have clearly never worked in the industry. If a salad comes out first it is because your server has deliberately requested for it to come out first (either because it is a "starter" for a main dish or because you have requested the salad to come before the meal)."

Then tell me WHY the waiter brought it out first WITHOUT me asking him at Macaroni Grill, huh? I don't know why he did that? Honestly, a good, caring server would *ASK* "Would you like your side salad before the appetizer or after?" That's how I would do it, because everybody feels differently. Here's my survey I did a while back about it:

"Appetizer - Side salad I may be still eating 38% 18 votes
Side Salad -DUH, because I am hungry 23% 11 votes
I don't care either way 19% 9 votes
Appetier and side salad at the same time 10% 5 votes
Side salad served with your meal 8% 4 votes"

"Getting your refill vs. getting someone's check: Like you said, I work in a restaurant where the servers have their own pop machines. That being said, if I am walking by my group of tables and two different tables stop me in the same trip I will get the check first. I can assume that giving this person their check literally takes 30 seconds, and in the 30 seconds-1 min that it takes me to get your refill after I drop off their check, maybe they have gotten out their credit card. It's all about time management. The kind of service you clearly expect would require you to have a server to yourself."

You are a CUTTER and MORALLY WRONG on that one. I don't give a flying fuck if I was the person that asked for my check, I wouldn't want you to cut in front of that person's turn to get their refill. It's NOT FAIR and you know it! It's MORALLY WRONG to CUT like you are doing. SO WHAT if one takes longer than the other, that's no excuse to cut.

When you go to McDonald's, you still have to wait your turn even if you only want to order a coke, but the person in front of you wants to order 5 combos, isn't that correct? Same thing at the grocery store, the person in front of you has 15 items, you have 2 items, you have to wait YOUR TURN to get to get your 2 items, that's how life is. WHY would you CUT like that? If I saw you do that, I'd STIFF your ass for going out of order on PURPOSE. FUCK YOU with this situation. You deserve to get a stiff for cutting. The person waiting for their refill was first, therefore, they should get their stuff first PERIOD.

Also, if someone asked for their check, some people like us READ our check BEFORE giving the payment, so I don't understand how is that doing anything better for them if they can still get their credit card or cash out REGARDLESS of amount of money owed?

FUCK YOU CUTTER! I couldn't FATHOM serving like you.

Whoever is first is first. That means I would get the refill and deliver the refill since the refill person asked BEFORE the check person, then go to the computer to get the check and deliver the check. DO THINGS IN ORDER IS NOT HARD and it's the ONLY ***********FAIR***************** way of doing things. It's not more efficient for that refill person, is it?

Just because the person wants their check doesn't mean they will leave anyways. Ever heard of "campers" before, huh? There are lots of them according to server bloggers out there.

Continued next post:

7:15 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"The kind of service you clearly expect would require you to have a server to yourself."

NO, I expect them to do the MORALLY RIGHT THING by going in the **ORDER** in which people came in. Here's an example of how I had the better end of the deal:

Once, I had gone to eat by myself since my husband was working that Saturday(normally we go out to eat on the weekends). So, my waitress greets 2 women at a table asked them what they wanted to drink, then she saw that I needed a refill, so she asked me. She got all 3 drinks and actually handed me mine first. THAT WAS CUTTING! I gave her "BONUS" tip points for serving me before them when it was THEIR TURN. Was it fair? NO, what she should have done was got just their drinks only and made a separate trip to get mine or if she didn't want to do that, she could have at least **HANDED THEM THEIRS FIRST OUT OF HER HANDS** TO BE **FAIR**. She cut TWICE for these drinks. The ladies there asked for their 2 soft drinks first BEFORE I did, I WOULD NEVER EXPECT a server to do what you are saying, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER! I gave her more tip for it, because she gave me faster service, but they probably gave her lesser of a tip to see her cutting in front of them like that. I know I would have.

I don't expect cutting, you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG! I expected her to not even get my drink and definitely not give mine first out of her hands. She cut twice. NO WAY would I have *EVER* expected such a RIDICULOUS thing. I am not sure WHERE you get that from?

"Refills: my restaurants policy is if it gets below half bring a refill for the FIRST time because management assumes that customers will be grateful that the server has predicted their needs and been proactive."

The manager doesn't have a rule stating you can't ask at the greeting if the customers want refills without asking in their service. You are just saying you can't ask at that particular time they need a refill.

It's not the manager's call to make if I want something or not at my table since he or she isn't "PAYING" for the service, are they? I AM THOUGH!

"However sometimes food runners will take our food without asking and not be so careful in ensuring your order is correct the way we would ourselves. Also, if you’re ordering 5 dipping sauces with your meals as you say you do be prepared for the odd mistake. If one or two sauces are missing and you alert your waitress and she apologizes and corrects the error in a timely fashion you should NOT hold it against her."

WTH?? OF COURSE I will hold it against my server since she or he could have brought those out**********AHEAD OF TIME************ as A LOT OF SERVERS HAVE DONE FOR ME WITHOUT HAVING TO EVEN ASK FOR THIS EVEN. My server is supposed to **EARN THEIR OWN TIP IN LIFE***. It is THEIR FAULT 100%. You don't rely on another server or food runner that isn't seeing any of the tip to give a flying fuck about if my food is right or not. Do you like working for nothing? THAT PERSON IS DOING THAT, WORKING FOR NO TIP, therefore, WTH would they give a shit if my 3 mayos, 1 mustard, and 1 ranch is there, huh? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO CARE SINCE YOU ARE MY SERVER. THAT'S YOUR JOB, NOT THEIRS if you want to get a good tip. Your job is to CARE about if the customer's order is correct or not regardless of if you bring it out or not since it's things that need no cooking time or much prepare time.

It's not an "odd" mistake, because usually it's either the other server or my server that isn't doing what they should be doing "COMPARING THE WRITTEN ORDER OR IN THE FOOD RUNNER'S CASE(the ticket or computer screen order that's in the kitchen) to the food to make sure every sauce is there BEFORE leaving the kitchen.

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7:15 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...


"If one or two sauces are missing and you alert your waitress and she apologizes and corrects the error in a timely fashion you should NOT hold it against her."

99% of servers don't apologize, so that's a bunch of BS. Also, the food runner/other server doesn't just about EVER apologize for not comparing the ticket or kitchen computer screen order to the food, because it's mostly that and not that they really tried.

You should *******ALWAYS************ hold it against your server since that's something 100% they could *********VERY EASILY CONTROL********** since it needs no cooking and not much prepare time, there's no real reason to wait 30 minutes to bring me some mayo and ranch or even 10 minutes even. Your job as a server is to control getting my order CORRECTLY to me as much as you can control. CONDIMENTS YOU CAN ALWAYS CONTROL! I will always take off tip points for this, because it's the most easiest items to control getting right. You can get these right the most easiest out of my order since these you have 2 opportunities to get them right by either bringing them out ahead of time or if you bring me my food. So either way even if you don't bring me my food, you still can get it right without involving a food runner that isn't making the tip. WHY should you expect this other person that is working for "YOUR TIP" to do ANYTHING other than the LEAST AMOUNT OF WORK FOR YOU, huh? Do you like working for nothing? I didn't think so....

"However I would say something like your server did “it’s only a small salad” if we charged for the dressing so you don’t get charged for 4 when you only need 2."

You shouldn't, because even if I was charged for it, it's NONE OF YOUR CONCERN OR BUSINESS. I can use the ranches for something else at home even if I am charged for them.

So, NO, you saying that would be trying to change my order. That's not right.

A small salad to you is an **************OPINION************, not a fact. The people that did this, they were incorrect. It wasn't a small salad to me, it was a pretty big side salad. As I said, I can always use it for other things at home by bringing them home whether I am charged or not.

Most restaurants don't charge for this, so this is why I was even more bothered by this since I didn't get charged at this restaurants for the extra ranches.

"Also your comment about how skinny you are vs how fat your server was makes you look just awful."

NO, it's putting him in his place that he had to tell me "You want some more ranch" to make fun of how much I wanted, when he must eat A LOT HIMSELF, so he had NO ROOM to talk is my point that he was a VERY MUCH A HYPOCRITE himself. It is just getting him back the way he treated me. HOW IS THAT AWFUL? That's just ******FAIR***********. WHY should he get to make fun of me, but I can't do it back to him? I am not awful to not want to take insults without a fight.

"but you need to understand that so many of these things are attributed to restaurant policy etc."

Making comments about someone's order is not restaurant policy. Cutting is not restaurant policy either. Not asking at the greeting is not prohibited either if the customers want a type of service called "silent refills." It's not restaurant policy you can't ask if the customer wants their side salad before or with their appetizer.

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Blogger Springs1 said...

dan.g. REVISED

"When I go out to eat I firmly believe that as long as a server corrects their mistakes and apologizes sincerely I will never tip less than 20%."

I don't since most servers don't *EVER* apologize for their mistakes and the fact that most aren't mistakes, they are mostly lacks of EFFORT on their part like getting my order wrong when they didn't write it down, that's not trying, that's pure laziness and being uncaring.

Once I told a waitress "You could have said you were sorry" and she said to me I quote "I DON'T HAVE TO SAY I AM SORRY!" She didn't get a tip needless to say the bitch. FUCK RUDE SERVERS!

"everything you wrote makes you sound self-entitled, spoiled and ignorant."

I am self-entitled since it's **MY TIP MONEY PAYING****, DUHHHH! EVERYONE should be entitled to get what "THEY" want for "THEIR TIP MONEY." If they are willing to pay for their service well, shouldn't they at least have their server TRY their best, huh?

I am not spoiled or ignorant, you are. You are ignorant to not realize that the server's job is to get my order right for condiments since that is something THE MOST EASIEST TO CONTROL. You sound so stupid to say what you have said about any of these things I have told you about.

"Calling every server STUPID and an IDIOT makes you look like a psycho."

No, it makes you look stupid to tip every server 20% no matter if they gave a shit or not about your experience.

"have a little more empathy for your servers "

I don't have empathy for LAZY, UNCARING SERVERS. I can't empathize with a server that COULD HAVE PREVENTED my 5 condiments from being missing, but decided NOT to do ANYTHING about it when a food runner/other server brings out my food without any of the condiments? That's LAZINESS AND BEING UNCARING. How can I empathize with lazy?

If I see my server is TRULY TRYING their BEST and apologizes, that's when I forgive them more. Most servers NEVER say they are sorry EVER!

"Also, if you’re ordering 5 dipping sauces with your meals as you say you do be prepared for the odd mistake."

No, I should expect my server **********CARES************ about me if they want **********ME TO CARE ABOUT THEIR TIP MONEY AT THE END*********** to bring those out ahead of time to AVOID them being forgotten REGARDLESS OF *WHO* BRINGS OUT MY FOOD. I have had A NUMBER OF SERVERS DO THIS THROUGHOUT THE YEARS. It's not my job to get my order right, it's the person I am *PAYING* to do this. I am not paying the food runner or other server, so WHY should that person get my order right, huh?

It's not a mistake 99.9% of the time. I am not sure WHY you call it that. Most food runners or other servers don't read the ticket/kitchen computer screen order, so they have NO IDEA I wanted 5 sauces. They aren't even TRYING AT ALL, NOT ONE BIT. My server should have tried all the way and brought those out ahead of time avoiding the entire situation. My server is supposed to EARN THEIR OWN TIP IN LIFE! You make your own way in life. NO ONE should do it for you unless you are willing to give them part of the tip( I don't mean required from sales as a tip out, I mean VOLUNTARILY to give a tip out for them helping your tip out). If they have no payment(this food runner or other server), WHY should they TRY to get my order right, huh? They have no incentive or reason to give a shit one way or the other.

"do us all a favour and cook for yourself."

Do yourself a favor and NOT be a server so we can have **FAIR** service without a CUTTER. Do you like being cut in front of when it's your turn? I bet you don't, so WHY serve like a cutter, huh?

My server is in charge of getting my order correctly for condiments, not the food runner IDIOT!

I hope someone cuts in front of your turn and see how you feel then. Especially if you are the person that just ate something extremely spicy and you need something to drink. FUCK YOU CUTTER!

7:24 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...


I expected my server to not have gotten my refill in the situation with the 2 top(2 ladies at the table next to me). I did NOT expect my server to hand me mine first either. You are STUPID if you think I expected my server to be unfair to cut. I don't expect cutting. I expect *FAIRNESS* when I go to a restaurant. We also expect if our server wants our money, they have to *CARE* about if our orders are right or not. Not having 5 condiments on a plate is the most RIDICULOUS PREVENTABLE issue there is. There's NEVER a real reason to have this happen since my server is supposed to earn their OWN TIP IN LIFE. YOU ARE LAZY AND UNCARING of a human being as well as an UNFAIR person to CUT. I couldn't fathom cutting if I served. While I know if someone called me over I would have to respond, but that doesn't mean I have to do their request in the wrong order, does it?

So if a table asks for their check, then the table next to them asked for their check, I would make 2 separate trips to the computer, because I wouldn't take up the 1st table's time for the 2nd table's time to print out a check that the 1st table had NOTHING to do with. I am not like you that is lazy. It's about being efficient to the person's turn and not to cut to do the morally right thing. THAT is what life is about and should be about. If that was your check, you'd want your check first if you were first and not had to wait longer for your server to print out another table's check that asked for their check after yours and you know it.


It's not your place to tell me about if you think something is small or not. Once someone said the fries were enough for 2 people, me and my husband didn't have enough. So it's an *OPINION* NOT A FACT when you say things like this. I wouldn't say one opinion in the ordering process if I were a server UNLESS my customer wanted an opinion.

You can *ALWAYS 100% OF THE TIME* PREVENT condiments from being missing from the order. STOP acting like we shouldn't take off tip points for something you can EASILY control.

It's not your place to decide if I want a refill or not regardless of what your manager wants. It's not his or her place to say so since they aren't the person PAYING for their time there to not get wasted.

I would give *INDIVIDUALIZED* service by asking things rather than EVER assuming. Assuming can lead to things going wrong. WHY not just ask? 5 seconds of a question isn't horrible, is it? The person may want their side salad first, you never know. They may want it with their meal or with the appetizer if they don't like the appetizer, but the other person or people at the table do.


7:43 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"It's all about time management."

HOW is it managing time when the person that ordered the refill is waiting longer, huh? That's not nice. FUCK YOU!

7:46 AM  
Blogger Springs1 said...

"I don't know where you live but if 99% of your servers don't apologize for their mistakes then they don't sound like very nice people. "

Louisiana. They aren't nice people to not apologize for their mistakes.

"will apologize profusely if anything goes wrong."

The profuse apologies even when apologies happen HARDLY ****EVER**** happen for big mistakes.

We honestly hardly get apologies from our servers for their mistakes.

"If someone legitimately told you that she shouldn't have to apologize to you then yes she is a bad server and dock her tip go for it."

This DID REALLY HAPPEN, I PROMISE YOU THAT! If I were her manager, I would have fired her on the spot personally for being so rude.

"But I'm just saying as long as small mistakes are corrected and apologized for I see no reason personally for penalizing her. "

I 100% ***********TOTALLY DISAGREE*************, because the server will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER ***************LEARN******************* to DO BETTER.

Ever heard of positive and negative reinforcement? I took some psychology courses in college, learned about how if you don't punish, the person will not learn to stop that bad behavior. Also, not praising the person when they do well will discourage the worker from working hard.

"Also if two tables order something and she brings you everything for both tables in ONE TRIP like you described it makes sense for her to go to whatever table is closest first. "


It doesn't make *ANY* SENSE to have 2 table's items on a tray to begin with, because by you putting 2 table's items on a tray, that's seconds of cutting RIGHT THERE.

NO, that's CUTTING and WRONG!

The customer is ************SEEING*********** YOU PURPOSELY GIVE IT OUT OF ORDER! HOW do you think that makes them feel knowing you just CUT in front of their turn, huh?

"Why would she pass by one table and then backtrack."

Because she has ********MORALS*********** AND YOU DON'T. Because she wants to do the **********RIGHT THING******** for the customers of what is right. She knows WHO ordered first and that would be cutting to do it your way, that's why. You sound SO LAZY. Isn't that what this is about LAZINESS????? You are SUPPOSED TO WORK AS HARD AS YOU CAN to do the MORALLY RIGHT THINGS.

How can you expect "RESPECT" in your tip if you didn't *GIVE* "RESPECT" to the customer's *****TURN******, HUH?

To you it seems you don't get that we ALL HAVE **************************TURNS*******************************, do you?

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6:20 PM  
Blogger Springs1 said...


"If she had all 3 of your drinks in her hand and she gave them all out in a matter of probably 10 seconds? I'm guessing...I don't consider that cutting. It's all in one trip."

IT IS CUTTING, because you have CUT ***TWICE***, actually more than that if it's something like drinks you have to fix.

Your example about drinks, table 1 asked for 2 refills, as you pass by table 2 asked for 2 drinks, by you fixing the 2 extra drinks, you are taking up the 1st table's time fixing them(that's not just 10 seconds I promise you that). Also, if the syrup is out or you have to cut a lemon wedge for iced tea or make some more tea, that's REALLY A LOT of cutting right there. So let's say you don't have to change the syrup or any of that stuff I just mentioned, so you fill the glasses with ice and drink, THAT IS CUTTING RIGHT THERE, then by putting it on the tray is cutting as well. Then if you hand it off the tray in the wrong order, that's cutting as well.


An example, let's say I go up to you while you are at another table taking a food order asking you for 2 refills, you wouldn't consider that CUTTING as well as VERY RUDE to INTERRUPT that table's *TURN*, huh? If you wouldn't you are lying, because it is RUDE to do such a thing and you know it. I would be CUTTING in front of that table's turn. If you were to tell that table "I'm sorry, I will be right back" and go fix my refill, you'd be even more cutting. If you consider that cutting me interrupting you taking an order at another table, then that's **SECONDS***, ISN'T IT, even LESS SECONDS than 10 seconds you mentioned. HOW ABOUT THAT ONE FOR YA?

" but not when it's in the same trip. "

WTH, OF COURSE IT IS. Handing things off the tray in the wrong order is cutting. Putting things on the tray for 2 tables is cutting. You should ONLY be doing one table's items on a tray at a time to not cut. That's ONLY ************FAIR****************. IT IS CUTTING.

If you hand things off a tray in the wrong order, the customer **SEES****** you cutting you IDIOT! Do you not understand that, huh?

This is my Red Lobster story that really did happen:

Once, we had a Red Lobster waitress had our 2 entrées on the tray as well as 2 side salads that were for a couple that wasn’t even there when we ordered. Anyway, instead of bypassing their table to hand us ours first since WE DID ORDER FIRST(common sense would tell you that it takes more time to cook food than it does to fix a side salad anyways even if it wasn’t our server that delivered our food, but it was our waitress that delivered our food), she decided to hand them theirs first off the tray.

The waitress actually cut in front of our turn by simply putting their side salads on the tray in the kitchen even, because that was SECONDS Of ******************OUR TURN************* she TOOK AWAY FROM US. Then had the GALL to FUCKING HAND THEM THEIR FOOD FIRST WHEN WE ORDERED BEFORE THEY EVEN CAME IN THE FUCKING DOOR. You don't see that as cutting? I don't understand HOW when they didn't order those side salads before we ordered our 2 entrées. That's how it's cutting you IDIOT. You should hand it out in the order in which it came in. You putting it in the kitchen on the tray is 2-3 seconds of time that you are taking away of ours.

So she CUT TWICE in front of our turn honestly, really 3 times if you think about it, because she handed one person theirs, then the other at that same table plus put their food on the tray in the kitchen.

Now obviously if their side salads were done seconds before ours, well she still cut because she handed theirs before ours off the tray, so she still did some cutting in front of our turn.

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